Newsbreak 161 | July 2, 2023 | Edward Ellis, Equity Lawyer, Wrongfully Held in Prison Shines a Light on 100s of Cases in the UK | Please Sign the Petition For His Immediate Release

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Newsbreak 161, with London whistleblowers Neelu Berry Chaudhari and Lee Cant, recorded July 2 and posted July 3 at Ramola D Reports/Bitchute and Odysee featured a quiet and sobering conversation covering whistleblower human rights campaigners Neelu Berry Chaudhari and Lee Cant’s cases which have still not found justice in courts in the United Kingdom, and the work of Edward Ellis, Equity Lawyer with the Equity Monarchy Trusts, currently wrongfully imprisoned, who has worked hard over two decades to bring cases of corruption and crime harming lives, children, property to the notice of the King, Crown, Lord Bishops, Cabinet, and people.

Neelu Berry, whose work in campaigning for others has often been featured at this site and channel, describes the case of her baby niece who was harmed excessively in hospital before a premature death found to be homicide, mentioning other family members also subjected to grave crime and untoward death (covered in earlier Newsbreaks and Reports), and offering insight into the Indian judicial and media coverage of the story of the baby, while Lee Cant speaks about violations of his rights involving local councils and police; both address the situation currently with Edward Ellis, who Lee and Neelu report has been falsely arrested, prosecuted, and incarcerated in a prison which is now known to be owned by a European company headquartered in France, Sopra Steria, rather than being government-owned, and which perhaps should be more closely looking into this case of wrongful arrest and letting Edward go, instead of lagging over providing him basic health care and dialysis for his kidney condition. The fraudulent one-year sentence, Neelu notes, is excessive and unwarranted in its entirety: a 70-year-old man with a kidney condition is indeed in great danger for his life when imprisoned especially in a space which is not focused on his medical care.

The great harm to whistleblowers in the UK is further subject for discussion as Lee and Neelu touch on other cases, including that of Julian Assange, both agree that the criminal justice system in the UK is fairly non-existent and what has happened to Edward is a grave travesty of justice, given the work that he has done and what he represents for the people. The judgment in Edward’s case recently in fact is filled with false-claims, Lee notes, which include false-accusations of Edward recruiting people, evidencing a judicial refusal to accept his humanitarian work as legitimate, deriding the corruption victims he has helped instead as inauthentic and their cases as non-existent. Other incredible behavioral anomalies from judges via absurdities in restraint orders and relayed threats to people were aired.

Looking at the language of the judgment in Edward’s case, it does seem as if efforts have been made by judges to invert the facts and confabulate accusations in efforts to shut down the great effectiveness of the corruption remedy process which Edward has embarked upon. (More about this remedy process can be found at earlier articles at this site; a Search with Edward Ellis’s name should bring up earlier coverage. Also see Andrew Devine, Neelu Berry, and Anthony Badaloo’s work on Linked-in and Youtube. Some links provided below.)

When great crime is permitted to prevail, with whistleblowers attacked and retaliated against, their lives and homes and children also at risk, Neelu notes, then in this Satanic milieu, the ones who harm them (from places of power and authority in government or private-sector) who become therefore criminals are the ones permitted to rise. This is an inversion of moral principle which none of us should condone. Whistleblowers should not be retaliated against, should never be harmed, as this podcast notes, and should be given the safety, security, and protection needed to help others investigate the crimes they expose, as Neelu explains.

It is vital to note here also that Edward Ellis has committed no crime whatsoever, as Lee Cant emphasizes, that he has worked only as a humanitarian campaigner helping others tell their stories and bring to public and judicial awareness their cases of personal and family or livelihood harm, which he has done through his interest in the Equity corruption remedy process, explained in earlier podcasts as a means of correctly informing the Crown and Lord Bishops, so that proper procedures of remedy for the people can be instituted.

Edward’s work currently inside the prison to help surface the crimes against the incarcerated are also mentioned, an endeavor he has embarked on in testament to his innate humanitarian interests, to help shine a light from the inside. Ways in which these crimes can be further addressed for exposure and redress are also discussed, these range from looking at them from an international terrorism point of view with UK legislation, and an international human rights law point of view, and appealing to the Military, since great crimes against humanity are being run on the people.

Please visit Neelu’s channels for ongoing coverage:,

Neelu notes that the podcast covers “attempts on the lives of Whistleblowers by private foreign corporations, funded by public money stolen by central banks and governments, corrupt leaders bribed to permit hijacking of public services in England and Wales by foreign companies such as  Sopra Steria.(1)”

She also notes that Equity Lawyer, Edward William Ellis is “the latest victim of State terrorism. power boasts. bribes and assassinations by this satanic structure of slavery and poverty witch hunts down and kills all top whistleblowers”.

Whistleblowers clearly need recognition and support from their peers, colleagues, friends and family as well as the larger extended family of the public. Whistleblowers should never be retaliated against, never be harmed.

Action items from Neelu, to help Edward:

Please share & sign the petition for Edward to receive prescribed dialysis in the prison and for his immediate release

Please send Edward Ellis an email via

Prisoner number A4923EY

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Neelu Berry’s recent calls to Pentonville Prison to ensure Edward Ellis’s safety and well-being and get him the medical help he needs are below:

(1) Public services of England are being hijacked by a French Data collection “For Profit” company to kidnap, isolate, assassinate whistleblowers

Neelu Berry’s calls to the prison services on 29 June, 30 June & 01 July 2023:-


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30 Jun 2023 call to Safer Custody to get “Welfare Check” referral to PHIL (Prisoner Health Information Liaison Line)

Edward Ellis, 70, A4923EY in Pentonville Prison since 3rd May 2023, Denied End Stage Kidney Dialysis 10min

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01 Jul 2023 call to PHIL to arrange proper Kidney Dialysis or release him immediately


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This story will be further reported shortly as more information comes in. Newsbreak 161 can be viewed at Bitchute and at Odysee currently.


Mr. Edward Ellis, Equity Lawyer, Reports the Launch of a Mass Corruption Remedy Process in the United Kingdom and Calls for Principled Independents and Empowered Citizens to Step Forward

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