Cyberhacking and Censorship

Collecting Reports | Ramola D | July 27, 2023

Cyberhacking, Censorship, Marginalizing, Shadowbanning, Website Interference, Concealing Work Online, Preventing the Exposure of Journalism

This page is being set up to collect all reports made here to report the cyberhacking and shadowbanning of my work, the taking down of video, social media, and other platforms, as well as all manner of website interference which has led essentially to censorship and the concealment of vital reportage made here over the years. These hacking actions–which have caused great harm to myself and to all reading and viewing audiences while preventing the important work of journalism and commentary here from being widely seen–seem, regrettably, to be continuing and are being reported everyday in private logs and social media, consolidated in reports here. Obviously no journalist or writer working for humanity and human rights should be censored or shadowbanned or disappeared online, these are peculiarities of our time, which need addressing. As with all things, this is only a partial record, and is being posted here to offer deeper insight into how journalism today, as well as the editorial, commentary, and personal reportage here of this writer has been suppressed.

(to be updated as time permits)

Cyberhacking and Website Interference To Remove Text and Delay Publication | July 27, 2023

Cyberhacking to Prevent Release of Interview on No-Virus-Isolate with Christine Massey, as Virology Wars Heat Up: Peterborough, Ontario Medical Health Officer Lies to Police After Being Served with Notice of Liability; Dr. Mercola and Journalists Steve Kirsch, Jeremy Hammond Swear the Virus Exists–Dr. Andy Kaufmann and Dr. Tom Cowan Counter | 1-21-2022

Ramola D | Twitter Suspends Account After Tweets Exposing Shoddy Vaccine Reportage by the New York Times, Retaliatory Tyranny in Massachusetts for Journalism, and Lack of Ethics in the Promotion of Brain-Altering Neuroweapons by Georgetown University’s Neuroethics Chief Dr. James Giordiano | 6-04-2021

Youtube Terminates Ramola D Reports After Bombshell Premiere of Alison McDowell Interview on the Greater Danger Facing People Worldwide Today: Full Spectrum Techno Enslavement via “Biosecurity” Games for Western Billionaires–Hedge Fund Gambling Built on Intrusive Bio Surveillance–Which MUST Be Stopped by all Humanity! | 3-03-2021

Desperate Attempts by Twitter and Facebook to Suppress the Deadly Truth About Pfizer & Moderna’s mRNA Vaccines as More Disturbing Videos of Disabling Vibration/Spasms/Coma & Deaths Post-Vaccine Surface | 2-21-2021

Youtube and Twitter Remove Videos, Tweets Exposing Grave Dangers of the mRNA COVID Vaccine in Reprogramming Human Cells Without Informed Consent | 1-30-2021