I hereby declare, with my full intent, in perfect and immaculate possession of all my mental faculties, and in complete autonomy of will, purpose, and action, in public notice to all humans, Governments, and entities everywhere, and in particular in public notice to all agencies, departments, and employees of the US Government, including Military/Homeland Security and Intelligence agencies, departments, and contractors, that:

In my status as a naturalized citizen of the United States of America, I Have Never Consented and Do Not Consent to myself, my physical body, or my name being considered as co-optable, collaterizable, or employable as an employee, property, or asset of any corporation, including the corporation of the Federal UNITED STATES, INC., and under the jurisdiction of the Federal UNITED STATES. I claim citizenship in the peaceful continent of the united States of America on the physical land, in the Continental United States of America, and by way of my naturalization in Virginia, to the citizenship of Virginia State, and to my current domicile as a Virginian American in Massachusetts State. I do not consent to being considered a Federal US citizen and property of a fraudulent US corporation, to be made subject to its inhumane laws and statutes, such as the NDAA, which seems to permit weapons testing on citizens, nor any of its Executive Orders, nor any of its Military directives, exemptions, and appropriations, which glibly ignore Informed Consent and permit human experimentation, psychological operations of deception, behavior modification, and weapons testing on citizens. I am not a Federal citizen, not a Federal employee, not a Federal soldier, not a Federal asset, not Federal property in any way, shape, or form. I am a living, breathing human being, neither born nor naturalized into servitude of any kind, subject to no law, statute, or presumption of any corporation, but bound rather only by edict of Natural Law to intrinsic freedom of will, speech, action, and creative expression, and to “Do No Harm” to others in society.

I Have Never Consented and Do Not Consent to the use of my body, mind, brain, central nervous system, consciousness, and energy, for any kind of experimentation, monitoring, surveillance, storage, transformation, or any other use, by any body, “person,” or entity, private or Intelligence/Defense/Homeland Security agency, private or Intelligence/Defense/Homeland Security contractor, research organization, University, medical institution, or other, for any purpose whatsoever, for any length of time whatsoever.

I Have Never Consented and Do Not Consent to the use, by any body, agency, company, or being, for any purpose whatsoever, whether it is experimentation, monitoring, surveillance, storage, transformation, or any other, of any aspect or part of my self and being, body, mind, intellect, energy, including energetic emanations in the form of Electromagnetic Radiation involuntarily radiated from any part of my body, including my brain–such as thought waves, intrinsically my own intellectual property and my own possession, and not “unintentionally radiated intelligence or RINT or SIGINT” to be freely culled and used for any kind of military or Intelligence Agency purpose whatsoever;

I Have Never Consented and Do Not Consent to the use, by any body, agency, corporation, or being, for any purpose whatsoever, whether it is experimentation, monitoring, surveillance, storage, transformation, or any other, of any aspect or part of my self and being, body, mind, intellect, energy, including plasmas, tissues, cells and DNA, being stolen, picked up, obtained illegitimately by way of covert/privacy intrusion at medical institutions, and used for any kind of military or Intelligence Agency purpose whatsoever, whether to develop genetic weapons or devise genetic programs of Directed-Energy assault or any other;

I Have Never Consented and Do Not Consent to the bombardment of my body with directed-energy such as high-powered microwaves, low-powered microwaves, Extremely Low Frequencies, infrasonic and ultrasonic frequencies, millimeter waves, scalar waves, or any other kind of wave or remote-influencing technology, for any externally-decided and obviously totalitarian, imperialistic, presumptuous, patronizing, patriarchical, and controlling experimental, correctional, behavior-modification, surveillance, monitoring, or any other purpose;

I Have Never Consented and Do Not Consent to the eugenicist and transhumanist flooding of the atmosphere in my vicinity and over the whole of the Earth with harmful aerosols carrying chemicals, biological toxins such as viruses and molds, vaccines, nanotechnology, smart dust, heavy metals such as barium and aluminium, toxic metals like lithium, radioactive materials and other harmful matter that is currently being dumped on human populations everywhere on Earth, for any stated purpose whatsoever, whether solar radiation management, population control, or any other purpose;

I Have Never Consented and Do Not Consent to the programs of secrecy, lies, deceptions, machinations, and manipulations of opinion being carried out on Earth by Military/Homeland Security and Intelligence agencies possibly on behalf of other, wealthier and corporate or off-world/extraterrestrial/non-human overseers, carried out on media, and on communities, via manufactured news, false flags, false rumors, slander and defamation campaigns, deceptions, detours, mind control techniques, and mass consciousness-transformation techniques, being used to keep people in a state of permanent obliviousness, fear, confusion, and misinformation;

I Have Never Consented and Do Not Consent to the deliberate pollution of food, medicines, and water with harmful substances intended to and causing of infertility, lowering of mental function, destruction of the human system, and destruction of health, such as flourides in water, harmful additives in food preservatives and coloring agents, GMO produce, and nanotechnology/smart dust in food suppplements and pills.

I Have Never Consented and Do Not Consent to any of the Dirty Ops and covert Black Ops research, experimentation, precursor, or roll-out programs being carried out on myself, on certain targeted individuals, and on whole populations, without Informed Consent. I do not consent to implants that have been forcibly placed in my body, I do not consent to their receptions and transmissions of electromagnetic energy from inside my body, I do not consent to the bidirectional communications initiated externally and involving the transponder elements in these microchip implants. No part of the covert operations of RFID implantation, continuous 24/7 surveillance, monitoring, remote radio/other communications, and assault with Directed-Energy neuroweapons falsely labelled Non-Lethal Weapons has my consent.

This is a Public Notice to state on the record that I have not in any way given consent to the corrupt and covert US Intelligence agencies and Defense and Homeland Security entities currently illegitimately surveilling and assaulting me 24/7 with Directed-Energy Weapons to do any of the following, which they have done: to force implants on my body, to surveill and assault continuously, and to continuously engage in radio-signal-exchange with radio-receiving transponder implants forcibly implanted in my body–using false labels of “terrorist/spy” under the Patriot/Freedom Act, watchlisting without cause, and running insane MKULTRA-style trauma-based 24/7 human subject experimentation and directed-energy radiation weapons testing/training/operation programs on my person, while informing community members I am “under investigation,” and running defamation and smear campaigns in my name. None of this is consensual, it is an unpermitted, invasive, violent, malicious, and forced assault; it seeks to retaliate against and suppress free speech, expression, and activism against corporate corruption, cruelty, and criminality; and it Will be exposed.

This is a Declaration of Non-Consent to all the invasions, intrusions, assaults, and mutilations performed extra-judicially on my body by the US Government and Military agencies and contractors mentioned above, and it is a Notice to all parties involved in these activities to fully cease and desist all such prosecutable and violatory invasions, intrusions, assaults, and mutilations, and to be aware that I fully intend for all these to be fully prosecuted in impending actions in courts of common law, natural law, and international law.  These are crimes against humanity and crimes against my life and being, and must and will be aired, first of all in the court of public opinion and knowledge.

I reserve all rights to publish this declaration and to make changes as I see appropriate at any time, in keeping with my own experience, discernment, and discretion.

Published: November 3, 2015

By Ramola D/Dharmaraj/All Rights Reserved


  1. Hi Nichole,
    Please feel free to use my Declaration of Non-Consent as a template you can customize to your own needs and to send onward to DARPA, DOD, DOJ, anyone and everyone else you wish. Thanks very much for asking.
    Best, Ramola


  2. Hello,
    Would it be okay to use your declaration to make our own declarations to DARPA? I am a bit intimidated because I want to ensure that there is no way for anyone to fire back that I left out anything. I do not want to plagiarize your publicaiton, but I feel it very much outlines everything. Thank you


  3. Please help me to obtain the paperwork for non consent to be governed.Thank you

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  4. Hi Ramola, I don’t know whether this is genuine, but thought I should pass it on.
    Below gives contacts for DARPA opt out of mind control research.

    JB Smith 3 weeks ago
    If you live in America, you can contact the DARPA Internal Review Board and opt out of mind control research. They follow the common rule – “informed, knowledgeable, signed consent is necessary. or They are the contacts to opt out of mind control research. They have to pull the federal funding.?
    You guys are great. Thank you.


  5. How do I obtain the paperwork for non consent to be governed?


  6. Send me paperwork for non consent to be governed/ public notice declaration of non consent. my name devin

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