Former US Navy Officer Walks Across America to Expose Covert Targeting and Neuro-Experimentation Program


Maryland’s Eastern Shore/Photo: David Voigts

Currently in Greenbelt, Maryland, arriving there from Annapolis as he walks the American Discovery Trail this spring, starting from Cape Henlopen, Delaware, and hoping to end in San Francisco, David Voigts, a former US Navy officer and an exemplary American who seeks to honor his oath to the Constitution to protect all Americans, is walking across the United States of America “to raise awareness for a growing group of victims including men, women, and children being assaulted with electronic weapons.”


Image: David Voigts/Go Fund Me page

David Voigts, whose Control Systems Engineering background in the Navy included work in Electronic Warfare and Nuclear Billets, says the people known nationally and internationally as “Targeted Individuals” are non-consensual victims of an illegal human experimentation project in human-computer interfaces “to conduct various psychological and physical experiments with the use of electronic warfare weapons that essentially torture the victim psychologically and physically.”

These are not merely Covert Ops or Black Ops, he says, but criminal operations being run at a cost of billions of dollars by what appears to be a group of people trained in tactics of Special Warfare operating across federal intelligence agencies and departments in the Military.

Learning About a Covert Targeting and Brain-Computer Interface Experimentation Program


Naval Memorial Gardens Plaque, Annapolis/Photo: David Voigts

David Voigts learned about the existence of this covert human-computer interface experimentation program as a midshipman at the beginning of his Junior year, seeking to select his career path, when he read books on submarines which revealed undersea cable tapping during the Cold War, news articles about the Echelon signals intercept program, and a series of Special Warfare books “which relayed that some operators with specific skill sets (interrogation, surveillance, and psychological warfare–which are only legal in the context of a declared war) were applying those skills after their service ended, hired on in harassment and revenge campaigns.”

In a letter posted online at his site and mailed to 12,000 recipients in media and among the public, David writes:

I was trained in electrical and mechanical design process from base mathematical equations, to computer modeling, and how those models are used to select the physical components of a system. Part of the training discussed human-machine interface. We studied new prosthetics, and systems that allow “locked-in” patients the ability to communicate through computers using brain-machine interface. There were hints about weapons testing.

As an officer, I served in Electronics Warfare and Nuclear billets. I found out that the program is testing weapons called “Voice of God” or “Hand of God” weapons. When used in conjunction with a psychological warfare campaign, they are called “Perception Warfare,” “Spiritual Warfare,” or “No-Touch Torture” weapons.”

He had also heard about the MKULTRA program, classified experiments run by the CIA from the ’50s to the ’70s in mind control and behavior modification using hypnosis, trauma, LSD, and EMFs on non-consenting subjects, which came to light during a 1977 Congressional investigation, and notes it is hard to read the reports on these experiments: “The crimes are almost indescribable.”

In his letter, David makes a crucial point about the CIA’s MKULTRA, on accountability and prosecution—the CIA was never prosecuted for these crimes, which essentially meant, the experiments continued, as many others, including CIA insider Victor Marchetti have noted:

Because no effective action was taken against these programs, they continued under new agencies and budgets. There are victims who are still in the legacy Cold War programs.”


Approaching the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Photo: David Voigts

Understanding that these programs have effectively continued into the present-day involved tying in information gleaned in Naval Systems training. “As a control systems engineer,” he says,”you spend quite a bit of time thinking about disparate concepts and how they integrate. I used that sort of holistic thinking and surmised that the US had a sort of electronic concentration camp.”

The current program is horrendous. Simply put, this is a domestic torture program. Victims are harassed by intimidation groups and physically and sexually tortured 24/7 through technology. The frightening thing is that people around the victims often know what is going on. Some are even co-opted to participate in these crimes.”

Inspired by Literature, Taking an Ethical Stand

David says he was trained in the Navy to look for “this type of corruption.” His class visited the US Holocaust Museum, and a Holocaust survivor conveyed to them that if ever they came across such abuse, to take action against it. In humanities courses, he was exposed to the works of Solzhenitsyn (portraying the Soviet Gulag) and “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson (a much-anthologized short story which portrays the sinister ease with which an entire town accepts the ongoing targeting and stoning to death of a periodic victim). He learned about the Milgram Experiment (which proved that people in positions of authority could get people to torture others).

We discussed social dynamics and how the ordinary men in German reserve police battalions were led to facilitate the Holocaust. Throughout the training, we were taught to pursue ethical choices despite inappropriate group-think.”

What is extraordinary and inspiring is that this particular Naval officer determined to do something about what he had learned, to lend his energy and commitment to raising awareness about this covert abuse on hundreds of thousands, both in the USA and overseas. What motivated him? “Our Naval Law class discussed how a few commanders in the Sixties and earlier had been caught using the Mental Health system to shut down dissent–which is what TIs (Targeted Individuals) experience. I knew that few would figure out the TI issue exists, and even fewer would know what to do to expose the crime. It really wasn’t a choice, I had to help.”

There is a great public need, he notes, to expose this targeting and experimentation program:

Obviously, this program must be brought to light. The first step is to raise awareness. Widespread knowledge of the program will bring forth witnesses on both sides of the issue. With lots of credible testimony, legal opinions could be sought. Favorable legal opinions could encourage those with access to discuss the program. With their help the criminal activity could be disclosed publicly.”

Gaining Inside Access to the Targeting/Experimentation Program

Beyond raising awareness, David Voigts says he wished to learn about the program from the inside. While this may seem inexplicable to many who are experiencing the assaultive aspects of targeting, it is not unlike a base strategy of investigative or “embedded” journalism. In the process, he offers confirmation that all our Internet surfing is under criminal surveillance. “I knew that Internet content would be monitored and that certain people had access to the TI revenge treatment. So, I directed some Internet conversation at a likely candidate. Over time, I was able to get them to run a TI program on me.”

I used the comments section of television shows, news articles, and product reviews to demonstrate knowledge of the process. I left comments on projects of people who I guessed would have access to this illegal targeting program. I explained my concern and recommended that I be put in the program to evaluate the capability and legality. The plan was accepted. I’m in the program and I’ve figured out much of how it works.”

Because of his involvement in bringing the issue to light, however, he lost his job. Undeterred, he has continued his quest to expose the crime of illegal human targeting and experimentation. With a GoFundMe campaign, he sought to raise funds to finance his venture as he researched, wrote, mailed, and handed out 12,000 letters and brochures to the public in hopes that someone reading the words would come forward to help “TI”s, whom he says are only one group affected by this program:

One of the victims’ groups are calling themselves “Targeted Individuals.” They are victims of organized intimidation stalking using COINTELPRO style tactics and electronic harassment using “Perception Warfare/Spiritual Warfare/No-Touch Torture” weapons. There are at least several thousand in the US alone. There are many tens of thousands around the world. The numbers could be much larger. To be quite honest, this program may be like the dragnet surveillance programs – it could affect everyone.”

Coverage of the Cross-Country Walk

Accompanied by his dog, David walks steadily, covering between 8 to 20 miles or more a day. His photos and videos of the trip, including ongoing links to research and information on the Web, may be found at his Facebook page. He also maintains a site online where his letter, brochure, and other information are posted, and looks forward to wider media coverage on this crucial subject.

Much like the details of the Holocaust, this topic should be common knowledge. With awareness, a coordination to end these crimes will be created.”


Dinner at Tuckahoe/Photo: David Voigts

Saying he has met with mostly positive response on the road, David cites the warmth and generosity of one recent passer-by who stopped to talk and later drove over to his camp site at Tuckahoe State Park with a cooked dinner. He is hopeful that raising awareness will change the landscape, and emphasizes the great necessity for this project. “Once one reviews the material, I believe that one will understand the value and absolute need for this effort. This has to happen. These people really need our help, and they will be extremely grateful for our assistance.”

Determined to continue his outreach and advocacy after the walk, David Voigts seeks also to connect with other groups of Targeted Individuals. Please drop in at his GoFundMe page to donate, contact him to cover this story, or follow his journey on Facebook or Twitter.

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–Ramola D

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8 responses to “Former US Navy Officer Walks Across America to Expose Covert Targeting and Neuro-Experimentation Program

  1. This is a criminal enterprise run by the DOJ and DOD to silence truth tellers, activists, and whistleblowers. They are cowards and criminals using military weapons on civilians.These government criminals will go to prison for these crimes.Its illegal and unconstitutional.They want a communist government and do not want their various criminal enterprises to be shut down that runs their black ops.Former agents are speaking out against the DOJ and DOD crime family.Do your own research.

  2. I am a 66 year old woman, and a Targeted Individual from Auburn, AL.

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  4. Thank you David Voigts for your courage & perseverance to shed light on the disturbing disgusting terrorist acts that’s being committed upon innocent children, parents, & families throughout the World. I’m also a TI & me & my children are also victims of our corrupted Family Court System, DSS, CPS, etc… In my situation it appears that “Gang Stalking” & the Corrupted Judiciary system are intertwined. I’ve been fighting for my once very healthy loving special relationship with my precious 6 year old daughter now for two years & this entire time me & my precious children have also been brutally terrorized & harmed by group stalking, Covert & Overt Harrassment, & electronic harassment including EMF/DEW weapons, cell site simulators *Stingrays, Hellstrom ” staged car accidents, other staged events to harm & or kill me.I’ve been arrested several times & have had the police called on me about twelve times reporting me for committing some terrible crimes which never took place. I have lost absolutely everything, my great job of 13 years, my car repossessed, home foreclosed, credit ruined, I’m jobless due to the UnGodly false smear campaign against me which caused me to become blacklisted within the workforce. I’m homeless but thankfully my elder brother & mother have been helping me out the best they can which is beginning to take its toll upon them. The worst is that my once very healthy loving joyful special daddy/daughter relationship no longer exists. One things for certain, I will continue to fight for my God given parental rights in our corrupted Family Court System & i will continue to fight against the many evil cowardly bastards that’s been terrorizing me & my precious children/Family. God’s Truth and Justice Will Prevail.

    God Bless,
    Barry Pinion – SC

  5. The problem is: anybody can come along and say they are a TI but there is no way to verify or confirm their claims because of the nature of the technology. I find it hard to believe that someone has voluntarily requested to have themselves placed in this pogrom just to ‘see’ how it works. I sure as hell didn’t request it and I don’t know of any TI who would. There are so many fake & duplicitous people and organizations (FFCHS) that I believe are really working for the same US govt entities who are behind this, that’s it’s difficult to discern who’s who. But of course, this is the objective: to keep us suspicious and wary of each other so that there can be no organized effort to expose and bring those responsible to justice. It’s possible that the author is legit. Only time will tell.

  6. My wife and I thank you for this monumental journey you are undertaking. It is people like you that give us (TI’s) a shimmering light at the end of a real long tunnel. Be safe and we hope our paths cross sometime soon in the future
    Much love and Respect,

    Proof & Amy

  7. Ramola and David, thank you once again for your extraordinary commitment to exposing these brutal psychopathic crimes. As a victim for three years, I can testify as Ramola can to the deviant evil performed by banal people for pleasure and profit. I pray that your walk David finally wakes up so-called reporters who have turned their backs and closed their ears to targets’ pained pleas. You two personify the ideal of what it means to be American citizens.

  8. This walk of David Voigts is a big deal for him yes but mostly for TI’s. he probably kinows he needs to shame the military industrial complex and senators and congressmen into doing their jobs.. David must make them give up the money they get for TI’s. I think it is in the bilious when everything is figured in.

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