FOIA Request Reports

Links to reports on specific FOIA Requests investigating Non-Consensual Human Subject Experimentation, Assault, and “Electronic Surveillance” with “Non-Lethal Weapons,” “Concealed Monitoring,” or “Consensual Monitoring,” completed, rejected, or under appeal with different departments and agencies of government are listed here. (Requests made by Ramola D/Dharmaraj via, please visit there for text of all FOIA requests, historic and current.)

These requests and reports are being made in the public interest, to openly expose and challenge the unlawful covert human experimentation, weapons testing, and secret surveillance programs involving brain and mind control/neuro-surveillance technologies that are currently underway in the USA (and worldwide) under cover of “classified research” and under cover of counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence, threat-surveillance and monitoring pre-crime by the deliberate and fraudulent classifying of innocent Americans and activists as terrorists and spies via the Presidential Surveillance program/Patriot Act/EO 12333 which permits the use of National Security Letters and secret FISA court warrants on anyone, which is being concealed by the Department of Justice, and which is functioning today as a repressive State mechanism of control, in recruiting Americans to prey on Americans. 

These reports may be published, excerpted, or cited anywhere with author and site credit, thanks.

FOIA Request Report: CIA Unable to Confirm Informed Consent in Any Open Human Subject Programs and Research Using Directed-Energy Neuroweapons in the USA

FOIA Request Report: Massachusetts State Police Suggests Public Safety is Upheld By Withholding Inventory of Non-Lethal Weapons Currently in Use



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