Raising Public Awareness of Targeting

Flyers and other resources to inform, educate, and persuade neighbors, family, friends to stop aiding the criminal traffickers in LE, CIA, DHS, NSA, FBI who target and assault people of integrity and intelligence with RF/ cybernetic/ neuroweapons while smearing them as mentally ill, unstable, extremist, terrorist–and exploiting them in Nazi experiments and neighborhood subjugation operations.

Fusion Center Crimes

Mil/Intel/Law Enforcement Crimes

MK ULTRA Crimes–Neuro Experimentation

Crimes of Political Persecution

Crimes of Wrongful Targeting


Crimes of Satanic Life Takedown

Crimes of 24/7 Assault Akin to Satanic Ritual Abuse

Crimes Against Humanity

Crimes of Non-Consensual Experimentation Under Classified Cover

Crimes of Torture and Trauma-Based Experimentation

Crimes of Subjugation, Enslavement, & Human Trafficking

Crimes of Mutilation, Disfigurement, Inducing of Disease with Radiation & Acoustic Weapons

Crimes of Extremism & Domestic Terrorism Run by DHS/FBI/CIA

Crimes of Remote-Access Bio-Hacking & Neuro-Hacking

Crimes of In-Home Torture

Crimes of Neurotechnology Assault

Crimes of ICT, Biotech, & Nanotech Assault, Battery, Torture

Crimes of Cybernetic & Psychological Torture

Crimes of Parallel Construction & Deceit

Crimes of Character Assassination

Crimes of Provocation, Harassment, Mobbing, Bullying, Verbal Abuse

Crimes of Wrongful FISA/FMJ Court Orders & Secret Warrants

Crimes of Endless and Bogus Investigations

Crimes of Falsified Records

Crimes of Extreme Invasion of Privacy

Crimes of Unlawful Detainment and False Imprisonment

Crimes of Community Monitoring With Tracking Radar Weapons Handed to Neighbors as Surveillance Devices