Strictly Secret: A Shocking Story of Intellectual Property Theft, a High Court Landmark Victory, The Vexatious Pursuit To Scrub Court Records, and a Public Cover-Up to Defame and Gas Light Charles Seven

02 November 2018 – by Cassandra

Ramola D, investigative science and technology journalist and author/founder of this website, has been interviewing Charles Seven for the last couple of years (here are the search results on this website for the numerous articles Ramola D has published on Charles Seven’s case:

Until recently, one of Charles Seven’s defendants whom she won an Intellectual Property high court case against in 2006, Richard J Hannah, (who she successfully proved is a con man, fraud, IP thief who profited from crimes committed against Charles Seven), has come out of the woodwork to cyber-stalk and cyber-bully not only Charles Seven with vitriolic abuse and derogatory name calling, but has attempted poorly to exhort Ramola D and a former International Criminal Law judge, Alfred Webre, to delete all interviews/articles regarding Charles Seven and her evidence which in Richard J Hannah’s words he claims are “malicious content”, and even going as far as threatening them with legal action; this from a man who never attended court proceedings of accusations against him in 2006, he provided no defence nor evidence to the contrary of evidence provided by Charles Seven in a court of law.

Now Richard J Hannah’s duper’s delight is being turned into an upside down frown because many highly educated professionals and journalists are taking notice of Charles Seven’s court case victory and evidence, and the continuous pursuit by an organized crime cartel to cover-up Charles Seven’s victory and prevent her from receiving any recompense which would be in its millions if not more.

If you are not already familiar with Charles Seven’s story, not only has she had many assassination attempts on her life, but the judge who ruled in her favour in 2006, was murdered a year later whilst her court case victory and evidence were being scrubbed off public record to gas light Charles Seven as a megalomania and liar; furthermore Charles Seven’s two relatives, an aunt and cousin, were murdered in the Grenfell Towers fire, Richard J Hannah pretends against facts that Charles Seven’s relatives never existed, never lived in Grenfell Towers, and were never murdered in Grenfell Towers.

It is important that we highlight and expose the sick lies being peddled by Richard J Hannah in a desperate bid to cover-up his fraudulent crimes and pay Charles Seven the recompense he owes her.

For all the evidence on Charles Seven’s high court case win, and her continued pursuit for legal justice against the crimes still being orchestrated against her by an organized crime cartel, please read my following article I researched on Charles Seven’s case and please keep checking back for up-dates as Charles Seven has made a crime report against Richard J Hannah to the Metropolitan police, and is currently in ongoing court proceedings against Genesis housing for organized harassment, break-ins, stalking, other such organized crime in retaliation for her continued pursuit of justice:

This is the repost of my article on Steemit in its entirety:

#Strictly Secret: The Creation of Strictly Come Dancing

How would you feel and what would you do if someone stole your Intellectual Property for years and you were able to prove this in court, win a landmark victory, yet spend 15 years being targeted, harassed, stalked and worse whilst waiting for the defendants to pay your compensation and return your Intellectual Property back to you?

This is a real case of how some of your favourite shows like Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing on Ice, 10 years Younger, Dancing with the Stars and more were stolen from Seven @soulutionaries and how she won a landmark victory against multiple TV networks working in a Global Crime Ring who committed Intellectual Property Theft of her work.

Seven’s High Court Victory Case and Evidence

Seven’s court evidence can be found here with an introduction provided by Tony Farrell – here is a small excerpt of his intro:

My name is Tony Farrell, I am a former Principal Intelligence Analyst within the police service and this website will provide an opportunity for viewers to download utterly damning information exposing what must be one of the most monstrous cover ups in the history of the British Judicial system. The case material freely on offer here concerns corruption and racketeering within the media and the entertainment industry extending into circles of the judiciary and the police service.”

Here is a recent video of Seven explaining some of her court evidence and continued targeting of organized harassment and stalking to prevent Seven from receiving any compensation or justice and cover-up her court case win as well as the exposure of the Global Crime Ring whose crimes extend further than just the abuse, harassment, stalking, and Intellectual Property Theft of Seven:

Online Defamation and Gas Lighting Campaign by Defendant Richard J Hannah and other Cyber-Stalking Trolls

Seven’s latest video exposes Richard J Hannah who was one of the many people Seven successfully sued in her court case, and other paid trolls on Twitter and other social media platforms who abuse and defame Seven in a lame and desperate bid to convince people not to believe Seven and her court case evidence and win. It is a pointless attempt when the evidence speaks for itself. Seven not only has released all her court evidence where she outright won her case whilst the other side could not even put together a defence in response where many of the defendants went into hiding afterwards, one even faked their own death, Helen Alexander.


Court Case Tapes

Seven released court tapes of what happened:

Richard J Hannah’s Sick Lies claiming that Seven’s Aunt and Cousin weren’t Murdered in Grenfell Towers

Here is an example of the depths of desperation and how sick and twisted Richard J Hannah is in trying to defame Seven because of her court case win and the millions upon millions of pounds she is owed for all her globally syndicated shows that were stolen from her and are Seven’s Intellectual Property:
*The above link is now Obsolete due to Seven’s Transparent Evidence and Campaign to expose Richard J Hannah et al‘s Crimes, over Cyber-Bullying, and Smear Campaign in Retaliation for the Truth.

Not coincidentally, Seven is also the relative of Majorie Vital and Ernie Vital who were murdered in the Grenfell Towers fire which Richard J Hannah in all his vexatious malice wants to pretend that she is lying about having relatives that lived and were murdered in Grenfell Towers when there is evidence.

Out of all the people who were murdered in Grenfell Towers, Seven’s two relatives were purposefully chosen to be written about in the newspapers as having lost their lives in the tragic fire. Furthermore Seven has been fighting for justice to get her own report she has written be investigated by the Grenfell Inquiry:

Tangible Action to Help


  • Seven has also conducted many interviews online discussing what happened at Grenfell Towers which you can find on You Tube with Ramola D @EccEveryday and also Alfred Webre @alfredwebre. Here is a suggestion for you to watch and share but please search for her other interviews:

  • Seven has done the hard work and she has won a landmark victory in court against a plethora of TV networks for Intellectual Property Theft – but it is you the public who en masse can help enforce that she gets paid compensation & her intellectual property given back to her as well as expose it everywhere. Here it is again Seven’s court case evidence: Please read and share this evidence everywhere.


  • Please write to all the newspapers and magazines and ask them to report on Seven’s case. Please contact all the dancers, participants past and present, every one who works on Strictly Come Dancing, and fans of the show and ask them to speak out – would they like it if they received no credit or payment for their work on Strictly? Let’s face it the celebrities do Strictly for the money and career enhancement – make sure they know about Seven’s case and if they do not speak out about it – ask them why they are ok with working on a show that steals someone’s Intellectual Property and are covering-up these crimes in spite of a landmark court case victory in Seven’s favour.


  • Seven is more likely to get justice if the public speak out en masse – it will also help to expose more than just the crimes experienced by Seven – it will create shock waves around the world and expose heinous crimes against humanity by a Global Crime Ring.


And now that you know about Seven’s case if you stay silent – your silence is complicity.

  • Please help in exposing Richard J Hannah who is abusing and defaming Seven on Twitter as well as cyberstalking Seven and threatening people who interview her. Such is the case for recent interviews Seven has given with Ramola D where Seven has come up with a hashtag campaign for #NoMoreAbuse for all people seeking justice and suing their perpetrators to support each other. One of the videos is here:

It is underneath this video that Richard J Hannah has left a threatening letter to Ramola D for reporting on facts and giving a voice to victims of crime who are being illegally and criminally silenced and threatened.

Richard J Hannah’s Letter Threatening Investigative Journalist Ramola D

Here is Richard J Hannah’s letter to Ramola D left underneath one of Seven’s videos:

Dear Ramola,

It has been brought to my attention that you have published malicious communications and content regarding me and eight other individuals related to a matter called ‘Sevengate’. Video content has been published on a site (or sites) that you manage under the ownership of Social Media Companies. You also have a number of websites. Our issues are not with you . I am requesting that you remove this content within 14 days of this date – it is defamatory. Should you choose not to I will serve an injunction on the Social Media Companies concerned who will be forced to remove content and be forced to pursue you for spreading malicious content on the sites you own – and it is important, I explain why.

Sevengate is predicated on Charles Seven winning a high court case in the UK in 2016. This claim is repeated across numerous sites and hours of video. It is the basis for her claims to have been gangstalked. In fact, the case was struck out and this has been a matter of public record for 12 years. The official record has been forward to appropriate parties. She did not lose, she could not win – the courts decided there was no case to answer.

This is not a matter of free speech, opinion or conspiracy – Charles Seven has simply chosen to mislead her followers. Be aware, that we will also be talking to the Metropolitan Police in London, because we do not know where Ms Seven resides, but we are reporting her incitement to do us harm and falsely accusing us of criminal acts and threats against her person.

I was not aware as to the length of time and complexity woven in to the Sevengate hoax, nor the intensity of her fabrication until this year and so it must stop. For myself and my family, the 8 others wrongly accused and the late Judge Pumphrey. It is considered there may be some mental health issues with Charles and although we are not qualified to help, we do believe if we can remove this fixation she will be in a better place to get the help she needs.

Please confirm that you are happy to cooperate and put right a wrong perpetrated over 15 years.

Kind regards
Richard J Hannah​

Investigative Journalist Ramola D’s Letter of Reply to Cyber-Bully/Stalker and Criminal Richard J Hannah

Here is Ramola D’s brilliant reply to Richard J Hannah’s desperate attempts at trying to silence an investigative journalist for reporting on facts:

Mr. Richard Hannah:

My interest as an investigative Truth-Focused Reporter in covering an issue of great public-interest derives from publicly available material on Writer, Musician, and Media Concept-Creator and Innovator Charles Seven’s public-interest court case, which draws attention to Extreme Theft by wealthy media groups in the news and entertainment media world of her personal, copyrighted, intellectual property and creative work, an issue of continuing and deep concern to all artists, writers, and intellectuals everywhere.

For all concerned viewers and yourself, including any social media companies you may wish to serve injunctions to:

  1. Please be aware that neither Seven nor I are misrepresenting the facts in our video interviews and discussions, which continue as we strive to put the very important and tragic story of her intellectual property theft and subsequent targeting before the public. It is defamatory to suggest otherwise.

  2. The full details of Seven’s court case, including Court Audio Recordings wherein Judge Pumphrey stated he “must rule in Seven’s favor” and where I understand a group of defendants including yourself lost the case by default and inability to defend may be found online at htpp://

  3. I advise that all listen to the Court Audio Recordings-and read Mr. Farrell’s and Seven’s Joint Report. Judge Pumphrey stated “There is no doubt there is copyright” and that the case would go to trial “despite the certain unhappy consequences for the participants” asking “Has Mr. Hannah ever been to court?” and stating, on Seven’s response in the negative, “Well, apply for summary judgement against him.”

  4. Subsequent to Judge Pumphrey’s untimely death shortly afterward, and the lack of court enforcement of the summary judgment, Principal Intelligence Analyst Tony Farrell of the South Yorkshire Police reported the details of both police and court corruption in Seven’s case as “a state cover-up of monstrous proportions, a story that involves gangstalking, in what I would classify as Domestic Terror, and a monstrous cover up in the Judiciary and in the police service,” a case, also, he said, that provided “insight into the events of the (7/7) London Bombings and the Terror Fear-Mongering tactics perpetrated throughout July 2005 and all the subsequent Cover-up of those monstrous atrocities”:

  5. For further information, please see: THE MONSTROUS STATE COVER UP OF MS SEVEN VERSUS GOSSAGE AND NINE OTHERS/by Tony Farrell:

  6. The tremendous wrong perpetrated here has been against Seven and her family for over 15 years, as per all court documents, witness statements, affidavits, testimonials, and analyses.

  7. Contrary to the wrongful content of your comment suggesting “mental health” issues, Seven’s superior mental acuity and profound intellect continue to assist and support thousands of others who have been wrongfully targeted by a corrupt and criminal bureaucracy concealing racketeering crimes, as evident in her presentation of her paper, the ‘Protection Of Intellectual Property Rights’ at the ‘International Conference for Jurists and Writers’ on 23rd June 2014, “covering the urgent need for protection of Targeted Creative Individuals, protection of Individual’s Property Ownership Rights, and protection for the wider public at large from organised IP crime cartels involved in Domestic Terrorism”:

I will not be removing any of my videos or articles reporting the injustice and tremendous criminal targeting Seven has faced—a subject of central interest to my reporting, which covers targeting crimes against many—and I advise that anyone interested in understanding the wide-reaching import of this very critical case of Intellectual Property Theft and criminal targeting kindly first peruse all documents, affidavits, court proceedings, rulings, recordings, and reports posted. It is extremely concerning that Seven currently reports online stalking by you:

I will indeed be covering this case further.I do not appreciate being threatened, Mr. Hannah, and I welcome the involvement of the Metropolitan Police in exploring the corruption Mr. Farrell describes and in paving the way for enforcement of the judgment in Seven’s favor, returning to her in full the intellectual property stolen from her as well as all monetary proceeds from its unlawful global sale.

Far from being “a malicious spreading of content,” my reportage of crimes, cover-ups, and injustice is openly truth-seeking, and my guests—many of whom have experienced great suppression of voice by powerful criminals–are permitted to express themselves.

Please be advised I will not be responding further to any comments you choose to post. I reserve the right at all times to remove malicious, hostile, libelous, threatening, or stalking comments from my video channels and websites.

Ramola D

The Continuous Organized Harassment Campaign against Seven by Defendant Richard J Hannah who lost a High Court Case against him and Fellow Defendants for Intellectual Property Theft

Here is another interview with Seven exposing the continued harassment campaign against her being interviewed by a former International Criminal Law Judge Alfred Webre:

As written underneath the video in the description:
“MUST SEE & SHARE! TruTube News Anchor Alfred Lambremont Webre Interview’s UK concepts innovator Seven about recent diabolical UK Deepstate campaign of stalking, bullying threats and harassment to remove evidence from Social media of the 15 year horrific cover up and hidden court audio’s proving Seven’s Court case Victory and horrific targeting abuse.

In desperate attempts to completely remove the evidence from social media, ringleaders of the UK deepstate crime syndicate, in the case Seven Versus Gossage and Nine Others aka SEVENGATE, previously won in British Courts, have now resorted to BLATANT LIES, OPEN GANGSTALKING, THREATS, SMEARS to remove evidence proving ALL UK deepstate crime syndicate members GUILT.

These desperate attempts to remove the evidence, is to prevent paying the owed outstanding 15 years worth of Copyrights and Royalties after 15 years of illegal/unlawful worldwide trading after the thefts and criminal racketeering with UK concepts innovator Seven’s stolen intellectual property.”

Seven’s Crime Report to the London Metropolitan Police

Here is the latest up-date in Seven’s case of exposing organized harassment and cyber bullying by Richard J Hannah (one of the many defendants Seven won a high court case against for Intellectual Property Theft of her creations of popular TV shows like Strictly Come Dancing). Seven has made a crime report to the Metropolitan police about Richard J Hannah’s crimes and vexatious harassment and retaliation to defame and destroy Seven for her high court case landmark victory where Richard J Hannah owes a large amount of compensation to Seven. Seven also explains in this podcast interview with investigative journalist Ramola D the crafty way this crime syndicate tried to kill Seven off in assassination attempts whilst simultaneously trying to wipe her court case evidence and victory from public record which Seven was quick to gain a judge order ordering the public record of her court case win:

This is what Ramola D has written under the description of the above video link to her interview with Seven:

“An update on new developments in Seven’s case where she and journalists covering her story including myself have recently been accosted, cyberstalked, and threatened online by one of the chief defendants in her case Charles Seven vs. Gossage and Nine Others where she won by default her claim of Intellectual Property Theft by a powerful and apparently criminal media syndicate who retaliated against her with fifteen years of criminal targeting and terrorism.(Seven has also recently suffered the death of her relatives in the Grenfell Fire, and reports extraordinary matrixing of her name and life-details with terror-events such as the 7/7 London Bombings and others, which investigator and Intel analyst Tony Farrell has reported on.)

This person Richard Hannah who Seven states has now been reported to London Metropolitan Police has also written to me—and been responded to—with threats and admonitions, saying Seven’s claims are false. I have re-examined Seven’s documents, and reports, and listened to audio recordings of Judge Pumphrey’s verdict and authenticated for myself the truth of Seven’s claims. The writer ScribendoCogito has also covered these events including my letter to Mr. Hannah in an article:

Seven’s story is astonishing and breathtaking: major concepts for television shows she had such as Dancing with the Stars, Strictly Come Dancing and many health and fitness concepts were stolen from her and used by a media syndicate; her manuscript The Walk was stolen and plagiarized in its entirety and used in film and television; her own life details were taken and used in television shows. To learn more, please watch all of Seven’s videos here at this channel, Ramola D Reports, at her own channel Soulutionaries TV on Youtube, at CCN/Reclaiming Perception, and at NewsInsideOut.

Should Seven be paid her lawful earnings for her intellectual property as she should be, she would be in possession of a sizable fortune, which she would like to use for humanitarian purposes, including financing her new media network, which she hopes to start up soon.

Please support this channel and subscribe at Patreon/RamolaD:

More Overt Cyber-Bullying Threats to Investigative Journalist Ramola D

After the above podcast interview of Seven about the continued cyber bullying and retaliation Seven is receiving for her court case win of Intellectual Property Theft, and written threats to journalists like Ramola D and a journalist and former International Criminal Law Judge Alfred Webre for supporting and reporting on facts and evidence that these journalists and myself have looked into that show Seven is being targeted and victimized for her court case victory and a cover-up preventing Seven from receiving the compensation she is owed as well as the rights to her Intellectual Property back, Richard J Hannah has left another threatening and badly spelt message under Ramola D and Seven’s latest video exposing Richard J Hannah. Here is a screen shot of his message:

Screenshot 2018-10-27 19.01.06 Richard Hannah threat.png

Richard J Hannah Came Out of Hiding to Conduct a Public Smear Campaign against Seven in Retaliation for Seven Publicly Sharing her Evidence and High Court Victory for Intellectual Property Theft

If Richard J Hannah is so confident that the Metropolitan Police, if they conduct a fair investigation, will go in his favour, then why is he is cyber stalking and cyber bullying Seven and highly educated intellectuals who have assessed independently Seven’s court case, evidence, and continued victimisation and retaliation against her?

These are all crimes Richard J Hannah is committing in the so called name of pursuing justice – yet in the court case Seven won against him, he couldn’t even muster up the courage, evidence, or defence to attend court proceedings. Now, Richard J Hannah has come out of hiding to defame and harass Seven because she is still pursuing justice with her court case win and trying to put a stop to her 15 year battle against being targeted 24/7 by a highly organized crime cartel where Seven is constantly harassed, stalked, and repeatedly has crimes committed against her to silence her and destroy her life and evidence of her court case victory to avoid having to pay her a vast amount of compensation that criminals like Richard J Hannah have intentionally stolen from Seven.

This is Seven’s latest interview with Alfred Webre (former International Criminal Law Judge) exposing the evidence of Richard J Hannah’s continued harassment, threats, and defamation and lies regarding her high court case victory against one of many defendants which included defendant Richard J Hannah. They play during the interview the court case audio recordings of Seven’s court case victory that Richard J Hannah has been trying desperately to cover-up and defame Seven as delusional. Seven’s evidence is public and has been independently assessed by highly educated professionals like Alfred Webre:

This is Alfred Webre’s article on this matter on his own website

How to be Supportive

Please help share this important information. These types of organized harassment and stalking campaigns are used on anyone to silence everyone that governments, police, Intel, hospitals, authoritative bodies, and global crime rings want to silence.

Please do not just share this article, create your own articles, post these links and other links in support of Seven’s case to all your own social media platforms, email your friends and colleagues with links and express in your own words why Seven needs our support, exposure of crimes committed on her and others.

Christmas will be here before you know it, write websites like Seven’s the Farrell Report and her You Tube channel into Christmas cards – what better way to thank your friends and relatives than providing them with essential information and support each other in getting justice against evil. Please include links to websites like by investigative reporter Ramola D who supports true warriors like Seven exposing heinous crimes against humanity and has created a niche for herself reporting news and crimes that mainstream media actively cover-up.

Thank you.

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