FOIA Request on Informed Consent in Research Involving Radiation to Massachusetts Department of Public Health in 2015 Never Acknowledged

–Ramola D/Posted 4/12/2019

Posting #ForTheRecord, the following facts:

  1. I made this request to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health on March 27, 2015, reminded them of my request personally on November 20, 2015, and was met with absolute silence, for FOUR YEARS, while faithfully sent them reminders, until 4/9/2019, when they responded with false information about this request having been responded to in 2015. I have made reference to the non-response of MDPH in articles as I sought for many years to find out how non-consensual military or medical experimentation could be carried out in Massachusetts without Informed Consent from those being experimented on–and did indeed find out, over the past 5 years,
    1. that the CIA has stated (in the Moral Science Report put out by Amy Gutmann’s Whitewash Bioethical Commission she chaired for Ex-President Barack Obama in 2011 which disdained to address the reporting witness of hundreds of Americans testifying to the non-consensual use of Electronic Warfare weaponry on their person) that Classified Research on human subjects is indeed ongoing in the USA;
    2. that the CIA could not confirm Informed Consent in any of their doings in the USA as per their response to a FOIA request I made to them in 2014, asking about the same;
    3. that Electronic Warfare Weapons-Testing contracts are indeed being executed in the USA and have been executed openly on Americans ever since Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne made a remark in 2006 that Non-Lethal Weapons “should” be tested on Americans first;
    4. that the current US Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson has stated in 2019 that research is underway and continues in earnest particularly in the area of Intelligence, Reconnaissance, Surveillance in remote tracking and sensing–this is undisclosed and possibly Classified Research;
    5. and that the Department of Justice has been testing “advanced technology” on Americans since 1994, when Attorney-General Janet Reno and Secretary of Defense John Deutch signed a Memorandum of Understanding to mutually develop, test, and evaluate technologies of mutual interest to Law Enforcement and to the Military’s Operations Other Than War–which includes “peacekeeping” in Low Intensity Conflict–inside the USA;
    6. that the US, particularly the Military and Intelligence Community, worked with Russia to bring “psycho-corrective” technologies–which essentially mean neurotechnologies and psychotronic technologies affecting the brain and central nervous system and human body–to the USA, as reported by Defense News in 1993;
    7. and that the US Air Force, who finally returned (to me) a Statement of Work on FOIA Request on the 2013 General Dynamics contract to test millimeter-wave weapons were withholding all information on Field Weapons-Testing on this contract;
    8. that Dave McCarthy, former Chair of the Quincy School Board had been a Director of Security at General Dynamics–which has a historic presence in Quincy–and was quite plausibly involved, along with Principal Rick De Cristafaro and Vice-Principal Susan Shea Conner, in the egregious matter of attempting to name me, a practicing investigative journalist reporting the non-consensual use of Electronic Warfare weaponry on her person, in public, at a Quincy Public Schools event held at her daughter’s school, Central Middle School, in March 2018, as someone with “untreated mental illness” — in much the style of classic discrediting of all reporting victims of non-consensual human subject experimentation practiced historically by the US Department of Defense, as reported by many including investigative journalist Eileen Welsome in The Plutonium Files which covers radiation experiments in the 1950s on hapless Americans such as Elmer Allen who were discredited by their own doctors as “schizophrenics” on order from the Department of Defense, so the military could keep on, amorally, experimenting on him and not be discovered, since after all, the reporting victim was being named schizophrenic and therefore to be seen as Unreliable as a Reporting Witness –a matter discussed in Ramola D/Public Exhibit: Investigative Journalism is Not “Untreated Mental Illness” and related reports and letters online at this site.

This is the original FOIA request, made 3/27/2015, and recorded online at Muckrock (link above):

From: Ramola Dharmaraj

Subject: None

To Whom It May Concern:

Pursuant to the Massachusetts Public Records Law, M.G.L. c.66, §10, I hereby request the following records:

For all ongoing, currently-underway bio-medical, bio-behavioral, behavioral, socio-behavioral neuroscience, sociological, psychological, psychiatric or other scientific research/experimentation/clinical trial projects in Massachusetts involving the use/effects of radiation, whether ionizing or non-ionizing, and therefore the use of radiology, and using “human subjects,” whether classified or unclassified, covert or overt, “witting” or “unwitting;” and funded fully or partly by any Government agency such as an agency of Justice/Intelligence/Defense/Air Force/Navy/Special Ops, including but not limited to DARPA, DIA, CIA, NSA, DHS, FBI, and being run either jointly with a Justice/Defense/Intelligence agency or contractor or separately, at research institutions, hospitals, medical centers, and Universities studying any of the following, for any purpose whatsoever:

1) Physical or mental or neurological or psychological disease onset and/or progression and/or outcomes/effects involving any human organ/any part of the human anatomy–whether cancer, COPD, macular degeneration, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, liver disease, depression, schizophrenia, or any other disease or medical/psychological condition/syndrome whatsoever;

2) Human bio-effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation–such as radio and microwave frequencies, scalar waves, and sonic/ultrasonic waves;

3) The use of radiology/genetics/radiogenetics/histology/pathology to determine tissue/gene/plasma/cell degradation due to the application of radio-frequencies;

4) Human bio-effects of directed-energy weapons;

5) Human bio-effects of Radio Frequency neurotechnology or neuroweaponry;

6) Human bio-effects of nanotechnology, and/or radio frequency RFID nanotechnology, and/or MEM (microelectricmechanical) systems

7) Human behavioral effects on individuals and groups of covert or overt military/ civilian PsyOps or psychological/behavioral stimuli;

8) Human behavioral effects on individuals, groups, and networks of Artificial Intelligence-created, run, or controlled scenarios;

Please Provide:

a) A list of all such research projects being conducted in Massachusetts, naming both the project, research institution, and source of funding.

b) The complete contract including the Statement of Work with the researching institution or university detailing the research project in full, the Principal Investigators, and the exact methodology of research.

c) Documentation of the nature of classification or openness of the project, and information on whether human subjects are voluntary or involuntary, witting or unwitting, aware or unaware, informed or uninformed by means of actual and complete research project information actually being provided to them.

d)Documentation of Informed Consent from all “human subjects” being experimented on, to include lists of human subjects, and clear evidence of informed consent from each individual subject.

e)Documentation of Compliance with Informed Consent Rules such as the Belmont Report, to include any Massachusetts rules for compliance, Federal Wide Assurances signed by the Office of Human Research Protections, Department of Health and Human Services, and other Assurances from Institutional Review Boards involved; with further information on the constitution and operation of the relevant IRB.

f) Documentation of Exemptions to Informed Consent, and detailed information as to the reason for the exemptions, and who grants the exemptions, and on what basis, in respect to which public statute or law.

g) Documentation of Waivers to Informed Consent from the Secretary of the Department of Defense, if such exist, with specific reference to the public statute or law permitting such waivers.

I also request that, if appropriate, fees be waived as we believe this request is in the public interest, as suggested but not stipulated by the recommendations of the Massachusetts Supervisor of Public Records. The requested documents will be made available to the general public free of charge as part of the public information service at, processed by a representative of the news media/press and is made in the process of news gathering and not for commercial usage.

I expect the request to be filled in an accessible format, including for screen readers, which provide text-to-speech for persons unable to read print. Files that are not accessible to screen readers include, for example, .pdf image files as well as physical documents.

In the event that fees cannot be waived, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. I look forward to receiving your response to this request within 10 calendar days, as the statute requires.


Ramola Dharmaraj

2. Reminder of FOIA request sent in November, 2015:

From: Ramola Dharmaraj

Hello–It’s been over 8 months since I first made this FOIA request, copied below, to your Department, and the request is still “Awaiting Acknowledgment,” despite monthly reminders sent your way from Muckrock.
I am preparing to report on this subject and look forward to hearing from you immediately.
Kindly let me know too the reason for this delay, I’d appreciate it.
Ramola D/Dharmaraj
To Whom It May Concern:Pursuant to the Massachusetts Public Records Law, M.G.L. c.66, §10, I hereby request the following records:….(Same request above, rewritten, as recorded at Muckrock.)

3. Muckrock’s April 9, 2019 reminder, identical to 4 years of monthly reminders:

From: Muckrock Staff

To Whom It May Concern:
I wanted to follow up on the following Massachusetts Public Records Law request, copied below, and originally submitted on March 27, 2015.
Please let me know when I can expect to receive a response, or if further clarification is needed.
Thanks for your help, and let me know if further clarification is needed.

4. MDPH responds in April 2019, after 4 years of Muckrock reminders, post their April 2019 reminder:

From: Department of Public Health

This was asked and answered in 2015. If you wish to submit a new public records request please do so. Otherwise please mark this as closed in your records.Helen Rush-Lloyd
Records Access Officer
Massachusetts Department of Public Health
250 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02108<>
Office: 617-624-5223
Follow us on<>
5. My response to MDPH by email, copied to Muckrock, on 4/11/2019, when I, by chance, visited the Muckrock site and saw the MDPH response on 4/9/2019:
Ramola D to helen.rush-lloyd, info (yesterday)
Ramola D/Dharmaraj
Investigative Science and Technology Journalist
Publisher, The Everyday Concerned Citizen
Reporter, Ramola D Reports
Quincy, MA
Helen Rush-Lloyd
Records Access Officer
Massachusetts Department of Public Health
250 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02108
Dear Helen Rush-Lloyd,
Re. Your note “This was asked and answered in 2015. If you wish to submit a new public records request please do so. Otherwise please mark this as closed in your records.

Helen Rush-Lloyd
Records Access Officer
Massachusetts Department of Public Health
250 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02108<>
Office: 617-624-5223
Follow us on<>”



Neither I nor have received any response from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health in response to this request to date, contrary to your information in your note above, which is false. Please note this is a (horrifying) 4-year delay in response, which will indeed be reported to the public.

I am still waiting for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to respond to my 3/27/2015 request for information.

You only have to take a look at the Muckrock FOIA website (link above) and the repeated pleas to the MDPH from myself and Muckrock to understand THIS REQUEST WAS NEVER ACKNOWLEDGED AND NEVER ANSWERED.

Kindly correct your records, and kindly respond to this 4-years old Freedom of Information Act request, which remains current today and remains of extreme concern to the American public, given the ongoing depredations of non-consensual human experimentation rampant all over the United States of America, including in Massachusetts.

I am anxious to report publicly on this matter to the American people and await your immediate response with much hope that you are finally making an attempt to acknowledge my request for information, and fulfill it.

I would also appreciate an explanation as to why it has taken the MDPH 4 years to even notice this request, let alone make any attempt to fill it — rather than attempting to dodge it by issuing false information of it having been filled earlier. For a government department that purports an interest in Public Health, this is a particularly reprehensible lapse — and certainly ensures that writers and journalists like myself have no faith in the mission or activities of this department.

Regardless, my FOIA request here stands, and I await its immediate filling.


Ramola D


Ramola D

Investigative Sci Tech Journalist | Writer | Poet| Educator | Activist
Editor & Publisher, The Everyday Concerned Citizen
Twitter: @EccEveryday

I am posting this material here because of the grave nature of the subject of this FOIA request, a subject I continue to investigate and report on, in hopes that the Crimes Against Humanity which non-consensual Military, Intelligence, and Medical experimentation and Electronic Warfare/Non-Lethal/Criminal Justice “Psycho-Corrective/Psychotronic” Weapons-Testing  enact on the bodies and brains of Americans and citizens worldwide will be completely exposed, routed, and terminated by concerned and caring Humanity.

–Ramola D