Notice of Crime Against Humanity | Do Not Participate in Remote Access of Human Beings

Notice | The Everyday Concerned Citizen | First posted October 2019 | Re-Posted November 17, 2023

A Notice to share with neighbors, service-folks in residential neighborhoods, employees at Mental Health and Behavioral Health Centers, Emergency Rooms, Hospitals, Doctor’s Offices, Ambulances–and at this point in time, with everyone you know. Remote access of human beings has become commonplace today, thanks to “Care Coordination” “Behavioral Health” and “Criminal Justice” misconceptions. How acceptable is such technological access of the human body parts and brains of another? No Medical Access of another’s body should be permitted without the receipt of full Informed Consent.

People are suffering today all over the USA and the world because of wifi, microwave, millimeter-wave, acoustic neurotechnologies being used on them non-consensually.

This Notice was posted first in 2019 and is being re-posted today for all seeking to wake up others to the unethicality, venality, and wrongfulness of using Remote Access Technologies to monitor, surveill, track, locate, Remote-Neurally-Monitor, Precision-Strike, Neuro-Strike, Vibrate, Fibrillate, and otherwise Remote-Touch others. International Human Rights Law and American human rights law prohibits harming others.

Those who are young, unaware of basic human rights law, or swayed by false verbiage regarding “community service” or monetarily incentivized by seemingly legitimate parties (who have lost sight of basic human civility) may especially wish to take heed. Please share widely.