Notice Regarding Cyberhacking to Alter Voice and Writing

Notice | Ramola D | October 29, 2023/Updated October 31, 2023

This is a Notice to remind all thieving cyberhackers from Central Intelligence, Military Psy Ops, private-parties, that it is a crime to tamper with the writing and voice on this site, in any and all articles and reports: apparently those who have engaged in this crime, tampering with text in articles by this Writer and Journalist as noted here earlier: Cyberhacking to Remove Words, Add In Words, Project Ineptitude, Project Inability to Express, and Degrade Published Writing: IP Theft in Stealth are seeking to corrall all writing, thinking, and cognition for themselves, lost in egoism and sunk in greed, needing to slay the competition. (CIA is Media, I hear.)

Those interested in reading originally-written versions of any of the articles on this site may want to check the Wayback Machine–which in itself may have been tampered with by one of the CIA or NSA or both; the browser display on my desktop has been showing me truncated versions of revision histories, some starting in 2020, even for older articles.

Obviously this is an issue for Any Writer and Journalist; this Writer has been so profoundly targeted for disappearance as a Writer that, not merely is this Racist and Paternalist, it is indicative of False-Narrative-creation on a rather vast scale.

All juvenile, egoistic hackers working to destroy this Writer’s name and reportage online are advised therefore to Cease and Desist this unlawful and criminal pursuit and aim instead to do better things with their lives.

Cyberhacking to alter the voice and writing of this or any writer online is a crime and should be banned, prevented, stopped.

Ramola D, Author | For the Sake of the Boy, Temporary Lives, Invisible Season
Publisher, Editor, Reporter | The Everyday Concerned Citizen, Delphi Quarterly, Ramola D Reports
MFA (Poetry, Fiction), MBA (Marketing), Post-Grad Dip. Journalism, BSc. Physics

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