Regarding Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower | June 13, 2023

Note | Ramola D | June 13, 2023

Noting here that the post made yesterday by CIA whistleblower Barbara Hartwell at her site
Ramola D Launches Public Complaint Against Barbara Hartwell: “Defaming Posts” & “Slander” is defamatory, misrepresentative, falsely-accusatory, and false. It is regrettable that Barbara has taken this route, and also regrettable that she has not posted the email (not a public complaint launch) referenced in full, which would enlighten readers as to the real subject/s it covered. This email is posted below for reference, along with pdfs of the referenced posts Barbara has made earlier apparently seeking to slander this writer (inexplicable all round).

Other matters referenced in Barbara’s articles PDF’d here from her website have to do with previous publications and emails referencing “targeted individuals,” a serious subject on which this writer and Barbara Hartwell do not share the same views. Regardless, this writer has never engaged in actions of scurrilous gossip or slander against Barbara Hartwell as implied. Vital to note that this writer does not appreciate the language of misrepresentation, false accusation, and veiled threat concluding Barbara’s post against her (“I can guarantee there will be consequences, most certainly not to her liking”) and wishes to keep this matter public for her own protection–while concluding it fully from her own end with this acknowledgment. Any further publication if any from Barbara Hartwell misrepresenting, falsely-accusing, or/and slandering Ramola D will be ignored.


However, the very serious issue of journalism to surface political persecution and crimes against humanity covered by this writer and journalist must be addressed.

This writer would like to note that, in her view, in no way does this matter affect her serious journalism which includes Barbara Hartwell’s testimonials as former CIA Counterintelligence and Psychological Operations officer and journalist herself, nor does it invalidate the many interviews, podcasts, and panels this writer has conducted which have included her. Nor indeed does it affect the memories of the warm friendship, support, and collegiateship this writer has shared, over the phone, and in emails, with Barbara Hartwell, from the time that Geral Sosbee, FBI whistleblower made her aware of Barbara’s coverage of his case, many years ago.

This writer has increasingly been made aware over the years of the extreme strangeness of the so-called “Intelligence Community” in the USA through her interactions with and journalistic coverage of whistleblowers from various prestigiously-named agencies which apparently all seem to actually be filled with people idly entertaining themselves and others with various covers, stories, and lies. Regardless, this writer wishes to wish Barbara Hartwell the very best as she regretfully notes the sad decline evident herein. No doubt one day the full truth of what the more than ignoble “IC” is all about will be fully revealed and be known to one and all.

Until then, and beyond, this writer rightfully claims more-than-copyright ownership of all podcasts, articles, panels, videos, audios, text featuring any of her guests, including “IC” whistleblowers, as also previously noted here and here, and assures her readership and viewership that the many years of work in truth-journalism including featuring “IC” whistleblowers she has accomplished–in conditions of absolute warfare against her really–ensures, in her view, the continued importance of her reportage, as per the historic record and as contextually needed. In no way should this writing be seen to detract from the great importance of all extant genuine whistleblower reportage, from both government, military and civilian whistleblowers as surfaced by any and all journalists including this writer; their voices are needed and must be cherished, supported, and upheld. This writer’s journalism in the public domain remains in the public space, and cannot be reprinted or reposted except as is, without modification, and with full credit and linkback, as noted in her copyright notice, and in her view certainly stands as continuing testament to the subjects of political persecution and crimes against humanity (as all other subjects) she has covered with diligence over the years, certainly since 2013, when her investigative and advocacy journalism began.


Ramola D, June 13, 2023, Quincy, Massachusetts