Your Cool Calm Centered Intention Can Help Shape Our Collective Reality – Part 1

June 9, 2015

Your Cool Calm Centered Intention Can Help Shape Our Collective Reality

Consciousness, Coherence, Morphic Resonance: How Our Individual & Collective Calm, Centered Intention Can Physically Influence Reality

These are fascinating and profound subjects and I’m still exploring them, but I wanted to share and collect here some links and information and resources as I go along.

The ideas that most fascinate me here are those that concern conscious intention. Can my or your individual conscious intention change the world for the better? Can your and my conscious intention together change the world? What would it take for us–as conscious, aware thinkers focused on peace and eco-harmony–to effect real change–and do we have to be deep meditators or supremely spiritual/psychic/telepathic or otherwise specially endowed in order for our own thoughts and consciousness to make a difference?

Could we work together in some way–from just where we are, physically–to stop wars & militarism, stop invasive surveillance and unethical science, stop all the human rights and planetary abuse we are witnessing and living through today?

Many scientists working newly in various areas of consciousness seem to concur with long-time meditators on many of these ideas: particularly about moving into a state of focus and coherence through meditation or silence, and then being able to transmit that peaceful intention outward in ways that will ripple energy out from one’s own energetic centers into the world, and actually make a tangible difference in the world we live in today.

We Are All Vibrational Beings

This film, a documentary by Martin Sereda and James Law, currently on Yutube, Mind Science: We Are All Vibrational Beings, is quite wide-ranging and offers an intriguing collection of new ideas, experiments, and discoveries from many fields, including quantum physics, biology, cardiology, electrophotonics.

It brings together as well discoveries from the worlds of yoga and holistic healing, presents the views of many quantum physicists, biologists, psychologists exploring consciousness, energy, and intention, and discusses all sorts of interesting tidbits such as 528Hz, the newfound natural frequency of botanical harmony, and NASA’s audio-enhanced tapes of the sounds that the earth, other planets, and sun in our Solar system make.

Some of the ideas offered here include some of the hidden discoveries of quantum physics, that we live in an essentially non-deterministic world, that consciousness collapses the wave function–or, in other words, the nature of our perception defines the nature of our reality.

Mind Science: We Are All Vibrational Beings

(There are many other interesting films on Vibration and Sound on Youtube, including the compelling documentary, Resonance: Beings of Frequency, which discusses how we are all electrical beings, and how we constantly emit electromagnetic radiation as well as swim in a sea or smog of dangerous EMFs today. This film is also highly educational in regards to the earth’s frequency–the Schumann resonance–and how all living things are attuned to the earth’s frequency, which is today being tampered with and manipulated by unethical military scientists–more on this subject in a separate post, probably under Earth/Environment.)

The Whole Universe is Sound and Vibration

Musicians know this already, and scientists are making discoveries in this area. Cymatics, the science of sound waves & shape and form created by sound, like the mathematics of the intriguing Fibonacci spiral, shell2offers visions of pre-existing symmetries in the universe through experiments showing how clusters of tiny particles respond to different frequencies of vibration pulsed through them by assuming different symmetries and patterns.

Cymatics: Bringing Matter to Life with Sound

Sound is used for healing today by both traditional shamanistic practitioners worldwide and newer holistic healers exploring its effects. Radio DNA healing is effected in laboratories today using a specific radio frequency, according to Dr. Len Horowitz, and discussed more fully in terms of the science behind it, here at the Sound-focused website Attuned Vibrations.

This frequency, which apparently is the central frequency of the sun’s vibration, as well 528as the base resonance of grass (for some information on bio-electric frequencies, see this interesting article by P. Simard on Natural News, Lavender and its High Vibrational Frequency), along with other harmonic frequencies of healing and harmony, are discussed by Dr. Len Horowitz in his book The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of Love, and in this rather interesting radio conversation on Coast to Coast,

528 Hz is a frequency that occurs in the ancient Gregorian chants, along with others in its harmonic range, known as the Solfeggio frequencies, which are thought to affect distinct other emotions. These frequencies were apparently known to be vibrationally healing, awakening, and powerful, which led to their being excised from later Gregorian chants in the 11th century by the Roman Catholic Church, to be rediscovered somewhat miraculously in the 1970s by Dr. Joseph Puleo, a naturopath and herbalist, whose prologue, A Gathering of Eagles, posted online at natural healer Iris DeMauro‘s website, to his co-written book with Dr. Len Horowitz, Healing Codes HealingCodesfor the Biological Apocalypse, makes for fascinating reading. The story of 528’s history and meaning is discussed widely online, including in these blog posts by musicians and music-lovers touching on awakening, consciousness, being in resonance with Nature, and combating the EMF smog we are currently living in:

Nancy Bregin’s Solfeggio Frequencies, Gregorian Chants, and the Most Inspiring Hymn Ever Written

Transmission’s to the Awakened’s The Ancient Solfeggios (A musician’s site with great sound information and resources)

This article from sound healer Renee Cruz at her website Sol Awakening, another sound-focused website with interesting information, offers an intriguing connecting of the Solfeggio frequencies with the 7 yogic chakras: Solfeggio Frequencies

Susan Alexzander, a musician and composer who works with nature and natural sounds and frequencies from various sources “the Planck Constant, the Great Year of Astrological Precession, a vibrating protein, whale songs, or spinning black holes,” seeking music of resonance, healing, and transformation, makes magical music. Zuvuya: Reconnecting to Our Ocean Home, a short film with underwater footage of dolphins and whales by photographer Lisa Denning and soundscape of marine life by Susan Alexzander, and shown via a fluid museum installation seems otherworldly:

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