Further Targeting of the Too-Much-Truth-Telling Journalist by Self-Named “Targeted Individual Activist Leaders”: Karen Stewart Moves from Smear Operation to “Calling the Police” while Midge Mathis, Matthew Arnegard, Frank Allen Send Public and Private Insults

#Bentley360 Report | Ramola D | 2/6/2020

It pains me to even bother to report this, but I think there is a need to report this matter publicly. There is a line that is crossed when people send abusive emails, and Karen Stewart has crossed that line.

I do not need insulting, abusive emails in my inbox, nor do I need to be silent when ex-colleagues issue such insults.

Three days ago, one “Jane Kiesel” whom I do not know personally sent the following email to a list of people which included me.

Note that this list includes several who have previously openly insulted and spread lies and slander aboout me, and whom I have publicly exposed and written about—there are many articles at my website. I do not keep in touch with these people and they do not keep in touch with me. They have established themselves (with smear and mobbing attacks, among much else) as malicious, hostile, dishonest, unprincipled—several are clear infiltrators, several run containment & Disinfo operations to restrict public awareness on targeting matters and keep reporting victims in holding patterns for Military/CIA/academic/NIH/NSF data collection (this is why, I surmise, they have publicly rejected my journalism, in efforts to deflect attention from the truth I publish and return attention to their false and limited hangout narratives)–and I do not need to be on email lists with them. Note also that several of these have run very recent targeted takedown operations on me, ranting on Twitter and Facebook and striving to project their own character flaws and personality profiles as narcissists and egoists and attackers and false-narrative-creators on me—I am hardly likely to be chatting with them online after this outrageous behavior.

I had no response to make to this email with its particular content which struck me as somewhat agent-provocateur in nature and I did not make one.

Others however responded, and their Reply-All responses popped up in my Inbox as if we were all one big happy family.

First Derrick Robinson responded, on a Reply-All.

Then “Ella Free” (Facebook name: Eyerly Felder) jumped in, also Replying-All.

I Replied-All at this point while addressing my note to Jane Kiesel with a brief request to be removed from this list since I had no desire to be on a list with certain named parties in particular; my intention with Reply-All was most definitely to let all these parties know I had no need to be on a list with them.

Matthew Arnegard/Aaron Replied-All with this gem, directly attacking me, despite the fact that I had not sent him any private emails, but merely replied on the full list, as he did too—notice he had no response to Jane’s email and her initial question but was quick to attack me:

Karen Stewart then jumped in—also not responding to Jane’s initial question but addressing my note—and on Reply-All, with a particularly obnoxious response, since she has taken pains to do precisely what she mentions, character-assassinate me with a bunch of false accusations and then direct others to shun me on count of those—particularly in a recent Facebook post I have commented on here, and in extended tweets and documents I have addressed earlier here, here, and heremuch as Katherine Horton has too, in her exhortations to others on a recent video to go ahead and cyberstalk me, as if this is what I must need, targeted assault and cyberstalking by one and all.

What is also particularly revolting is the implication that nothing has happened here, her entire train of hostile actions against me never took place, this is all to be attributed to me, I am the one who “wants to be shunned” for no reason at all, and she’d “try her best to accommodate”–this is an inversion of what has really gone down here, where her nastiness in seeking to silence my voice, and her actual actions in directing others to shun and mob-smear are still recorded online. What Karen has done has been based on ignorance and lies, in addition to ego and defensiveness: she has published outright lies on me, as I have spelled out earlier—classic slander, repudiated in all threads and posts linked here.

Then Midge Mathis appeared, insouciant and insulting, like Matthew Aaron, ignoring that she had heard from me only on a Reply-All, while Replying-All herself:

As a little reminder: Midge Mathis—whom I have platformed, supported, and promoted–has taken pains to not acknowledge my journalism while insulting me publicly and while promoting smears, has continued to promote disinfo at her site, has notoriously sought to quell (and ignore) many people’s reports of slander by proven agent-provocateur/saboteur/smear artist Katherine Horton of many activists, simultaneously pursuing Katherine Horton’s claimed Ph D for decoration on her motley Board. Not someone I respect anymore.

Having had enough, I wrote on a Reply-All to Jane Kiesel, whose silence so far was curious:

Quick to counter, Karen Stewart Replied-All with lies and false narratives she has aired before, while throwing in an insult—note the Reply-All, because it is important:

I wrote back quite explicitly, Replying-All, but continuing my address to Jane Kiesel who was still silent:

I also wrote an addendum to this email, on Reply-All, as a final note to Jane Kiesel, who should have responded publicly on that list to all to dissolve it but did not. Note that I did not, at any time on this list, speak directly to anyone but Jane Kiesel, who had created this public forum and included me without my assent.

Karen Stewart sent 2 more emails which must have crossed mine (below Karen’s emails below), because they popped up right after I sent my final email out.

These (below) were Karen’s two crossing-all-lines emails.

In the first, she plays God as she seems to like to do, employing the passive while speaking directly to me and assuming a tone of severity: “You were warned.” What is both idiotic and insulting however is her “police matter” bit.

Note, this is Karen Stewart—who has previously reported, including in my own detailed interviews with her, and in reports I published to highlight her wrongful treatment at the hands of various parties—NSA, FBI, sheriffs, and police, how complicit police are in targeting, how dimwitted, and how colluding. We all know police are involved and fully complicit in targeting people with non lethal neuroweapons; the 1994 DOD-DOJ MOU I have published on proves it for a fact. Now she cravenly displays some kind of faith in this species, and suggests I needed to “cease and desist” or be handed over to them? Cease and desist from what? Expressing the facts and truth of what she has done—publishing lies and libel against me online?

Note also that she has Replied-All on this thoughtless little note. I leave it to the reader to decide what she is doing here really—but this seems to me to be grandstanding, “taking a stand” against me, and an extreme one at that, one which makes no sense, except apparently to her. At the very least, this is open targeting: this is in fact the very kind of behavior those who are targeted report from their harassive neighbors and utter strangers, “calling the police” on them at the drop of a hat—particularly after provoking them with various harassive actions.

This move, to me, is both execrable and betraying to her own basic humanity and points to how unbalanced Karen Stewart has gotten lately, regarding me.

It is also offensive and insulting, and is the reason I have made this post today,

“It’s a police matter” also suggests crime of some sort; the absurdity of this is underlined by the recent history here. My Twitter threads and posts in December record the fact of Karen’s sudden defamatory attacks on me—when she took a private communication and made it public without my permission, and then proceeded to publish slanderous insults, wrongful assumptions, false and baseless accusations, and open lies against me—which I was obliged to address and rebut publicly. What crime is Karen referring to? The crimes of defamation, slander, and libel here—not to mention constant cyber-smearing with fresh crops of lies–are all hers: the record shows it.

It is beyond execrable really, that she would dare to send me an email with threats of bringing police into it.

That, and the next email, where she has had the gall to publish my address and phone number to this list filled with people profoundly hostile to me, who have shown no qualms about mobbing and targeting me publicly online—whom I certainly would not trust with my personal information—and offers a directive, on how to get “your police” to get a message to “her police.” (Clearly Karen has not understood yet no-one owns the police but the Freemasons, the multinationals, banks, Rothschilds, Popes, Queens.)

I also note, on advice from a friend: Publishing someone’s street address, phone number, and soliciting calls to police from others, when no crime has been committed, is a “call to action” against someone, for a false claim.

The profound hubris in her attitude here is beyond comprehension; this is narcissism, this is egoism, this is pathologically malignant controlling behavior.

The rest? Karen distinguishes herself as apparently incapable of nuanced perception, unable to decipher my studied and deliberate use of her own language against her to make a point, not to mention my awareness of her sad projections of self onto others, much in the style of Katherine Horton, who played the Saul Alinsky “accuse your enemies of your crimes” motif particularly well, exactly the rule in the playbook Karen is now following.

Saddening, all of this? It is absurd, what working with her in the past has devolved to now that she has been “contacted”–apparently by the CIA—while working with the most unintelligent of the FBI and NSA who send her distorted readings and faulty analyses of their surveillance of my laptop and phone, as she herself sought to prove, with her recent disclosures on Twitter in recent times. (Covered here and here.)

This was my final email on that list, and Jane Kiesel did not make an appearance before or after it.

In between, Frank Allen sent me a private passel of insults, which I responded separately to; ditto Matthew Aaron, albeit less extensively.

No doubt I should not have written back immediately, because I felt the need in the heat of the moment to use all-caps with Matthew Arnegard, who has previously insulted me online and privately on email–while publishing nonsense exonerating Govt parties of targeting crimes, a subject I have been covering for quite a while now.

Frank Allen, someone I have never met and do not know, has been particularly opprobrious and persistent in leaving me insults in comments at my web site and elsewhere, this is not his first insulting email to me. He has Karen Stewart to thank for this publication now, because I would not have bothered to publish any of this had Karen Stewart not aired “calling the police” threats—his email echoes the false-claims and lies in hers and is relevant to this publication of the entire communication I received from members of this unwanted email list:

I responded privately to Frank Allen, to correct his accusations:

A little while later Jane Kiesel sent me a link to a video privately—with not a single word in address to me in her email, no acknowledgment of what had transpired on her list, and, still not responding on that public list which she had created. Is Jane Kiesel a chatterbot or Live Action Role Player?

Max Harrison Williams, who may also be one—and again, is someone I have never met, do not know, yet in previous times has included me on his email lists where he presides, like many others, as Long-Resident Gatekeeper–sent me an email addressed to “Ramola (or whatever)” unable to tear himself away from his hive-mind apparently & as he has often previously done, pretending ignorance as to who started this email list—I did not respond to this absurdity.

I have one final observation to make. While Karen Stewart held court on social media recently, lobbing her own lies on me to all and sundry, not one otherwise-talky person, who knows both of us, made an effort to speak publicly in my support or as independent observers and address and repudiate her clear and obvious lies and absurd slander—except Cassandra, Barbara Hartwell, Alex Crosbie (Dublin Target), Thomas McFarlan, and a couple others. Not one of the most prominent speakers on Twitter or Facebook cautioned her or sought to halt her rampage of insults, but “liked” and retweeted her lying tweets. Yet a couple weeks after her spate of insults, many are emerging out of the woodwork to put me on lists with her, to ask me to “like” a Targeted Justice page—this is Susan Olsen—as if nothing has happened, to “friend” them on Facebook after publicly echoing Karen’s lies against me—this is Rick Macy–as if Karen’s horrific smear and directed-slander and character-assassination operation on me had never occurred, and no fallout from it had accrued. Why was Susan Olsen silent when Karen was publishing her lies? Why ask me—when she is a director or Board Member of TJ–to “like” a TJ page when she must know TJ and Midge Mathis who heads TJ have made their hostile positions clear (if anyone is unclear as to how TJ fell out with me, please read my reports), when Midge of her own volition deliberately cut me off and put me down way back when Katherine Horton was busy running smear ops in 2018, when she refused to address this matter but insulted me instead, why would I reconnect with TJ?

This is part of what is completely wrong with the manipulated and managed “TI community.” People issue insults and abuses, remain silent when others publicly lie and insult me, and then imagine I am supposed to bounce back and reconnect with all—with no retractions of their insults, no public apologies, even after proof of their errors has been published—as recently, with Frederic Laroche’s letter countering one portion of Karen Stewart’s lies on me—lies and aspersions she published because she refused to check the facts first, as noted now both by Frederic, me, Cassandra, and Alex Crosbie.

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Jane Kiesel, by including me on her email list—as if completely unaware of the history of insults here—engages in identical behavior. This is unacceptable. I do not need to be on email lists with liars and manipulators of public opinion, I keep company and exchange emails and texts only with those who have proved to be genuine, thoughtful human beings who do not spend their time insulting me publicly or privately, while running Disinfo operations on one and all. Am I someone to be publicly excoriated and slandered and insulted on a periodic basic by the same swinging carousel of absolute con artists and misled mavens? I don’t think so. I simply do not need to be on email lists with any of them.

Shortly after this saga, Karen Stewart published this tweet, keeping her accusations and falsehoods anonymous while displaying herself as self-congratulatory and congenial:

The irony of suggesting private response on a public email-list where she too Replied-All consistently is not lost on me. Irony too, when she has showed no respect for private communications in taking an email I marked Private and Confidential and publishing it brazenly on Twitter, without my permission—aggressively making a private conversation public.

Let me also note here for the record: I recently published a major article revealing a JPSG (DOD-DOJ) document released on FOIA and previously unreported, clearly pointing to the field-testing of multiple portable and implantable tracking, detecting, and monitoring devices and weapons using radiation and acoustic technologies—clearly related to the Targeting phenomenon, where people are reporting such energy weapon hits on their bodies—yet not one of these so-called TI activist leaders could make reference or publicly acknowledge this article because they have all sought to attack me, ostracize me, and disappear my voice instead. That’s the real fallout here—and further evidence of the invidious infiltration and Disinfo operations being run here, in attempts to disappear the real journalism and create a false narrative instead of “troublemaking”–classic DOD/CIA propaganda Psy Ops, and classic FBI COINTELPRO as well. Be very aware: the DOD/CIA/FBI/NASA lot pulling the strings behind the scenes do not want the gritty truths of their targeting crimes revealed, they will keep revving the engine of Disinfo and Lies to silence all genuine truthtellers and smear them to kingdom come. These people are in the business of neuromodulating humans into retardation and biorobotizing humans into zombies, they will stop at nothing, it seems to preserve these Above Top Secret Blacker than Black Ops Neuroweapons which no-one needs—including nonstop smear campaigns on a journalist.

My faith despite all is that Truth will prevail in all matters, and its surfacing is the only reason I write this all down: to express my views in candor, and for the public record.

Postscript: This evening, 2/5/2020, I opened my inbox to view yet another intimidation-missive mentioning “law enforcement” from Karen Stewart. Once again, insulting false narratives and false accusations run through this piece. The tone of demand and threat plain for all to see.

“chose to ignore Jane’s distress”: Aspersive mischaracterization, facts addressed above.

“certain people with whom you have failed to maintain (an adult) relationship over the last few years, months, weeks”: Hubristic inversion of facts, false-accusation, judgmental and bizarre, blaming the victim of harassment and slander; she is referring to people who have defamed and slandered me of their own volition, in what rulebook is it written that I am supposed to maintain relationships with them?

“as a group reply to further insult and harass people”: Mischaracterization of fact, given Reply-All used by all, as evidenced above; requests for removal are not insults or harassment.

“proven predilection to obsessively harass people”: Outright false-accusation, defamation, libel, flying in the face of facts and truth, copiously re-published to rebut her slander: simple fact-checking will confirm this.

“no certain terms to CEASE & DECIST”: Spelling errors or intention to confuse? I don’t see certain terms either.

“ harassing me directly or through proxies”: Persistent false-accusation and fabrication, persistent distortion of facts, contrived narratives, harassment of others.

“You are to further remove”: On what authority? Making queenly demands like this is absurd.

“false, misleading, baseless, delusional, fantastical, defamatory statements about me from all platforms”: None that I know of. My responses to such statements made by Karen Stewart stand as smear-rebuttal.

“any further provocations are guaranteed to trigger involving law enforcement at the very least”: Direct threat, and absurd in its entirety. But seriously aggressive, and clear attempt at intimidation.

It seems that Karen Stewart is lost in a storyline of her own making, and once again, I recommend that anyone interested start with my Statement and read all linked articles and Twitter threads to see for yourself what the truth is; these clarifying documents are truth-stating, establish the facts and will remain online, despite the arch demands here for any mischaracterized removal. 

Notice also that Karen has sent this police threat to myself, Cassandra, and Thomas McFarlan when neither of them—nor I—had anything to do with this email list which Jane Kiesel set up, nor were either of them recipients of it, yet she impugns them (as she has on Twitter, earlier) with false labels of “proxies,” and harasses them as well as myself via this small-group email with threats—all apparently because she cannot fact-check herself to get beyond and apologize for the public slander and lies she has spouted about myself and Barbara Hartwell, rebutted independently by Cassandra with truth and facts. Egregious that Karen would insult those who stand up to these lies with facts that Karen doesn’t want to fact-check!

I am more than tired of Karen’s wrongful attitude and continuing insults, and have no intention of responding in any way to this further foolishness. Karen Stewart is advised, as she has been before, to cease and desist from publishing slander and lies against me, and now also from making wrongful, criminal calls to action for police attention on false claims, and from taking or attempting to take whatever inexplicable action she hints at in this latest aggressive threat email against myself and others.

Posted today, 2/6/2020, for the public record. All I have stated above is true.

Ramola D | February 6, 2020

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