Your Thoughts Can Change the World

May 19, 2015

Your Thoughts Can Change the World

Fascinating short video on plants exhibiting consciousness in this article by Gregg Prescott at Waking Times: Thoughts are Energy – 4 Ways Your thoughts Can Change the World

Dr. Masaro Emoto‘s experiments with rice and water referenced and video-linked in this article at the Mind Unleashed: Scientific Evidence – Thoughts and Intentions Can Alter the Physical World Around Us

Excerpt from P L Chang‘s How Your Thoughts Can Change the World at

When you think you are weak and powerless, and believe that you cannot change the world, it affects the collective human consciousness, which is the thought field that creates our reality here on Earth. Your own thoughts only affect this thought field to a small degree. However, if the rest of humanity thinks that they cannot change the world, it affects this thought field to a very large degree, causing psychological problems to manifest throughout the population.

The leaders (the International Banksters) of the New World Order (NWO) are well aware of the true power of thought, which is why they like to use their mainstream media outlets to condition you how to think. One of their goals is to condition you to think that you are weak and powerless. The purpose of this is to disempower you. In other words, this is how they trick you to think like a slave without your knowledge.

Remember, the collective human consciousness plays a major role in creating the reality here on Earth. By using the mainstream media to condition us how to think, the International Banksters can change our reality the way they see fit. In other words, they are playing gods by using our thoughts to shape the world we live in.  Read the whole article.

The wonderful film, 2012, Crossing Over: A New Beginning, stressing a focus on Unity Consciousness and Love, not Fear, linked on ECC’s Home Page at this Jade Helm post, re-posted here:

And finally, an excerpt from toward the end of this article covering how our collective human consciousness is being manipulated, by PL Chang at Celebrities Expose Dark Secrets of the Entertainment Industry

What can you do to free humanity?

If you want to help stop the NWO from destroying the future of humanity, start talking to your friends and families about the topics in this article. An easy way to do this is to use the share button at the end of this article and share it with everyone you know. Once enough people wake up, the right people in the appropriate situations will take the necessary actions to stop the NWO from destroying our lives.

The only way the leaders of the NWO can achieve their dark agendas is to do them in secrecy or in the dark. They are like magicians who hide in the shadow. When we expose their dark agendas by bringing them out into the light, they lose a lot of power. They like to stage false flag events to put us in a state of fear, so we can be controlled. Stop being scared of them and start exposing them, so we can free ourselves from their control.

If you work in a government agency and care about freedom and liberty, be aware that the Controllers do not really care about you. They are only using you to achieve their dark agendas. Once they achieve their goals, you will be one of the groups of people they terminate. Remember why you joined your agency. Did you join to protect the people of your country? Or did you join to support genocide and the interest of corporations? Read the whole article here.

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