In 2015, Covert Non-Consensual RFID/MEMS (Microchip) Implants Are a Reality Everyone Should Know About

This page collects substantive information on covertly-implanted microchips, RFIDs, and MEMs, which people all over the United States and all over the world are reporting today. These implanted chips are being used widely to transmit radio signals at bio-resonance frequencies into people’s bodies and brains in Nonconsensual Mind Hacking (and body hacking) experimentation programs being carried out “secretly” on Americans and citizens worldwide.  (Scarcely secret, in fact, when thousands of people being covertly assaulted are vividly reporting their experiences today, with many having been scanned/X-rayed/MRI’d to prove the presence of these implants, and many regularly recording and documenting the frequency signals and increased body voltage on their bodies.) These are experiments testing the remote manipulation of human bodies, brains, and central nervous systems using directed-energy radiation neuroweapons.

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(Also explore articles here on “Targeted Individuals,” Electromagnetic Radiation/Sonic neuroweapons, microwave weapons, and clandestine human experimentation filed under Human Rights for further information.)

Further Information on RFID Chips, Nanochips, Neurochips, Chipped Vaccines/Excerpt from Research by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler

Dr. Steven Greer: How the Secret Government Works — UFO Secrecy, Unacknowledged Special Access Projects, Scalar Technologies, Disinfo Tactics

William Pawelec: Billions of Microchips Made by Siemens in 1984, Trackable from Space

Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, MD, Former Chief Medical Officer of Finland: Microchip Implants, Mind Control, and Cybernetics

Roxy Lopez/The Truth Denied: How to Remove an RFID Implant

Ex-IBM Employee Reveals TV Abandoned Analog Band to Make Room for RFID Chips

Understanding RFID Chips–An Introduction to New Technologies by Ex-IBM Executive Patrick Redmond

Tim Rifat: Deadly Microwave Weapons Being Used Covertly as Dissident/Mass Behavior Control Weapons in UK and US

Are All Americans Being Covertly RFID-Chipped? Thirty Percent of Americans in a Cross-USA Study Found to be RFID-Chipped

5 responses to “In 2015, Covert Non-Consensual RFID/MEMS (Microchip) Implants Are a Reality Everyone Should Know About

  1. Well I got a few things going on with the South Dakota governor, senators, FBI, CIA, MIT, Mayo Clinics, and the former Robert C. BYRD. I have the proof and evidence that I do contain microchip implants and they are even listed on my immunization records sign by The United States Department of Defense. So I’ve had some of these dating back to 1970. Just got some illegal, forced, and unauthorized by myself and the United States Army and Department of Homeland Security. But these ones recently put in was done by the SD Department of Prisons. And at that time a former United States Army and Psychologist Department was FIRED. But upon his departure he told me to figure out how it works and research the implants.

  2. THEY USE the chemtrails as a means to get into our chakra system and pineal gland as a species. They use our bio-energy by illegally implanting us via the satellites and the DEW.

  3. Thanks for your comment.I think the holocaust is here. It’s happening right now, and we all know it. Those of us who aren’t frequency-controlled enough to see through the deception, that is.

    I see the future very positively though. Many of us are speaking out and educating the public. Many whistleblowers are coming forward–more need to, sure, but a lot has come out already. All these attempts to hive minds, stick minds in computers, and feed us to the ravening maw of a supercontroller AI which are ongoing thanks to the stupidity & shortsightedness of the minions at Universities, research labs, hospitals, neighborhoods, the minions working on these black projects for Mil/Intel, and the paid mercenaries wielding the weapons, who have sold their own souls down the river along with the rest of humanity are doomed to fail. Primarily because people are waking up. All material technologies carry that capability of being destroyed in them–just as the Zen masters will tell you the made bowl carries its own breaking inside it. Their end is coming–and exposing what they are doing is key.

    I foresee more and more people waking up and being able to see the truth of what is happening today–this is already underway. Mass awareness will inevitably create its own powerful effects.

    I sometimes let the Cyber Warfare/Dirty Ops brigade post comments here so I can post my own positivity in response. They do like to drop by and make outlandish claims, in the hope that their lunacy is seen as emblematic of all those reporting covert assaults–it’s called DisInfo, PsyOps, trying hard to discredit and paint those reporting these Covert Ops as fundamentally unstable/insane/deranged. In the desperate hope that educated eyes falling on this page will flick away.Funny, isn’t it, that constant desperation–in the hope of keeping covert assaults on people covert forever.

    As I said though, people are waking up in droves. And can figure out the truth for themselves. Take care.

  4. Thank you for collecting and documenting these ongoing attrocities. I’ve seen most everything before – but the blog format is great. i’ve got to admit -it’s really hard to know who to trust.
    I have a truly harrowing story – beyond what others report. I wonder if they’ve done remote psychosurgery on me. I called Harvard to try to get anappointment with their lobotomy team to investigeat. I’ve driven from Grand Junction to NYC to try and find help. I am convinced they are building a general AI that can absolutely control us all. I think they are gaining most of the expertise off of gitmo prisoners. Google is involved. I keep wondering about working for Greere. Oh and my doctors did a remote rape on me. Truly psyhopathic!

    I seriously think a holocaust is coming.

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