“DETER” on Industry Day: Directed Energy Technology Experimentation Research (DETER) Advanced Research Announced on October 19, 2023: The Techno Arc from Targeting Tech to 5G/Smart City/HAARP Tech in Visions of Large-Scale Human & Earth Control (For Humanity to DETER)

Brief RAE (Report, Analysis, Op-Ed) | Ramola D | October 24, 2023

An ‘Industry Day’ to surface and share information and intention on “Directed Energy Technology Experimentation Research” aimed at both building infrastructure, small and large systems, devices, and extension of industry into a future for “next-generation and innovative technologies” in numerous fields including, it seems, Public Health, Public Safety and “integration of disparate technologies for the fielding of new HPEM systems and weapons” was announced for October 19, 2023, as reported by a Notice posted at Acquisitions.gov here.  


The Techno Arc from Targeting Tech to 5G/Smart City/HAARP Tech

Little known to many, continuing to be exposed at this media site and magazine, the many secretive control technologies used en masse or individually in “targeting” which turn out to be 5G/wifi, aerosols, nanotechnologies, vaccines along with sensors, space telemetry, large-scale weather events as run by HAARP, DEWs, radar, are being streamed it seems through ventures such as this into larger use, particularly through Health and Safety, Behavioral Health, Smart City control-tech.

DETER for Deterrence (Cold War Echoes) Which Suggests Counter-Terrorism and Public Safety–or Possibly Also “Homeland Security” and “Corrections” in Extended Criminal Justice/MK ULTRA Maneuvers to Include all “Communities”

“The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Directed Energy Directorate (RD), will host a hybrid Industry Day on 19 October 2023. This event will provide an overview of the DETER ARA (FA9451-21-S-0001) and the TACTICAL BAA (FA9451-24-S-0001) which will support AFRL/RD in its mission to equip the warfighter with next-generation technologies, innovative solutions, and advanced research and development concepts for directed energy investments.”

Industry Day: Directed Energy Technology Experimentation Research (DETER) Advanced Research Announcement (ARA) Open Announcement/Sam.Gov/GSA

Further information on this Industry Day on October 19, 2023, not dissimilar to the classified Los Alamos Non Lethal Defense Conference days (16th-17th November) in 1993, preceding the 1994 DOD-DOJ (and probably CIA) MOU covered here earlier and in itself heralding a new era of remote-access human control and secretive city and weather control (all yet to be Deterred by humanity), will no doubt be released by the US Department of Defense (in its charge to Deter One World Offense) shortly, perhaps on this writer’s FOIA request as well.

DETERring Awakenings, Consciousness, Human Potential via Nano-Neuro-Bio-Brain-Weather-Control?

A new 2021 DEW contract by the same acronym DETER, sounding quite a bit like the 2013 DEBR–Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral/Bioeffects Research basic contract covering a lot of bases being examined here–has been recently updated, in April 2023.

Directed Energy Technology Experimentation Research (DETER) Advanced Research Announcement (ARA) Open Announcement

This Directed Energy Technology Experimentation Research contract–with this rather intentionally explicit acronym DETER–appears to wish to herald another new era of extended Directed Energy weapons and systems testing, research, and operations in the realm of “next-generation” and “innovative” technologies on humans, regions, populations, infrastructure.

A Two-Step process, this announcement signals AFRL’s interest in receiving white papers and proposals first. Systems and supplies for laboratory research and field trials are mentioned. Experimental Development, buildouts of machinery and DE (directed energy) “source components” to include rather dubiously phrased “supplies for laboratory research and experimentation and field trials” appear to rather blandly indicate continued and extended use and unacceptable abuse of Directed Energy “technologies”–graduated from Weaponry–on animal and human populations. Seemingly compendious, more detail in description perhaps in an RFP (request for proposal) might be needed to get some deeper insight into precisely what this very large research announcement is really aiming at.

Excerpt, DETER Open Announcement (emphases mine below):

“Program Summary:
This is an Open ARA announcement pursuant to the authority of 10 U.S.C. §2373.  AFRL/RD is interested in receiving white papers and proposals through a Two-Step Process to perform research and development (R&D), modeling and simulation (M&S), design, component/subsystem, prototype risk reduction, fabrication/purchase, assembly, integration, and testing of directed energy source components (to include spares and alternate component technologies), and/or systems and any required accessories, materials, and supplies for laboratory research and experimentation and field trials in a relevant environment to demonstrate system capabilities.  Dialogue between prospective Offerors and Government representatives is strongly encouraged. *Note: AFRL/RD reserves the right to collapse a white paper/Two-Step into a One-Step if the situation warrants the white paper contains sufficient technical detail to do full technical proposal evaluation instead of white paper evaluation.

*Please see the attached DETER Industry User Guide for guidance on definitions, processes, submission requirements and evaluation criteria.*

Background:  AFRL/RD equips the joint warfighter with next-generation technologies, advanced concepts, and weapon system options across all operational domains to become more agile and increase the commercialization potential of directed energy investments to ensure the National defense.  

This solicitation intends to use acquisition authorities provided by 10 U.S.C. §2373. This authority applies to acquisition of items related to “…ordnance, signal, chemical activity, transportation, energy, medical, space-flight, and aeronautical supplies, including parts and accessories, and designs thereof, that are necessary for experimental or test purposes in the development of the best supplies that are needed for the national defense.  Consequently, white papers and proposals should address how the proposed effort provides benefits to the national defense and a strategy for verifying those intended benefits.

The proposed solutions should be innovative and substantially improve national defense capabilities across the domains of directed energy.  While the Government describes discrete topic areas below, it also anticipates that certain comprehensive technology solutions and prototypes may require multidiscipline approaches that address two or more topic areas.  The topic areas are covered under this announcement, which may be used in any combination.  The Government reserves the right to add, delete or modify the topic areas as necessary.”

–Excerpt, https://sam.gov/opp/bdeff157d5374361be525c4e740bebb2/view

Experimentation and Field Trials, Wargaming, Simulation, Biosafety and Bioeffects

Looking closer at the language in the announcement of this solicitation, it becomes evident that a next generation of experimental technologies is being solicited with “prototype risk reduction”, redesign and refurbishment of existing systems, as well as new weapon systems of different kinds all intending rather large-scale control, some of human bodies, systems, space objects, platforms.

Topic Areas include Directed Energy Weapon Systems, System Biosafety and Biological Effects, Wargaming, Precision Tracking as in “Acquisition Tracking Pointing”, Beam Control and Atmospheric Compensation systems to “control the propagation of directed energy so as to maximize energy/irradiance on target.”

Excerpt from DETER Open Announcement:

Clearly a solicitation to watch further, and follow, the persistence of Directed Energy Technologies mention of which here includes Bioeffects, Biosafety, Detection, Targeting, and Tracking, Acquisition, Targeting, and Pointing, Beam Control, Atmosphere Compensation systems, sensor integration (optical, radar, passive radiofrequency), satellite signatures, and much else, in itself indicates the continuing need for all to stay very closely focused on what these precision energy technologies are doing, how they are being used on humans, brains, earth and weather, and why it’s vital to hold on to our autonomy, our intelligence, our human rights, and our humanity as we keep moving forward into True Awakenings of consciousness in this, one hopes, (will become) our Truly Human Twenty-First Century.


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