Ramola D | Seeing the Light: From Activist to Illuminator

Report & Op-ed | Ramola D | March 18, 2021

Recently, I changed the tag line on my signature which has long included the word “Activist” to “Illuminator.”

Image: Maslanka Weekly

There’s a reason for this, and I want to clarify why.

No, it is not because the FBI – a criminal organization – attacks “Activists” naming them “Terrorists,” a long terrorizing activity they have engaged in, since the days of Edgar Hoover and the deadly attacks on civil rights activists such as Martin Luther King and Malcolm X which culminated in their assassinations, and continuing to the present day:

  • when FBI and State Police manuals and websites delineate activists as “persons of interest” to endlessly spy on, surveill, monitor, stalk, probe, harass, persecute;
  • when their attacks on whistleblowers, activists, journalists today include persecutory life-takedown targeting with anti-personnel DEWs & Neuroweaponryillegal and unlawful activities of crimes-against-humanity which will bring them down utterly when fully exposed—which I have been continuously investigating and exposing as a journalist and writer since 2013, when I was criminally and unlawfully targeted by this cadre of Mafia posing as a “Police Organization”;
  • when Counter-Terrorism-running agencies such as the FBI, CIA, and DHS run terroristic activities and groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter—which have freely engaged in riotous, violent activities across the USA the FBI then wrongfully labels “activism, proving terrorism,” casting this pall on all activists, in efforts to equate Activism with Terrorism;
  • when the FBI starts a witch-hunt for all Trump supporters at the Jan 6, 2021 rally, when the Capitol riots were clearly a deliberate false-flag planned-riot event run by the very same FBI/DHS/CIA factions responsible for 2 decades of mass shootings and other false flags in America, since 9-11 (and earlier);
  • when the FBI virtuously labels those paid-rioters they are themselves probably responsible for “Domestic Terrorists,” once again in attempts to tarnish all activists as “domestic terrorists.”

Activists for truth, freedom, justice, clean air/water/earth/environment, human rights, and animal rights who hold signs, assemble at rallies, march in city streets, educate others with publications, flyers, and podcasts, sign petitions, write to politicians seeking change, are not terrorists but people of conscience, integrity, and intelligence opposed by Luciferian profit-protectors who seek to keep the status quo of the profitable corporate assault on the environment, on humans, and on animals via polluting industry, war industry, “geoengineering,” the pharmaceutical monolith, and factory farming going.

Activism is neither a crime nor an act of war, does not need to be apologized for or camouflaged, but takes many forms, including art, poetry, journalism, public speaking, letter-writing. Everyone who writes a letter to an elected official informing and advocating for change could be seen as “taking action for change.”

People who engage in these simple acts of activism for change in fact are prompted by deep sensitivity, empathy for living beings, care for animals, expanded consciousness, love for life, love for humanity and community, deep desire for harmony, connection, creativity, possibility: they are artists, poets, philosophers, writers, musicians, visionaries, dreamers.

Activists are not terrorists.

The people attacking activists however, quite literally today with military Spectrum weapons and neuroweapons – FBI and police, with their paid contractor minions and Infragard “community police” – are indeed engaging in evil, sadistic acts of assault and battery: That is Domestic Terrorism.

The reason I am no longer going to be considering myself an activist but an illuminator is: I can see clearly now who the criminals are here, and I won’t be begging criminally-silent politicians any further with memos and petitions to please investigate, please halt-the-crimes (as I have for over 3 decades now as a concerned and caring human, and especially over the last 8 years of the incredible assaults on me, spelled out here in this letter to Massachusetts public officials, answered by this refusal to investigate by the Massachusetts Attorney-General–I will be continuing instead to expose all of them, politicians and police both, and to inform the world of the nature of these crimes, and the nature of the weaponry being used by FBI and friends to commit these crimes.

I feel I’ve had an epiphany of sorts lately, but the realization I have come to is nothing new really; many whistleblowers, journalists, and human rights advocates have come to this understanding much earlier. FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee has written extensively on the crimes of the FBI and state and city police; CIA, NSA, FBI, DHS whistleblowers which include Kevin Shipp, Barbara Hartwell, Julia Davis, Russ Tice, Bob Levin, John St. Clair Akwei, and many others have testified to the brute atrocities of the FBI, CIA, DHS, DEA, NSA against them and against other Americans. This recent essay by John W. Whitehead sums up much of the truth here:

The Deep State’s Stealthy, Subversive, Silent Coup to Ensure Nothing Changes/John W. Whitehead, The Rutherford Institute, Jan 19, 2021

Geral Sosbee, FBI Whistleblower Reports Ongoing Crimes of Persecution in USA Against Political Targets By FBI, Police, Federal Judges

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As Geral Sosbee states explicitly, the FBI has built itself up—in reputation, pumped-up by complicit media and Hollywood—to be a formidable force projecting “Criminal Justice & Policing”; in actuality, they are a network of Crime-Protectors, protecting agencies committing crimes, assisting agencies in committing crimes, and committing crimes themselves, using their arsenal of drones, satellites, helicopters, Spectrum weapons, and Smear Operations to target people of consciousness and conscience, smear and assassinate their characters in neighborhoods, terrorize communities, and persecute targets to death with the most grotesquely barbaric attacks on their bodies, brains, and lives.

These are not actions of protectors of communities, these are the actions of criminals.

The FBI Is a criminal organization, as the DHS is a criminal organization, as the CIA is a criminal organization, as the NSA is a criminal organization.

Ramola D/No Longer True: The NSA “Isn’t Getting Violent Internally in the US”: Millions Today in US Are Targeted with RF/Scalar/Sonic Weapons, Nano Weapons, Neuro Weapons, Chem/Bio Weapons

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Hiding behind the rhetoric of “National Security” “Public Safety” “Criminal Justice” “Intelligence” and now “Public Health,” these treasonous, anti-American agencies are terrorizing Americans, attacking Americans, assaulting Americans, torturing Americans, and assassinating Americans.

These agencies are being protected by city, state, and Federal governments, and by “public-private partnerships” which enmesh these offenders in a blanket of 360 degrees symbiotic corporate protection. Pointless writing to public officials for help: they protect the FBI. Pointless “informing” the FBI of crimes: they’re executing the crimes themselves.

The CIA, NSA, and Department of Defense are given greater protection, because they’re claiming “Above Top Secret” “National Security Experimentation” “Silence to public” classifications all around to conceal their greater crimes.

When we can see clearly the crimes being committed by publicly-funded organizations charged to protect people, it is time to call them out and to fully expose them, to deny consent, to halt their criminal activities in neighborhoods. People acceding to the criminal demands of the FBI to surveil, monitor, police, harass, slander others targeted by the FBI for Unseen Wifi Assault are becoming accomplice-to-crime themselves and perpetuating the malicious hold the FBI has over Americans.

To end crime in neighborhoods today, when neighbors have become Stasi snitches and spies, trained to use cell-phone-like devices to harm others, chasing out the FBI and others like them is essential.

At core of this moment in history today is the increasing exposure of Government crimes, and the entrenched, syndicated, networked nature of the pyramid mechanism of control permitting massive govt/agency/military crime to exist and persist –crime such as pedosadist abuse of children, SRA (Satanic Ritual abuse), child-terrorizing, child sacrifice, Adrenochrome-harvesting, drug trafficking, human trafficking, arms trafficking, organ harvesting—using pedophile networks, control files, blackmail operations, black money, intimidation operations and assassination operations to silence all witnesses and participants, to force complicity, and to keep this organized-crime going.

Recent whistleblower Ryan D. White disclosure, reported by Lin Wood/Lin Wood Leaks Whistleblower Transcripts Exposing VP Mike Pence

Wikileaks/The Podesta Emails

This is in addition to the horrific Mk Ultra neuro-experimentation and bodily-assault crimes with Remote Access Human Control weapons executed by various Defense, Intelligence, Security, Justice, Academia, and private parties ongoing.

“MK ULTRA on Steroids”: Dr. Robert Duncan Reports On Today’s Neurotech Targeting of Humanity, Secrecy, and The Need For Change

This is in the context of large-scale genocide crimes being committed by shadow governments, CIA and NSA along with currently the CDC and WHO via the poison-rain of chemtrails, poison-injections of vaccines: the mRNA vaccines are currently injuring and killing thousands, and working toward wiping out millions.

Dangers of ALL Vaccines Highlighted as Deaths and Injuries From the Experimental mRNA COVID Vaccines Pile Up

The mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Need to Be Halted Immediately: Increasing Evidence of Danger to Public Health

The conclusion is inescapable, from all the evidence, from all the whistleblowers who have revealed much, that these are occultist, Satanist, Nazi, Zionist, Jesuit, Marxist, Babylonian Talmudic, demon-worshipping egomaniacs ensconced inside police, military, and government, who are literally predating on humanity: cannibalizing, sacrificing, terrorizing, assaulting, exploiting, using, abusing.

These are profound crimes against humanity and should be condemned by all humanity.

The “system” these entities have built is corrupt to the core and criminal at base and needs to be rejected.

The secrecy it runs on needs to end; but until it is ended, there is no need for anyone to legitimize these crimes by holding these agencies up as legitimate—they’re not. They’re just private corporations turning profits—on the backs and lives of millions of innocent Americans, while using secrecy to classify their crimes and keep them hidden from larger public scrutiny.

I’m aware the word “Illuminator” brings to mind the evil “Illuminati” who have been holding humanity hostage with their control operations and Satanic crimes, but the word “illumination” does not belong to them and never did.

It is time we took back the language just as much as our lives and communities. Expose and condemn the real criminals, attacking, aggressing, and terrorizing humanity while labeling activists “terrorists” “extremists” “radicals” “high threats” “dangerous.” The real criminals are armed, well-salaried, fly about in helicopters (one just flew overhead a few minutes ago) armed with electronic-warfare weaponry including precision-radar attack weapons, lie for a living, create false-files and false-flags, parallel-construct by creating crime, threaten people with jail time and fines to protect their Violence in Silence wifi assault operations, run aggressive COINTELPRO operations on streets, and generally behave like the violent Mafia they are.

Let’s call a spade a spade, shall we?

Nobody should be paying taxes and supporting a system which runs organized crime like this.

The notion of activism with hopes for change involving constant knocking-on-doors of deadbeat senators, representatives, councillors, governors, mayors, presidents, attorney-generals has ended for me: they are all thigh-deep in crime, neck-deep in corruption.

I am walking away from all criminal constructs of government engaged in mass deception, flagrant lies, mass aggression against entire populations, and currently, genocide operations on all with gene-editing vaccines. Such constructs and agencies have broken all contracts with the people and become treasonous usurpers, arrayed against the people.

I am staying however firmly in the space of clear-eyed journalism, and will continue to expose them.