Swans Against Slander

Note & Links | Ramola D | June 12, 2023, Updated June 17, 2023 | Updated June 29, 2023

Listing the articles here written over the years in response to defamation and slander directed against this writer and journalist in apparent and misplaced COINTELPRO (counter-intelligence disruption and discrediting programs classically aimed at political organizations, by their definition) for standing up for Americans, citizens worldwide, human rights, and exposing government crimes against many. These articles are being collected here for archival purposes and to set the record straight on all the many encounters recorded herein.

(to be updated as time permits)

Updated June 17, 2023: Each of these articles addresses the specific situation they have described, and presents the truth of each as well as the opinions of this writer, all being written and published only in response to public and private campaigns of defamation and slander run by the parties named against this writer. In addition, the writing and publication of these reports (and podcasts accompanying them on occasion) has been attended by much whistleblower retaliation, described within them as well as in other reports and social media posts. These reports of slander therefore are very closely linked to the intense COINTELPRO-style actions of physical DEW/Neurotech retaliation, cyber-hacking retaliation, online-platform-takedown retaliation, social-harassment retaliation, reputation-assault with false psychiatric labels by miscreants, family-hacking and life-takedown retaliation, as well as numerous death-hits, assassination attempts and other forms of retaliation compounding grievous, untenable retaliatory harm this writer and whistleblower journalist has reported and is reporting elsewhere. Currently many reports are linked as submenu items under Disclosure of Targeting and COINTELPRO and Infiltration subheads, as well as in links within some of these reports. The immense, persistent, and extreme efforts to suppress and disappear this writer’s voice, name, reputation, and profession, as well as assail her body, her brain, her physical appearance and life with grievous, persecutory harm–as whistleblower journalist reporting extraordinary crime and the necessary witness testimonial of Government whistleblowers and victims both–is herein noted.

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Notes on Past & Present TI Activism to Expose Fusion Center Excesses, Evils, & Crimes/May 24, 2021 | Email Evidence Published by Galina Kurdina

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