January 2, 2020

I am making this statement because NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton Stewart regrettably has recently engaged in massive smear operations on me online, publishing pure libelous slander against me on Twitter and in documents she has posted online, and apparently continues to do so, maintaining false-narratives on me online.

Karen Stewart began her smear operations on me shortly after her own voluntary and responsible participation in the writing and finalizing of a Joint Statement to counter the lies of former human rights activism colleague, Dr. Katherine Horton, publication of which she sought to delay at the last minute, insulting me (on email) for holding a different opinion, and “withdrawing support” well after group approval, leaving me therefore to publish it myself, noting her actions and words in a preface that yet sought to be kind to her public image.

REPORT & JOINT STATEMENT ON HOW TECHNO CRIME FIGHTERS FORUM ENDED | Correction of Dr. Katherine Horton’s False Narrative Changing Facts

In an extraordinary and unwarranted reversal of her previous support and respect for my work shortly after publication of this Report & Joint Statement, Karen Stewart started to publish attacks on my character.

Inclusive of her uninformed assessments currently of my rebuttals to Dr. Horton’s long-term smear-operations on myself and others (which she falsely and inversely labels “obsessive pursuit”) as well as to my and others’ considered analyses of Dr. Horton’s actions, are conflated references to other limited-hangout, controlled-opposition activists who have both insulted me and other activists previously and have proved themselves to be maintaining false-narratives about surveillance, military/intelligence experimentation and targeting crimes and perpetrators, which marks them as activism infiltrators—a category of activist Karen Stewart, by her own published statements, is unable to discern.

I have published rebuttals to Karen’s wrongful and defamatory statements in threads on Twitter and in two articles online. Interested readers are welcome to read these to understand the conflict in full, as well as peruse the tweets on her timeline against me, not all of which I have included in my responses.

Notes, Clarifications & Remarks on Karen Stewart’s Latest Attack-Missive Filled with Extraordinary and Misfed Ramblings Designed to Denigrate

Ramola D | #Bentley360: Musings & Reports–Full Spectrum Record/Smear Ops To Hide Non Lethal Ops And Neuro Ops And Protect Intelligence Agencies, US & World Militaries, NATO, UN, Universities, Students, Governments, Media, Hospitals,  Scientists, & Those Shadows & Satanists Behind Them 

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As a writer and journalist, I have greatly appreciated Karen Stewart’s speaking out as an NSA whistleblower about targeting, surveillance, military, and fusion center directed-energy-weapon, neuroweapon, and blacklisting crimes, and have worked with her for a long time both as a colleague in human rights activism and as a journalist diligently covering, promoting, and platforming her story, with much mutual respect, support, and friendship from the time that I published a print interview with her in April 2016 at Washington’s Blog. I have also appreciated Karen Stewart’s speaking out in 2018 on my behalf, along with other Intelligence agency whistleblowers and activists, to the Quincy Public School Board post Principal Rick DeCristafaro’s egregious and libelous false-reports on me, a concerned parent, for “child neglect” after my speaking out forthrightly as a matter of Public Safety to him about anti-personnel directed-energy weapons use on my person on school grounds at my daughter’s then-school, Central Middle School in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Our articles, interviews, and podcasts may be found online, at my media site The Everyday Concerned Citizen and my video channel at Youtube, Ramola D Reports.

These will continue to be hosted there as part of my journalistic and human rights activism repertoire and record—which includes coverage of other whistleblowers and targeted activists and citizens.

However, by Karen Stewart’s explicit and continued request, and by reason of her current turning insultingly against my voice and work – based entirely on false premises and her apparently entrenched, intentional ignorance regarding former colleague and now-proven agent provocateur, Dr. Katherine Horton, who has (by their own continuing reports) seriously damaged the lives, court cases, and reputations of other activists, and whose recurrent lies regarding the end of the Techno Crime Fighters Forum we participated in necessitated the recent publication of the Joint Statement – I will be removing all the flyers and articles Karen Stewart had personally posted with the invaluable help of another wrongfully targeted writer, who also publishes at The Everyday Concerned Citizen, and whose help Karen Stewart has regrettably not appreciated it seems, in her sudden demand for the removal of her work.

In libeling and insulting me publicly, false-labeling me absurdly and wrongfully as an “obsessive egoist and narcissist,” on the basis of her ill-informed rejection of clear and fact-based assessments of Katherine Horton’s factual actions of defamatory, libelous pursuit and activist-sabotage supported by continuing testimonial from the several European activists who have worked closely with Ms. Horton—and whose lives and court cases have been damaged by her, by their own continuing report–as well as from many other intelligent observers witness to the facts, Karen Stewart has made an ill-advised and misled stand for falsehood, false-narratives, determined ignorance, and false-reality. The false-labeling and false-narratives she maintains on my name and work are profoundly defamatory and should be repudiated.

Ramola D/Dharmaraj | January 2, 2020