Report #122: Shad Budge Discusses Global NeuroEthics Conference 2019 and Neuro Rights

Video report & links | Ramola D | May 18, 2023

Please note: This is a page for a video report livestreamed and posted March 16, 2019 at Youtube, taken down there with the rest of the Youtube channel for Ramola D Reports on 3-30-2021, which true-media channel, I hope, will be reinstated there one day. The conference spoken of was in the making when we recorded this interview. The subject matter and our separate approaches makes it an important historic interview, in my view, and I hope those keen to understand these thorny subjects of Neuro Rights and Neuro Ethics and keen to participate in what should be larger public debates on same will take note of our conversation here, which especially highlights the invaluable reportage of those who report non-consensual brain experimentation yet are often called “targeted individuals” and labeled mentally ill when they are in fact perfectly normal or exceptionally intellectual or spiritual or psychic people unlawfully rolled (under guise of surveillance often) into secretive experimentation projects including in Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, Non-Lethal Weapons Testing, Criminal Justice, Medicine, and more. (Subjects long covered at my sites.)

Shad Budge, Canadian founder and creator of the Global Neuroethics Conference to be held in Alberta in May 2019 discusses neuro-ethics, neuro-rights, and the whole story behind this conference.

Some of the subjects discussed or mentioned here include the massive advances made in neuroscience, the beneficial use of neurotechnology in neuroprosthetics for quadriplegics and others needing or wanting physical rehabilitation, the coverage of related subjects such as mind reading in mainstream news (60 Minutes did an early show on mind reading in 2009, Shad reports), the disclosures being made by military neuroscientists, and the bringing forward of the testimonials of those reporting non-consensual remote-access neurological harm.

Neuro rights themselves, and neuro-specific rights are terms which this writer believes still need closer scrutiny and wider discussion. It appears there is a vast body of knowledge already built around these terms, but it may be a very specialized audience which has access to this knowledge.

Meanwhile we also have the powerfully unsettling phenomenon of reports from the field of non-consensual brain experimentation reporting harm, and the research and scholarship of these very individuals who have long struggled to have their voices heard–and who are still fighting against obscurity and disappearance of their reportage. The larger public deserves to have the whole picture, and also deserves to be in on the selfsame discussion worldwide since these issues of the brain affect all of humanity. Much needs therefore to be knit together, and many need to step forward to acknowledge the truth of what has occurred and what may still be occurring. The aims and ideals behind this conference therefore are well worth examining and building on or addressing together.

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