False Claims and Lies by Ex-NSA Karen Stewart Re. Ramola D Fully Exposed; Further Facts on “Dr.” Katherine Horton’s Lies and Attacks Revealed

Report | Ramola D | Jan 20, 2021/ Updated Email PDF Including Other Unearthed Emails, Jan 23, 2021

For over a year now NSA Retiree & Apparent Blackhat Karen Stewart has aggressively been publishing outright lies, false claims, false allegations about Ramola D, centering on a series of thoughtful and candid email exchanges in October and November 2019 during the writing of a Joint Statement by three former colleagues on Techno Crime Fighters Forum intended to refute the lies, false claims, false allegations against Ramola D made from July 2018 by ex-TCFF member Katherine Horton, but also referencing other scenarios involving other infiltrators of the collective American and international human rights activism efforts to fully expose the 3-4 decades-long wrongful and extra-legal Absolute-Atrocity, Crime-Against-Humanity EMF/RF/Neurotech targeting of people, mass surveillance abuse, non-consensual Mil/Intel/CIA Mengele-style human experimentation, and rampant Fusion Center crimes.

Curiously, Karen Stewart began to echo Katherine Horton verbatim in late Nov/Dec 2019 as she suddenly grabbed the baton of smears and ran, fierily claiming on social media that Ramola D was “a harasser, bully, aggressive, abusive, obsessed, an egoist, “quid pro quo” journalist, narcissist, malignant narcissist, pathological liar, sociopath, psychopath, cyberstalker, CIA asset” and other choice epithets issuing forth first in mid-2018 from Ex-TCFF member Katherine Horton as she strove to cover up the fact that it was her horrific calls to violence which had ended TCFF, her numerous egregious sabotages of activists’ lives and projects, her active HUMINT collection and NLP echo-stalking of Ramola D, her dominating of her colleagues on TCFF and refusal to heed their wise counsel regarding making pointless public calls to violence on an Internet human rights advocacy broadcast which had caused the demise of TCFF–and rightly so.

In continuation of the echoing of Katherine Horton, Karen Stewart also engaged in a bizarre inversion-of-facts campaign as she suddenly turned around and began to publish and repeat Katherine Horton’s false-narrative of Ramola D “cyberstalking and persecuting Katherine Horton for 18 months” when even cursory glance at the evidence shows Katherine Horton launching public attacks & false-claims with her very first video post the end of TCFF, thence attacking Ramola D continuously on Twitter and Youtube videos for 18 months with false-claims, false-allegations and lies–as also others such as Melanie Vritschan, founder of ICATOR, Frederic Laroche, and others–answered by Ramola D (and others) with rebuttals on Twitter, video and in articles. After Ramola D’s publication of the Joint Statement in November 2019–which Karen Stewart participated in the writing in, and fully approved the published edition of– flying in the face of facts she had fully just acknowledged herself, Karen Stewart began to lie publicly in protection of Katherine Horton’s name while working hard to produce more and more outlandish false-claims against Ramola D in apparent efforts to destroy Ramola D’s name.

Numerous articles and video conversations have been posted by Ramola D since July 2018 when TCFF ended to rebut, challenge, refute, and halt these false-claims, which are now collected in links at these two primary pages:

Public Notice Re. Ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart, Dec 28, 2020

Standing Notice Regarding Dr. Katherine Horton’s JTRIG Slander Campaign Against Ramola D, Dec 13, 2018/Updated Jan 3, 2021

Public Notice article published on 3/3/2020:

Nonstop Defamation, Distortion, Denigration by Karen Stewart; No Awareness of Facts and Truth Yet; No Retraction of Lies and False Narratives

Public Notice in that article, fully contextualized there:

It should be noted that many others, notably CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell and human rights advocates and writers Cassandra, Alex Crosbie and Thomas McFarlan also published articles, tweet-threads, and videos of their own to refute and rebut the slander and lies emanating incessantly from Katherine Horton and, for the past year, also Karen Stewart, to publish their own independent observations, analyses, and facts about this matter: both these questionable women posing as activists have attacked Ramola D as primary target, and anyone who dared question their false-allegations as secondary target; Karen Stewart’s famous smear for anyone truthtelling in this space has absurdly been “Flying Monkey” or even more absurdly, “Ramola’s Weinstein Gang”.

These rebuttals and corrections appear to have had little effect with both: Katherine Horton has continued her attacks on video, on her website, and in secret slander campaigns to others, while Karen Stewart has shamelessly continued her wicked Babel of lies and false-claims on Facebook and Twitter, endlessly claiming victimhood, alleging she had been severely bullied, harassed, and aggressed against by Ramola D, on email, had been “asked/bullied/coerced/harassed/pressured to attack and maliciously persecute Katherine Horton for her,” had endured the tremendous bullying of both herself and Millicent Black on email, that Ramola D, in a frantic, narcissistic way, had insensitively harried her to work on this Joint Statement when her mother was sick and dying, and other crass lies and profound, libelous rubbish.

The lunacy, extremity, obsessiveness, and frankly low-class scumminess of Karen Stewart’s public Blackhat attacks on Ramola D have been evident also in her deranged alias March/April 2020 Twitter @RobertSau account titled “Ramola’s Sphincter,” and most recently, in Sep 2020, her deranged Facebook page titled “Ramola Crap/@RamolaCrapola.”

Karen Stewart’s dive into racism–echoing Katherine Horton’s dive into racism–is also evident on those pages (noted in articles & notices linked above).

Karen Stewart’s other false-claims and smears of “bullying, abuse, inability to maintain adult relationships” appear to be a desperate Blackhat Counterintelligence move to bury Ramola D’s daring to call out, expose, and cut away from obvious infiltrators, controlled opposition, limited hangouts, Mil/Intel/Pharma/Other plants and frauds in TI activism, also commemmorated in articles at the links above as well as here: Protection Rackets & Containment Operations: Libel, Slander, False-Narratives, False-Reality-Constructs, Smear Campaigns & Serious Defamation, and to deflect focus from those containment operations, opsters, and gatekeepers, of which she has proved herself a part.

Ample evidence has been provided at this point, as noted in the Public Notice, of Karen Stewart actually engaging intentionally in a strategized Counterintelligence operation to publicly discredit Ramola D and bury her needed journalism exposing the crimes of US/UK Intelligence agencies, DOD, DOJ, DHS, DARPA, NATO, Law Enforcement and others, as well as exposing the longstanding Containment and infiltration operations protecting those Mil/Intel/LE crimes from full exposure.

(A textbook of Counterintelligence (NSA/FBI/CIA/DOD/Other Intel) cunning, deception, intrigue, and mayhem could be constructed from all these operations by both these women and their enablers.)

Now, to put paid to Karen Stewart’s incessant lying blather about having been “abused” and “quid-pro-quo demanded favors of” on the 2019 email exchange, I am publishing the emails for open perusal, after much thought and consideration. Primarily, I am publishing them because 1) they expose clearly that Karen Stewart has been openly lying, and show the actual civil and cordial nature of our communications, and 2) Millicent, who has turned down my requests to speak up, as noted earlier in the Statement on Karen Stewart, has chosen to maintain a silence about Karen Stewart’s abusive lying, thereby enabling and supporting Karen Stewart’s lying–and letting Karen Stewart’s lies stand.

This publication supports and proves the Witness Thread published earlier by Cassandra– a witness on these emails: PDF of Thread by Cassandra–Regarding Karen’s Mischaracterization.

These emails necessarily reveal exactly what transpired: the surprising prevarication, backpedaling, altering-the-truth, and late-stage derailment efforts of both Karen Stewart and Millicent Black, the meticulous focus on accuracy, truth, and fact stated by all parties, the cordiality of communications by all, the careful focus on accuracy, truth, fact evidenced throughout by Ramola D, the honoring and cordial compliance with all requests, even backtracking/backpedaling requests by Millicent Black and Karen Stewart for edits by Ramola D, and the clear intention and mission by Ramola D to simply publish the facts and nothing else.

These emails also necessarily reveal the truth and facts of Katherine Horton’s abusive behavior to many and revisit some of the detail behind her enabling the medical kidnap of Melanie’s child, her refusal to help afterward, and much else. The emails also point up the nature of the infiltrator operations stymieing all forward movement in the TI advocacy movement, in candid discussion of many actors.

As I’ve noted earlier, I don’t believe in publishing private emails except when smear-operations are run and I think the current situation warrants this publication. Given Karen Stewart’s atrocious actions and lies and Millicent Black’s silence and enabling of Karen’s lies, this publication establishes the truth regarding those Oct/Nov 2019 emails, fully exposes Karen Stewart’s lies and reveals the Olympic smear-race these two have been running, with Karen Stewart picking up the exact afire-with-lies baton Katherine Horton set alight.

(Apologies: Formatting imperfect, best possible in a limited time-frame; posted sequentially in reverse, please read from last to first.)

REPORT & JOINT STATEMENT ON HOW TECHNO CRIME FIGHTERS FORUM ENDED | Correction of Dr. Katherine Horton’s False Narrative Changing Facts