Re-Post of a Letter | Ramola D | June 20, 2020

This is a re-post here of a letter I emailed to friend and colleague Norman Rabin (also a human rights activist reporting covert electronic & neurowarfare), this morning, in response to a note he shared with me from Karen Stewart, presenting her false-narrative of the on-and-on attacks she has been sending my way since November 2019.

The matters in this letter will be of interest only to those who have followed this saga; I post this here, as an FYI, for those among activists and wrongful targets who are interested in knowing the truth.

Karen Stewart has lately engaged in further publication of attacks on me on Twitter and on Facebook; I’ve noted some in my Statement on her, but I’m not able to nor interested in responding to all the repeat-blather she posts. There are some overarching issues to address, and this letter gave me an opportunity to address most of them. For more clarity, please see all the articles and statement I have previously posted–thanks.

I understand Norman is just investigating this matter and keen to mediate, but this matter is well beyond mediation. I will not ever be working with Karen Stewart ever again, and all articles of hers with my prefacing commentary posted here, all interviews with her I’ve had, all articles on her situation which I have published remain posted here for historic media reasons only: I honor history, and don’t believe in taking down or disappearing my own past writing and interviews. But I am not any further platforming her work, and we are no longer friends, colleagues, or associates, for good reason.


Email, sent June 20, 2020:

Hi Norman– I am going to address Karen Stewart’s note to you in detail, since you have sent it to me, and since she has sent it, as you report, to you and 15 others—thereby engaging in further character assassination—behind my back, meaning, this was not published or sent to me. (Of course, I am glad NOT to have her send ANYTHING to me since, please note, I am no longer communicating with her.)

KAREN STEWART: “Norman, I have posted details on my FB page @PerpsandNutcases for the record.”

  1. Karen Stewart has posted a tremendous amount of lies, distortions, inversions, and perversions of facts on her extremely-defamatory page titled Perps and Nutcases on Facebook, on her own pages at Facebook, and on her Twitter thread, as well as her defamatory “RamolasSphincter” @RobertSau Twitter page—very clearly hers, by the way, as revealed in the tweets and screenshots used in there. Can we all stop and pause at the extent of her delusion, obsession, grandiosity, and malignance, that she would name ME a “Perp and Nutcase” on a public Facebook Page? Can we pause and gasp in horror, please, that she would create a Twitter id named “RamolasSphincter” with the image of a cat showing its backside, tail up as her logo image, and a PHOTOGRAPH of my home in Quincy and my car in the drive as her header image for this Twitter account? That is DOXING—an invitation to stalk me and my family, to harass me and my family (I have a teenage daughter, who is now in danger of being stalked thanks to Karen’s repellent cyberstalking and doxing actions here.) Notice that she has NO SHAME about including me in her Perps and Nutcases page—where she freely excoriates and lies about multiple people, many of whom have published denunciations of her evil actions on Facebook and Twitter. Notice also that she has NO SHAME about publishing freely to you and everyone else that she has “posted the details” of her smear campaign against me on this Perps and Nutcases page—which should really ONLY be featuring HERSELF.
Screenshot of Karen Stewart’s alias account @RobertSau with the crude name and crude tweets, all providing evidence of her creation and ownership of this hate-crime account which she has now pulled down (deactivated) after reports to Twitter | Screenshots have been saved

KAREN STEWART: “No one likes these spats.”

  1. Really? Doesn’t look like it from where I sit. Looks in fact like Karen is reveling in this behavior.

One, this is not a “spat.” This is Character-Assassination, Libel, Slander, Defamation, Tortious Interference in my work as a journalist, broadcaster, and human rights advocate; this is Inversion of Fact, Revision of History; this is Continuous Public Attack with Lies, Inversions, Projections; this is Flagrant Smearing, Insulting, Malignant Verbal Assault—and much more, all on a continuous basis. Karen never stops. Karen never stops and corrects. Karen never acknowledges clarifications and smear-rebuttals. She simply pounds on, calling it “war” in a post to Dr. Seth Farber, imagining she is in a WAR with me. Please check out her multiple posts on Facebook, Twitter, private emails on groups to see the absolute blather she writes about me – none of which she stops and corrects after I have published clarifications and direct address of her false-accusations.

Two, she does not have an Off switch, she simply pounds on, digging up historic events on group emails, well behind us all, involving various people, just so she can post further lies. I will indeed address every single one of her lies involving me and I will NEVER be on a group email list with Karen again. I ask everyone who puts me on group email lists to please remove me from such group email lists– because I CANNOT be on any list with such a person, who distorts and lies about EVERYTHING.

KAREN STEWART: “Essentially Ramola and I are done because I declined to attack Dr. Horton for the year and a half she persecuted her after the badly handled TCFF break up.”

  1. What rubbish. This is profound and utter defamation. Whatever confabulations Karen tells herself about why we are done (we are most definitely done, she has got that one point right), they are not what I see about why we are done—which I have written much earlier about, but summed up, can be stated as: We are done because Karen launched a major attack and smear operation on me, in public, in Nov/Dec 2019 directly after she participated in writing a Joint Statement to address Katherine Horton’s lies and group smear campaign about me being responsible for the breakup of TCFF, when it was, acknowledgedly, Katherine Horton who was responsible—a Karen-Stewart-smear-operation which has now increased in intensity and scope, has become downright nasty, has grown into doxing and character-assassination, and does not stop.

This statement she makes, which she has made at Facebook and everywhere else, “because I declined to attack Dr. Horton for the year and a half she persecuted her after the badly handled TCFF break up” is egregious slander and a profound lie. She implies here—and has stated more clearly earlier—that I ASKED HER TO “ATTACK” KATHERINE HORTON: what a profound smear, attack, and lie. Ask her to produce ONE PIECE OF EVIDENCE to prove this drivel? There is NONE. The basic fact that Karen carefully steps on, is that I have never attacked Katherine Horton, nor have I EVER asked anyone else to attack her—I presume she means Verbal Attack, that is the spirit in which I am viewing this word-usage. I have spent massive amounts of time REBUTTING Katherine Horton’s attacks on me; you will have to go back to the end of TCFF and watch Katherine’s very first video and then her second right after TCFF to see her attacking me (calling me such choice epithets as “that bitch from Boston” among other things) and then accusing me, no, scapegoating me as the person who “singlehandedly blew up Techno,”(umm, no, that was her) and then watch the videos I did with Melanie to address Katherine’s attacks, to recognize clearly that it was Katherine Horton engaging in supernasty attacks, and me and Melanie responding to and addressing Katherine’s BS attacks.

What Karen Stewart is doing with this invidious and scurrilous phrasing is projecting that 1) I attacked Katherine and 2) I asked Karen to attack Katherine – both lies, and 3) virtue-signaling that she “declined” to “attack” which I had “asked her to.”THIS IS PROFOUND DEFAMATION. I do not go around asking people to attack others, and what Karen is doing here is extreme defamation and slander, by suggesting I did, with her: what evidence does she have for this BS? NONE WHATSOEVER. This is a complete and utter falsehood, and I am glad that those who have followed this saga online and know who I am can see this for what it is: a supremely malicious smear. If Karen wishes to keep repeating this—without sounding like a cybertroll, which she seems to have become—she needs to know this is a primary aspect of her revisionist history which marks her as a liar, and a truly foolish one at that.

REBUTTING KATHERINE’S ATTACKS VERSUS ATTACKING KATHERINE: Please note that every single article I have written on Katherine and every single video where I have addressed her attacks on me was done in response to her attacks on me, to rebut her smears, and to publish the Truth. My opinion of Katherine has not changed, and it is an opinion that she has bolstered with her attacks on me; I have published this opinion in The Consequences of Infiltration, The End of TCCF: The Real Backstory, and Swiss Cheese and Bayonets. Katherine’s subsequent and current actions bear out my assessment of her based fully on her actions; she continues to engage publicly in spouting lies, exaggerations, deflections, smears, both on matters of targeting technologies and myself and other activists.

“for the year and a half she persecuted her”: This is also profound defamation from Karen: the persecution going on for 1.5 years was from Katherine Horton, directed at me and many others, but

since Karen failed to keep track of what Katherine was doing, but seems to have completely fallen over and believed Katherine’s frequent inversions, revisions of history and fact, and projections of persecution, claiming victimhood, perhaps it is inevitable that Karen would never be able to climb out of the Hole of Delusion she has fallen into.

Karen, it must be noted, also started singing this song only AFTER we jointly wrote the Joint Statement, during which time she sent us a paragraph for inclusion in the Joint Statement which clearly spells out her clear understanding that it was Katherine who attacked, hounded, victimized, and persecuted me online for 1.5 years—a para which was not included only because it had not yet been fully approved by all 3 of us writing this JS, while meanwhile she switched to trying to stop the JS from being published –after fully approving it—suddenly citing irrelevancies regarding the time-period being too close to Katherine’s court case. The curious timing of her switch on me does beg the question, why did Karen suddenly go back on her own published understanding (published in private email that is, as possible addition to the JS) and do a complete turnaround and start attacking me publicly for Katherine’s sins and crimes of attack on me? Who spoke to her? Who persuaded her to scapegoat and attack me? Whose agenda is she pushing here? Did Katherine come fly to the US and speak to her then—possible, given the published timing of Katherine’s trip—which Karen was quiet about, while meeting her and going to restaurants with her (as noted by Katherine on Twitter later)? Did her self-acknowledged “contacts” and “whitehats” persuade her to drop the facts and start attacking me with lies instead? Clearly, Karen suddenly dropped all allegiance to Truth and Facts and Actual History here and began to spout the selfsame lies Katherine spouted for 1.5 years and still spouts.

Here is that paragraph, written by Karen Stewart, and emailed 20 November 2019:

Note from Karen Stewart intended for inclusion in the Joint Statement

“after the badly handled TCFF break-up”: Karen’s implication here—within the context of her statement–is that the TCFF break-up was “badly handled,” but by who?– she does not specify what she means. She makes no mention of Katherine’s primary part in either the handling of the break-up or the break-up itself, and none either of her own part in the bad-handling, where she got on Facebook the day after she participated in a joint video post at my channel notifying people of the break-up and attacked me wrongfully, claiming I had not sent her links in time, sprung things on her, etc—immediate falsehoods and presumptions which I and others found shocking: this she deigned to correct in our Joint Statement after Millicent and I pointed out Truth and Facts to her of sending her links an hour ahead and waiting for her, while in no way making decisions for her or without her regarding what we were going to announce. (This was in addition to us arranging and speaking in a video-meeting the night before, fully including her, which she cut out of prematurely saying she had another engagement.) I’d like to also note that when we made our announcement, Karen wished to keep it neutral and NOT publish that TCFF broke up primarily because of Katherine’s calls to violence which she (Katherine) then refused to acknowledge—although many other aspects of Katherine’s behavior had been problematic to Millicent and myself, such as her attempts to dominate the show constantly, refusal to heed suggestions re calls to violence, inexplicable insouciance and refusal to help after singlehandedly losing Melanie’s baby, in addition to her swearing on the show, which by the way was most problematic to Millicent, not myself (I think you have misunderstood, there, Norman; I personally think swearing has its place and I do not censor anyone, but Millicent reports she has V2K and is insulted with curses and swearing, she had good reason to find this opprobrious)–in other words, Karen was protecting Katherine from way back then, and did not wish to expose her. Katherine’s showing up in the chat room that day and my subsequent spontaneous notice and response, mentioning that we “drew the line at violence” on-air was not expected by Karen, and proved to be one of the things she later kept pointing to as somehow wrongful on my part. Now who exactly is the controlling bully here, with expectations of absolute compliance? In my spontaneity, I pointed to the facts—which Karen did not wish to publish, imagining salient facts can and should be sheathed in public, no doubt an NSA-bred trait—although we had all decided to just thank viewers, notify them, and get off-air. Katherine’s showing up in the chat room and my spontaneous response were not planned—a sticking point with Karen, who proves in all these matters she has a gigantic ego, sees herself as Queen Bee, and cannot bear to be even slightly or unexpectedly thwarted.

KAREN STEWART: “I had tried to be a true friend trying to tell Ramola to let it go many times”

  1. Also rubbish. True friends communicate, listen, pay attention to what is really going on, and support each other. Karen paid no attention to what Katherine was doing—or professed complete lack of knowledge of same—in her defaming and attacking videos since TCFF closed and on her website and Twitter, and then, when told about it, started to say “walk away” without recognizing the enormity, malice, and abject libelous criminality of what Katherine was doing. That is not true friendship! That is Protection of an Abuser. On the one and only occasion, post Katherine’s smear videos, in November 2018, when Melanie, Thomas, myself and Cassandra sought to do a joint Cease and Desist to Katherine to ask her to stop smearing and attacking us all publicly, when I posted a group email and people like Midge Mathis declined to say anything to Katherine while telling me in an email, inappropriately and patronizingly, to “stop whining like a child,” Karen Stewart also declined to assist in a joint C & D and supported Midge’s stance. That, by the way, was not an attempt to “attack” Katherine by me, but an effort by me and others to get her to stop publicly attacking many of us. It is beyond egregious for Karen to miscast, misrepresent, and falsely-allege this group effort as an attempt by me to corrall others into attacking Katherine, which she continues to do: it reads as both unintelligent and malicious. Both Midge and Karen proved in their attitudes and inaction to be protectionist of Katherine’s libelous abuse; Midge followed this up later with inviting Katherine onto her Board at Targeted Justice, thereby sealing for me, and for many observers, the controlled-opposition, facade-maintenance, unprincipled quality of her organization—given her eagerness to include someone who had proved herself to be an agent-provocateur on TCFF: proved multiply in TCFF videos and on her Twitter-lines; a saboteur of activists’ and their family’s lives: Melanie’s, Melanie’s newborn baby’s, Frederic’s, by their own admission and report, in other words incontrovertible evidence; a liar and false-accuser: of me, with numerous attack-videos, tweets, web-site text as irrefutable evidence—the focus of my smear-rebuttals on Katherine; a smear-artist: just check Katherine Horton’s videos and website and listen to and read what she has said about me, Melanie, Frederic, Barbara Hartwell, Cassandra—she has posted insults, attacks, smears, lies, false-accusations; a gatekeeper and deflector on targeting technologies: with her own posted falsehoods on her videos and in emails as evidence, and her complete ignoring of the historic body of knowledge on the technology published already, in books, in patents, in whistleblowing testimony, and in my journalism.

Please note: After seeing Karen’s hands-off, protecting-the-abuser attitude, I stopped bothering to inform her of what Katherine was doing, and certainly never asked her to assist in anything again to do with rebutting or stopping Katherine’s outrageous smear attacks on myself and many for over 1.5 years; I simply did not speak to Karen about what Katherine was doing. Karen’s attitude of “walking away” is and was absurd, as she is finding out for herself now, as she proves incapable of walking away from me, whom she appears intent on defaming and decrying, in the face of no evidence whatsoever to back her idiotic claims. When people attack you publicly, libel you publicly, slander you publicly, the correct response is to address and rebut the smear publicly: I have done that, and the two chief abusers and character-assassins on my horizon currently, Katherine Horton and Karen Stewart continue repeating their proven lies and smears in new videos, new emails, new Facebook posts, new Twitter posts. Both have completely ignored the several Cease and Desists I have posted. Karen, clearly, was never a true friend although I thought of her as such, she dropped me early to retire into her “walking away” and then walked right into the lying lair of Katherine Horton, embracing and publishing her lies as if they were her own. Is there an agenda here? Is there a larger agency behind these two ladies and what they are doing? These are legitimate questions to me, in the face of their inexplicable attacks.

KAREN STEWART: “She responded last Fall by insulting me that I had bad character and bad judgement to NOT have insanely persecuted Horton with her and said I “owed her” insinuating because of the stories I had given her which she published, I should have gotten into the fight. I thought Journalism was neutral and for the general good not quid pro quo fodder.”

  1. This is egregious and multiple, profound slander and defamation of my character and my work as a journalist.

I have addressed this fully in my Statement on Karen Stewart and in my articles rebutting her smears. Karen is clearly attacking my name and character here, with NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER.

One, As I note above, I gave up on Karen being able to see the malice of what Katherine was doing with her numerous video/Twitter/website attacks on me and others, after her refusal to assist in a joint Cease and Desist, and stopped bothering to inform her of every new attack from Katherine Horton. Karen therefore was NOT APPRISED by me, over 1.5 years of every one of Katherine’s malicious and nasty smear attacks. I dealt with Katherine’s slander by myself, and in conjunction with others also who publicly rebutted her smears and lies: Melanie Vritschan, Frederic Laroche, Cassandra, Barbara Hartwell, Alex Crosbie, and for a while, also Thomas McFarlan.

It is a profound lie therefore on her part to state that I demanded she “get in the fight”: this never happened.

Karen’s wording here is libelous, false, and malicious: “insanely persecuted her”

Two, I would like Karen Stewart to show any evidence whatsoever that I insult(ed) (her) that (she) had bad character and bad judgement to NOT have insanely persecuted Horton with her”: I completely disagreed with Karen ‘s stance of “walking away” from Katherine Horton’s slanderous and libelous attacks on me and others, and I did let her briefly know my opinion, on email, that her inability to recognize the malice of what Katherine Horton was doing would eventually be a reflection on her own character and judgement, but I was not the one who in any way “insanely persecute(d)” Katherine Horton (who no doubt has insanely persecuted me) but the one who rebutted Horton’s smears, nor did I ever “insult” Karen Stewart for not “insanely persecuting” Horton with me—since the latter never happened. Karen is therefore projecting a massive falsehood here, with inbuilt virtue-signaling on herself and character-assassination on me.

Three, this false-allegation statement by Karen, which she repeats everywhere is profound, malicious defamation, and also is primary fodder marking her as a liar in public: “and said I “owed her” insinuating because of the stories I had given her which she published, I should have gotten into the fight”

There is not one single communication I had with Karen Stewart that could even be remotely interpreted as my saying she “owed” me for anything—let alone my reportage of her story as a journalist. At the time of the agreement to write the Joint Statement—which was initiated by a principled third-party observer, Cassandra, who witnessed Katherine Horton’s scapegoating smears against me on Twitter and suggested to Karen and Millicent, of her own volition, that there was a need to write a Joint Statement to rebut Katherine’s smears and attacks on me and set the matter right, I agreed with Cassandra, and stated to Karen and Millicent that I agreed, and that a Joint Statement on the truth behind the ending of TCFF should have been written, by all 3 of us, who worked as human rights advocates on TCFF together with Katherine Horton, 1.5 years ago, right after we closed TCFF, and I have published that email where I said so, please see my articles and Statement on Karen: Is THIS what she is referring to?There is no language in there suggesting she owed me for anything. There is definitely my opinion that we should have done this together—as members of TCFF—way back. What Karen is insinuating here is that I projected that she “owed” me for my extensive journalistic coverage on her: an outright false-accusation, falsehood, and lie. How could she in fact confuse the matter of TCFF human-rights-activism with journalism? I thought she had been an Intelligence Analyst at the NSA? Clearly they do not practise intelligence or analysis there, from the looks of it, if this is what they can come up with: a Karen Stewart who accuses me of saying I “owed” her for covering her story as a journalist, when the matter under discussion was a human-rights-activism group which had broken up, and the word “owe,” the concept “owe,” the implication “owe” as a journalist never entered the picture. Most definitely, the 3 members of TCFF who disagreed with Katherine Horton owed it to each other and to their audience to publish the facts of the break-up—which had not been done, which is how and why Katherine Horton got away with lying and smearing and attacking me online for 1.5 years—but that has never had anything to do with my journalism, nor have I ever claimed so.

Suggesting to her—or anyone—that they “owed” me ANYTHING for my own, principled, truth-seeking, voluntary journalistic coverage on them is in fact so contrary to my character and principles this false-accusation reads as profoundly absurd, in addition to being outright defamatory. Karen needs to take a good look at my journalism: it is all voluntary, all self-initiated, all focused on Truth, Facts, and the exposing of crime and corruption. She also needs to take a good look at my journalism on her behalf: no NSA whistleblower has received the kind of sustained, focused, truth-seeking attention, publicity, and probing journalistic analysis and reportage as she has, at my pen, particularly at a time when no-one was covering her story and in fact rejecting her attempts to gain publicity. Not merely did I write reams on her, I also offered her space at my site to post her flyers, letters, and articles, as a columnist, along with Millicent and Cassandra; if there is wide dissemination of her work now online, it has followed only from that historic publication at my media platform, The Everyday Concerned Citizen, which has gained a worldwide reputation among intellectuals and avid newsreaders for truthful, powerful reportage, and averages a 1000 viewers a day from all around the world, although particularly from the NSA-5-Eyes countries and Europe.

KAREN STEWART: “I did not criticize Ramola’s “journalism”, I told her that her resorting to rabid guesswork yellow journalism against many before me, harmed her body of work. Then of course she resorted to the same with me, nullifying my work for everyone and testimony over the last 4 years.”

  1. More outright and flagrant lies and falsehoods from the nonstop-lie-producing Karen Stewart. Karen has in fact made several published statements on my journalism, calling it “yellow journalism,” my work “blogging,” and myself an “immigrant housewife” and “blogger”–just as Katherine Horton also has. These 2 women—whose careers appear to be behind them–are apparently seeking desperately to bury the fact of my being a published and publishing, multiply-awarded writer and poet, with a long and successful career in academe teaching English, Literature, and Creative Writing at well-known Washington DC universities and institutions, on top of a background in management consulting, science & technical writing/ editing/training, and an earlier and current career in journalism. Please note as well Karen’s obvious racism and sexism in terming me an “immigrant housewife” in distinct attempt it appears to cast me as non-American in a pejorative way, moreover, a woman who does not work outside the home, a crass falsehood and insult–this evidence from her own pen is splattered across Twitter and Facebook in Karen’s case and in videos, website and tweets in Katherine’s case.

“I told her that her resorting to rabid guesswork yellow journalism against many before me, harmed her body of work”: Karen reveals here her inability to assimilate truth and facts, and her inability to recognize the fact of Katherine Horton’s falsehood-spreading and smear campaign which I have rebutted clearly on my site: this is not “rabid guesswork yellow journalism,” this is smear-rebuttal to repudiate the false-allegations and slander from an infiltrating ex-colleague who has turned rancid, as she herself has. Karen’s mention here of “many before me”–kept vague, perhaps allude to the smears run by various parties against me, including: Midge Mathis, Andy Spoo, Ortaine Devian, Frank Allen, Matthew Aaron, and Ella Free, succeeding: 1) In Midge Mathis’s case, my rightful questioning of Targeted Justice’s blind embrace of Katherine Horton, with her multiple problems attached (as noted above), with especially a gatekeeping and deflecting attitude regarding targeting technologies in face of her continued ignoring of my science-and-tech-and-surveillance journalism exposing targeting technologies, which she had long been invited to use, refer to, reference, re-post, which she had long declined (without notice) to do, which she once, a-credibly for obvious reasons, I will note, through her Board Members Susan Olsen and Jack Christiana dared to question “the credibility” of; 2) in Matthew Aaron’s case, my rightful rebuttal of his Youtube-published false-accusations of “anti-Semitism” after podcasts with Dr. Eric Karlstrom mentioning the perfidy of Zionists and certain wealthy non-Jewish-but-Luciferian-hiding-among-Jewish personages on the world stage; 3) in Ella Free’s case, my reportage of the betrayal of all emf/neuro targeted victims by Ella Free, whose assistance of Neil Steinberg of the Chicago Sun-Times in labeling those wrongfully targeted with neuro/emf weapons by the satanic US Government as “mentally ill” I rightfully exposed and questioned, as a science journalist who is wrongfully targeted myself, and who is most certainly not mentally ill.

I am not interested in Karen’s opinion on my body of work, nor am I interested in the lies she is currently spewing to you—where it seems she is now striving to make a fine distinction as to which aspect of my work she has labeled “yellow.” That she has called my work “yellow journalism”–which harms all targeted victims whose testimonials I have reported, with great care, for six years now, and on whose behalf I have researched and published extensively on FISA abuse, COINTELPRO, classified non-consensual experimentation, FBI, CIA, DOD classified-cover concealments of crime in non-consensual Mengele-style human-rights-violative experimentation, USAF/USMC/AFRL weapons-testing of electronic weapons in the field on non-consenting Americans, NATO testing of non-lethal weapons on non-consenting Europeans, DARPA/NIJ testing of sensor technologies, neuroweapons, and electronic weapons on nonconsenting Americans, and much more—is an outrage, a smear, and evidence of her unhinged animosity toward me.

“ Then of course she resorted to the same with me, nullifying my work for everyone and testimony over the last 4 years.” This is further evidence of Karen’s distorted reasoning and reportage: she has some audacity in suggesting I am ever likely to do the “same” as she has done: I do not lie, post falsehoods on people, call them housewifes and immigrants, nor call them yellow journalists for rebutting smears and character-attacks from infiltrators such as Katherine Horton. I have written fact-based articles, threads, and statements to rebut Karen Stewart’s smears and false-allegations. Any nullification of her work “for everyone” (except me of course) and her testimony she has undertaken herself, as she publishes lies, smears, and attacks, excoriates and insults, includes the one standing journalist reporting targeting crimes in her “Perps and Nutcases” page, as an implied Perp and Nutcase, and publicly calls me names such as “psycho” and “malignant narcissist”– obviously I am publicly obliged to address these smears; her senseless attacks of my name and work as a journalist point to her being a highly questionable character and puts her own testimonial and work for targets in question, all by itself: why would a retired NSA intelligence analyst attack a journalist doing yeoman’s work in exposing targeting unless she has a hidden Dirt-Ops agenda? Let me note, several people are reportedly similarly attacked by Karen Stewart; Amy Rayboun has stated she has heard from over 30 targets who have been attacked by Karen Stewart—including one who was severely distraught and near-suicidal, because of the painful verbal attacks from Karen, whom she supported and spoke to at length, in order to help her get past the trauma of Karen’s attacks on her. Evidence of Karen Stewart’s virulent and malicious attacks, by the way, on many, are littered across Facebook, Twitter, and in group emails: it is no secret that Karen excoriates and insults people roundly with rather incredibly sleazy put-down language—all in public view.

KAREN STEWART: “As for Galina/Helen, Ramola introduced her on a group email months ago on which she immediately started attacking/bullying Sherri Guarnieri due to a difference in opinion. Don A. and Skizit tried to “pull Galina off Sherri” and asked Ramola to get her new addition under control. I weighed in when Ramola would not. Though Galina/Helen has alienated many according to more than just me, Ramola is trying to rewrite history to cover for her due to our falling out to throw any rocks she can at me.”

  1. Karen’s version of this disagreement between Galina and Sherri, like everything else she writes about, does not in any way relate to the actual history of what happened. Galina and Sherri had a private disagreement with each other which I was made aware of, along with others, when one of them included me on a group email detailing their problem after it had occurred on private emails they had with each other; at that time, no amount of intervention resolved their issue.

On a second occasion, which is what Karen seems to refer to here, when both, along with others had been recipients on a group email I sent out on a proposed new series of podcasts, a flare-up once again erupted between them, on that group email, whose subject had nothing to do with their problems with each other; I therefore wrote privately to each of them, seeking to calm them down and take their battle off the main space of the group email; I believe I also wrote to Karen separately at this time since she also sought to intervene, and I wrote to Skizit privately since she also sought to intervene.

“Pulling Galina off of Sherri” is language that comes apparently from Karen; in my observation, both Sherri and Galina appeared to suffer from a misunderstanding of each other, inability to correctly communicate their base problems, and inability to resolve these base problems, as well as an unfortunately hardening stance about the other. Please note, they were and still both are my friends, separately, despite my inability to mediate between them that day, and despite the fact that they both hijacked my group email focus that day.

They continued their address to each other on the group email, while, meanwhile, out of the blue, Skizit began to throw a royal fit at me, both on that group email and in private emails, demanding I make them stop. Considering that I was trying and I had tried quite a bit to speak to each privately, to try to calm them down—and told her so—it seemed inexplicable to me that Skizit was now literally attacking me for not publicly, in the group email space, telling two grown women to stop—when in fact I had been waiting for all to respond on the subject of the group email focus that day—which they all, except for a few, ignored!

Since conversation on that intended subject of podcasts on that group space had petered out, it seemed best to let the entire conversation die a natural death. I still have all the emails from this conversation and can prove the fact of Skizit’s adversarial and aggressive emails to me—which she terminated by saying she would no longer work with me (inexplicable all around to me; she had not been working with me before, but I have hosted her on podcasts and reposted her work; it seemed very odd to me that she was suddenly “falling out” with me, on the basis of two other people’s spat with each other—I had absolutely no issues with her, and my emails prove it), as well as all my private emails to Galina and Sherri to try to resolve the matter quietly and privately. Karen and Skizit were both informed at the time that I was speaking separately to both Galina and Sherri. Regardless, Karen now raises up this long-gone conversation online as evidence of my refusal to “get my newfound addition under control” and other such nonsense.

Please be aware, this is a long-gone conversation, and a long-gone group, and unlike Karen, who publishes private emails freely without permission—she has done this to many of us—I honor privacy and do not publish people’s private emails to me, nor mine to them. When people run attack and smear campaigns and there is a need to set the record straight is the only time I publish excerpts from emails. Perhaps it is time to publish excerpts from Karen’s emails to Galina on the first round of their contretemps when Sherri stepped away and Karen continued to attack and excoriate Galina with such crude insults and attacks it made all of us on that group email list reel in shock.

“Though Galina/Helen has alienated many according to more than just me, Ramola is trying to rewrite history to cover for her due to our falling out to throw any rocks she can at me.” Galina has in recent times, after fresh attacks on her by Karen Stewart, pointed to the many who have also attacked her and published lies about her; given her position as head of a Canadian organization for victims of neuroweapon torture, and the ways in which all prominent activists in this space are brutally attacked by infiltrators, she, like all prominent activists has come under attack by cybertrolls, infiltrators, naysayers: this is no surprise. It is not accurate therefore to say that she has “alienated many,” she has been attacked, as we as known activists all have been. It appears from what Karen has posted on Facebook of a text conversation she had with someone Galina knows that Karen blindly accepted whatever she was told, not striving to find out the truth of the matter, and later used this text conversation as basis for her character-assassinations of Galina—as in these words above.

The only person “trying to rewrite history” and trying to “cover” for anything here is Karen Stewart. She has sought to rewrite history about Katherine Horton, about Galina, about events occurring on a long-ago group email list, and about the fallings-out of various people such as Midge Mathis and others with me. (In other false statements online, she has claimed that “I picked fights needlessly with many” in reference to these fallings-out, which have been addressed above.) The aspersive mythology she has chosen to build around me—while blindly supporting the many controlled-opsters and infiltrators who find my too-much-truthtelling journalism problematic and seek to quell my voice with nasty character-assassination—is indicative of her desperate desire to rewrite history about me, about actual events, and about those she will never publicly acknowledge to be infiltrators among targets: it is apparently more expedient for her to scapegoat and target me for a character-assassination than delve into the truth and facts of multiple infiltration, and the actions of these infiltrators and others against me.

One does have to wonder: who is paying her to attack me in this fashion, is she being paid, has she been compromised, did she accept a deal with nefarious NSA/FBI/CIA?There’s no doubt the Black Ops lot want to silence me, the literally hundreds of dire assassination attempts with radiation heart-hit weapons I have endured especially over the last 3 years testify to that, and the nasty smear campaigns on me online also suggest the hand of agencies and societies keen to stop the flow of Truth-Journalism.

“to throw any rocks she can at me”: Again, what a sad and slanderous projection. In all my public statements on Karen, I have ONLY rebutted her smears and posted the facts. This is contrary to what she does clearly, as she keeps digging through old emails and pulls every response out of recent group emails and contorts and distorts and openly lies to project further insults, false-accusations and smears on me. This is why I ask everyone to remove my name from email lists with her.

KAREN STEWART: “I hope that was short and sweet and not belabored?

K. M. Stewart

National Security Agency

Intelligence Analyst, ret. 28 yrs”

  1. It is easy to lie. It is easy to destroy. Through her nonstop attacks online, it is clear Karen Stewart has chosen to lie and destroy. Well, she chose the wrong target. I am not going to sit back and permit lies to be circulated about me, just because Karen has decided to suddenly turn on me and prop up Katherine and her lies—and many others’–instead, in the face of all truth and facts.

Of her own volition, Karen has destroyed her own public image and reputation—and with every new attack, has led to my publishing further to address her attacks, publications she now expresses concern about.

I am not going to keep following her many lies and repeat-lies, and keep publishing new pieces on her old lies, but I most definitely am going to establish definitively the truth and facts of what has occurred here.

I hope this clarifies definitively the scope and magnitude of Karen’s recent and current attacks on me, further details on which can be found in my articles and statement on her, posted at my website. Kindly feel free to share this letter with the group of 15 you mention and with other, larger groups of targets and activists, to set the matter straight.





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