COINTELPRO Operatives & Smear Campaigns

Ramola D | July 4, 2021

Dr. Katherine Horton and ex-NSA Karen Melton-Stewart have LIED publicly and proved themselves to be Intel operatives and Smear Campaign operatives.

The truth should be known about these two in particular–although there are many others who operate as infiltrators and gatekeepers among targets while playing activist, leader, support-group-runner, podcaster–since they appear to be run at a very high level by the very Intelligence agencies they purport to expose: I would not be surprised if they are not both being run by the CIA/SES.

Dr. Katherine Horton and ex-NSA Karen Melton-Stewart‘s 3-year long campaign to attack my name and work — on no provocation whatsoever, for no reason whatsoever — with blatant and proven lies and smears, issued publicly on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube videos, websites, and privately on DMs and texts and emails as reported by many, as well as various other actions against others (of project sabotage, agent-provocateur-inciting, life-takedown, gatekeeping and censorship) supported by much other evidence, discussed in my many articles on them (written purely to rebut their lies), establishes definitively to me that both these ladies are Intel operatives–running smear campaigns to waste my time, attack my name, and deflect attention from the published body of my work (in addition to attacking and targeting many others).

Both appear to be assisting their agency bosses (CIA, MI5, GCHQ, NSA, FBI) – in addition to running their own agent-provocateur and saboteur actions — in neuro-linguistic programming, echo-stalking, chatterbotting, misleading and deflecting activism efforts to expose and stop targeting crimes, data-collection, neural-circuit mapping, parallel-construction, publishing Disinformation, and gatekeeping. This is directed at all those targeted whom they have deceived into following them on social media.

They’re not the only ones, but the most prominent who have crossed my path, fixated on and targeted me, and run public smear campaigns against me — after working with me for 1.5 years, in Karen Stewart’s case, a little longer, possibly a year longer. My rebuttals of their lies and smears have been made primarily because they worked with me as colleagues (in human rights activism to expose the unlawful and extreme crimes of Law Enforcement, various alphabet agencies, the military, the biomedical research complex)–and in Karen’s case, for long first as interviewee and subject of my journalism — then swung around to launch baseless smears-and-lies attacks.

The truth of their interactions with me has been addressed in numerous articles and podcasts, listed below.

The irony of encountering Intelligence operatives while exposing Intelligence/Security agency crimes cannot be underscored enough, but clearly I would never have encountered the lunacy of COINTELPRO had I not “gone over the target” in exposing and writing insistently and incessantly over 8 years now of the absolute atrocities being engaged in by the organized crime syndicate of Law Enforcement, FBI, DHS, CIA, multiple Defense contractors, multiple DOD divisions, and multiple Intelligence agencies in using radio frequency weapons, neuroweapons, covert implants, scalar weapons, quantum tunneling weapons, stealth radar weapons, cyberhacking and other offensive weapons on innocent Americans and people worldwide, using groups of weapon-wielders, antennas, portable devices in neighborhoods, using mobilized citizens activated into becoming snitches, spies, watchers, stalkers, monitors, using ex-cons, soldier mercenaries, hackers, addicts, students, satanists, freemasons, neo-Nazis, racists, pedophiles, pedosadist low-lifes to track and monitor and assault people of integrity with RF weapons as they have perfected their stealth arsenal of Electronic Warfare, Neurowarfare, Communist Snitching in their drive toward a Transhumanist, Communist-Fascist New World Order where Nazi scientists engaging in brain theft, bio hacking, and sadism without bounds can hide with impunity, calling RF stealth weapons “Crowd Control Technologies” and the use of microwave pulse weapons to deliver heart attacks and strokes and inflammation injuries “Deterrence.”

Both Katherine Horton and Karen Stewart have also attacked, lied, and smeared other activists publicly. Both have joined hands with others (playing activist and running support groups) engaged in the broad-based Intel-run Containment Operations to hide targeting crimes in running smearing and mobbing operations online on many. Both have proved to be out-of-control slanderers and defamers. Both have made racist remarks marking themselves also as racists. Both continue to play victim and target as well as “TI Leader” to quell independent action from targets as they continue to slander, smear, lie, data-collect, and gatekeep–deceiving many.

I have also reported the extreme attacks on me–with massive microwave weapons hits to head and heart-hits–each time I have exposed their slander and smear and lie campaigns: clearly, these 2 women (as also others: Ella Free, Midge Mathis, Matthew Aaron, Frank Allen) are well-supported by the Mengele Men and Women of “Deep State” infamy propping them up.

Steering far away from these impostors is what I would advise everyone, particularly if you are targeted. They are devious, deceitful, manipulative, duplicitous, venal, and malicious, as well as being well-supported by the duplicitous and malevolent Shallow State often misleadingly termed the Deep State.

They have lied publicly and insistently, they have built false narratives, they have attacked others, and they continue to operate as double agents, deceiving many.

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