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Military Brain Technologies Revealed: Therapy or Weaponry?

Note & Op-ed | Ramola D | May 29, 2023

Posted today at the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists is an interview with an alarming title with a science journalist and writer, Sally Adee, editor at New Scientist and author of We Are Electric Inside the 200-Year Hunt for Our Body’s Bioelectric Code, and What the Future Holds, reviewing her experience with tDCS, Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, a military brain technology from DARPA revealing uses both putatively therapeutic and other. Also reviewed are a few other technologies including brain decoding or mind reading using something called the Utah Array, and xeno bots, which seem to be living beings from stem cells, therefore these latter not technologies but beings used in bioelectricity or tDCS research–rather immense subjects to further explore.

Most puzzling though is the tone and allusive way in which this major information is presented, as if presuming consent for some very dark technologies (some of which most people unlawfully targeted have been reporting for years now as profoundly invasive and abusive), some yet to be fully exposed–including, seemingly, some such as synthetic telepathy, brain stimulation to amplify learning which seems to be using neural network mapping, and other such: Q&A: How DARPA hacked a science writer’s brain and turned her into a sharpshooter | Sara Goudarzi | May 29, 2023

Like much that is being published these days and apparently over the years in certain forums, both in print and in podcasts, there is a lot of just such seemingly artfully artless presenting of neurotechnology information ongoing, it seems, when the issues, unspoken and unremarked, are huge, with massive implications for all human neuro, cognitive, individual and collective freedom.

“Hacking Brains”: Is Language Being Opened Up Now in Mainstream Space to Gain Consent by Stealth?

Most fundamentally, this article is not about a science writer turned into a sharpshooter, but about a well-published one who in 2007 voluntarily submitted to Trans Cranial Direct Current Stimulation for a story. It is about her seeking a “flow state” through what appears to be either a video game or Virtual Reality or a metaverse scenario, never exactly presented as such. Showing up for her “simulation” (or perhaps just Stimulation) in a traumatized, sleep-deprived jetlagged state, she is then subjected to a series of training exercises for “first-person shooter games” rushing through her repeat exercises with progressive success, not noticing how time flies–essentially getting to some modicum of a flow state at some speed: is this supersoldier training, is this Artificial Intelligence simulations playing out, is this Supercomputing AI and over stimulation of neurons via Syn Tel–TAMI (Thought Amplification and MIND Interface), MIND, SATAN on steroids, is this brain heterodyning or similar? Read (the whole interview/Q and A amalgam) closely and some clues emerge. Yes to all above it seems especially if you understand what trauma-based mind control is all about, what neural circuit mapping in cognitive processing is all about and how this relates to the kind of basic IP theft which brain/EEG heterodyning, cloning or harvesting essentially is. There are connections here to the harvesting of flow states from experts in every field–which actually implies neuro experimentation, generative AI and nested learning algorithms which, if you keep digging into deep learning, machine learning history will bring up links to experimentation on primates from Delgado to Neuralink, on people needing prosthetic limbs, on those held hostage in mental asylums, prisons, nursing homes–vulnerable populations needing protection from all yet inexplicably used historically in non-consensual medical research projects.

There are clues here as well to neuro influence technology, synthetic telepathy, neuro cognitive weaponry, inner voice takeover, narrative disruption protocols, frequency codes for negative thoughts and emotions being piped in, and connections with brain-on-a-chip tech, digital twinning/cloning, BCI (brain computer interface) networks and neurostimulators–a whole history of questionable research leading to these moments of revelation of unethical technology transfer or once-weaponry repurposed as beneficial tech, which numerous military and intelligence and private corporations inclusive of DARPA have been studying for years.

“They kept putting me through these training exercises and I kept failing and being really overwhelmed. Everything was happening all at once—the fake people were running at me, and I didn’t know what order to dispatch them in. It was incredibly frustrating, and I had this entire script of self-recrimination running through my head the entire time. It was just vicious. Then I started just having really negative thoughts. I was thinking this is all garbage, my whole job is garbage—just catastrophizing.

Then the tech came in and switched the current on, and it was like somebody had put noise cancelling headphones on me. I couldn’t hear any of that [negative thoughts] anymore. I did the training again and thought this is completely fine; I know exactly what I’m doing; what’s all the fuss? I was actually really enjoying it. After three minutes, the tech came in (normally, the runs were taking about 20 minutes to get through), and I had dispatched all the bad guys and was waiting the next wave, and said, “it’s done.” I was really surprised—actually, really annoyed—because I was thinking so now, I get it right for the first time and you stop it early. I said, “but I’ve only been here for a couple of minutes.” She said “no,” and I looked at the clock and was shocked to find that 20 minutes had passed. The researcher [in charge] said it was a common response that time starts to fly quite quickly.”

Interestingly it seems it is actually sharpshooting training in the simulation she participated in, and not mass-shooter transformation as some may say the title implies, while the entire article seems to be written in a somewhat obfuscating way, the harms of even “noise cancelling headphone” sensations achieved by electrical current on a human brain lost.

“Zapping Brains into the Zone”

An article by Adee in 2012 helps further elaborate her experience only thinly presented today and the “flow state” she pursued–one well known to artists, dancers, writers, musicians, tennis players, sportsmen and sportswomen of every kind, but again, in itself another area of questionable brain research, which has been reported earlier by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi:

Human Rights and Lack of Neuro Privacy

Ultimately this is all about much more than what is only very slightly pointed to here–this is about grave and profound harm, issued inhumanely, with reverberating repercussions for Americans, the American military, and indeed the entire world. This isn’t written about though, here. The language in the title, while previously surfaced in mainstream space in the slightest of ways, is still startling enough to draw attention, to mislead, and to premise consent, which no-one with an ethical bone in their body would ever give if they ever knew what “neuro hacking” and “bio hacking” actually means — subjects covered incessantly by whistleblower scientists and journalists here, including at the two recent DEW/Neurotech conferences in 2021 and 2022 as well as numerous panels and podcasts here and at other sites online.

In this space what is powerfully reassuring is that there are indeed highly ethical servicemen and women in the US and other militaries worldwide who have come forward to address the human rights issues involved here, to whom we in this country indeed owe much gratitude on this Memorial Day 2023.


Significantly however, this article by an associate editor Sara Gordazi at the Bulletin points to several neurotechnologies and areas of bioelectronics which have now come to be variously applied it appears in fields of amplifying learning, in assisting with sports training, in stroke recovery, in relearning tasks when injured (subjects sometimes covered at my podcasts and articles), but 21st-and-20th-century public disclosure of which from military sources like DARPA needs further to be catalogued and highlighted for public awareness.

This linked article from 2017 in a neurophysiology journal reveals the use of tDCS in studies, not fully described, for numerous neurological conditions or named yet questionable conditions like Parkinson’s, dementia, Alzheimer’s: Evidence-based guidelines on the therapeutic use of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS).

As with other neurotechnologies described by whistleblowers and DOD scientists in lectures and journals over the past few years and presented today as therapeutic under various “emerging technologies” and community research headings, it is never clear how ethically these were developed and how ethically they are being used.

Those who have been unlawfully targeted today and for several decades now, in the US and worldwide, have long been subjected to numerous exotic technologies without consent and have long sought attention to be drawn to their absolutely incomprehensible plight, while we see at the very same time numerous technologies being introduced in our midst, in hospitals, in research settings, in criminal justice settings as therapeutic, or interventional, or deterrent, or emerging, or innovative. These must be questioned from a human rights point of view.

Especially disturbing is the tone of presumed or premised consent underlying examination, however slight, of any and all neurotechnology, both here and in much coverage online today which every intelligent observer must rise up to question. When did neurotechnology become a thing? How many of us are willing to submit to brain monitoring and brain surveillance and brain research on our own thinking processes and thoughts? These are subjects we need to keep researching and writing and speaking about–as well as directly addressing with those building them.

Also questionable is the presented narrative of tDCS being used as a therapy not merely to treat depression but to beat back “inner voices” or negative thoughts, an old one much in line with the historic linking of inner voices or “hearing voices” to so-called schizophrenia or schizoid disorders–instead of recognizing the disclosures today of synthetic telepathy, V2K, projected sounds, ultrasound invasion of the brain and other human-effect electromagnetic, bioelectronic, and neuro hacking technologies known today to specialized audiences.

Much to explore and address further, at a later date.

The Future of Intelligence or The Rise of Human Rights? | Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Deep Learning Vs Preserving The Sanctity of Human Brains And Lives

Note & Op-ed | Ramola D | May 16, 2023

While many of us have been reporting the great harms to humanity and ourselves from so-called emerging or innovative technologies including neurotechnologies, nanotechnology, and directed energy technologies, as covered for instance at last October’s DEW/Neurotech conference posted here, conversations at EM Tech Digital 2023, a recent mainstream conference hosted by MIT Technology Review points to the continued upholding of Artificial Intelligence–a technological, machine-intelligence overlay apparently intending to override human agency and brains–as a supposed stable fixture in our future.

The Future of Intelligence/Em Tech Digital

Clearly not enough thought, time, space, or public consideration has been given to the place of humanity in this vast and nebulous scenario where most people do not understand the basic subject matter here. Perhaps because the creation and development of AI and Machine Learning seems to be quite intricate, encompassing various fields such as cognitive neuroscience, computational linguistics, and software programming, behind which seem to lie more buried fields such as nanobioelectronics and optical imaging.

IBM’s program manager Eda Kavlakoglu has a blog post offering insights into some of these terms using a Russian nesting doll concept to explain the connections between them: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, and Artificial Intelligence.

Some associated subjects have been covered in the journalism at this site, some profoundly human-rights-violative, especially in surveillance and mil/Intel coverage, COVID vaccine coverage, and nanotechnology posts.

Is it possible that Artificial Intelligence development and brain or natural language processing research could involve human rights violations?

Dr. David Salinas Flores, whose highlighting of the illegitimate use of nanotechnology in the exploitation of humans has been featured here before has drawn attention to such futuristic scenarios as brain internets, cerebral internets, brains on a chip and so on, subjects I too have raised in some interviews and panels, especially those with TradCatKnight Radio’s Eric Gajewski, posted at his site and my video platforms. Ethical problems in the study of human brains including IP theft are noted here–Dr. David Salinas Flores | The Fourth Industrial Revolution: The First Robotization of Africans–and here: Professor David Salinas Flores, MD |The Nanomafia: Nanotechnology’s Global Network of Organized Crime.

IP theft (Intellectual Property theft) in itself has long been discussed in the form of EEG heterodyning and EEG cloning by American scientist Dr. Robert Duncan in The Matrix Deciphered, numbers of Russian, European, Indian scientists and journalists, military and intelligence whistleblowers, and others in podcasts and articles here and at my video platforms (the ones left standing that is, past Youtube’s 2021 takedown of my Reports channel there.) This is, shockingly enough, brainwave harvesting, mixing, and/or replacing–forms of read-write remote access to the human brain achieved through a variety of intricate neurotechnology, nanotechnology, and computational means some of which neuroscientists in the military space have recently taken to disclosing publicly, as partially reported here:

Public Disclosure By Military/Intelligence Whistleblowers on Neuro Weapons and Neuro Technologies In Use Today

Microwave Weapons, Psychotronic Weapons, Human Control Weapons: From Nazi Times to Russia’s Cheka to the Present “Havana Syndrome”: A Century of Victims

Neuro ethics in itself is a contested space, and many know it. Neuro rights, first established at the government level in Chile, as well as AI via what has been termed non-invasive BCI (brain computer interfaces) at the nano and micro levels, were discussed by Dr. Rafael Yuste, Director of Neurotechnologies at Columbia University, head of the US Brain Initiative Project, on Report #197 at my channel Ramola D Reports in 2020. Neuroethics and neuro rights were also discussed in various other interviews, panels, articles, and podcasts here, some listed below.

Report #197: Prof. Rafael Yuste, Director, Neurotech, Columbia Univ. On Neurotech, Ai & Neuro Rights

Lack of Consent in Neuro Ethics and Brain Research: A Primary Problem, Long Exposed

Ramola D Reports | Report #152: Kristen Conklin, Electrical Engineer, HR Activist on Neuroweaponry, Neuroethics, Human Rights, Transhumanism

Report #122: Shad Budge Discusses Global NeuroEthics Conference 2019 and Neuro Rights

Questions remain therefore at every level from the standpoint of human rights.

This virtual Em Tech Digital 2023 conversation with former Google computer scientist and cognitive psychologist, Geoffrey Hinton, titled The Future of Intelligence, while striving to address some of the problems associated with AI doesn’t quite address the invasive and human rights issues surrounding neuro privacy, neuro rights, and brain and body autonomy which must inevitably arise in any kind of Artificial Intelligence development seeking to replace or augment human cognitive or communication processes.

Part of what’s being hidden behind public surfacings of Artificial Intelligence powers therefore are the disclosures made by DEW/neurotech-assaulted or “targeted individual” whistleblowers, which include the psychological terror games played by Synthetic Telepathy operators, Neuro Linguistic Programming echo-stalkers, neural network mappers and others in eliciting people’s individual cognitive processes via decision-tree choices which make up our separate human brains and personalities.

These are large and very troubling subjects for ethicists, neuro ethicists, human rights advocates, animal rights advocates, psychologists, psychiatrists, and everyone else to discuss openly together, along with those reporting harm in non-consensual brain or AI research–the only way, as often discussed here, to transparency and human harmony going forward.


Brain Entrainment, Mind Hiving, Neuro Surveillance: In Groups, At Work, Already? | Questions re. Brain Autonomy at Davos

US Department of State Sets Up a New Office for Critical and Emerging Technology Diplomacy and Foreign Policy: Human Rights Oversight Urgently Needed

Seth Farber, Ph.D: The Psychiatric Metanarrative, Targeted Individuals, and the Deep State: A Response to The New York Times

A New World Where Every Thought Counts: Transcending Nano Quantum Chaos with Heart

World Press Freedom Day, 2023: Boston Activists call for Julian Assange’s freedom

Note | Ramola D | May 3, 2023

In welcome recognition of the importance of press freedom and needed protection for journalists worldwide at a time when journalists continue to be unlawfully targeted and detained, Assange Defense Committee reports that today’s 30th anniversary of World Press Freedom Day is being marked in Boston with a phone bank to call for Assange’s freedom as well as protection for all journalists and those who speak truth to power.

May 3 at 12 pm EDT: All who care about press freedoms and the importance of preserving our human rights and civil liberties can call in to Massachusetts senators and the Department of Justice or send an email to express their minds:

Image: Assange Defense Boston

“World Press Freedom Day was created by the UN to act as both a reminder and a reflection on the freedoms of the press and of speech that we all hold dear. With the continued prosecution of Assange and the recent imprisonment of WSJ reporter Evan Gershkovich, these freedoms are under attack daily.”

Assange Defense Committee

Evan Gershkovich is the Wall Street Journal reporter recently detained in Russia on supposed “espionage” charges while he was reporting on the ground on repercussions of Russia’s war with Ukraine, and examining the effects of information warfare on locals in the border regions there.

“This action comes amidst renewed pressure from national and world leaders, as well as major publications, calling for Attorney General Merrick Garland to drop the charges against Assange.”

–Assange Defense

Assange Defense Committee, a coalition of well-known advocates and activists inclusive of writers, philosophers, whistleblowers Noam Chomsky, Alice Walker, Daniel Ellsberg, John Kiriakou, Thomas Drake and many others advocating for Julian Assange is organizing events across the USA to try to stop his extradition to the US.

Decline in Press Freedom and the Ability to Practice Journalism Meanwhile

What’s faintly reassuring is that the current White House Administration has started to (if only selectively) echo the extant awareness of all practicing journalists and intelligent readers on the subject of press freedoms. At the White House Correspondents Dinner on April 29, President Joe Biden called for Evan Gershkovich’s immediate release “along with every other journalist held hostage or wrongfully detained abroad.”

Biden: “Journalism is not a crime”/Politico, 4/30/2023

The troubled state of journalism today around the world and the targeted attacks on journalists in many countries including the USA has been noted this week by many observers worldwide, as also in this Washington Post editorial and this Republic World article. Unlawful retaliation on journalists, activists, government and agency whistleblowers has often been covered at this site, and one can only hope the entire world wakes soon to the need to honor and celebrate journalists rather than incarcerate or marginalize or disappear them.

In the words of Noam Chomsky, “Julian Assange shouldn’t be the subject of a grand jury hearing, he should be given a medal. He’s contributing to democracy.”

From 8/15/2022: Livestream of Julian Assange’s Don’t Extradite Assange Campaign | Week 1 of the Assange Case…

Follow Julian Assange’s case:

Assange Defense Committee: News and Coverage

Reporters Without Borders: News

Speak Up for Assange:

International Journalists’ Statement in Defense of Julian Assange,

List of International Journalists here; Ramola D: #1308