The ECC-FOIA Request Log

Ramola D/Dharmaraj | Sep 20, 2023 | Updated Oct 17, 2023, Updated October 31, 2023, Updated November 5, 2023, Updated November 6, 2023, Updated November 23, 2023, Updated November 25, 2023

November 25, 2023: Letter sent to Quincy Police Department in return to their FOIA Response of November 17, 2025 at ECC-FOIA-2 below.

FOIA Requests at US Air Force, November 5, 2023, 7:46 pm

Also see ECC-FOIA-2, ECC-FOIA-3/Nov 6, 2023.

1. ECC-FOIA-1: September 20, 2023, New FOIA Request for Renewed 2013 DEBR Contract to US Air Force/ECC-FOIA-1:

  1. Renewed earlier request to USAF for the BAA-2013-0002-HPW/RHDR documents, Request asks for past, renewed, current, ongoing–Sent in to USAF here:

2. October 17, 2023: Checked this morning, note at FOIA Status on the efoia website says “Assigned for Processing” as it has for a while now, for a couple weeks that I have checked.

2. ECC-FOIA-2: October 17, 2023, FOIA and Public Records Request to Quincy Police Department Regarding Actions on December 20, 2022/ECC-FOIA-2:

  1. Sent in a FOIA request by QPD website form to Quincy Police Department regarding their actions on December 20, 2022 against me and copied the request in email to the new Chief of Police Mark Kennedy, yesterday on October 16, 2023.

2. Noting, today, October 30, 2023, receipt of email from “TERENCE M MCDONNELL” Quincy Police Department, with PDF containing 1 document, CAD Incident Report #22068422 in Public Records Request Response:

3. Response returned today to Quincy Police Department on November 6, 2023 below. Enclosed documents referred to below are linked here: FOIA Request to Quincy Police dated October 16, 2023 in (1) above; Notification to Quincy Police Department of False Claim & False Arrest on Section 12 on April 14, 2022/PDF

My Letter above to QPD Chief, returned as noted above, with “No Records” stamped on it, dated November 7, 2023, while Email Was Dated November 17, 2023; Email Stating “No Section 12 Form” Received & Seen by this writer Tuesday, November 21, 2023:

5. Letter sent by email requesting re-evaluation of FOIA query in response to Quincy Police Department’s November 17, 2023 email and note regarding “No Records” and “No Section 12 Form” after sending on CAD Incident Report noting “Section 12” today afternoon, November 25, 2023 (mistake made on file name with Nov 23, 2023 on it; letter has been worked on for a few days now; leaving it as is since sent thus, the file name should read Nov 25, 2023), to Chief of Police, Quincy Police, Mark Kennedy, and to Lieutenant Terence M. McDonnell:

3. ECC-FOIA-3: October 24, 2023, FOIA Request for Overview Presentation and other DETER Documents, US Air Force/ECC-FOIA-3:

  1. Sent in FOIA request for information on agenda, transcripts, presentations regarding DETER Industry Day on US AF FOIA site online on October 24, 2023, enclosing request pdf as well:

4. ECC-FOIA-4: October 27, 2023, FOIA Request to Quincy District Court for all Court Records, Court Orders if any, related to supposed hearing on December 20, 2022/ECC-FOIA-4

  1. Sent FOIA request by email to the Quincy District Court, reminding them also of prior email requests for information on October 27, 2023–Email address, Clerk-Magistrate of Court as per website (prior email request PDFs also below):

Prior email requests (not answered):

5. ECC-FOIA-5: November 1, 2023, New FOIA Request for all USAF Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral or Bio-Effects (DEBR) Contracts, To US Air Force, Air Force Materiel Command, Wright Patterson Air Force Base/Renewal of 2014 Request/ECC-FOIA-5

  1. Sent the FOIA request for all DEBR contracts in replication of the 2014 request made at Muckrockas requested by AFMC FOIA given questions re. documents sent earlier. This request to be reported, along with original Muckrock request and correspondence, if provided.

6. ECC-FOIA-6: November 3, 2023, FOIA Request for White Papers, Proposals, Calls, Notification of Calls, requests for Proposal, and other Solicitation DETER Documents, to the US Air Force, AFRL, Kirtland Air Force Base/ECC-FOIA-6

  1. Sent FOIA request for white papers, proposals, calls, notification of calls, requests for proposal, other DETER solicitation documents, notice of human rights protections and ombudsmen, November 3, 2023, to the US Air Force, AFRL, Kirtland Air Force Base, via the eFOIA USAF site online.