Human Rights

This page lists organizations working to ensure human rights and civil rights around the world, and campaigns and petitions they are currently running. Listed here too are categories of human rights abuse, each linking to separate pages and subsections with more news & info.

This page, like this site is especially concerned with listing and posting information on rights abuses not found in mainstream media, but happening worldwide.  Some topics listed here are cross-posted on the Ethics in 21st-century Science and Technology page.

Main Areas of Concern: 2014

Covert Criminal Targeting of US Activists, Whistleblowers, Writers, Community Leaders-with Physical and Electronic (Computer) Surveillance, Organized Stalking, Defamation and Slander Campaigns, Sabotage of Employment, Community Harassment using unConstitutional  “Secrets” Legislation, Patriot Act, secret FISA courts, secret NS letters, and “National Security” tags.

Clandestine “Classified” Weapons Testing–Non-Lethal (Harmful & Nonconsensual) Remote Radiation NeuroWeapons Testing on American and other Civilians by Military/Intel/Private groups.

Clandestine “Classified” Human Subject Experimentation--“Classified” (Harmful & Nonconsensual) Medical, Neuroscience, Sociological, Psychological, Artificial Intelligence, and Behavioral Research and Experimentation on American and other Civilians by Military/Universities/Intel/Private groups.



3 responses to “Human Rights

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  2. My new video about EMR/Kaiser abuses and my new email.

    Kaiser Criminal Retaliation. Bombarding my Left Frontal Brain Lobe with ionized radiation.
    by jupirena stein
    Kaiser Permanente, – on purpose, severely injured my body. Now they are on purpose, – doing it to my brains. Because I believe in teaching the public about The Real Kaiser Permanente, they are, – s…


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