January 2, 2020

I am making this statement because NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton Stewart regrettably has recently engaged in massive smear operations on me online, publishing pure libelous slander on Twitter and in documents she has posted online, and apparently continues to do so, maintaining false-narratives on me online.

Karen Stewart began her smear operations on me shortly after her own voluntary and responsible participation in the writing and finalizing of a Joint Statement to counter the lies of former human rights activism colleague, Dr. Katherine Horton, publication of which she sought to delay at the last minute, insulting me (on email) for holding a different opinion, and “withdrawing support” well after group approval, leaving me therefore to publish it myself, noting her actions and words in a preface that yet sought to be kind to her public image.

REPORT & JOINT STATEMENT ON HOW TECHNO CRIME FIGHTERS FORUM ENDED | Correction of Dr. Katherine Horton’s False Narrative Changing Facts

In an extraordinary and unwarranted reversal of her previous support and respect for my work shortly after publication of this Report & Joint Statement, Karen Stewart started to publish attacks on my character.

Inclusive of her uninformed assessments currently of my rebuttals to Dr. Horton’s long-term smear-operations on myself and others (which she falsely and inversely labels “obsessive pursuit”) as well as to my and others’ considered analyses of Dr. Horton’s actions, are conflated references to other limited-hangout, controlled-opposition activists who have both insulted me and other activists previously and have proved themselves to be maintaining false-narratives about surveillance, military/intelligence experimentation and targeting crimes and perpetrators, which marks them as activism infiltrators—a category of activist Karen Stewart, by her own published statements, is unable to discern.

I have published rebuttals to Karen’s wrongful and defamatory statements in threads on Twitter and in two articles online. Interested readers are welcome to read these to understand the conflict in full, as well as peruse the tweets on her timeline against me, not all of which I have included in my responses.

Notes, Clarifications & Remarks on Karen Stewart’s Latest Attack-Missive Filled with Extraordinary and Misfed Ramblings Designed to Denigrate | 12/29/2019

Ramola D | #Bentley360: Musings & Reports–Full Spectrum Record/Smear Ops To Hide Non Lethal Ops And Neuro Ops And Protect Intelligence Agencies, US & World Militaries, NATO, UN, Universities, Students, Governments, Media, Hospitals,  Scientists, & Those Shadows & Satanists Behind Them  | 12/26/2019

NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart: Slander And False-Reality-Constructs:
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My Past Coverage, Interviews, Joint Efforts on/with Karen Stewart:
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Addressing Further Aspersions and Slander from Karen Stewart: Thread 4, Dec 31, 2019

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As a writer and journalist, I have greatly appreciated Karen Stewart’s speaking out as an NSA whistleblower about targeting, surveillance, military, and fusion center directed-energy-weapon, neuroweapon, and blacklisting crimes, and have worked with her for a long time both as a colleague in human rights activism and as a journalist diligently covering, promoting, and platforming her story, with much mutual respect, support, and friendship from the time that I published a print interview with her in April 2016 at Washington’s Blog. I have also appreciated Karen Stewart’s speaking out in 2018 on my behalf, along with other Intelligence agency whistleblowers and activists, to the Quincy Public School Board post Principal Rick DeCristafaro’s egregious and libelous false-reports on me, a concerned parent, for “child neglect” after my speaking out forthrightly as a matter of Public Safety to him about anti-personnel directed-energy weapons use on my person on school grounds at my daughter’s then-school, Central Middle School in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Our articles, interviews, and podcasts may be found online, at my media site The Everyday Concerned Citizen and my video channel at Youtube, Ramola D Reports.

These will continue to be hosted there as part of my journalistic and human rights activism repertoire and record—which includes coverage of other whistleblowers and targeted activists and citizens.

However, by Karen Stewart’s explicit and continued request, and by reason of her current turning insultingly against my voice and work – based entirely on false premises and her apparently entrenched, intentional ignorance regarding former colleague and now-proven agent provocateur, Dr. Katherine Horton, who has (by their own continuing reports) seriously damaged the lives, court cases, and reputations of other activists, and whose recurrent lies regarding the end of the Techno Crime Fighters Forum we participated in necessitated the recent publication of the Joint Statement – I will be removing all the flyers and articles Karen Stewart had personally posted with the invaluable help of another wrongfully targeted writer, who also publishes at The Everyday Concerned Citizen, and whose help Karen Stewart has regrettably not appreciated it seems, in her sudden demand for the removal of her work.

In libeling and insulting me publicly, false-labeling me absurdly and wrongfully as an “obsessive egoist and narcissist,” on the basis of her ill-informed rejection of clear and fact-based assessments of Katherine Horton’s factual actions of defamatory, libelous pursuit and activist-sabotage supported by continuing testimonial from the several European activists who have worked closely with Ms. Horton—and whose lives and court cases have been damaged by her, by their own continuing report–as well as from many other intelligent observers witness to the facts, Karen Stewart has made an ill-advised and misled stand for falsehood, false-narratives, determined ignorance, and false-reality. The false-labeling and false-narratives she maintains on my name and work are profoundly defamatory and should be repudiated.

Ramola D/Dharmaraj | January 2, 2020


A Few Observations on Karen Stewart’s “Troublemakers will be isolated and left out–Abusers, Liars, Obsessive Stalkers, Gossips, Clueless Crusaders or Yellow Journalists” 1/13/2020

Further Targeting of the Too-Much-Truth-Telling Journalist by Self-Named “Targeted Individual Activist Leaders”: Karen Stewart Moves from Smear Operation to “Calling the Police” while Midge Mathis, Matthew Arnegard, Frank Allen Send Public and Private Insults 2/6/2020

Addendum | Feb 10, 2020

In light of Karen Stewart’s additional actions of aspersion, libel, and slander reported on a continued thread, recently closed, impugning the character of both myself and CIA whistleblower Barbara Hartwell, as Barbara Hartwell has recently noted, and in light of her most recent actions of absurd aggression on a group email someone else created as well as in direct address to me, reported in an article on Feb 6, 2020. it appears that Karen Stewart, far from showing an interest in basic fact-checking to understand the basics of Katherine Horton’s nonstop smear operation & cover-operation to bury her provocateur/saboteur/NLP actions against myself and many–which she admitted she had never followed–is more interested in continuing to maintain and disseminate her insulting false narratives and mischaracterizations of me–a publishing writer and journalist on matters of targeting and non-consensual Mil/Intel experimentation–instead. 

Her continued support and embrace meanwhile of various infiltrator-activists running limited hangouts, “support-group” holding-pattern-for-TIs-Mil/Intel Ops, Disinfo websites & billboards, NLP and false-hope-theatricals in patent controlled opposition for the DOD/NSA/CIA/FBI/USAF/USMC/NASA/NIH/NSF perpetrators of crime here, and significant refusal to name anyone an infiltrator, all suggest that she too has been corralled, wittingly or unwittingly into running a quite visible containment operation on activists and writers in this space herself.

These attitudes and actions necessarily call into question all her statements, analyses, and aspersions on myself, and on those writers like me who seek to publish the truth and are unafraid to call out hypocrisy, Disinfo, infiltration, and containment when we see it. 

The very odd turning or change Karen Stewart has exhibited–and currently steadfastly clings to–in completely denigrating me and seeking avidly to discredit me online, after being a trusted supporter of my activism and journalism for years is highly questionable and points inevitably, in my view (and many others I have spoken with), to dubious collusion with the very coterie of Intel/Military operatives who seek to keep these horrific matters of targeting secret. 

Controlling the narrative, attenuating the disclosure, embracing the plants, muddying the waters, confusing the observers, “uniting” the troops, deflecting attention from the truth-telling writers, in fact, running deterrence on any expanding influence of the truth-telling writers, and sharply reining in any independent thinkers and activists leading observers to the grimy truth too quickly or too clearly all appear to be the motivation here. The military-intelligence complex has long prided itself on its ability to run superior Psy Ops and keep the facts of their superior technology and depraved experimentation quite secret, for decades, and it seems to me that that is what is in evidence here.

I wish to note, as I have in various threads on Twitter lately, especially this one, that while Karen Stewart launched into and ran a smear operation on me, I was deep in research and analysis to report a highly significant technical report from DARPA & the joint DOD-DOJ run JPSG, attesting to experimental operations of spectrum and acoustic neurotechnologies in the field, precisely what thousands of TIs are reporting. My work was greatly delayed by her character-assassination operations–since I felt compelled to respond immediately to her extreme and outrageous attacks on me (see all articles and threads linked here). I was also under extreme attack during the entirety of the 1-2 months I was spending working on this report, and during the writing of all smear rebuttals to Karen Stewart’s smear attacks, through December and January, with extreme heart-spot-hits and heart-congestion-hits with various exotic military technologies, as well as nonstop intense microwave pulse-hits to my head, face, eyes, spine, knees, and private parts, sleep-deprivation with high heat pulses on my spine, remote electric shocks to my spine and head, all invoking sleep-deprivation, severe migraines, and debilitating bodily pain–while also fending off death threats, brutal COINTELPRO, utterly lawless extreme uber-brighting on the roads on rainy or snowy winter nights (in Milton, Mass, Braintree, Mass, and Quincy, Mass) and extremely hazardous driving around me, even with my teenage daughter in the car with me. (All this in addition to the usual Stasi community vigilante behavior, daily COINTELPRO, retail-store stalking and harassment with portable non-lethal devices, helicopter and small-plane stalking, chem trails marking Xs in the sky in front of my house, etc.)

It is my conclusion therefore that Karen Stewart’s character-attacks on me were deliberately timed, whether by herself or her Intelligence/Military friends–whom she has now made reference to openly on Twitter as having supplied her “Intel”–faulty and distorted Intel, that is–on me; and the subterranean intention of all these covert and colluding parties has been not merely to attack my name and silence my voice, but turn all attention away from this very important report, which I suggest everyone who is targeted, and their family, friends, doctors, and all ethical journalists and human rights advocates read and share widely:

Documentary Evidence of Covert Electronic-Weapon and Neurotechnology Use By US Government on Americans Series (2) The Limited Effects Technology (LET) Program Report | JPSG, OOTW/LE Programs, 1996

In the event that Karen Stewart continues to publish defamatory comments and statements online against me, I reserve the right to record and report her words and actions right here in interests of documentation for the public record. With the publication of Further Targeting…, she has been requested once more to cease and desist from her defamation and slander of my name online.

All that I have stated here is true.

Ramola D | February 10, 2020

After further libelous slander from Karen Stewart, Public Notice article published on 3/3/2020:

Nonstop Defamation, Distortion, Denigration by Karen Stewart; No Awareness of Facts and Truth Yet; No Retraction of Lies and False Narratives

Public Notice in that article, fully contextualized there:

Currently Open Twitter Thread addressing further smears and lies by Karen Stewart & the publication of private emails again by Karen Stewart, on Facebook and Twitter, 3/22/2020, opened 3/3/2020:

#KarenStewart #ForTheRecord #SmearRebuttal #ExpectLies

Add to Addendum | March 22, 2020

Addressing the many misrepresentations of fact, outright lies, and absurd statements in her “challenge” post at Facebook, where lies about the writing of the Joint Statement are presented as “fact” — ie “A-Karen-Fact” aka “EndlessLies”

Now Correcting Karen-Stewart’s-Lies-Named-Fact Regarding the WRITING of The TCFF Joint Statement

General Context & Background of Karen Stewart’s #SmearOp on Ramola D lately: I have finally understood that Karen Stewart’s version of facts where Ramola D is concerned equals #EndlessLies, as I noted in the posted Public Notice article on 3/3/2020—which she makes no reference to as she extracts the Public Notice and smears further. This rebuttal is being included in this Statement and being made at all only because it concerns the actual writing of the Joint Statement, which Karen has now #EndlesslyLiedAbout–but which new lies/smears I think (screenshot below) are profoundly injurious and libelous, since they paint a false image of me I strongly repudiate. People need to know the truth.

Let me rephrase that libelous paragraph (first para above in #KSGoebbelsLies) for Karen Melton Stewart who appears to have a major problem with what Facts and Truth are as she forgets she needs people to believe her whistleblowing and blatantly wallows in lies about Ramola: Empress Karen Stewart: “I’m NSA to my core, and I won, I won!”

Specific Clarification on This Matter: Here are the Real-Facts supported by Witnesses and Emails, which Karen Stewart is unable to admit thanks to her gigantic ego and her apparent interest in Continuing to Defame Ramola D:

Karen Stewart failed to engage in the publication of a factual Joint Statement in July 2018 when TCFF closed, confessing now to having fogged-out then, and like Midge Mathis from Targeted Justice refused to engage in a joint Cease and Desist to Katherine Horton in November 2018 when several activists (Melanie V, Ramola D, Thomas F) sought their support for a joint C&D in face of Horton’s baseless and injurious smear attacks on many. Karen Stewart claimed the right thing to do re. Horton-attacks was to walk away.

As a consequence (of no Joint Statement), Katherine Horton spent 1.5 years smearing and lying, gathering a groupie clan around her who periodically engaged in mass smear and mobbing campaigns—which Ramola D variously rebutted on her own and with Melanie and others as she saw fit, given complete lack of support from Karen Stewart and Millicent Black, who supposedly had “walked away” although it turns out they later happily re-aligned with the duplicitous Katherine Horton, giving her their affidavits, visiting with her on her US trip, going on her show, despite her continuing open lying about how TCFF ended and why, her reprehensible, abusive, sabotaging treatment of several European activists’ lives including Melanie and Frederic, and her ludicrous and malicious and slanderous #FalseNarrative she was and is maintaining on her website and social media on Ramola D and others.

This endless mobbing and smear campaign by Katherine Horton and her train of cyberbullies was first brought to Karen and Millicent’s attention by a third party, well-known and trusted by Karen, Millicent, and myself, who had observed Katherine Horton’s vindictive and lying smears on videos, tweets, and website posts. In private communications with Karen and Millicent, this confidante requested that the two write a Joint Statement with Ramola D to definitively end the cornerstone #GoebbelsLie Katherine was promulgating that it was Ramola D who “singlehandedly blew up Techno” – no doubt to mask the real, primary reason for ending Techno: her own irresponsible agent-provocateur and saboteur calls to violence on the show, and to retaliate vindictively against Ramola D for daring to affirm the truth of her echo-stalking, mirroring, and attempted Neuro Linguistic Programming of Ramola D on private Skype calls—after she herself made report of these actions public, in attempted mockery (which has seriously misfired) on her first End of Techno video–a dead giveaway of her status as an infiltrator among TI activists.

Apprised of this private third-party communication to Karen and Millicent, Ramola D wrote to both to say she agreed, pointing out that such a Joint Statement should have been written 1.5 years ago when TCFF closed, and that, despite Karen Stewart’s regrettable refusal to apprise herself of the actual nature of the mobbing and smear campaign Horton had run for 1.5 years—entrenched ignorance she now seems to take pride in–it was necessary and essential that all three made such a statement to combat the #KHGoebbelsLies and publish the truth and facts, so the smear-artists, bullies, Containment Opsters, and mobbers like “Ortaine Devian/Jeff Hedrun” “Andy Spoo” “Frank Allen” “Ella Free” et al were publicly, accurately informed, and the public ditto.

At no point did Ramola D EVER suggest that Karen and Millicent “owed her because she had covered their stories”–an extraordinary whopper of a lie from Karen Stewart, a #KSGoebbelsLie in fact she keeps repeating, as injurious in its imputations of petty malice as in its implications of coercive manipulation, for which Karen can provide NO EVIDENCE whatsoever because there is none.

Far from the #FalseRealityConstruct Karen Stewart has lately begun to weave around Ramola’s name and build like scaffolding around her, Ramola D, as most intellectual observers are aware and can see for themselves, is the opposite of a “Yellow Journalist.”and “quid pro quo” journalist and malleable-for-money PR journalist, has acted always with IMPECCABLE integrity, principles, character, and has been working as an unpaid and unafraid truth-seeking writer and journalist – a rare commodity in journalism today – for YEARS, well before she met Karen, Millicent, or Katherine.

IN NO COMMUNICATION WHATSOEVER did Ramola D “imply/state” this utter drivel and complete fabrication, which it is clear Karen Stewart is now repeatedly using as a profound and malicious smear against Ramola D. ALL COMMUNICATIONS (during this process of writing the TCFF Joint Statement) were witnessed by a third party, who confirms the above.

This is in fact FLAGRANT LYING by Karen Stewart.

She needs to go back and read all emails exchanged during this time and proffer a GIGANTIC APOLOGY AND RETRACTION OF HER FALSE ACCUSATIONS BASED ON THIN AIR.

In addition, she has forgotten her own emails acknowledging it was KATHERINE HORTON who ran the Smear Fest on RAMOLA D and not the other way around—IN DIRECT CONTRADICTION TO HER CURRENT SMEARS BEING PUBLISHED ON HER INSULTING “PERPS AND NUTCASES” PAGE ON FACEBOOK AND ELSEWHERE.

Excerpts from Karen’s own emails noted in a recent Twitter thread:

#KarenStewart, 20 Nov 2019: “I did not dispute she had slandered you”

“I thought that her reasoning that rejected her own failure to listen for a fabricated ego problem on your part was just plain wrong.”


#KarenStewart, 20 Nov 2019: “…we are concerned that Katherine’s original spin of the facts, contrary to our initial efforts to be open and honest, has led to a mob-mentality and cyberbullying and cyberstalking of Ramola D for an astonishing year and a half.”

The writing of the Joint Statement involved, like all collective drafting, input from all, edits from all, and change of language from all. This is completely mischaracterized by Karen in her false-accusations of disinterest in accuracy and use of “inflammatory language” from my end. The line about “asked you to remove inflammatory language you hoped to credit to us” is not merely utter falsehood, it is extreme malice and presumption of malice. I include some excerpts from my emails (below) in evidence of edits on all sides.

Karen Stewart also fails to report that during the drafting and review of the Joint Statement, enormous consideration was accorded her input: her added, self-excusing verbiage to address her own overly hasty, impetuous, falsely-accusatory, and jumping-to-conclusions post the next day on Facebook post-our-Video-Note, when she wrongfully accused Ramola D of “not giving her enough time” before that Video Note was broadcast, was included–after much collective discussion and correction of her initially-false statements to establish accuracy–drawing out the Joint Statement.

Karen also fails to note that Millicent added in paragraphs of her own, reporting Katherine’s public calls to violence and dubious behavior missing private meetings, then requested these to be removed.

Further, Karen dares to speak for Millicent as if she and Millicent were a single reviewing unit; this was not the case.

Far from “reining in” Ramola D from using “inflammatory language” as Karen outrageously and deliberately misrepresents, word-changes were requested by all and made and agreed-to by all.

In fact, close discussion and meticulous attention to accuracy in detail marked Ramola D’s handling of the entire writing and review process; all requested word-changes by others were accommodated by her, while accuracy in content and perspective was not compromised.

Word-changes Karen requested, however specious (eg, wanting to change the word “slander” when slander was the key problem here), were made.

Word-changes were requested of both Karen and Millicent as well: Karen Stewart’s proposed and misplaced “mea culpa” verbiage for partial misreadings of actual events was long-discussed and rightfully excised, in interests of accuracy; Millicent’s removals of her own additions was also accommodated for, despite her edits at a late-stage in the process.

During this entire process—as the full email record known to witnesses shows—accuracy in events was painstakingly delineated by Ramola D, with meticulous and precise reference to previous emails, posts, and statements made by all on the Video Note. Indeed, Ramola D focused throughout the drafting-and-review process on fact, truth, and accuracy, taking the enormous trouble to sift through past emails to remind all of exactly what was said by who and what it signified—as did the third-party observer. The entire train of emails, witnessed by the third-party observer, bears witness to this FACT.

When Karen says “Millicent and I fought to keep Ramola from using inflammatory language,” she is confabulating for the sake of malice. Nowhere does the email exchange suggest this. Another profound and utter #KSGoebbelsLie.

In fact, during the writing of the Draft, Ramola D went out of her way to explain and support every single thing she said, and makes no excuses for the singular power and clarity of her writing, which apparently makes a certain Lie-Inclined-Where-Ramola-D-is-Concerned former NSA “intelligence analyst” nervous, Truth and Fact having been supplanted by her for Lies and Distortion in their entirety.

Finally, it is also fact that Ramola D has rebutted dozens of lies and smears from Karen Stewart in articles, meticulously publishing evidence – while Karen ignores all evidence, ignores all articles, excises all context, and makes flatulent statements that “no facts” are being produced.

Karen’s convoluted reasoning expressed in her idiotic and libelous “Challenge” will be addressed below.

  1. Karen’s bogus “choices” in exhortation to me are just that, bogus and fraudulent. I do not “claim” Karen Stewart is a liar. I have painstakingly established with evidence and multiple-witness support and corroboration that Karen Stewart has published numerous malicious lies about me.

  2. Karen’s implications that my place in history is predicated on her articles posted at my site is a moment for comic reflection; she’s got to be seriously confused to imagine that I would need to ride on her articles for anything—name, fame, acclaim, or anything else. She must not be aware I have a huge body of writing online and off that is all mine and mine alone: I stand alone, my writing stands alone, and does quite nicely on its own, thank you; I am not worried about my place in history, I stay focused on the present and work my butt off exposing crimes against humanity by jerks in government who think it’s okay to torture people—jerks she has worked for in fact, for nearly 30 years, at the bogus and fraudulent NSA which neither practices Intelligence nor Security, but Covert Bio-Hacking and Covert Neuro-Hacking of Americans and people worldwide with numerous horrific stealth weapons, while floating whistleblowers like Snowden into the public eye to suggest it’s only hacking emails and cell phones.

  3. Her choice-making here seems to bear a note of panic in it, she appears to want me to hold on to her articles at my site, to shore up her own reputation, and in denial of the fact that she has published smears and lies on me—after she herself sought repeatedly to remove her articles (while duplicitously projecting to all I had asked her to). Curious indeed.

  1. The articles she refers to here are “articles about me (Karen) or articles I (Karen) have contributed to”: in other words, articles I (Ramola D) have written, providing her powerful coverage, especially when no other media outlet was covering her story in such intimate detail, and other articles she “may have contributed to”–I suspect she is referring here to articles and letters and petitions of hers I have introduced with commentary, op-ed, and/or analysis.

  1. Again, her bogus claims here that my keeping any of these articles will indicate the content of these articles (interesting that she refers to these as “stories”) is “true, and that I am no liar” is bogus and fraudulent; she appears to want me to remove all of the articles I wrote on her, just to convince everyone else I don’t think she is anything but a liar. What a sad perversion of thought! Karen Stewart—the ex-NSA “intelligence analyst”–appears to have no clue of what history is, or what journalism is. She is also engaging in profound hubris here, to expect me to remove my own work from my own website, after the profound flak I have gotten in fact (major microwave weapon attacks, major heart-hits, head-hits), after, before, and during publishing anything—including articles on her—related to emf weapons and neuroweapons and DEW targeting and community-police-stalking and, ironically, organized smearing—which she is partaking in.

  2. Her insults and smears here with her fraudulent options “you are the only liar here dear” ”pathological liar” – supposedly proven if I “do nothing” completely sidesteps the actual specifics of the actual lies she has published about me, and the actual lies she has now become known for, in relation to me.

  3. The fact that she seeks to extend this scenario of lies now to every single utterance she has made in public and has relayed to me, as a journalist, while I covered her reported experience in the past, is her own undertaking and not my problem. I have never sought to defame or slander Karen Stewart, she has done it all to herself. I have not investigated her reports to me enough to conclude she has lied about all of it or not—if she now wishes to raise doubts in the public eye about her testimonial, which she has reported to me, that is her problem, her misstep or true step, her choice, it is not my problem at all.

  4. “As I told you, I cannot and will not be blackmailed ever.” Truly food for thought for what does she imply here–that I approached her with a blackmailing agenda? Beyond libelous and malicious defamation, this is utter falsehood and incredible hubris on her part, to suggest I did or would need to go around blackmailing people. This also suggests she has something of value I or anyone else would wish to blackmail her for–comical. Karen Stewart may be the only visible NSA whistleblower–post John St. Clair Akwei, far more significant in his NSA SIGINT whistleblowing than her– who has exposed her own targeting and aligned her story with others’ in support of their reportage–but her absolutely repellent behavior to me has ensured my complete disinterest in her name or status--which latter she has herself discredited, with these actions of hers. This is also open and flagrant lying: “as she told me”? No, there is no record of her telling me she would not be blackmailed. I do not recall ever having such a conversation with her. Is she talking about being blackmailed by someone else? Why bring it up here at all? Clear deception and malicious slander with insidious and false innuendo is being practiced here.
  5. My reportage of Karen Stewart’s experience as an unlawfully targeted individual is now history, and continues to be readable at my site. I will not be promoting her work or name in the future, but I address my rights to my own intellectual property below.

What Ramola D chooses to retain on her website The Everyday Concerned Citizen is not a matter for Karen Stewart to adjudicate – particularly after all Karen’s posted flyers and letters under her New Columnist postings have been or are being fully removed from the site, as per Karen Stewart’s own pathetic Denial-of-History and Disservice-to-Others request.

Articles and interviews published by Ramola D are the copyrighted intellectual property of Ramola D and not any business of Karen Stewart’s whatsoever. This includes all posts providing preface, analysis, op-ed, and commentary on Karen Stewart’s articles or letters, previously published: all such commentary is the sole intellectual property of Ramola D. Unafraid of history—unlike Karen Stewart, who seeks to distort it—Ramola D intends to retain all such service-to-others and portfolio publications on the site, although she has currently lost all respect for Karen Stewart and continues to be appalled at her egoism, thoughtlessness, disservice to others, and clear malice directed at her.

All future publications of Ramola D, republishing articles written on Karen Stewart or interviews with Karen Stewart, or making reference to Karen Stewart, will be issued with a disclaimer to acknowledge the recent and apparently ongoing malice, duplicity, character-assassination, and fraudulent posing as a moral Christian while runnng online defamation and smear campaigns the curiously obsessed Karen Stewart who has lost all connection with Facts and Truth in relation to Ramola D has exhibited for the world to see.

Further, Ramola D reserves all rights to freely publish, in any forum, and in any form, as she pleases, any continued or later thinking, analysis, rumination, or history on Karen Stewart – whose place in literary history has been secured by such an ignominious and maleficent encounter with a fact-focused, truth-centric writer who never gives up.

The road to full public disclosure of Unethical and Inhumane BioHacking and NeuroHacking programs run by the DOD, USAF, CIA, NSA, FBI, DOJ, DHS, ODNI, MI5, MI6, Mossad, and various other international military and intelligence agencies including NATO is apparently littered with Smear Operations of Truth-telling Journalists, including by this NSA whistleblower turned traitor-to-her-former-friend and apparent COINTELPRO-runner, who has invoked this long waste of my time in addressing her lies and smears, perhaps her chief intention all along, and that of the questionable Deep State “whitehats” (aka Inversion-Practicing Blackhats) she has aligned with, who seek to destroy my work and disappear my name—but will never succeed.


Once more, Karen Melton Stewart is requested to fully cease and desist her malicious slander, smears, lies, and absurd insults of Ramola D she has been dishing out nonstop on social media and private emails and group email lists, requested to recognize that the only honorable thing she can do here is issue a few massive retractions of her gigantic lies and proffer a few massive apologies since all smear rebuttals with evidence made by Ramola D in numerous articles and Twitter threads point to Truth and Facts-which establish the truth and accuracy of the matter in all cases, and also requested to understand that Ramola D, as a writer, is not going to stop writing about anyone’s smear operations on her if they wish to keep continuing them–as Karen Melton Stewart has so far demonstrated.

Ramola D | 3/22/2020