Recent Enquiries and Responses Regarding December 20, 2022

Posting of Enquiries and Responses | Ramola D | November 8, 2023, Updated November 25, 2023

Posted below are recent enquiries and responses regarding December 20, 2022 as sent to Quincy Police, Quincy District Court, and Brewster Ambulance. These PDFs are also posted separately at Additional Information, With Letters | 2013-2023: False Psychiatric Profiling and The ECC-FOIA Request Log.

November 25, 2023: Responses and Letter, Quincy Police Department

Quincy Police Department:

CAD = Computer Aided Dispatch

Quincy District Court:

Brewster Ambulance:

Letter to Brewster Ambulance, re. Request for Medical Records, Email, sent 11-7-2023

Also sent to Brewster Ambulance:

Notice to All Physicians, Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurses, Hospital Staff, EMS Personnel, Ambulance Staff and Owners, Licensed Social Workers, Mental Health Lawyers, Attorneys, Law Enforcement Officers

Ramola D | Note on False Psychiatric Labels

My photograph, for photo verification purposes, from a podcast last year:

Ramola D, July 22, 2022