Writing Back to Dr. Julia Spivack Post Addled Slander

Note | Ramola D | 29th June 2023

Having discovered the rather perplexing display of slander recently on the Equity Governance UK site from Dr. Julia Spivack, the same featured here earlier for her standing-up to crime and corruption in the UK Judicial System (and presumably, other agencies of the State) specifically in defense of Equity Lawyer Mr. Edward Ellis, whose manifold efforts to assist citizens standing up to seek justice have yet not been recognized by His Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals nor HMP Pentonville and whose very grave situation of harm in prison currently we must not forget, this was my response, sent the same day on 26 June, 2023:

Earlier, on the 25th of June, 2023, I had once more queried as to the status of a possible podcast to succeed the publication of her letters as we had discussed (our emails had been subject to continuous hacking, with several of her emails received late at my end, and mine apparently not going through):

On 6/25/2023 at 8:23 PM, “Ramola D” <ramolad@hushmail.com> wrote:

Dear Julia,

Hope your weekend went well. (I have been hit excessively again with energy tech but striving to recover. Happy to take care of my plants and feed the birds at least.)

Are you still up for a podcast this coming week…I know you’d said you were busy with the ICC application.

I didn’t hear back from you after this email, just sending it again.

If Monday or Tuesday will work for a Newsbreak to highlight your brilliant letters and the status currently of Edward’s situation and his work in prison for the other prisoners, please let me know. I would think 8 pm UK either day or 9 pm UK if better would work for me, do let me know.

Looking forward,


–Ramola D to Dr. Julia Spivack

My opening email to Dr. Julia Spivack, opening the correspondence between us a week and a half ago:

On Thu, 15 Jun 2023 00:37:35 -0400, “Ramola D” <ramolad@hushmail.com> wrote:

Dear Dr. Julia,

I have just started to follow what has been happening with Edward and commend you on your 2 powerful letters to the King…still exploring all but must say I am just waking up to your incredible case and realizing you, Edward, and I have all suffered the same kind of fraudulent assault on our reputations, rights, and human dignity by being subjected to mental health frauds. This has increasingly become a subject of mine and I am still working out the ways in which I can speak more openly about my own experience. I would love to interview you on a Newsbreak to cover your letters for Edward and perhaps after that do a news report to cover your case with Pfizer/Viagra if you would be open to that–please let me know. I can be reached here and at ramolad@everydayconcerned.net.

Hope you are doing well, best,



Ramola D

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Some of the lovely and thoughtful and inspiring responses from Julia over the week and a half of our friendly correspondence are below.

Her first email response back to me, on 15 June 2023:

Dear Ramola,

Thankyou for your email and your kind comments.

Re: “…..realizing you, Edward, and I have all suffered the same kind of fraudulent assault on our reputations, rights, and human dignity by being subjected to mental health frauds.”

Yes – the important thing to realise about these frauds is that they are done to a stock formula and a time tested modus operandus. There is no happenstance here.

It is important we get this out to the public. The mainstream press are owned by the protection fraud network. But if we keep on putting thie out there comes point where it cannot be ignored.

Re: “I would love to interview you on a Newsbreak to cover your letters for Edward and perhaps after that do a news report to cover your case with Pfizer/Viagra if you would be open to that”

I have been working with Edward since 2014 after he discovered I had gathered a lot of useful corruption proof. I have attached my latest letter. I am currently drafting an Application to the International Criminal Court. To put Edward in prison and not adequately meet his medical needs is crimial.

Yes I would be delighted to be interviewed by you and talk about my experince of the corruption and how it ties in with Edward etc. Would the latter half of next week be OK for you as I need to get my ICC Application done asap.

We may need to do 2 or 3 interviews to cover the material because it goes back to year 2000.

Thankyou and kind regards Ramola


Julia Spivack

Excerpts from other correspondence:

From 15 June 2023:

Yes I have stood up I wont tolerate corruption and lies and I won’t be pushed around by big corporations, governments and stuff. If I see gross injustice I don’t take prisoners. I beleive in live and let live.

I’ve been at this a long time sice 2006 gathering corruption proof. There is a lot of material to cover. I would say we need a few sessions to cover it all. I saw you did a couple interviews with Edward a few years back that I watched – they were quite long about 2 hours each and it was fairly straight and serious stuff – is that what you want. I’m more like Edward really.

You can go ahead and publish my letter(s) before the interview. I have attached Corruption Case Summary of Dr Julia Spivack.

I sent another email out today to the Government legal department and sent to all the corruption victims – you should have received it today as I included you in the mailing list. I have more if you want it.”

–Dr. Julia Spivack to Ramola D

From 21 June 2023, after I’d discussed my new format for podcasts upcoming (“I am no longer doing 2-hour interviews but aim to do shorter Newsbreaks (10-30 minutes max) and Reports (30-40 minutes, maybe 1 hour max”): 

As there is such a lot of material to cover going back more than 20 years and the sessions are short then maybe reveal the information in a Russian dolls or peeling an onion sort of fashion rather than chronologically.

To be honest I would rather have a shorter show actually – average 30 minutes rather than 2 hours because people can get bored – a shorter session leaves the audience wanting more. Also its not a nice subject to have to talk about you know people having their lives ruined, people murdered, genocide etc and its better in smaller doses. Also essentially we are telling people that this world isn’t what they have been raised to think it is. Governments are not there to look after people.

Ultimately the take home message is people have to take back their own power and take back control of their own lives – no-one is going to rescue them. To take back control you need to know whats going on and how we got to be in the mess we are in and believe me we are in a mess – the scariest part is that many people dont know – they have become passive like farm animals (pharm animals) who don’t realise they are being fattened up to be slaughtered. They have to learn to find their own power.

–Dr. Julia Spivack to Ramola D

From June 22, 2023, in relation to the email Dr. Spivack sent HMCTS’s Mr. Iram Shakil, which exchange she may have forgotten:

Certainly I’d love to publish the entirety of our correspondence in full, given the high level of interest in our writing these days (I’m presuming, given the nonstop hacking and freezing on my computer and the varied cries and yells and loud powersawing, lawnmowing, and power washing sounds from this frenzied neighborhood block again, while microwave pulse hits overheat my spine and room as I sit here writing in this faintly powdery blue wallpapered room in an old and creaking Wollaston house from the 1920s), but I’d much prefer to end this misplaced meandering of slander here. There is much I need to report, and once again, I want to stress that the entire focus of my work to help bring forward Mr. Ellis’s work and the work of all the Mass Corruption Remedy plaintiffs is to help shine the light of journalism on these subjects, and to help those in need have their stories heard and the crimes they report addressed. We must not forget Mr. Ellis is wrongfully being held in prison, that all held in prison are in danger, and that as humanity, we need to speak for those whose voices are being suppressed, we must each act ethically everyday to set each and all of us free.


Ramola D, June 29, 2023, Quincy, Massachusetts