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Activist Frederic Laroche Describes Wrongful Psychiatric Detainment in France

–Ramola D/Posted 7/18/2017


Le Centre Hospitalier Alpes-Isère

Is France, like the United States of America, like Switzerland, like Belgium, like Germany, like Poland, like Canada, like Australia, like New Zealand, and numerous other countries of Europe, North America, Asia, and other continents, now practicing totalitarian State repression KGB and Cheka-style with the use of political psychiatry?

It would appear so, if Frederic Laroche‘s experience is anything to go by. A talented and experienced software engineer with a background in teaching high school science, Frederic Laroche has worked for several years as a human rights activist on the behalf of French residents who have in recent years fallen prey to the same kinds of programs running wild in all the no-longer-democratic or now-only-superficially democratic countries mentioned above—organized stalking, covert assault with directed-energy weapons or DEWs (also called psychotronic, electronic, non-lethal, or microwave weapons), and non-consensual enrollment in neuro-experimentation programs—trademark evidence of covert extrajudicial surveillance and experimentation by globally-operative Intelligence agencies working hand in glove with national Security agencies, military units, and local police and governments.

These are manifestations of the global surveillance state run apparently by Bilderberger central bankers & technocrats, secret-society cultists, Freemasons, Satanists, Paperclip Nazis, Zionists, operatives from the Vatican/City of London/Washington, DC as a global shadow operation ensconced inside the governments of countries, which the Mainstream Media mouthpieces for the CIA and MI5/MI6 and Mossad in the US and UK and Europe have proved openly now they will not dare to report.

But will indeed bolster and conceal apparently with distortions, lies, omissions, and elisions in reportage; the New York Times, for instance, distinguished itself with such faulty and flagrantly deceptive reportage in recent times, as also did the oddly Satanically-named outfit, The Daily Beast, both seeking to discredit the reporting victims and witnesses of 21st-Century covert assault with EMF Spectrum/Neuro-weapons and organized stalking—a group inclusive of highly-educated and accomplished researchers, whistleblowers, and activists.cialies

Such media deception relies on the offices of that old State tool, Psychiatry, and perhaps we should not marvel at the fact that one government propaganda tool relies on the concealing bulwark of another—indeed, one historically used to support Terror operations run by governments and Secret Services such as the Cheka (Secret Police) in the Soviet Union and the Stasi in East Germany.

We should, however, hold both Psychiatry and Mainstream Media accountable for the crimes of mass deception and duplicity—and for the wilful destruction of large numbers of individual lives. If psychiatrists are merely ignorant, not complicit—as some suggest—it is time they educated themselves then, on the realities of modern electromagnetic weaponry and modern Stasi and Cheka-style Intel-agency-run stalking, persecution, surveillance, and experimentation being practiced by the global surveillance (Mafia) state.

Railroaded by French Intelligence and State Psychiatry

In April 2017, Frederic Laroche sent informative letters to French government members covering the realities of extrajudicial targeting with EMF/Neuro -weapons in France. He enclosed supportive information from Dr. Katherine Horton, ex-CERN physicist and founder of the Joint Investigation Team, an international team of experts exploring the wrongful use of DEWs and military neurotech on civilians worldwide. Shortly after, in May 2017, he was wrongfully detained by local police in Grenoble, France on the basis of a trumped-up charge of assault of a pedestrian with his automobile, after what appears to have been an entrapment operation run on him on May 2, 2017 by actors working for the French Intelligence services. He was then remanded by order of the town Mayor, judge, and Prefet (the Police Commissioner) to a local psychiatric institution where he was forcibly dosed with very high quantities of an anti-psychotic, which caused him to experience intensive back, spine, and neck paralysis, inability to breathe, and near-comatose blankness of mind. Because he demanded that this drug be stopped, the dosage was reduced; the attending physician informed him “We cannot give you nothing.” His continued stay at this facility was curtailed only on the assessment of the attending psychiatrist, who has “let him go” on the condition that he return every month until September for a mega-dose of another anti-psychotic, intended to sustain his physiology for the period of a whole month at a time. This drug, he reports, muddies his concentration and focus, blanks his initiative, degrades his cognitive processes, dampens his mood, and renders him inactive. The reason for this drug? To quell his “delusions,” according to the either-ignorant or -complicit psychiatrist, who wishes, apparently, to convince Frederic that electromagnetic weapons and French Intelligence chicanery do not exist—an unfortunate delusion she perhaps is trapped in, that is, if she is not overtly colluding with French Intelligence herself.

This story, part of which Frederic introduced the world to recently on the Techno Crime Fighters Forum Episode 16, was detailed in greater depth in this conversation (link below) on my inaugural edition of Ramola D Reports, a podcast series I envision as running in tandem with my ongoing print reportage here on The Everyday Concerned Citizen, and with ongoing Real Talk True Media and Techno Crime Fighter Forum podcasts.

To hear the full story highlighting the drugs prescribed and the entire entrapment operation, and to understand how Psychiatry is being used here as a tool for political repression, please listen and share widely.

Neuro-Mapped and Neuro-Experimented on at Hewlett-Packard: From DEW Assaults to Assassination Attempts

In Part 2 of his narrative (linked below), Frederic details the history of his targeting and surveillance, starting at his parents’ home in suburban Grenoble in 1998 when he noticed he was being followed, and then being hit with strange abdominal and other pains which seemed to coincide consistently with the at-home presence of a neighbor. Putting his scientific background, logical thinking and sleuthing skills to good use, he embarked on a process of careful observation and inquiry which revealed to him the nature of the stalking, surveillance, and eventual neuro-experimentation he realized he was being subjected to as he worked in different jobs in Grenoble and across France, being hit with DEWs everywhere he went.

In an open work-floor space at Hewlett-Packard, he learned (from various sources, including a manager, in addition to his own eyewitness and personal encounters) that the strange group of newcomers in the adjoining rows who seemed intent on his every word, phrase, emotion, and action comprised French and American Intelligence agents engaged in neuro-mapping, and that their primary subject was himself. On Bastille Day one year, watching the city fireworks, he overheard one of his stalkers say to another “He will leave with this memory of the fireworks.” Later that night, he suffered an electromagnetic beam attack to his brain, which felt, he said, like brain-death; forced to wake out of medicated slumber, he learned that moving his head and body helped him to escape the beam, in what he records now as a distinct assassination attempt.

In an unexpectedly dramatic conversation which follows his subsequent departure to Istanbul, Turkey, and a tragically repeated experience there of stalking and DEW assault at a camp ground, culminating in a despairing attempt to take his own life–as a logical response, he says, to the endless, unstoppable stalking and DEW/Neuro assaults he was being subjected to all over France and even across borders–Frederic details how he was actually stopped in this attempt and assisted back to recovery by his very stalkers, to whom, apparently, his life and continued availability for DEW assault and neuro-experimentation meant something.

This extraordinary story is detailed in full in Part 2 of Frederic’s story, video-linked below. Also watch the moving short film made of these early experiences in April 2015.

Please stay tuned for Part 3, which will follow Frederic to India as he tried once more to escape the deathly DEW assaults and nonstop stalking and surveillance unleashed on him, and Part 4, as he returned to France and engaged in public education and human rights activism in attempts to alert the world of the ongoing specter of global surveillance, neuro-experimentation, and mass mind control currently unleashed to varying degrees on all of us.

If you have advice or information that may be of use to Frederic Laroche in this time, please leave a comment below or email me, I will pass on the information. Please help support Frederic’s medical expenses with a donation. Visit Frederic’s French website,, or his partially translated-to-English website, for more information.

As readers may be aware, these experiences of directed-energy weapons and neurotechnology assault are not isolated to France or a single French civilian but being reported worldwide by citizens in almost every country of the world, and are being documented and reported on an ongoing basis at this news/media site and blog, as also by many other activists worldwide. A joint Memorandum to Trump sent earlier this year detailed how domestic programs of torture are being run in the United States and globally under cover of “Surveillance.” An international call to G20 leaders from Poland’s Stopzet and several international human rights groups just a few weeks ago sought a ban on psychotronic weapons.

Please support continuing research and reportage on these matters of international significance. You can subscribe to this news service and subscribe to the YouTube channel here, as I continue to document individual stories and experiences of these 21st-Century crimes, in support of much collective activism aiming to raise the alarm for humanity. Kindly note that all donations currently are being used to support the lives and work of those in need.

In the face today of neurohacking, transhumanizing, and electromagnetic takeover, it is no doubt the eleventh hour, and the situation facing us as a species and a planet is dire. But perhaps we can each step forward in the uniqueness of our own light and power and take definitive steps to make a difference.



Launching Real Talk True Media with Ramola D & Ahmad Enani: Midge Mathis & Karen Stewart Discuss Financial Underpinnings & Fraud Behind Covert EMF/Neuro Targeting     

G-20 Summit Attendees in Hamburg Asked to Ban Psychotronic & Remote-Control Weapons

Dr. Katherine Horton: “We Have Now de facto a 2-Tier Society…a System Inversion Where Absolute Scum Have Been Elevated by the Uber-Powerful Surveillance People Above Any Kind of Normal Society.”

(3) Real Talk Episode 3_ Dr. Katherine Horton on Financial Systems - YouTube - Google Chrome 2017-07-17 12.47.52aIn a powerful and hard-hitting Real Talk True Media conversation on a wide range of issues related to the current rise of the global surveillance state, budget monies which disappear into a black hole, and organized crime at the heart of the global financial system, Oxford-trained former CERN Particle Physicist and Systems Analyst Dr. Katherine Horton traces how trillions of dollars stolen from the public purse–as recorded by former Assistant Housing Secretary and President of Solari, Catherine Austin Fitts–as well as thousands of missing children today point to the existence of a parallel “spying civilization” which employs institutionalized secrecy to hide venal crime.

The end-result, she says, is a society out of kilter, which does not honor the innate power of human beings as creativity and change generators, but, in seeking absolute control, enters a spiral of inevitable systems failure. 

At heart of this bifurcated society is the funneling of vast public monies via the Security and Intelligence Agencies into the creation of a vast class of citizens–often uneducated, blue-collar, young, indigent, unemployed–being trained in cities and countries worldwide to criminally target, stalk, harass, and assault with microwave weapons those brilliant professionals increasingly identified by the Intelligence agencies as exceptionally bright, aware, creative, intelligent, and likely to effect positive change in their communities.  

These targets are then blacklisted, defamed, and slandered by Intel agents in local communities and clandestinely enrolled in highly lucrative (for the Black Ops military-industrial-academic-intelligence complex) contracts for Military/Medical/Intelligence weapons-testing, implant-and-sensor testing, and neuro-experimentation operations worldwide.

For every target, there are thousands of hidden targets and also for every target, there are thousands of children, being stowed somewhere, who have even less rights than us–who are literally being shredded in the most inhumane, psychopathic fashion.”

An essential problem, she identifies, are top-down managerial views of human activity and human beings as resources rather than non-linear creativity generators who can turn systems failures around and use their creativity and individuality to change our reality in ways that would benefit communities, societies, countries, and the world.

Stay tuned (you can subscribe to Real Talk True Media here) for the resumption of this riveting conversation in Part 2 later this week, where Dr. Horton will further examine how Switzerland lies at the heart of the problem and expand on solutions for meaningful global change we can collectively commit to.

In avid demonstration of the extraordinary defamation and slander tactics employed by today’s new criminal/crimIntel class, fully supported by the mushrooming State mechanisms of police-state repression involving Intelligence agencies, local police, and masses of citizens–including neighbors–being trained to act as Stasi troublemakers, stalkers, and discreditors, Dr. Horton reports today that she was recently verbally attacked and threatened by her neighbors in Zurich, Switzerland, in an extraordinary fit of what appears to be contrived street theatre.

Luckily for all of us, she recorded this conversation (linked below), conducted in German, which ensued when she returned to her flat after a walk, and spliced it together with an English translation and a series of pertinent questions addressed to the world.

With many thanks to Dr. Katherine Horton for her candid conversation on crime and financial systems, and for her video above illustrating what the highly-educated and exceptionally brilliant targets today of Intelligence agency criminality around the world are being subjected to within their own neighborhoods in desperate replays of 1930s and ’40s Nazi crime.  

The question of note today really is: Are people of conscience worldwide going to wake up and do something about all of this — or simply let the conglomerate of corrupt and criminal and well-padded Mil/Intel mechanisms worldwide roll over and flatten all of us?

To see Dr. Horton’s recent address to Americans of integrity and conscience on this subject, please see: Dr. Katherine Horton to All Americans with Integrity: Global Nazi Extermination Program Underway–Why You Need to Help Rescue Electronic Concentration Camp Victims Now!

–Ramola D/7/17/2017

G-20 Summit Attendees in Hamburg Asked to Ban Psychotronic & Remote-Control Weapons

Last week, delegates from StopZet, the Polish organization against Mind Control and Psychotronic Weapons, handed a letter to attendees at the G-20 2017 Summit in Hamburg to ask that they wake up to the extreme dangers of covert electromagnetic weapons and neuroweapons that are being used under cover of secrecy and surveillance by Intelligence agencies, Militaries, and local Law Enforcement worldwide on civilians, and work to ban them. The letter, written by writer and human rights advocate Mojmir Babacek, and signed by a number of organizations from around the world, can be signed on an ongoing and individual basis by anyone worldwide who is being assaulted with psychotronic, neuro- or microwave weapons, anyone concerned about this barbaric spread of violence across the world, anyone keen to make a difference. The link to the letter page is here

This wake-up call to those who head governments and make decisions to attack civilians today with Spectrum weapons (EMF weapons/sonic weapons/scalar weapons) in secrecy and stealth, given the inherent stealth of the media of EMF radiation/sonics, in propulsion of controlling, totalitarianistic, and transhumanistic aims for all humanity, is made especially poignant by these powerful and reminding words:

“While claiming to promote democracy, human rights or humanism, you have created a world where human freedom, human health and human life have no protection whatsoever against attacks committed by your own agencies. Even the political or democratic events in your countries can no longer be trusted, due to your secret possession of those weapons.

“Should you continue in the policy of secrecy of those weapons the world will be developing toward a new totalitarian system, where citizens will have no defense against mental or physical cruelty of their governments.” — Mojmir Babacek



Ladies and gentlemen,

At present time you are investing billions of dollars, euros, rubles, yens, yuans etc. on the research of the functioning of human brain. You all compete in the development of weapons enabling remote control of the human nervous system, organism and mind. You have developed systems capable of killing people in large areas of the planet or producing pains and sicknesses in them, damaging DNA of evolving organisms, altering people‘s states of mind, their emotions and even thoughts. At the same time you are hiding the existence of those weapons from your citizens by subjecting them to your National Security Information legislations while training operators of those weapons on unwitting citizens of your states. While claiming to promote democracy, human rights or humanism, you have created a world, where human freedom, human health and human life have no protection whatsoever against attacks committed by your own agencies. Even the political or democratic events in your countries can no longer be trusted, due to your secret possession of those weapons.

Should you continue in the policy of secrecy of those weapons the world will be developing toward a new totalitarian system, where citizens will have no defense against mental or physical cruelty of their governments.

Therefore we call on you to declassify those weapons, to create legislations which would protect the citizens of your countries against such attacks and to create agencies, which, in cooperation with human rights organisations, would detect energetic attacks on your citizens and search for their sources.

You are defending secrecy and classification of those weapons by the possible war that may erupt between some of you, but it only proves again that your desire for power outweighs your proclaimed effort to promote democracy or to search for stability and security in the world. Your inability to establish reasonable, polite and non-violent relationships among yourselves again proves that at least some of you (especially the USA) are seeking a totalitarian power in the world. Despite your unwillingness to stop this insanity, we have confidence that your citizens’ growing awareness of your possession and use of those weapons will make them oblige you to enact the legislation we are proposing.

For more information: letter-to-european-parliament / Please click Psychotronic Threat…. by Mojmir Babacek.

Signed by:

The Worldwide Campaign Against Electronic Torture, Abuse And Experimentation, Australia

ICATOR – International Coalition Against Electronic Torture And Robotization of Living Beings, Belgium

Toronto Targeted Individuals Canada

Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and torture with mind control technologies, China

Spolek za zákaz manipulace lidské nervové soustavy radiofrekvenčním zářením Czech Republic

EUCACH European Coalition Against Covert Harassment Europe

ADVHER Association de Défense des Victimes de Harcèlement Électromagnétique et en Réseau France

TCVN Technological Crime Victims Network Japan

STOPEG Foundation STOP Electromagnetic weapons and Gang stalking Nederlands

STOPZET Stop Zorganizowanym Elektronicznym Torturom Poland

Stop organized electronics tortures and killing weapons on new physical principles – Moscow Committee for the Ecology of Housing. Russia

White TV Sweden

Les London End Stalking United Kingdom

TIA Targeted Individuals Association United Kingdom

ICAACT – International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies United States of America

PACTS, International People Against Covert Torture and Surveillance, International United States of America

Source: StopZet

Fourth of July Note to America from CIA & NSA Vets: Stand Up Against Secrecy!

Less than an hour remains, here on the East Coast, within this Fourth of July. I can hear scattered fireworks outside the window. Earlier, as I stepped out onto our deck to pot some plants, really late into this summer for that–petunias, impatiens, verbena–the neighbors set off what sounded like shotguns. Planes suddenly began flying to the west, east, and overhead. Two fighter planes–really, that’s what they looked like, sleek and lithe–nosed noisily in tandem across puffy barium-cloud skies. A neighbor pulled out his loudest lawnmower and drove it viciously across the sidewalk in front of his house. A couple other neighbor-men paraded virtuously, bare-chested, across their pools two backyards away, and began conversations in ultra-loud voices.

These are not unusual sights and sounds these days as I step out of my house. Not much has changed since 2015 when I made this post about asymmetric stealth warfare in American neighborhoods, on another Fourth of July.

But people are waking up in larger numbers today it seems, both here in the US and across the world. I’m cheered by that, although it doesn’t seem like it’s enough yet.

Last night I listened once more to this great talk by Kevin Shipp, ex-CIA, who speaks openly about the rise of Covert America, the primacy of Secrecy today, which permits programs like geoengineering spraying aerosols down on us, media sleep-ins with the CIA, Google staying mum about its sweet deals with the CIA and NSA but rolling out rampant censorship on one and all, bleating like Facebook about Fake News while helping Mainstream Media roll out that precisely en masse, and the need for Americans to start waking up, to take action to bring the Constitution back.

“The higher I got up in the Agency, the more I got to see illegal, unConstitutional, sometimes criminal activity that the Agency and some sectors of the “shadow government” I call it were doing…when the US Government violates the Constitution, they are committing multiple felonies based on the foundation of our government…this is a wake-up call, this is an alert. It is almost too late to stop what is now a post-Constitutional government…The Government, in a tyrannical form, is now ruling the people by subversion, force, and fear–sadly that is what we have today. ” –Kevin Shipp


Numbers of Americans Signing Non-Disclosure Agreements to Preserve Secrecy/Image: Video of Kevin Shipp’s Talk, Geoengineering Watch

Discussing the large and unwieldy Secret Shadow Government the length and breadth of which even Congress is not cued-in about, and which is operating outside the Constitution, he says:

“It’s over–as far as the Constitution goes, and that’s why I’m here today, because some of us want to bring that back. The only way to do it is to stand up against this. There’s risk involved, but we have to do it. Because if we don’t, we’re going down.”

He goes on to discuss the spraying of toxins in our atmosphere, vaccinations, and autism, and commends all who brave the assaults of governmental intimidation, harassment, and destruction of reputation, who “take the heat yet keep going”: “It’s a time for courage, a time for truth.”

I couldn’t agree more. Especially now, when everything that Ronald Bernard, the Dutch banker whistleblower, reveals points us to the recognition of absolute lunatic mayhem at the top of the totem pole, with a so-called “elite” gang of smooth-shaven, well-heeled criminals sitting around sacrificing babies and killing children and drinking their blood, while making policies about mandatory vaccinations, bee-killing, tumor-inducing GMOs, robots, supersoldiers, mind-hiving, electronic surveillance, police tangos with the military, transhumanism, cyborging, cybernetics, and the non-stop spraying of humanity with barium, lithium, and nanobots for the rest of us.

And with what many false flag analysts and Seven point us to in the case of the Grenfell Tower fire as an actual Satanic mass-murder ritual whereby innocent babies, children, and families have been sacrificed, with what analysts like Ole Dammegard point us to in the case of all false-flags, “active shootings,” and “terror drills,” being rolled out today. With what other NSA whistleblowers point us to as well: Bill Binney spells out here that the NSA thrives on lies, Karen Stewart spells out here that Directed-Energy Weapons are being used on civilians in electronic surveillance and harassment programs which essentially translate to slow-kill programs, and Thomas Drake speaks passionately here about the falling of America to a Secrecy-obsessed extra-Constitutional State, at his acceptance of the 2011 Sam Adams Associates Award for Integrity in Intelligence:

“I consider the immediate aftermath of WWII as the real turning point when the American Dream began to go south at the very moment when the U.S. sat astride the world at the pinnacle of power. Consider all the centralizing legislation for a national security state that was passed either by Congress or put into play by the Executive Branch. And therein lies the problem.

For this is when the American Republic began its transformation into a national security state and then this transformation was exponentially accelerated as a result of 9/11 into a Top Secret America an increasingly ‘off the books’ secret government operating within our Constitutional form of government that hides behind unitary executive privilege and the invocation of state secrets when questioned or held to account.

President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about the rise in this kind of a complex in his Farewell Address. Sen. Frank Church feared the future, and that given the right circumstances turning back might not be possible, if the national surveillance complex turned its enormous capabilities on the U.S. from within, with even more advanced technology.

We now live in post-9/11 America, only to suddenly discover that we are not doing the driving and the brakes are failing and others are in the front and backseat and also following us.

What country do we want to keep? We increasingly no longer govern ourselves as in of, for and by the people.” –Thomas Drake

The reality on the ground, with uber-surveillance extant in the realm of radiation surveillance and neuro-surveillance, while being kept concealed from a larger public by lies and denial from Mainstream Media, is outlined brilliantly here in this close analysis by Dr. Eric Karlstrom of the New Phoenix Program being run within the US and worldwide, in this delineation by Dr. Karlstrom of these electronic/neuro programs, and in this exhortation to Americans from Dr. Katherine Horton to wake up and save America and the American victims of the DOD/CIA electronic concentration camps, before it is too late.

And cutting no corners, Robert David Steele, also ex-CIA, reminds us what the wealthy-by-crime set at the top of all the pyramids of power are actually doing: “(I)t was not until recently that I have realized that every aspect of our government, economy, and society is controlled by a Satanic elite using a Deep State construct to manage all people, all corporations, all property, all land, and even all social conventions…”

The crux of it all is the pedophilia and pedosadism that lies at the heart of the control operations run by the secret societies:

Using a mix of bribery and blackmail, the elite control every government…

Now here is what is not yet being properly covered:

First, that close to one million children a year go missing across the USA every year.

Second, that beyond pedophilia lie Satanic murder rituals in which children who have been kidnapped or bought into slavery or exported from Haiti by the Clinton Foundation and its surrogates and others, are tortured and murdered with impunity.

Third, that the drinking of adrenalized child’s blood – blood is adrenalized when the victim is tortured and terrified before death – think of the Chinese boiling dogs alive to adrenalize the blood and “improve” the flavor of the meat – is the ultimate pedophile “high.” Silicon Valley’s Peter Thiel is on record as receiving transfusions of children’s blood. Say what? –Robert David Steele

Yes, the Fourth of July 2017 has come and gone. This is still America, but it’s Secrecy-Riven America, and apparently Satanic Pedosadist America.

Small groups around the country are fighting the disinformation and Psy Ops flowing out from massively funded Covert Ops agencies with investigative reports, with new ventures for governance, such as this group’s Beacon 37 initiative, also named Lawful Government Platform (more on this soon).

But it’s not enough. It won’t be enough until more and more of us wake up and start realizing the only way to save our kids from this scourge, to save our grandkids, all future generations, is to stand up with courage as Kevin Shipp advises and start tearing the Secrecy down now.

The transhumanists’ plan to robotize, neuro-monitor, neuro-modify, nano-botize, radio-track, and generally degrade, disrupt, and destroy humanity–as spelled out in their various military manifestos by 2025, by 2040–aided by 5G, smart meters, the Internet of Things, AI, all of it is already here.  

If the urgency of this isn’t apparent yet, it is time to start informing oneself on these subjects via alternative media–we have entered an age of techno-tyranny, medical fascism, and futuristic neuro-hacking and bio-takeover; scientists have abandoned soul for greed, ethics and Informed Consent have fallen by the wayside, you won’t hear about it in the mainstream press, and really, there’s no-one left but you and I to stand up and make a difference.  

Please commit to learning more, speaking out, and acting in whatever way you see fit–peace-centered, out of conscience and heart, to restore sanity to America and the world.

–Ramola D/7/5/2017

Launching Real Talk True Media with Ramola D & Ahmad Enani: Midge Mathis & Karen Stewart Discuss Financial Underpinnings & Fraud Behind Covert EMF/Neuro Targeting

— Ramola D and Ahmad Enani/Posted 7/02/2017

booksWith much excitement, resolve, and intent, we’re pleased to finally launch our new podcast series Real Talk with Ramola D and Ahmad Enani, and finally release these two opening group conversations with researcher and realtor Midge Mathis and retired Intelligence analyst and NSA whistleblower Karen Stewart, on the subject of the discoveries Midge has made recently that seem to relate to and reveal the financial understructure of the EMF/Neuro targeting, testing, experimental and political repression operations being run today on civilians in the USA and worldwide.

Real Talk with Ramola D and Ahmad Enani/Real Talk True Media on Youtube

Real Talk with Ramola D and Ahmad Enani is a podcast series that has been in the works for some time now, stymied for quite a while by excessive sabotage attempts centered around massive cyberhacking on all sides. As you’ll note however, particularly in the first video, which we ran on Google Hangout, we pushed through despite obvious tampering with my video feed and Ahmad’s audio feed, set-up audio delays, and consequent disjointedness. We think this evidence of sabotage of our very first podcast is historic, related quite possibly to Google’s close connections with the CIA, and related as well to the fact that each one of us, particularly both hosts, is being surveilled and obstructed quite heavily these days as we expand our True Media and journalism efforts, in the interests of keeping the world informed. 

Ultimately, we think, these glitches are a reflection of the video platform we used, and a reflection on the selective viability of Google Hangout and Youtube. For our second video as well, where we recorded from Skype, and uploaded to Youtube, delays in uploading and downloading were excessive. Unforeseen glitches developed, prompting us to re-examine the intention of launching our series with these two videos. We continue to research better platform options, and will aim to improve audio and video quality as we go along.

Candid Conversations on 21st-Century Science/Technology,  Related Ethics/Human Rights, & Covert Crime

Real Talk with Ramola D and Ahmad Enani has been launched with the express intent of offering both of us–and our guests–a means to engage openly in Candid Conversations on 21st-Century Science/Technology and Ethics/Human Rights issues, as well as Covert Crime, which latter we unfortunately see flourishing all around us today, as Secrecy is funded copiously and Freedom flails. We believe in the great value of open, untramelled conversation, in free speech, in public discussion and debate, in the paramountcy of privacy, individuality, independence, free will, human rights, and in public education–even as Global Totalitarianism runs amuck in our midst.

As we launch this quest to openly discuss the realities of watchlisting, uber-surveillance with electronic weaponry/RF and sonic weapons–dismissed and lied about in Mockingbird-run Mainstream Media’s government propaganda coverage of “Targeted Individuals” (TIs)–as well as other current-day realities such as chem trails, 5G, and military quests for full-spectrum dominance, we’d like to note that no subject related to the ongoing covert criminal assaults on humanity will be forbidden to us. We hope as we go along to run both small-group conversations and one-on-one interviews on the most vital subjects of our time, bringing in both experts and individuals; we will aim as well to collect and publish (in our podcasts) targeting testimonials and personal stories, in the interests of creating a 21st-Century Documentation Archive, a recorded, documented archive of this dark and inexplicable time period in history.

Episode 1: Midge Mathis and Karen Stewart

In this first conversation, MIdge Mathis relates the story of her own targeting, her background as a realtor and real estate developer, and describes how she began to make a series of discoveries of front companies and backdoor interconnections with security and Intelligence services such as the DHS and the NSA, of fraudulent trust funds and insurance fraud. Are there companies and people hiding in Covert America making money off the targeting operations on Americans, where innocent Americans are being covertly implanted and assaulted with microwave weapons, night and day, on a 24/7 basis, in New Phoenix “extermination programs”? How are telecom companies, banks, research institutions, medical equipment companies, Defence contractors involved? How are top executives in the NSA involved? Who benefits from secretive weapons testing, electronic surveillance, and neurotechnology experimentation on innocent, non-consensual citizens–and how?  This episode seeks to find out.

Episode 2: Midge Mathis and Karen Stewart

This podcast continues the wide-ranging conversation begun in Episode 1, recorded in Skype with Ahmad Enani on audio, and Ramola D on video, along with researcher Midge Mathis and former NSA Intelligence analyst Karen Stewart on video. In this episode, Midge describes searches she has run on her county assessor website’s database in quests to understand the material understructure of illegal targeting activities being run undercover today by fusion centers, military contractors, and Intelligence agencies which reveal astonishing and peculiar connections between agencies like DARPA and DHS’ “Surveillance Role Players,” between doctors and local businesses, between DHS and mental health hospitals, and others.  Midge relates discovery of frequencies emitted by implants not recorded in FCC frequency allocation tables, and discusses how those innocents and activists who are targeted are channeled into misdiagnoses by mental health professionals and discredited, while being implanted and assaulted with covert EMF/neuroweapons. Connections between various businesses, including banks, telecom companies, microchip technology companies, Defence contractors, Air Force, and agencies in Surveillance activities are explored. While many questions remain, these database explorations offer a basis for further analysis and investigation, as these illegal targeting and experimentation activities in the USA and worldwide continue to be investigated.

Real Talk True Media Schedules

These conversations with Midge Mathis and Karen Stewart continuing these database explorations and exposes of the corporate profit structure behind targeting, surveillance, and human experimentation, and examining the significance for humanity will be resumed in future podcasts. On this particular subject, “white hat” hacker and computer experts are urged to step forward and work with us to help us understand the information that these databases are storing, apparently in plain sight. Will these discoveries offer Americans a means to start taking our country back? And from there, a means also to take the entire world back from the criminal and corporate NWO Globalists? It seems entirely possible. 

Real Talk True Media schedules and upcoming guests will be announced shortly on a separate website, with all information posted here at The Everyday Concerned Citizen as well, please stay tuned for updates. We hope to run these podcasts weekly, and invite comment and participation from all viewing these videos.  Our interests are nothing less than exploring the truth, speaking the truth, and publishing the truth. Please join us!

Our Backgrounds

Ahmad Enani is a film and media professional, an actor and director with experience working out of Los Angeles with over 25 plays in his repertoire, including a lead role in the Mark Taper Forum’s “For Here Or To,” which took home Garlands for Ensemble and Play of the Year. He is a former longstanding member of Independent Shakespeare Company, a nationally renowned professional theatre based in Los Angeles. With a degree in philosophy from Vanderbilt, he is a Teach for America alumni and former inner city high school teacher. With a background and interest in science, he has worked as an IT consultant for many years. Active in radio and new media journalism, he is an activist for human rights and targeted individuals all over the world with a deep understanding of the web of conspiracies that saturate our present world.

Ramola D is a writer, journalist, and activist investigating issues related to 21st-century science and technology, ethics, and human rights in relation to surveillance, military contracts, and non-consensual experimentation. Publisher of the solutions-journalism site The Everyday Concerned Citizen, she edits Delphi Quarterly and runs creativity workshops at ArtCreateWrite. With an MFA in Poetry, an MBA, and a BS in Physics, she has taught Creative Writing and Composition for 17 years at Washington, DC universities, recently at The George Washington University and The Writer’s Center, Bethesda. Her awards include an AWP Grace Paley Prize in Short Fiction and a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in Poetry. Her second collection of short fiction, For the Sake of the Boy, is forthcoming from Paycock Press in 2018.

Global TI (Targeted Individual) Survey Launched Under the Peerless Direction of Top NSA Whistleblowers William Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe

Ramola D/Posted 6/30/2017

The much-awaited Global TI or “Targeted Individual” Survey announced on Talkshoe several months earlier and reported here has been launched this past week under the peerless technical direction of top NSA whistleblowers William Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe, with a video podcast and conference call.


Bill Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe/Image: Survey-Video

(Please watch the video and listen to the conference call in full for details. Also see this Global TI Survey Instructions section below.)

All “Targeted Individuals” worldwide, not just in the USA but from every continent and country—Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, South/North America, the United Kingdom, Hawaii – anyone reporting being assaulted covertly and extra-judicially currently with military-grade electromagnetic or sonic directed-energy weapons (DEWs) and neuro-weapons—are encouraged to take the survey and provide supportive documentation related to their individual cases (more information below). The survey is intended, Mr. Wiebe says “for anyone who believes they are being targeted in some way by DEWs whether audio or radio frequency.”

Describing the survey as well as its intent to obtain meaningful data that will be statistically and qualitatively analyzed by data analysis experts Mr. Binney and Mr. Wiebe, survey developers and managers Cait Ryan, contact person for US-CACH (Coalition Against Covert Harassment), the US faction of Magnus Olsson’s World-CACH, and Karla Smith presented the survey in a podcast with retired NSA Technical Director Bill Binney and retired NSA Intelligence Analyst J. Kirk Wiebe.

Ella Felder, who runs regular Talkshoe conference calls with varied guests on subjects of interest to TIs, and Derrick Robinson, former head of FFCHS (Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance) now head of PACTS International (People Against Covert Torture and Surveillance) jointly hosted the conference call where TI organization leaders, activists, and others conferred with Mr. Binney and Mr. Wiebe to seek clarification on the parameters, intent, and methodology of the survey.

The survey has been launched, and data collection will stay open for 120 days, Cait Ryan confirms.

Collecting Information on Radiation Effects Experienced by Individuals

The intent of the survey, Mr. Binney notes, is “to first collect data on individuals who are experiencing what appears to be some kind of radiation effects in different spectrum – so we’re trying to collect symptoms that people have,” as well as collect scientific documentation on extant, public-domain microwave/sonic weaponry “being used for population control and riot control and things like that and governmental experiments,” tabulate bodily radiation effects documented as resultant from those devices, “then map those back to people and their experiences as we’ve accumulated in the survey.”

“Then we’ll try to put together devices that could detect those kinds of signals so people can actually begin to trace them and begin to assemble evidence and target the origin of these things so we can take it into a court of law and have it out in the open – the whole idea is to add some kind of discipline to the process so we can make some concrete statements in courts of law.” –Bill Binney

No pre-screening or filtering of the survey information will be undertaken, stresses Mr. Wiebe, the intent is to obtain raw information from all those experiencing and reporting microwave/sonic weapon assault. The survey information will be compiled by Cait Ryan’s team, who will then turn it over to technical data experts Mr. Binney and Mr. Wiebe, who will both examine the compiled data as well as re-compile the data in varied ways, as necessary, in order to more adequately analyze and understand it.

The intent is to find underlying patterns of aggregation and connection, and relate these to “open-source published information” on the biological effects of RF/audio spectrum devices and weapons from the intersecting worlds of medicine and military weapons development.

While bodily symptoms were being focused on from reporting victims, Mr. Binney agreed that “it is human rights that are being destroyed here.”

Investigating Secretive DOD/CIA Experimentation and Torture

While noting it is possible that Snowden’s million-document stash from the NSA carried information about this ongoing targeting program, Bill Binney, who said he was not in touch with Snowden, said, “I would think it is more likely CIA is involved in this than NSA – just my guess at that but I don’t know for sure.”

As to whether the survey would yield information on numbers of victims of organized torture, for use in influencing legislation, Kirk Wiebe stated:

“In response to whether we believe this is some form of organized torture, yes, it is certainly organized, it may not be thought of as torture but certainly the symptoms many people feel appear to be tortuous—that’s part of the investigation.

We know the government has the authority to conduct experiments, specifically under the Department of Defense, we know that other parts of the government will often, under the blanket of secrecy, take it upon themselves to experiment and not tell anyone.

So we’re very open-minded – much of this is dependent not on your opinion but on the facts you bring to bear—what it is each of you actually experiences, and describing that to the best of your ability.” –Kirk Wiebe

Whether the survey would seek to explore if certain groups of people are more susceptible to being targeted for non-consensual experimentation such as child-abuse survivors, the mentally ill, homeless, prostitutes, as stated by Dr. Colin Ross in his books and talks, Mr. Wiebe said:

“We have no predisposed position on any of these things, we do not wish to bias the survey–so if that’s what the results show, if people have been diagnosed as mentally ill and are being targeted, then the data should tell us that, if people are filling out the survey telling us that honestly, we should detect that in the data. We’re not against or pro that notion, I would accept your premise that it seems to be common and it makes sense the government would pick on those disadvantaged people –although it makes me angry to recognize that.” –Kirk Wiebe

On the subject of government experimentation, activist Debbie from Wisconsin asked if the survey would take into account the fact that Law Enforcement is giving out research waivers obtained from the FCC to “do research” on through-wall-surveillance radar devices, which can be waived in this way from being registered with the FCC, something she has explored through FOIA requests.

In later conversation, she shared her concerns further, prompting this writer to ask: Does this mean random private contractors—including Fire Stations, EMS Ambulance companies, whom many TIs report as stalking them–now get non-trackable access to deadly through-wall radar tracking and assault weapons, known in Law Enforcement language as “surveillance devices”? (This matter will be explored here further in close focus.)

On the call, Debbie also observed that through the 1033 program, police are obtaining military weapons. (Agreements between the DOJ and the DOD, explored here earlier and also here, in this article on secret policing in the USA, establish that local police departments are in the possession of and using both unclassified and classified “non-lethal weapons” which comprise and include DEWs.)

Validating the report of a caller from rural Maine also experiencing 24/7 intensive DEW assault, and countering earlier discussion noting that large numbers of TIs had been found to congregate around large cities like Los Angeles and New York, she noted that Sheriffs and Law Enforcement can be found in rural areas as well. She had once drawn up a map of all those targeted with DEWs in her state, she said, and found they were all located around Universities and University extensions, suggesting research connections.

Bill Binney responded:

“That’s the kind of clustering we try to understand–the other thing is, hey, if they’re handing out all these research grants, then those research grants have to be compiled and available somewhere for public viewing, we ought to be able to see some information from FOIA requests.

They also ought to have distribution of money to different individuals doing that research and where they are, they should have that, that’s got to be recorded, they can’t just hand money out without keeping a trace on where it went, who got it, and how they spent it — and maybe we’ll try to do that.” — Bill Binney

The kind of statistics they hoped to procure from the survey, they said, in response to activist Tomo Shibata’s concerns about generating numbers for use in legislation, would include the numbers of reporting victims, distribution by geographical area, state, country, symptoms, and identifying clusters and sampling, since “if you are running an experiment, how else could you focus or limit it?”

In response to an observation from Derrick Robinson that clusters of victims have been recorded in Southern California and New York, corresponding to the largest number of military-industrial-complex-related industry in the US, Mr. Binney said: “We need to see that kind of pattern showing up in other areas of the country too–if we do, we can certainly make that kind of tie there.”

Studying Confusion Tactics, Sensory Deception, Perception Management

Another matter of import which emerged from callers’ questions is that of confusion tactics or sensory deception which activist Eduardo Colon of New York brought into focus, asking whether the survey would cover these deliberate tactics of deception—voice morphing, organized stalking, gaslighting– practiced on those being covertly hit with electromagnetic weapons. The intention behind these, he observed, was to both confuse victims and frame them as mentally ill or paranoid when reporting being stalked or harassed by neighbors or family members, a tactic designed to discredit victim reports and keep the experimentation hidden and ongoing.

Mr. Wiebe said the survey had been constructed to obtain all evidence or symptoms pointing to exactly that kind of technique and would not exclude these aspects: “If people are writing words carefully to express what they are sensing…my sense is if people feel confusion they will recognize it, wonder why they are confused, and express that…the survey is not biased to exclude any possibility.” Multiple choice, he noted, would constrict responses, while the survey was constructed to invite free expression in text-entry boxes “where people can describe exactly what kind of symptoms they have, so yes, we are looking for that.”

Activist and blogger James Lico also touched on the question of sensory deception and targeting to induce sickness, asking if the survey would take into account that symptoms of old age or indeed any disease, such as Multiple Sclerosis or fibromyalgia could be and were indeed being induced by DEWS, and that in fact this was also being targeted at the general population. Bill Binney said he had not heard of this.

Kirk Wiebe concurred, saying:

“I would tell you that Bill and I and those of us assisting in studying the data that comes in from the survey have no closed minds, we are open to any possibility—we are generally aware that symptoms that people feel may be written off in people’s minds as “I just have MS or this or that” but may indeed be induced by DEWs from an outside source, some energy interfering with the nervous system—we are open-minded to consider all of those capabilities —it may well be there are symptoms we are unable to explain, and mark them down as requiring further study or a secondary survey to look at those particular symptoms, see if we can zero in, focus in, and gain understanding.” –Kirk Wiebe

Rosanne Schneider, author and activist, also reminded listeners about disclosures of Perception Management as being part of the DEW/Neuro Targeting and Experimentation Programs from David Voigts, the young former Navy officer and systems engineer with training in Electronic Warfare who walked across the USA last year, to bring attention to this non-consensual experimentation. “People are being compromised in such a way as to interpret events incorrectly—so when you look at the data this might be something you may be able to see. Eduardo had an excellent point, so if this program has Perception Management, that should be taken as another symptom.”

Bill noted:

“Kirk and I are fairly familiar with different techniques to manipulate and confuse enemies if you will—in terms of, in the old Soviet Union they used to call it manipulatzia and disinformatzia —it’s a way of manipulating information, manipulating people, giving disinformation, those kinds of techniques–we have been experienced in detecting these, hopefully when we look through all this data, we can pick that up in the data and even define it as a property of this entire program.” –Bill Binney

Informing Legal Advisers, Media, Physicians, Politicians

The larger intention of the survey, as noted in conversations on the video and call, is to determine the veracity of the reports worldwide of RF spectrum/sonic/neuro assault on human bodies and brains, to collate evidence for use in court cases and media reports, and establish definitive analyses possibly to present also to Senate committees, in order to publicly assert the reality of covert assault, whether operational or experimental, on humans worldwide, with military-grade RF and sonic and neuroweapons—putatively by Intelligence agencies and the military– and to publicly demand these programs be stopped, as well as litigate for them to be stopped.

“Our intent is to publish those results to get credibility among media. Right now we’re hearing the media doesn’t give this community credibility. We hope to make a difference at least with some of the media we know and have credibility with. We hope to open that door even wider and show we are bringing objectively-obtained data to bear on this issue.” –Kirk Wiebe

Agreeing with Ella’s summation of statements from the survey-video that their overall objectives include notifying the Press, the medical community, and the political arena, meaning, Congress and elected officials, as well as all survey respondents and the general public via a website, both whistleblowers stressed the importance of bringing this matter to the courts.

Mr. Binney said:

“My point is sue the bastards in a court of law. That should have happened with the CIA in the ’50s and ’60s with all the experiments they were doing on people who didn’t even know they were being experimented on – these people belong in jail, they don’t belong in government!” –Bill Binney

On response to a question from Ella Felder as to whether they also believed there were some criminal elements or rogue groups involved, Mr. Binney responded: “Within the government you mean? Industry certainly has a potential part in this,” and Mr. Wiebe noted, “It’s hard to distinguish where the criminals are. It seems like criminality cuts across even government these days!”

Surely Mr. Binney echoes most of us who are wide-awake today with his close: “Certainly, it’s the greatest criminal organization in the country!”

We Are Going to Guard This Information With Our Lives”

Surely too, Ella Felder echoes the sentiments of TIs worldwide as she closed out the call, thanking Mr. Binney and Mr. Wiebe “for doing this work and protecting humanity as a whole.” Slawek from Poland who called in earlier thanked them too, saying Europeans being targeted with electronic weapons were grateful, and had been waiting for the survey to be launched, as also did Paolo Fiora of the United Kingdom, who asked about who would be notified about the results of the survey.

Many other callers proffered valuable information, including Frank Allen who offered details on how to safeguard the data obtained, Rosanne Schneider who warned against sabotage and recommended logging all instances of such, and Neal Chevrier who runs Citizens Against Harmful Technology and offered up all the results of his various studies, analyses, and documentation over the years including information on possible RF technologies being used on TIs and relevant detection equipment.

Dr. Ed Spencer, retired neurologist, noted that “Torture is not the issue here, I think Mind Control which is hidden is the main issue—because that’s the real political power there—and 5G is a major aspect of the Mind Control.”

Dr. Spencer asked also about scalar waves that cannot be blocked, if they “may be part of the V2K and other intrusions into the brain.” Mr. Binney stated later he was not knowledgeable about scalar technologies in terms of “range in spectrum, properties, effect on things.” Mr. Wiebe concurred, adding he believes “scalar research is insufficiently mature to be of use to us as a means of applying energy from DEWs.” He stressed, however, that “the survey does not preclude any source from being considered in our effort. We begin with symptoms/signatures, then look for candidate technologies that appear to fit.”

Kirk Wiebe also made an important request to all TIs, to underline the importance of participating in this historic survey.

“I had hoped for an opportunity to say to those who are listening to this phone call, please be aware if anyone tries to convince you not to take this survey, be very leery of anyone trying to talk you into the idea that we are untrustworthy in some regard or that the survey is flawed.

As prima facie evidence of someone trying to sabotage our success, I don’t know how else to say it—Bill and I had to come to grips with the idea, or (the) challenge, how to know whom to trust when we blew the whistle—and we clearly discounted anyone who tried to dissuade us from blowing the whistle on wrongdoing. And so I just caution you, if anyone tries to talk you out of taking the survey, they should be high on your list of being suspicious, for such a person.

So please do fill it out, we are going to guard this information with our lives, and treat it scientifically, objectively, for the benefit of all of you—just wanted to say that, thank you.” — Kirk Wiebe

Global TI Survey Instructions

In order to access and take the Global TI survey, which is online, you will first need a Survey ID. This Survey ID will be provided on email registration of your details with the email address Step by step instructions are below. Further details about the survey and how to fill it may be found in the survey-video.

The information below has been provided by Cait Ryan.

Step(s) to Take the Global TI Survey under the advisors Bill Binney & J. Kirk Wiebe

Please send the following required information to

Subject: Survey ID Request

Personal Information:

First Name
Last Name
Phone Number

Street Address including unit number if applicable

State or Province
Zip or Postal Code

Mailing Address [if different from home address]
State or Province
Zip or Postal Code

Once we receive your completed information, a Survey ID and Instructions on taking the Survey will be emailed to you.

Please note: A Survey ID is required to access the survey.



Conference Call Audio: Thursday, June 22, 2017 – Launch of the Worldwide TI Survey with William Binney & J. Kirk Wiebe

Earlier Conference Call Audio: Monday, June 19, 2017 – Kate Ryan – Worldwide TI Survey

Video Launching and Introducing the Global TI Survey

NSA Whistleblower Powerhouses William Binney and Kirk Wiebe Stand Up to Support “Targeted Individuals” Worldwide

Targeting is Real

Open Season on Targets: Blacklisted Individuals, Extreme Abuse in Targeting, Secretive Lab-Rat Exploitation, & Massive Establishment Cover-Up

Bigger Than Snowden/The Whistleblowers: Electromagnetic Weapons Are Being Used to Torture and Subjugate Countless American Citizens

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Seven/Soulutionaries Media Network: Mass Awakenings to Satanic London False Flag Terror, Burning Questions on Grenfell Tower Inferno

Ramola D/Posted 6/21/2017

Grenfell Tower_ Massive Building Fire1

Image from Video, Grenfell Tower Massive Building Fire in London (compilation) linked below

Reports online and from Soulutionaries Media Network over the last few days indicate that residents and neighbors of the Grenfell Tower community in the wealthy North Kensington borough of London continue to gather, protest, and speak out as mainstream media continue to downplay the numbers of dead in the massive fire that rocked the Tower late Tuesday night on the 13th into the 14th of June.

Outspoken community members are giving vent to their feelings of outrage and grief in impromptu gatherings, to citizen journalists, and occasionally to mainstream media reporters. This video, London Residents Speak the Truth About the Grenfell Tower Fire, from Youtuber Vigilant Citizen captures the situation on the ground:

An eloquent and impassioned spokesperson for the mixed community of immigrants from all parts of the world, resident and film-maker Ishmahil Blagrove (in video above) issued an impromptu but electrifying speech on mixed community, class divisions and government propaganda to a Sky News reporter and cameraman as they stood stupefied, inexplicably not filming until much later into his speech.

“We have a conservative government in this borough that has neglected this community, that does not see this community, that has disregarded and looked down on working-class white people as well as non-white people in this community — they treat us with contempt…look at where you are…these are the most marginalized, vulnerable and disenfranchised people here, the Council doesn’t hear these people, they don’t even see them, that’s why they spend ten million on the facade of the building rather than putting sprinklers and fire alarms..

This is not about political issues, this is about people’s lives, look at that burnt-out building, it is a monument… I know people who died in that building, my daughter had friends who lived in that building…

Theresa May or some Govt Minister stands up and tells me Lessons must be Learned. Do not dismiss or think you can bury this community in some hollow platitude about lessons will be learned…This is not a case of negligence. This is a case of corporate manslaughter. People should be held accountable, people should be in jail for this. But I very much doubt we will get that with this corrupt government.

People are lucky there is no uprising in this country. If I had my way, I wouldn’t be sitting here talking. You’d be the first places I’d be seizing. You the media, you’d be held hostage. You are the ones who facilitate this, you are the mouthpieces of this government, you are the ones who make this possible, you are the ones who validate it. You are just as culpable as this government. You’re all in it together.”–Ishmahil Blagrove

A community activist (in video above) galvanized a group of residents with her incisive analysis of lackadaisical government responses and wrongful media coverage, and assured all they could and would jointly demand change. A protest has been planned, she said, for the 1st of July, at Oxford Circus in front of the BBC offices.

“We know what killed those people–greed killed those people. We know that the cheap shoddy flammable cladding that they put on the building was put there to make it look pretty for those in the luxury flats. We know that it was put on there when they could have made it inflammable. We know they were begging for sprinklers and for proper fire regulations and information to be put up in the building…Greed killed them, and austerity killed them…This is the most unequal part of the country…We need to take this fight right to the top. The responsibility for this lies with Theresa May.”--Community Activist


Cladding after Grenfell Tower Inferno/Image, courtesy Seven

While communities are being galvanized, Seven of Soulutionaries Media Network cautions that reporters and readers use discernment in decoding the messages currently spreading across mainstream media, and emphasizes that sinister Satanist intent, meticulously prefigured in Hollywood and BBC productions, was behind the fire (a subject to be further explored here in close detail):

“The current mainstream narratives about that deadly inflammable ‘illegal banned’ cladding being put on the building because they wanted it to look prettier for the posh residents in the neighborhood totally contradicts the evidence, so we know that it’s another crock of lying bull…As horrific as it sounds, that highly flammable toxic cladding was put there to burn the place up point blank period, just like had happened before with other tower blocks under that same management’s control.

Stop, let’s just STOP with the BS… Accidents that look like that, are NOT accidents. So I don’t want to hear another word about it being ‘Corporate Manslaughter’.. I reiterate, what we all witnessed had nothing whatsoever to do with negligence, error or ANY form of mistake, it was pre-planned and intentional, no doubt about it…There needs to be arrest warrants and indictment charges for either premeditated mass murder or premeditated mass genocide… nothing less!!… For the scale of this horrific crime to innocent people these wicked devils need to be hanged.. sooner rather than later.”

New information coming in suggests that government propaganda machine BBC Productions, she says, lies at the heart of this massacre. She points to a 1997 BBC TV series titled London Burning, with two episodes, astonishingly, named Grenfell Tower. Was this fire then prefigured by that production, 20 years ago, in typical Zionist/Masonist/Satanist style?

Tower-block-fire-in-London (1)Further, in revelation of astounding new detail, as noted by the reporter at Shiller’s List on Youtube (video below), on 22 May 2014, an application was recorded at Kensington Council for the demolition of Grenfell Towers, although it was not granted. Seven notes that this points to “hard factual evidence revealing there were highly sinister plans to demolish the Gren Fell Tower building from as early as 22nd May 2014.” She also says “There were many reports about previous fires deliberately, intentionally caused seemingly to destroy other buildings to collect insurance. Concerned Gren Fell Tower residents described the managers KCTMO as ‘EVIL,UNPRINCIPLED MAFIA people.” This video by Enchanted Life Path TV examines the evidence. (To be explored here further in close detail shortly.)

Was flammable cladding erected on that building then in preparation for this applied-for demolition? While these details need to be explored and discussed further, this brief video (link below) by Shiller’s List explains this finding.

Seven says that these two BBC episodes on Grenfell Tower were replayed in May 2014:

“The truth has to be pushed right into people’s faces until EVERYONE is forced to acknowledge that we KNOW exactly what took place…In the video link above, you will see that in MAY 2014 (same time as when applications were made to Kensington & Chelsea Council to demolish and illegally cover the building with the highly flammable banned deadly cladding but were refused)… BBC ran two episodes called ‘Gren Fell Tower’ on a pre-existing long-running TV production of theirs called ….wait for it……’LONDON’S BURNING!’… are you getting it yet???”

Speaking to a gathering of distraught residents, Ishmahil Blagrove (video below) invoked the power of a unified community while reminding all of the prescient words of past warriors for freedom.

“In this quest for justice we have to remember the words of the great emancipator Frederick Douglass: ‘Power concedes nothing without demand’….So we ain’t asking this government for nothing. We ain’t asking this Council for nothing. We are demanding certain things from this Government.” –Ishmahil Blagrove

“The Rise of People Power!”

Seven views the coming together of the Tower neighborhood community as a sign of profound change.

sevengate-stolen-tv-shows-1 (1)

Fraction of the TV show concepts stolen from Seven/Image, courtesy Seven

As with many others who witnessed the burning down of the tower with its hundred and twenty flats and possibly as many families, who tragically lost family or friends to the inferno, and as an artist wronged who has come up against a ruthless criminal network ensconced in media she names the ‘Satanic Bilderberg #Sevengate Crime Ring,’ she suggests that the entire tragic event of the burning to death of hundreds was a ritualistic Satanic event generated by the same Crime Ring running scripted False Flag terror drills and events around the world. (For background to Seven’s story, please see this earlier article, as well as Alfred Webre’s landmark articles and interviews with Seven, at

“I am elated to report that people worldwide are finally waking up and getting it now. For me personally, it has been a very very VERY arduous long painful road of screaming the truth from every rooftop everyday, morning, noon and night over the last 14 years, and watching an ever increasing number of innocent people targeted, tortured, terrorized and brutally murdered by the evil death cult to get to this point.

“So it really comes as music to my ears and heart, to see now after all these years, the evil satanic spells cast over humanity are being de-coded, destroyed and dissolved. It is indeed a testament that each and every one of our contributions and efforts is powerful when we all move forward with an unwavering conviction to bring about positive change. Whatever lies, smears, trials, tribulations, and horrors are thrown our way.

“For we indeed are a very mighty people when we are armed with an unstoppable mighty truth. I have no doubt now that our collective hard work is finally paying off and turning the evils we are all enduring around.”

A List of Burning Questions

Pieces of information from various residents, collected by citizen journalists and making their way across the Web into compilations and analyses yield new information, such as this video (also included in the compiled video above) where two young residents reveal that firemen had mentioned finding a number of bodies in one room. They also noted the upper floors had had no running water at the time of the fire. Hoses to put out the fire were not in evidence.

Seven emphasizes that “this news reveals a clear horrific cover up! 42 bodies found in one room – water turned off on upper floors to prevent the survival of any victims!!!

“Evidence clearly shows for a fact that GrenFell Tower Inferno was NOT an accident, so people must STOP saying it is corporate manslaughter. This was pre-planned, premeditated, cold-blooded, outright horrific mass murder, plotted for a very long time…

That’s why residents’ years of warning their councils were ignored. The evidence shows there can be no doubt they had definitely planned to mass murder all those innocent adults and children… That’s why there was no real effort made to put the inferno out.

If they wanted to put out the fire, they could’ve easily used helicopters to dash large drums of water from above the burning building, but instead they only used two small hoses not even reaching half way up the building to put out the fire. Ask yourselves why?

She continues her impassioned questioning, pointing to key matters left unresolved:

Why did they want the place to be fully left to burn? Why did they tell people to go back inside their flats instead of helping people to escape while they still had time to??

Why no sprinklers, why no alarms, why did they have a gas pipe inside the building? Why was there plastic doors instead of fire doors? Why were residents being locked/trapped inside? Why did they redirect the Fire Brigade so it would arrive two hours later when the building was fully already ablaze? Why were people prevented from rescuing accessible people before the fire fully took hold? Why did they turn off the water supply on the upper floors to prevent any chance of survival?

Why are they not interested in the well-being of the victim survivors now? Why was there not the usual one-minute silence for the dead until people complained? Why do you think they are blatantly lying now, and not reporting the truth and not answering anyone’s questions?? Why is there no lists of residents/tenants being produced??”

The fact of the matter is, she says, we are dealing with a Satanic Crime Network that has its tentacles deep in government and mainstream media, which is running nonstop media-complicit False Flag terror events on us.

“It’s seriously time for people to open their eyes and see what is crystal clear in front of them. These are NOT your authorities, these are your serial killers that want us all dead, you are your own authorities so take your power back! See info below and join our emergency call to action to jail and sound the #SEVENGATE alarm to shut the Satanic Terrorist Slave-Trading Crime Ring down!!”

In examining the citizen report of the 42 bodies found in a room by a fireman, Seven invokes memory of the 1987 fire at King’s Cross Station in London, which she says was prefigured in a Pet Shop Boys song, and which involved the discovery of children’s bodies suspected to be from trafficking operations:

“This latest news comes as no surprise, as the same thing apparently happened at the London King’s Cross train station fire some years back. Troubled firemen reported discovering tons of bodies of targeted trafficked children underneath the burnt-down train station… They said they were horrified, and realized that the massive train station fire at the time was also pre-engineered/set up/staged as a way to dispose of the trafficked children from human trafficking criminal operations they had obviously done elsewhere.”

“Knowing what is reported to have really happened at King’s Cross Train Station, we suspected that could be one of the motives for burning up Gren Fell Tower as well, to cover up bodies from the massive scale targeting, slave- trading and trafficking operations currently going on, that we know are being run by high level satanic psychopaths internationally directly from the UK.”


(This story about the 1987 King’s Cross fire and discovery of bodies may need further corroboration and will be explored further.)

Seven is not the only London resident to be aware of the deep anomalies underlying the immense tragedy here. Many have spoken out already (videos on Youtube) about the highly-flammable-cladding encasing Grenfell Tower, the lack of fire regulations kept in this 27-storey building which had only one stairwell, the strange advice given to residents to stay put while the Tower was aflame, and the poor single-hose response by the London Fire Brigade. Many have remarked indeed on the apparent inability by the city to pull out the stops to put out this tremendous inferno burning in the heart of one of the wealthiest boroughs in London, and possibly, as many say, including Kensington resident and singer Lily Allen, on Planet Earth.

Mark Thomas, a London resident, reported to Al Jazeera (video below) that he asked workers about the cladding, while demonstrating to them how easily it could fan a fire. The London Fire Brigade Commissioner stated this was “an unprecedented incident” and that she had in her 29 years of firefighting never seen a fire of this magnitude. Dave Collins, former head of the Residents’ Association reported on anomalies in the building such as boilers at doors and above fuse boxes, and regulations asking residents to stay put during a fire. All this, in London, notes reporter Laurence Lee, where fire safety regulations are highly strict, and fires are usually contained within floors.

This brief Al Jazeera clip points to the irony inherent:

To get a sense of the intensely tragic and egregious nature of this event, and to waken world conscience and heart to a sense of urgency about stopping the horrific cartel putatively behind this event and others, this writer recommends that readers take a few minutes to communally re-live the horror by watching a few videos (a few below) taken when the Tower was burning, including the incredibly poignant video shot by young mother Rania Ibrahim and livestreamed to her Facebook and Snapchat accounts that night, posted here earlier.

“Evil Satanic Wizard Of Oz Emperor With No Clothes Revealed!”

The mass awakening to the truth behind this massacre, says Seven, is finally happening.

What is especially unique about Seven’s insights is the knowledge she has gained from her experience of IP theft, subsequent lawsuit and court case win, and succeeding malicious extrajudicial targeting, regarding the involvement of Mainstream Media in the creation and propulsion of False Flags and terror events worldwide:

“The veil of extreme treachery, perpetrated by the ‘evil ones’ inside corrupt world- syndicated TV TERROR/HORROR STAGING MAINSTREAM MEDIA NETWORKS in London, is now thoroughly exposed for all the world to see.

Their mask of deception has now been brutally ripped off, revealing the true identities of the secret hidden EVIL ‘Wizards of Oz’ psychopaths who are hell bent on spreading endless chaos death and destruction upon the rest of the peaceful world!”

What was busted here, she says, is another embarrassing London TV staged terror show:

“Today, countless Fake-TV-Staged-Terror-News-Busting reporters, from all around the world, were quick on the trigger to expose more lying, embarrassing, terror attack PSYOP drivel being peddled as real news, syndicated live via London Mainstream Media networks today…

What they shamefully dared to show intelligent members of the public as real news today, just proves how totally brain-and-soul dead and desperate these psychopaths truly are.

Can you imagine, after openly doing one of the worst massacres of innocent people ever seen in the UK, now, just a few days later, without a shred of shame or remorse for ANY of the victims, survivors, or relatives of the horrific atrocities in Gren Fell Tower, they are already at it again…

Instead of recognizing they MUST stop because they have gone too far, as if robots and machines, we see them churn out more shoddy foolish attempts to keep their TV-staged travelling horror show going.

Why, you ask? Because you are witnessing the true definition of EVIL in this world, coming directly from London, the heart, soul, and belly of the beast, controlled by pathetic, sick, certifiably-insane people who refuse to let their BS go.”

Seven recommends that everyone watch the movie ‘Quo Vadis’ “to see the crimes of the psychopath ‘Nero’ who provides a clear example of the types of lunatic maniacs we are unfortunately dealing with.”

“Cover-Up Attempts to Quickly Divert Public Attention Away from Grenfell Tower Mass Murders”

The terror-event machine, Seven says, refuses to stop, and has moved on currently to yet another Number Seven infused location, Seven Sisters Road in North London.

These are, she says, “today’s pre-scripted TV Terror plot lines being peddled out viral as being ‘REAL NEWS.’”

“In the latest TV-drama episodes below, we can observe typical Mass Mind Control techniques in desperate efforts to steer the world in a whole other direction away from talking about the horrific Inferno crime we all witnessed perpetrated against innocent victims inside Gren Fell Tower…including my aunt and cousin whom they trapped on the 16th floor.

“They all KNOW their HORRIFIC reality, action, STAGED TERROR TV SHOW went way off the charts too too far this time, so while us targeted Grenfell Tower victims desperately search for news about our publicly, brutally murdered, incinerated to a crisp relatives, and the Crime Ring get real busy shredding ‘banned’ ‘illegal’ powder cladding evidence, the latest Modis Operandi hare-brained scheme by these absolute nutters, is to bring their STAGED TV TERROR MOVIE SHOW to yet another new location in London… in hopes to mind-control the public into considering that the horrific massacre we all witnessed just a few days ago, to now being ‘old’ news.”

Are Muslims In the UK Being Endlessly Framed as Terrorists by a Satanist Cabal?

Seven explains further how all terror events we see today in the UK, USA, Europe, and worldwide comprise yet another installment in a Satanist Cabal TV Production, and points out the recurring references to “Seven,” often considered a coded MI5/6 reference, but also uniquely referencing her name:

“Their latest installment in the SATANISTS’ BLATANTLY MANUFACTURED TRAVELING STAGED TERROR/HORROR SHOW has now reached the ‘SEVEN’ Sisters road area in North London.

Pay close attention to the ‘SEVEN’ in the Sisters and that this attack is against a religious group…this time once again, it’s the usual much-framed, exceptionally hated, innocent, targeted Muslim brothers minding their own business, peacefully praying in the mosque for Ramadan, who take center-stage with these attacks!!

Pay Close Attention To The Same ‘WHITE Vans’ Outside Where I Stay Being Used For This Latest Staged TV Production Attack…

Also pay attention to the type of white van being used…if you go to my #SEVENGATE SLAVE-TRADING CRIME RING playlist on YouTube, you will see the very same white vans that have been conducting the covert gangstalking, covert harassment surveillance operation outside where I have been staying.”

She offers links to explore on this subject, below:


The Recurrence of the Names “Charles” and “Seven” in Terror Events

While readers new to this story may wish to find the “Seven” references unremarkable and unrelated to Seven’s own name, this writer is aware, from close coverage of the experiences of several extrajudicially targeted individuals worldwide, and subsequent understanding and exposure of ongoing c/overt military and Intelligence Psychological Operations/social engineering/neural-network mapping/Artificial Intelligence projects involving virtual SIMS games being run today on entire populations (to be covered here further), that these references are not necessarily coincidental. (Please also read the previous article on Seven here.)

Referring to the recent revival of the ostensible 2015 Charleston shooting by Dylann Roof by way of this June 17 MSM news story wherein ostensible victim’s son and baseball whiz kid Chris Singleton makes it to the Chicago Cubs, Seven, whose birth name is Charles Seven, and family name is John Charles, raises the issue with clarity:

“MY Name ‘CHARLES’ And ‘SEVEN’ Somehow Gets Featured In Both Recent TV Staged Terror Show Attacks Again???

The next TV STAGED TERROR PSYOP finds itself all the way in ‘CHARLESTON’ in the USA of all places… Wow… how did they do that??? My MY these Psychopaths Traveling TERROR TV SHOW certainly gets around, doesn’t it! Once again, we see the familiar, very popular, PSYOP-themed name ‘CHARLES’ TON come up and suddenly now making its rounds again…

We can’t forget ‘CHARLIE HEBDO’ 2015 (which actually means CHARLIE SEVEN) now, can we. Perhaps that one was just a little bit too blatant, so has already ran its course??

Or what about the shooting of the innocent young Brazilian electrician JEAN-‘CHARLES’ DE MENEZES who just so happened to have the same family name as me (wow, how about that… amazing what an uncanny coincidence right… and this innocent man just happened to be randomly shot SEVEN times completely by mistake, directly a few days after the ‘7/7′ also TV-STAGED attacks 2005 happened in London. Remember it was ’52’ people who were reported to have died/been murdered also in London…. Does it stink rotten enough for you all yet??”

Reality TV, SIMS Games, Hunger Games, Terror Drills, Staged Terror TV Productions

The suspicion that British, American, French, Belgian, German populations and indeed all of humanity is covertly being roped into a Satanist psychopath’s dream of Hunger Games, pulled into Terror TV productions run by companies advertising “Factual Broadcasting” is not an idle one.

Seven recommends this video by a young American decoder and analyst of Masonic symbolism running Youtube channel Truth Virus, who pays special attention to the CNN story about Chris Singleton, in relation to the Charleston shooting two years ago.

About the reprisal of this reference in MSM Fake News today, Seven clarifies:

“Once again we now see the ‘CHARLES’TON name has made a sudden comeback for this year 2017 in the Satanic, warped, Mainstream News’ secret psychopathic world of targeting innocent members of the public to play putrid TV Staged Scripted Terror/Horror Games.

The first appearance of the ‘CHARLES’TON name came about in 2015, during a TV STAGED shooting around the same time we had issued indictment charges on the #SEVENGATE Crime Ring, in line for the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.”

Those charges can be viewed on this video calling to all of humanity to recognize their innate sovereignty and stand up to the worldwide terrorism operations being run on humanity by a deeply corrupt and wealthy-by-crime, pedophilic network:

Speaking about the staged Charleston Church “attack,” she says:

“You will notice that the Satanic Terrorist psychos this time had decided to feature another religious group, the Christians, now it was Christians who found themselves thrust under the glee of the Satanic mainstream media’s cult TV STAGED TERROR spotlight…which must’ve been a break for our poor Muslim brothers and sisters who are usually framed to take the fall.. How anyone ever fell for any of their blatant ‘Hocus Pocus’ I honestly don’t know.”

This is the same Crime Ring, she says, “the Satanic #SEVENGATE Bilderberg, Targeting, Slave-Trading, Terrorist Crime Ring” which runs ISIS from London too.

The Satanic #SEVENGATE Bilderberg, Targeting, Slave-Trading, Terrorist Crime Ring

The “Key Satanic Ringleaders,” Seven states, can be found in the group of defendants named in her lawsuit, information on which can be found online at her Youtube channel Soulutionaries Media Network as well as in the reports stored at her website:

1-A -Wanted-for-Crimes-against-J names corrected copy2The people named here (in graphic), she says, belong in the top tier of the Bilderberg pyramid, and while they may not comprise the entire coterie of criminals sitting at the very top and enjoying public monikkers of “The Elite,” they most definitely are operating at the very highest levels of this global cabalist Satanist operation. It is this Masonic, Satanist, “Illuminati” group, she says, operating inside mainstream media, inside Intelligence agencies, inside Law Enforcement and select military departments, banking and financial institutions, Universities, research Institutions and Big Pharma, inside suppressive, political Psychiatry, foundations, associations, Boards, multinational corporations, and Defense contractor companies, who are running the current worldwide electronic targeting and organized stalking operations on civilians and veterans worldwide.

Please visit, download, and read Seven’s lawsuit report to understand in greater depth the situation she has uncovered, which offers a way for humanity to move forward to take this entrenched crime cartel down.

Seven-2Once more, she issues a clarion call to all of humanity to step forward in your own power and start spreading the word to shut this crime cartel down. It is possible, she says, to start turning this situation around simply by exposing the extreme criminality of this cartel, openly and publicly.

Please see this earlier article for more information, as well as this Urgent Notice from Seven to shut the crime cartel down.


Statement, courtesy Seven

Information from Seven’s court case and lawsuit will be covered here in greater detail shortly. Meanwhile, please visit for detailed information on Seven’s experience with the Bilderberger crime ring.

From Seven:


Source: Recent Emails, Notices, and Updates from Seven, Videos on YouTube

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