Notice to All Physicians, Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurses, Hospital Staff, EMS Personnel, Ambulance Staff and Owners, Licensed Social Workers, Mental Health Lawyers, Attorneys, Law Enforcement Officers

Notice | Ramola D | October 19, 2023

This Writer and Journalist is publishing the full account of the unlawful actions taken against her by every psychiatrist who has wrongfully professed to have “evaluated” her–all under conditions of unlawful, forced, coerced duress–and found–out of thin air–a “diagnosis” to label her with, as stated clearly in Ramola D | Note on False Psychiatric Labels, addressed in Ending the False Psychiatric Profiling 2013-2023 of Ramola D, Investigative Science & Technology Journalist & Writer, Not “Mentally Ill” and continuing to be evidenced in Additional Information, With Letters | 2013-2023: False Psychiatric Profiling, and in the process of such publishing, she cannot be unlawfully remote-accessed, assaulted, and assassinated (quietly) with the very electromagnetic and acoustic neuroweaponry she has labored over 10 years to research, write, and speak about; she cannot be “put under surveillance” in her own home and neighborhood and thus harassed, with noise-harassment, provocative neighbor-action, toxic smells and aerosols and gassing, remote stimulation or activation of body and brain parts, remote vibrational or neural technologies accessing her brain, body, heart and chakras, endless and intrusive workmen-action, abrupt and unannounced visits by unknown or known attorneys, physicians, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, licensed social workers, EMS personnel, Ambulance staff or owners, law enforcement officers or any other party running on False Psychiatric Labels and seeking to “check in on (her)” “speak to (her)” “enquire about (her)” “represent (her)” “take care of (her)” “become (her) legal guardian” “take (her) to the doctor” “take (her) to a Court” “take (her) (anywhere)” “take (her) for ‘Medical'” “take (her) for ‘Treatment'” “represent (her) in (her) ‘pending divorce'” or any other outrageous, unlawful, intrusive, privacy-invasive, abusive, discriminatory, racist, sexist, ageist maneuver–as she has previously exposed in Ramola D | Living Testimony in Form of Affidavit and Statement of Fact Re. April 12-19, 2022 Spych Op on American State National, Author, and Truth Journalist, Nov 9, 2022 and is addressing currently with FOIA requests and other enquiries– to very obviously Deprive her of her basic, fundamental, Constitutionally-guaranteed and God-given human rights to stand, write, and speak for herself as a very obviously Fully Mentally Competent–if not Fully Mentally Superior–Intellect, perfectly able to take care of her own self, body, brain, soul, being, and living privately, peacefully, and lawfully in her own private home in Quincy, Massachusetts. It is unlawful to cast perfectly mentally well, healthy, sane, and competent living women and human beings as mentally ill, delusional, paranoid, insane, incompetent women and attempt to take over their private lives, speak for them, act for them, represent them, accost them and so terrorize them in their own homes or in public anywhere with such threat, otherwise terrorize them, and thereby deprive them of their fundamental human rights and right to live independently and peacefully and privately as they wish in their own homes.

Living Woman and Attorney in Fact.

All rights reserved.

Ramola D, Author: For the Sake of the Boy, Temporary Lives, Invisible Season