“No Morals, No Scruples”: Barbara Hartwell on CIA’s Mission of Psychological Warfare, Propaganda, Illegal Domestic Covert Operations, and Extreme High-Tech Retaliation Against Whistleblowers

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CIA whistle-blower and journalist Barbara Hartwell is reporting extreme high-tech retaliation as well as abusive COINTELPRO against CIA and FBI whistle-blowers including herself, validating the shocking reports of EMF/Neurotechnology assault and silent radiation weapon torture pouring in now from all corners of the USA and indeed the globe.

An intelligence analyst under “non-official cover” who worked at the CIA for two and a half decades, Barbara Hartwell left the CIA in 1994 and has been covering issues related to Intelligence as well as CIA/FBI Disinformation and Defamation operations for many years, as the varied and engrossing articles on her website testify. An intellectually gifted writer, exceptional researcher, and long-term print/radio journalist, she says it was the increasing push to nudge her journalism toward slanted Propaganda that impelled her to leave.

Extreme High-Tech & Co-Opted Medical-Doctor Retaliation

Such decisions never sit lightly with the CIA apparently, who made it their obsession to pursue, thwart, ruin, invade, and assault her life ever since.

Retaliatory attacks she has faced as a whistleblower of early childhood MK ULTRA mind control and black operations, as well as for being a principled journalist–who, unlike others lounging on compromised beaches in mainstream media, said No to the CIA–include public defamation, anti-personnel electromagnetic technologies, and the deadly hand of colluding doctors.


On her website, in the preface to a August 2007 article “More Crime Reports from Ex-FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee,” which highlights FBI/CIA use of medical doctors in their ruthless assault of targets, she notes:

“I can corroborate Geral’s experiences re corruption in the medical field, as outlined in his first report. I too have been subjected to numerous abuses by the medical profession (CIA related) throughout my entire life.

When attempts were made on my life via electromagnetic/exotic weaponry, I nearly died on several occasions. Yet I refused to be taken to a hospital as I knew that CIA might well have people in place to finish me off.

Over a period of years, I have suffered brutal electromagnetic attacks which resulted in the following injuries and illnesses (only a partial list): severe and unbearable pain in my head; violent/projectile vomiting; heart symptoms (I have a congenital heart condition); knocked unconscious; laser cuts/burns; hit with directed-energy “bullets”.

I should make it clear that these attacks were not any form of “experimentation” or “testing” of weaponry. They were assassination attempts.”–Barbara Hartwell

The weaponry referred to above is acknowledged by military and Intelligence whistleblowers as anti-personnel electromagnetic technologies being used repressively and illegitimately on Americans in USA even though this fact has been obscured long-term by CIA-led Psy-Op-practicing mainstream media who maintain a pose of studied astonishment and report attacks on US diplomats in Cuba and China today as if occurring in an American vacuum.

In a recent letter supporting the reportage of this writer in the face of local Quincy, Massachusetts Public School officials striving to quell true journalism and public conversation on this subject, she has noted:

“It is a well-known and prolifically documented fact that such electro-magnetic weaponry exists and has been operational for decades, used by the military and intelligence agencies (including but not limited to FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA DARPA) against persons deemed “dissidents,” whistleblowers, journalists and expositors of vital information which should be of concern to every American who values the God-given, unalienable rights and liberties enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, and specifically the Bill of Rights contained therein….I am one of many former intelligence professionals, an independent investigator, intelligence analyst and journalist, who, for more than a quarter century, has been documenting and publicly reporting on the high-tech anti-personnel weaponry used against us.” – Letter from Barbara Hartwell for Ramola D

Clarity of Voice Versus Criminality of the CIA

A writer with clarity of stance and perspective unafraid to address the egregious and extreme attacks on her, Barbara Hartwell says she has been in an openly adversarial relationship with the CIA since her exit. Her website announces this without demur: barbarahartwellvscia.blogspot.com.

I have had a lifelong involvement with CIA: Born into a CIA family; targeted from childhood; recruited; indoctrinated; literally brainwashed by mind control programming; utilized in their black ops; and finally, since 1994, when I finally broke free, in an openly adversarial relationship and targeted for political persecution.

This agency has, in the most fundamental ways, destroyed my life. They stole my childhood and co-opted my life for “government service”, against my will.” The Family Jewels: Nothing New Under the Sun, Barbara Hartwell, July 13, 2007

Few whistle-blowers from the agencies speak with the uncompromising power of voice, integrity, and intellect that Barbara Hartwell has; I personally find it a pleasure to read her work, rife with incisive insights as it is, illustrative of the strength of her character as she logically takes on and obliterates troll-like slander aimed at her.

Few whistle-blowers indeed have been as maligned and publicly slandered as she has been; the issue of publicly addressing public defamation of reputation—of particular resonance to me given its landing on my doorstep in recent times—she notes on her site is an important one; the Slander Ops are related very much via Containment and Psychological Operations to her status as ex-CIA.

Parts 1-4 Podcast Conversations with Barbara Hartwell on Ramola D Reports

Over the past few weeks I have had the privilege of conversing with Barbara Hartwell on these and related subjects in a series of podcasts which we hope to continue.

In our first podcast, Report #61 at my channel Ramola D Reports, Barbara relayed how she is a Black Ops or childhood MK ULTRA survivor. Born into a family with CIA and Military Intelligence connections going back to the OSS (Office of Strategic Services), provided no choice, she and her sister were recruited involuntarily in the ’50s as very young children (at age three for Barbara) into the dark experimental programs of trauma-based mind control we now know the CIA has been toying with for decades, starting way back during the Second World War.

Much of her memory of these times has been wiped, she says, but she shares a few memories of the kind of purposeful training she was put through, including military drills with early learning accessories like wooden blocks and maps, and learning to read and write at the age of three.

One indelible and extraordinary memory she recounts is not her own, but her sister’s memory of Josef Mengele, the “Angel of Death” coming to their childhood home, an old house in Westchester County, New York, standing in the library with their father.

“My sister remembers my father bringing Josef Mengele into the house, specifically into the library…and she remembers my father introducing her. This was Dr. Josef Mengele…it was horrifying. This is the kind of thing people don’t even know went on…”(–Barbara Hartwell, Ramola D Reports/Report #61)

Josef Mengele was the inexplicably barbaric SS officer and physician who performed extreme experiments on twins by first killing then dismembering them, who engaged in all manner of extreme tortures on children, who killed on whim, and apparently sent hundreds of thousands of Auschwitz deportees to the gas chambers with a flick of his gloved hand.

Noting that most people do not know that Mengele experimented on children nor the connection between the most technologically-credentialed and militaristic Nazis (brought over by Project Paperclip into the OSS, precursor to the CIA– “A lot of the core officers of the OSS were SS officers and scientists”), Satanism, eugenics, genetic engineering, bloodline-obsessions and the CIA, Barbara Hartwell says:

“I can tell you CIA is an extremely sinister organization. I call them the Criminally Insane Agency—because that is what I truly believe they are. They have no morals, they have no scruples, they use people and they exploit people—that’s what they do.”(–Barbara Hartwell, Ramola D Reports/Report #61)

CIA Engages in Illegal Domestic Covert Operations

On a subject that has been covered by writers and analysts like Doug Valentine and Alex Constantine, as well as reported sporadically by mainstream media including The Washington Post/2002, Associated Press/2011, The New York Times/2011, and The Christian Science Monitor/2015, and pointed to by other CIA whistleblowers like Kevin Shipp, Barbara Hartwell notes:

CIA is and has always been heavily involved in what I would call illegal domestic covert operations. CIA is part of the Executive branch of the government—they don’t answer to anybody, even the so-called Executive Branch. The President doesn’t ever know what they’re doing. I can guarantee that. They have no oversight.

Yes (they’re part of the shadow government). They’re extremely powerful….People think they’re an Intelligence-gathering organization, they keep us safe here in America. No, they don’t. They foment—they engage in nation-building, propaganda, and they overthrow governments, and they set up puppet governments—that’s what they do.”(–Barbara Hartwell, Ramola D Reports/Report #61)

Domestic Operations of the kind used in the Phoenix operation in Vietnam have been practiced by the CIA inside the USA for a long time apparently, as illustrated for instance by Project CHAOS, a CIA venture which infiltrated groups in the ’60s and ’70s and surveilled thousands of Americans.

During the life of Operation CHAOS, the CIA had compiled personality files on over 13,000 individuals including more than 7,000 U.S. citizens as well as files on over 1,000 domestic groups. (17)

The CIA had shared information on more than 300,000 persons with different law enforcement agencies including the DIA and FBI. It had spied on, burglarized, intimidated, misinformed, lied to, deceived, and carried out criminal acts against thousands of citizens of the United States. It had placed itself above the law, above the Constitution, and in contempt of international diplomacy and the United States Congress. It had violated its charter and had contributed either directly or indirectly to the resignation of a President of the United States. It had tainted itself beyond hope.

Of all this, the CIA’s blatant contempt for the rights of individuals was the worst. This record of deceit and illegality, implored Congress as well as the President to take extreme measures to control the Agency’s activities. However, except for a few cosmetic changes made for public consumption such as the Congressional intelligence oversight committee nothing has been done to control the CIA. In fact, subsequent administrations have chosen to use the CIA for domestic operations as well. These renewed domestic operations began with Gerald Ford, were briefly limited by Jimmy Carter, and then extended dramatically by Ronald Reagan.

Any hope of curbing these illegal activities is scant. Recently, George Bush and current DCI William Webster announced a need to again target political enemies of the U.S. for assassination. —Verne Lyon, The History of Domestic Surveillance, Covert Action Information Bulletin, Summer 1990

CIA is Largely About Propaganda and Psychological Warfare

A key aspect of the CIA’s mission is apparently Psychological Warfare, of the kind intended to destroy the minds and psyches of individuals, families, groups of any kind, and whole populations.

In reference to an earlier statement made on her website to the effect that the CIA is not about intelligence but about propaganda, Barbara notes: “Well, it is largely about propaganda. Have you heard the phrase Hearts and Minds? Well—Hearts and Minds: To go into any country, including this one, to take over control of anything, you have to gain a certain degree of Consent, meaning Hearts and Minds—you have to grasp the hearts and minds of people through Propaganda, to make them believe that what they’re doing is good for you…Yes, it’s part of Psychological Warfare.”

Pointing out with intent that she herself has never knowingly taken part in such psychological operations designed to mislead and misdirect in her own work, Barbara Hartwell speaks at length on Containment Operations directed at herself shortly after her exit from the CIA, a subject picked up in later podcasts and to be reported on further here.

To hear the whole of this informative and widely-ranging conversation, please visit Ramola D Reports at this video link on Youtube, to be posted shortly as well on Vimeo and Bitchute. (4/20/2021: Youtube link now an Odysee link/To be posted at Brighteon, Bitchute, Ahava528 shortly.)


Report 61: Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower Discusses CIA History, Propaganda, Targeting

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