Dr. Katherine Horton’s Lies, Libel, Slander, and Smears Page Targeting Ramola D: https://stop007.org/home/black-list/ramola-dharmaraj

Report & Listing of Links | Ramola D | June 25, 2021

Not heeding Cease and Desists, refusing to take down her massive slander, “Dr.” Katherine Horton has opened herself to continued and permanent exposure of her serious crimes of Defamation, Libel, Lies, and Smears against Ramola D, which she has posted at this page on her website: https://stop007.org/home/black-list/ramola-dharmaraj/ in addition to multiple posts on Twitter and Youtube.

This page continues to be online as of June 25, 2021, and shows up in random searches online while searching for videos at my channel Ramola D Reports, this is therefore intentional and continued defamation and smears by Dr. Katherine Horton, who has had the brazen audacity to publish lies and smears and keep her lies and smears online–well after her lies and smears have been fully exposed as such.

Given that “Dr.” Katherine Horton is still posing as an activist and running public Disinfo operations online–regrettably it seems along with NSA whistleblower Bill Binney currently–clearly an Intel gaslighting operation of “deep capture,” a PDF of this page, should she take it down–which she should do–is being maintained here for purposes of public historic record, to establish the facts of her libelous and extended Smear Campaign on Ramola D, and to illustrate why I am intent on exposing her incredible lies:

Dr. Katherine Horton is a Very Persistent (and Well Supported) Intel Operation Intent on Running Targeted Smear Campaigns to Bury Factual Journalism (among other Intel aims)

Many have been deceived and continue to be deceived by Katherine Horton whose targeting of human rights & “TI” activists for extreme defamation and smear campaigns has included assaults on those named in her infamous Ramola diagram (posted on that page above and also made note of here) but especially:

Ramola D

Melanie Vritschan

Melanie Vritschan’s Newborn


Barbara Hartwell

Further information on these COINTELPRO Smear Campaigns run by an obvious Intelligence plant and infiltrator–in my view (formulated after my working closely with her for 2.5 years, experiencing her interrogation, NLP, and echo-stalking operations, targeted in her COINTELPRO operations, and experiencing her smear attacks for 2.5 years after) an operator with connections to the CIA, MI5, and GCHQ, running classic JTRIG operations—who especially targeted this journalist continuously exposing the seamy underside of Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and University operations on thousands of innocent targets worldwide in efforts to derail the exposure, conceal the truth about the extreme barbarism and inhumanity of the Nazi experiments currently underway, insert massive amounts of Disinfo about radio frequency and neuroweapon use on targets, and stall the major exposure this writer has been embarked on for 8 years, from 2013 to the present, can be found here:

Facts regarding Katherine Horton she is unable to apologize and beg forgiveness for given her installed aspect as Intel operative:

Dr. Katherine Horton (Stop007.org) Runs Smear Campaigns

Standing Notice Regarding Dr. Katherine Horton’s JTRIG Slander Campaign Against Ramola D

Latest evidence of Katherine Horton’s Lies and Smears targeting Ramola D:

Secret Slander: “Dr.” Katherine Horton’s Sabotage & Defamation of Ramola D & Barbara Hartwell as She Lied to NSA Whistleblowers Bill Binney & Kirk Wiebe Exposed, Jan 2, 2021

Latest evidence of Katherine Horton’s Continued Lies and Smear Campaign, Nov 2019-present as Repeated, Post Contact, by the “turned” Fusion Center Operative ex-NSA Karen Melton-Stewart:

False Claims and Lies by Ex-NSA Karen Stewart Re. Ramola D Fully Exposed; Further Facts on “Dr.” Katherine Horton’s Lies and Attacks Revealed

Karen Melton-Stewart is Engaged in Targeting Crimes Against Others & Is Publicly Asked Once More to Cease & Desist Her Public Lie & Smear Campaigns, Upheld by Twitter, Facebook, and Activist Post

Evidence of Katherine Horton’s lies directly after Techno Crime Fighters Forum, of which she was a part, closed:

REPORT & JOINT STATEMENT ON HOW TECHNO CRIME FIGHTERS FORUM ENDED | Correction of Dr. Katherine Horton’s False Narrative Changing Facts

Multiple Public Notices to Katherine Horton, left unheeded:

Joint Public Cease and Desist Notice to Dr. Katherine Horton

Second Public Notice to Dr. Katherine Horton

Public Notice to Dr. Katherine Horton

Disclaimer re. Katherine Horton’s questionable reportage in the case of the Erasme Medical Kidnap, an operation of sabotage and targeting of an activist mother and newborn fully facilitated by Katherine Horton:

Disclaimer Re. Reportage by Dr. Katherine Horton on Erasme Medical Kidnap as Recorded in JIT Press Releases and Articles at The Everyday Concerned Citizen

Rebuttal & fact-speaking to all of Katherine Horton’s incredibly blatant and baseless lies and slander, repeated ad infinitum by her on Twitter and on videos at Youtube as well as her website:

Ramola D/The End of Techno Crime Fighters Forum: The Real Backstory


Tweet Thread-Post Katherine Horton’s SECOND Slam & Smear Assault on Yours Truly

The Consequences of Infiltration

Ramola D: Swiss Cheese and Bayonets: Katherine Horton’s Nasty Defamation Campaign Titled “Ramola’s Defamation Campaign”

Report #95: Melanie Vritschan, ICATOR Update | Truth Vs. Slander

Report #99: Melanie and Ramola D on Katherine Horton’s Defamation Campaign

(This video to be uploaded shortly–removed by Youtube and not synced at Odysee)

Report #103: Melanie and Ramola D on Katherine Horton’s Intensified and Expanded Defamation Campaign

Articles on Katherine Horton by others exposing her lies, smears, sensationalist duplicity

Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower: The End of Techno Crime Fighters: Independent Observations & Analysis

Thomas McFarlan: Dr. Katherine Horton’s Fall From Grace + Audio Commentary | Documenting an Infiltrator

Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower: FACT-FREE THEATRICAL PRODUCTIONS Starring Katherine Horton

#Thread by Cassandra in response to ignorant/defamation comments against journalist Ramola D

Charlatan, Grifter, Provocateur, Katherine Horton: Purveyor of Outrageous Lies, Injurious Defamation & Perpetrator of Appalling Actions | Barbara Hartwell

Further Evidence of Katherine Horton’s Enlisting of ex-NSA Karen Melton-Stewart to parrot the very same lies and smears: a Smear Operation commandeered by Katherine Horton and handed down like an Olympic torch to Karen Stewart

Public Notice Re. Ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart, Dec 28, 2020

Vicious Lies, Libel, Inversions, Character-Assassination: Is Karen Stewart a “TI Leader” or a Covert Fusion Center Operative?


Notes, Clarifications & Remarks on Karen Stewart’s Latest Attack-Missive Filled with Extraordinary and Misfed Ramblings Designed to Denigrate | 12/29/2019

Ramola D | #Bentley360: Musings & Reports–Full Spectrum Record/Smear Ops To Hide Non Lethal Ops And Neuro Ops And Protect Intelligence Agencies, US & World Militaries, NATO, UN, Universities, Students, Governments, Media, Hospitals, Scientists, & Those Shadows & Satanists Behind Them | 12/26/2019

NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart: Slander And False-Reality-Constructs:
Thread 1, Dec 15, 2019
Thread 2, Dec 22, 2019

Addressing Further Aspersions and Slander from Karen Stewart:

Thread 4, Dec 31, 2019/Closed Feb 9, 2020

Also Relevant in Relation to Hacking Intel & False Narratives from Karen Stewart:

Thread 5, Dec 28, 2019

A Few Observations on Karen Stewart’s “Troublemakers will be isolated and left out–Abusers, Liars, Obsessive Stalkers, Gossips, Clueless Crusaders or Yellow Journalists” 1/13/2020

Further Targeting of the Too-Much-Truth-Telling Journalist by Self-Named “Targeted Individual Activist Leaders”: Karen Stewart Moves from Smear Operation to “Calling the Police” while Midge Mathis, Matthew Arnegard, Frank Allen Send Public and Private Insults 2/6/2020

Nonstop Defamation, Distortion, Denigration by Karen Stewart; No Awareness of Facts and Truth Yet; No Retraction of Lies and False Narratives 3/3/2020

Thread 7: #KarenStewart #ForTheRecord #SmearRebuttal #ExpectLies/Closed 6/17/2020

Empress Karen Stewart: “I’m NSA to my core, and I won, I won!”/3/22/2020

Evidence and expose of Katherine Horton’s influencing and enlisting others in her smear and lies campaign

Midge Mathis of Targeted Justice Promotes Targeted Smear/Oct 15, 2019

Protection Rackets & Containment Operations: Libel, Slander, False-Narratives, False-Reality-Constructs, Smear Campaigns & Serious Defamation

Katherine Horton, Ella Free, Midge Mathis, Ortaine Devian, Andy Spoo, and More: False-Reality-Constructs Revisited/Thread/Oct 13, 2019

Ramola D Reports | Report # 144: CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell & Ramola D: Grandstanding, Disinfo, and Containment Ops in the TI Community

Evidence of Katherine Horton, Ella Free, Midge Mathis, Karen Stewart and others being part of a COINTELPRO Limited-Hangout Controlled Opposition Intel Operation in intensified targeted hits on me during and post the exposing of their lies, smears and mobbing attacks online

Massive Heart-Hits/Obvious Outright Assassination Attempts While Exposing CBS News 60 Minutes, Chicago Sun-Times, Neil Steinberg, Midge Mathis, Richard Lighthouse, Targeted Justice, Ella Free, Matthew Aaron, Freedom for Targeted Individuals, and Others

Notes on Past & Present TI Activism to Expose Fusion Center Excesses, Evils, & Crimes

Dr. Katherine Horton has entered the historic record

At this point, Katherine Horton has entered the historic record as a COINTELPRO and JTRIG operative, saboteur, and agent-provocateur, facilitating the sabotage of activism and journalism and facilitating the life-threatening targeting of others through running smear and lie operations on them, much in the manner of a fusion center operative as Karen Melton-Stewart , whom she appears to have recruited, has also demonstrated. This is in addition to operating as a Disinfo disseminator, wheel-spinner, and gatekeeper–in which capacity she appears to continue to operate.  For further information on these, please read the articles linked here.