Regarding Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower | September 23, 2023

Record & Note | Ramola D | September 23, 2023

Now that only the word “idiotic” comes to mind regarding what exactly Barbara Hartwell is doing on her website in the endless CIA play to malign my name and work, I am compelled to publish the private Cease and Desist sent to her on September 9, 2023–despite not wanting to be drawn into any extended and pointless back-and-forthing in the first place. [It’s clear that Intelligence in this country means the opposite thereof.] The ghost writer or writers currently occupying her website seem to be keen on spiraling inward into echo-stalking mayhem–the title and post “CYBERSTALKING, HARASSMENT & DEFAMATION BY RAMOLA D/DHARMARAJ,” convoluted and false, are hereby invalidated.

Previous responses to unacceptable defamation and slander attempts can be found here and here.

Cease and Desist email sent September 9: