Massive Heart-Hits/Obvious Outright Assassination Attempts While Exposing CBS News–60 Minutes, Chicago Sun-Times, Neil Steinberg, Midge Mathis, Richard Lighthouse, Targeted Justice, Ella Free, Matthew Aaron, Freedom for Targeted Individuals, and Others

Ramola D | Personal Report | Sep 20, 2019

For the record, I need to note that during the two weeks that I was working on finalizing and posting my Failure-to-Report-Crime Media POPPCon articles on the CBS News, 60 Minutes coverage of the diplomats hit by neuroweapons in Cuba and China, and on the Chicago Sun-Times Psy Op coverage of people reporting extrajudicial targeting and military weapon crimes, labeled and dismissed as mentally-ill Targeted Individuals, and immediately after the publishing and reporting on Report # 144, a podcast examining the limited-hangout and disinformation operations among TI activists, I was subjected to extreme attack with remote microwave pulse weapons and scalar radar weapons, intensified drone and helicopter visits over home and backyard, massive noise campaigns, and excessive neighborhood “surveillance.”

Right after Report #144 was published, there was a very pronounced heart-hit in Provincetown at lunch one afternoon at Mojo eateries, which I posted on a tweet.

Side-Note: 9:40 am, 9/24/2019: As I posted this image into my draft just now, a white chem-trail plane–military/CIA plane?–sprung abruptly into action and crossed over my yard and house at pretty low altitude, low enough to witness its sleek Raytheon-Sentinel-like profile. I was able to spring off the couch and witness it crossing over my roof, unfortunately no time to grab my camera. Note, I am Still working on this draft since it has been cyber-hacked yet again, and all embeds of Tweets and links to Twitter blocked. I am posting images of tweets with links to Twitter now.

We were away at Cape Cod for a week on family vacation – which might have turned out to be family wake had I not cut out of the clear triangulation-Death-Hit scenario set up around me—after I was massively hit, and involving a young teenager, who either was using his cell phone to GPS-track and facilitate that lock-on or was simply aiming death-hits from a portable weapon himself; however, I could see others were involved, so I suspect the former.

To those to whom this information sounds “delusory,” I can assure you from over four years of sustaining heart-hits that remote heart-attack bio-resonance radio frequency pulse weapons, scalar radar weapons, remote electrical weapons, and ultrasonic congestion-producing weapons of the portable or ground-installed kind do exist, and are being deployed from SUVs, minivans, utility vans, jeeps, trucks, cellphone antennas and cell towers, neighbors’ houses, sheds, garages, and buildings.

Had I not learned to shield and also find a shield which actually records the pulse hits—EMF signals obviously arriving from a pulsed external source if audible on a Reflectix-and-foam-sheet-over-cookie-sheet shield and therefore shieldable-from while also visible on EMF meters as sudden pulses, and not my genetics kicking in with “heart problems”–I would not be alive today; over these past few years of sustained journalism and activism to expose Military, Intelligence, and Fusion Center crimes against Americans and against humanity, there have been particular times when I was especially strenuously attacked with heart-hits, all related to some particular interview, report, or podcast I had just published or was in the process of publishing.

Interviewing CIA whistleblower Barbara Hartwell and FBI whistleblower Geral Sosbee on Report #106 in January 2019 was one such historic moment, when the “Gladio-Code” spikes that Marc Delantre reports and that I have podcasted with him on recorded the actual frenzy of hits that came my way then.

(Ironically, as I sit at Milton Library in the East Reading Room writing, I am being slow-pulsed at my heart and have a metallic shield propped up against it. Sep 19, 6:51 pm.)

In the lead-up to publishing the two articles on CBS’ 60 Minutes show Targeting Americans and the Chicago Sun-Times’ Are you Being Burned?, I was subject to continuous and extreme both pulse-hits and scalar radar at the heart, one audibly sounded, the other very hard to shield from– which I have posted on earlier via Twitter, in March 2019, as Trickle-Pulse Radar – obviously a military-grade remote radar weapon being used to torture–during the daytime while writing, sitting, walking, driving, just going through my day, and at night, covert-weapon-hits which seemed to come from very close-by, the neighbor’s garage or the neighbor’s room facing mine.

Tweet from March 2019 Reporting Trickle-Pulse Radar Weapon Use (My own term/no doubt matched by some obscure and ambiguous classified military term)

On the one night—after posting twitter threads on Midge Mathis’ promoting of Dr. Katherine Horton–where I was hit continually all night, a shady-looking man emerged from the Nortons’ house in the early morning, a man with a balding head and a reddish-brown mustache and beard: Khazarian Mafia? He looked like it.

Not this man–this is a generic pic from the Web–but a man who looked like this, pale, stocky, bald with a clotted reddish beard. On this note, it should also be noted there is a high Israeli presence in Massachusetts, thanks to trade agreements with Israel and multiple Israeli tech companies in the area. However, there are also Khazarian Mafia/Mossad assassins operative in Massachusetts, as the man emerging from the Nortons’ home after the nonstop assault I am reporting with remote radar weapons confirms.

Across the street, Joe Murphy, who has become a Compliant to the Mafia running our street, spent a whole hour one evening blasting the air with the supersonic power blower or trimmer with which he is willing to wake the dead apparently, or just wake all the sleeping babies on the street and permanently damage his own eardrums with.

Neighbors from the back ran several power sawing operations and sudden construction gigs, with one neighbor overnight tearing down his deck and having a crew power-whine in the mornings to put up a new deck and deck railing—which amazingly looks like a carbon-copy of our own—but the crowning Noise Mania award goes to Ryan of the red pick-up whom I have now spoken to twice about his noise harassment, cavorting 5 feet from me as I sat outside on the back deck in September sunshine and running a beyond supersonic leaf-blowing and trimming and whacking job on non-existent leaves in the Nortons’ driveway and yard.

This was as I was pulling graphics together on that article, in particular texts and emails from Ella Free and Neil Steinberg. This was stratospheric noise harassment, and there is no doubt he was doing it to both provoke and annoy, in addition to disturbing the peace and quiet of the morning; because I have indeed filmed him before, and stopped his mania to request he use a noise-absorber with his equipment (and called Quincy Police to find out what the noise harassment laws are in Massachusetts, in terms of decibel volume—apparently, and shockingly, there are None, according to them), perhaps he was hoping I would stop my work to confront him again?

Plausible Deniability Op Numero Uno on Pine Street: This is Ryan of the red pickup with the Satanist/Freemason F33 license plate from a previous year–2016 Fall–he’s been terrorizing the neighborhood with his deliberately-timed obviously gratuitous noise harassment campaigns for several years now. This street has been “radicalized” into Compliant Noise Harassment On Cue since November 2013, when I was first hit with EMF Weapons and apparently Put Under Surveillance-Fraud, Racketeering, and Trafficking Into Non-Consensual Military & CIA  Experimentation–which corrupt and criminal action by the Massachusetts Commonwealth Fusion Center (headed by Massachusetts State Police & the Boston FBI) engaging in Massive FISA Abuse and Terrorist Watchlisting Criminal Fraud provided impetus for a new career in Investigative Journalism. For Part I of this To-Be-Compiled Testimonial, please see: Parallel Construction To Project #FBILies About Stand-Out Americans in Order to Target Them for Life-Takedown & Deadly Anti-Personnel NLW/Neurotech Assaults

This (video linked below) is the video recording of Ryan’s blasting the living and the dead two feet from me, on the second occasion of my accosting him, on 26 June 2019, when the Nortons’ rabid noise campaign first involved a blasting of grass in his yard with a lawnmower specially fitted apparently with an electric trumpet and then resumed with Ryan’s useless cavorting in the drive, chasing, as you will see, non-existent leaves with bravado and pure malice, raising his cell phone to film me as I stood on my deck with my laptop, filming him with my laptop camera, even as he stomped about the Nortons’ deck, pulverizing the air with his leafblower. All this, note, as I sat on my couch finalizing and sending my second Memorandum to President Trump reporting the atrocious crimes being committed by the MIIC and Fusion Centers in massive “Surveillance” Fraud against Americans, via the White House website and a pdf posting of the Memo on my website.

Stratospheric Noise Harassment Campaign Run by R. Norton and Ryan of the Red Pick-up on 26 June 2019 while finalizing and sending Once More a Memo to President Trump via the White House web site. Same guy, same level of Extreme Noise Assault 5 feet away while finalizing the Sun-Times Debacle article, specifically, adding in graphics of texts with Ella Free.

However, I was “in the zone” and too involved in my work to bother; my phone being hacked I could not just then use it to record, so did not (every time my phone is accessed from the thugs next door, I get a “Storage Full/some apps cannot be accessed” message). I did however, get my work done, despite cyber-hacking on my laptop as well, and continuous disappearances of certain graphics.

Notably, the graphics continually pulled were the three depicting Dr. Matthew Aaron’s erroneous representing of the issues surrounding unlawful targeting which conveniently attribute these War Crimes to vague “criminal networks” and rogue actors, ignoring the superstructure of government-military-intelligence-universities and crookedly permissive Fusion Centers (which glue crooked local police and sheriffs to crooked federal agencies) increasingly being exposed as culpable, by leading writers, intellectuals, and activists such as Mark Rich, Dr. Rauni Kilde, Dr. Robert Duncan, and Dr. Eric Karlstrom whose work precedes and supersede his. 

One more graphic was continuously pulled from my Chicago Sun-Times Debacle draft via cyber-hackers, and that was the replay of the email conversation Ella Free had with Neil Steinberg, post-publication of his POPPCon piece slamming all citizens reporting surveillance crimes as delusional, where it is clear Ella makes a purely minuscule effort to reprimand Steinberg for his misrepresentations of reporting victims, and also clear from the patronizing verbiage of Steinberg’s response that he is a Class I jerk keen to use his language skills to mock and denigrate putative victims—as Ella Free had presented herself to be, to him–as I noted in my caption on that graphic.

I should also note that every time I step out into my backyard or deck with my laptop or a book, instant drones, helicopters, streams of commercial planes, shouting neighbors, and electric saws power-whining their disapproval materialize around me. This is a matter being reported by numerous people around the US and world today: a deliberate Social Disapproval system, the NWO AI-run modality of Social Subjugation to rival the Chinese Social Credit system as it delivers Instant Apartheid to targets.

Film: Apocalypse and Aerosols Across Backyard, Sep 20, 2019

So I am not unfamiliar with the general noise campaigns by a compliant Massachusetts Fusion-Center-created mechanism greeting my very existence in my own home, in the privacy of my own backyard—but the day that I finalized this article and entire week leading up to it I was treated to mega-sonic noise harassment on an industrial scale, with Ryan of the red pick-up succeeding in pulling off the crowning campaign of them all, with his Titanic assaults still reverberating in my ears today.

I was, I should add, obliged to sit out there with metal shielding behind and around me, since I was being heart-hit (and other-hit–on back, spine, head, seat–all slightly shielded) as I worked—weapons from neighboring houses and the zooming-in-trucks-and-cars who park in the neighborhood to hit seemingly being the source, but also from-above hits from putative aerial platforms such as parked drones or aerostats or satellites.

Finally, while I have noted this elsewhere, Ryan’s clever leafblowers and weed-whackers appear to have a dual-use as Stealth Assault Weapons, since flickering pulsar hits from his equipment constantly assault me while he is nearby, operating it, or letting it run uselessly, swiveling about by itself in the Nortons’ drive. 

Writing About Snowden, and Countering Smear Ops From Various Followers of Ella Free and Katherine Horton

The most vicious and nonstop heart-hits via pulse and radar weapons as described above also came my way this week directly after tweets and Skype texts commenting on Snowden whose book-release is splashed all over mainstream media, in itself a sign he is a massive Psy Op, since MSM will not publish the voice and words of far more serious FBI, CIA, NSA, and academic whistleblowers such as Geral Sosbee, Karen Melton-Stewart, Barbara Hartwell, Dr. Eric Karlstrom, Cheryl Welsh, all reporting extreme bodily/Life retaliation and persecution by the Intelligence agencies on them, as well as weapon-use of stealth energy weapons, nor the reportage of neuroweaponry and anti-personnel DEW use on citizens I have been publishing over the past five years.

Fix This

Extreme Biohacking and Neurohacking and Lifehacking crimes by the NSA/CIA bunch being ignored, while “mass surveillance” cell phone hacks and email hacks as promoted on and on by Snowden given repeating airtime: anything wrong with this picture, anyone?

Please note, right after I tweeted on Snowden’s lack of disclosure on NeuroBioHacking and mentioned the #TrojanZionistOverstate which certainly runs all or most big media (see tweet above), this tweet from Snowden popped up right on top of my timeline:

The connections therefore to me, of mass media, cyber-hacking intelligence-agencies, and infiltration or putatively CIA/DOD/USShadowGov-run “activism” in the TI activist world are becoming increasingly visible–when I am being massively assaulted at the heart and chest with frequency/sonic weapons directly to shut down my analyses, reportage, and writing just when I am engaged in exposing or speculating on these many characters in the apparent CounterIntel space.

Interestingly, FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds has also recorded her speculations online, and in fact her considered opinion that Snowden is a 100% Faux Whistle Blower.

I will also note that writing a Cease and Desist once more to Deborah Weber, who had been publishing the most outlandish accusations and smears and false-information about my family (as being involved in money-laundering, a joke to the nth degree), which elicited an even more outlandish response from her, with further deranged accusations, which she actually copied to the outlandish characters of Angela Merkel, the ADL, and Benjamin Netanyahu, all the way in the Knesset in Israel as if they were her bosom friends—which perhaps they are (sealing her ZioNazi connections)—also led to nonstop heart-hits.

Similarly, addressing Ella Free’s and Midge Mathis’s smear-attacks online with resolute publishing of historical fact—as also those of an unknown cyber-warrior with the title Andy_ Spoo, quite close to naming himself a spook which he probably is, who unleashed a rather pedosadist and Satanic-looking graphic online with false-accusation and frankly absurdist text naming me a “narcissist with a God-complex” (nice try, CIA) which immediately the entire brigade of poseurs and saboteurs and limited-hangers-out including Ella Free, Katherine Horton, Midge Mathis endorsed heartily, proving their apparent approval of and allegiance with satanic blood-dripping child pictures and their creators, with a “Like” of Andy’s putrid tweet, also brought in its wake exacerbated and intensified heart-congestion-hits.

As a side-note, Midge Mathis’ inexplicable attacks on me after long, cordial acquaintance as well as after her debut interviews with me and co-host Ahmad Enani at Real Talk News Media–attended also by NSA whistlebower Karen Stewart–well before she started Targeted Justice, continue to surprise me. There is no “back-story” as she hints at here except these: when her outrageous emails to me in Fall 2018 were witnessed by many, as she chose to attack me instead of supporting those character-attacked by Dr. Katherine Horton; when she chose silence instead of openly repudiating Katherine Horton’s irresponsible and flagrant calls to violence but kept her on her Advisory Board instead, tacitly approving of those calls to violence and virulent Smear Attacks on others; when she chose to reject my voice and work reporting US Government, Military, and Intelligence crimes as the only, lone journalist resolutely and clearly exposing Extrajudicial FISA Abuse EMF/Neuro DEW Targeting continuously for years, since 2014, instead of recognizing or linking to my reportage, as I invited often, both in service of unified effort and use of my reportage, on her Targeted Justice website, but actually suggesting there were “some issues of credibility” related to my work, establishing thereby her own stance supporting an established agent provocateur and rejecting a truth-seeking reporter. I may write further on this at some point as I update The Consequences of Infiltration–but the conclusions I have already published about Midge Mathis and Targeted Justice stand in their entirety. Her approval of Andy Spoo’s Satanic meme also speaks volumes. And my pointing this out on Twitter eliciting further heart-hits does seem remarkable to me. Prefacing the tweet display recently (Sep 14)–which elicited September’s heart-hits which I am reporting with this article–below with two apposite tweets from Rupture Corruption @NHSCorrupt addressing Midge’s slanderous false-accusations. 

In other words: I’m not supposed to counter these Satanic smears, because if I do: heart-hits. No, I’m supposed to sit back and let myself be maligned to death by the Cyber Psy Oppers on Twitter instead – which perhaps would make me a congenial “Compliant” willing to be permanently erased, my reportage silenced, my voice disappeared. 

The CIA MockOp Strategy to Cast a Resolute Reporter and Truth-Seeking Journalist and Writer as a “Narcissist”: A Personality With an Ego Problem who “attacks” others 

Because: make no mistake, those smearing me online and calling me a narcissist–inviting people to see me as a “personality” with an ego problem rather than a reporter and writer committed to exposing these crimes–are also, by extension, smearing my work reporting these crimes against humanity, highlighting those writers and whistleblowers who precede me and work with me, whose voice and witness is powerfully authentic – and whose voices and witness therefore are by extension being suppressed and attacked.

Reporting War Crimes Run From an US Army Base

Continuing this saga to the present—where I am being hit extremely in the chest still, which is what prompts me to record this for historical purposes—I have also been subjected to both pointed heart-hits and bizarre noise harassment while working on the articles reporting Karen Rex’s letter to the Pentagon and her reporting of US Army Ranger Justin Pitts’s whistleblowing, and listening to his recordings of calls made to military police. (Projected-sound hits on the walls of the house, on radiators, and abrupt and sharp car-door-slamming and stick-hits on metal from the Nortons’ driveway, when only he was at home, being a retired vet who clearly is in the pay of the Khazarian Mafia populating the local fusion centers and sleeping in his house, or wait, shift-working in his house at night to point deadly scalar radar weapons at my heart all night.)

I will also note that this man permits these Mafiosi cars to park in his driveway, adjusting their placement between his own SUVs and theirs, pulling-out, pulling-in, letting them hang off the edge of his driveway as they come zooming into the neighborhood to hit. Last night, case in point, as I recorded hits on my chest from an SUV hanging off the edge of his drive way and earlier a car sandwiched between his—which he then pulled his SUV out to permit to leave, as I came to the front window to watch what was going on in his driveway.

Not merely does he let them park in his drive and sleep or work in his house, he also lets them house equipment in his garage and his SUV, which he frequently goes out to operate during the day, while pulse-hits at my heart and a steady rise of congestive heart pressure accompany his fiddlings.

This is also the man who gets out of his drive and directs a hit upward which is recorded as an audible pulse-hit on shielding I wear in my underwear—in other words, these are private-part hits, using, speculatively, his infra-red key fob, as I have witnessed another man using, once, this past summer, on me (literally pointing his key fob directly at me, as if that should be the natural response any one should have, on encountering me—while ironically, he was a guest at a beach house organized by a cousin of mine, at a family reunion at Myrtle Beach).

And is he also the person responsible for the hits recorded on video aimed at my eye, while I was in the middle of a podcast (video clip below)? He certainly spends his time just as I am doing a podcast shuffling about and slamming car doors and leaf-blowing invisible leaves in his driveway which is just below my study–and pointing infra-red pointers up at my underwear!

Killer Drones are Being Deployed Here in the USA: Testimonial of Targets

Let me also record here that in addition, I have been hit recently, on multiple occasions, from drones, by which I mean heart-hit—I have also been hit with microwave pulse weapons and military tracking radar from drones—but I am recording here that I have been hit with intent to kill from multiple (high-whine) drones hanging above my house and over neighboring houses with extremely angled heart-hits from all angles around my chest, producing intense and piercing strikes at my heart from multiple angles, prompting me to have to dig up orgonite, seastones, metal tartlet pans, Reflectix, jar lids, carbon microwave absorber, metal-infused fabric—a multitude of shielding items in short, just to stop the hits from reaching my heart and continue my work. On one occasion I left a question in a document logging these crimes, asking who had been trying to kill me just then, NSA, CIA, or FBI or DOD, and a comment shortly after under a Youtube video of mine said “They’re everywhere. CIA.”

Let me remind everyone that the CIA has drones, and has been engaged in the Targeted Killing program. I am still researching their use of drones inside the USA, because I thought I saw some reported information to this effect. Many agencies are using drones, in addition to the FBI, who famously have 30,000 drones and have admitted to using drones for surveillance.

The FBI has also been reported to be using drones for “stationary surveillance”–which I am certainly reporting too, drone-hits on my private parts at seat while I am sitting on the couch or at a table, writing, and drone-hits at my heart while writing. The Air Force’s ISR is also using drones (see AFRL contracts) for their undisclosed ISR-testing operations inside the USA, putatively the very same kind of private-part at seat hits and heart-hits I am reporting. Indeed, I think I need to write a whole separate personal and investigative report on drone hits and the agencies plausibly involved and will, shortly.  


The CIA (and FBI and US Airforce) will probably NOT confess to targeted-killings inside the USA with drones, but then, none of these agencies nor the military have confessed to using spectrum weapons on Americans — which they most definitely are doing, as all the evidence from weapons-testing contracts, whistleblowers, and reporting targets show.

Further, Eric Holder’s DOJ was equivocal and ambiguous about the use of drones to kill Americans–which suggests the FBI is just as glad to use drones to run targeted-killing ops–which would mean INSIDE AMERICA. And I am here to tell Americans I am most definitely being hit-with-intent-to-kill inside America from mobile, whining, proximate drones–whoever they are owned by or run by, FBI or CIA or the US Airforce or the Mossad or George Bush or the Skull & Bonesters issuing forth from Yale or anyone else.

The use of American drones to kill Americans is a serious subject and I will write further on this. Anwar Al-Awlaki and his son may have been the ones who in some weird way gave the CIA precedent to kill other Americans; who are Americans going to hear from regarding drone hits on their bodies using invisible spectrum kill weapons other than other Americans such as myself, who continue to report such unlawful usage on our bodies? Obama’s Kill List and Disposition Matrix appear to be alive and well on home-ground USA: how criminal is that?

And if the CIA’s reading this, and the FBI, and the NSA, as I’m sure some of them are, given their obsessive fixation with finishing me off generally, they should know that all of America is aware they have created a situation of such insincere secrecy (for “national security”) that the day people on the inside with awareness of their criminality will indeed step forward and say “Enough is Enough” is not far off at all.

I will testify anywhere to anyone that I have been hit-with-intent-to-kill from drones inside my home, in Quincy, Massachusetts, mostly at nighttime, on several memorable occasions, including after both Memos sent to President Trump–and I will be glad to put my signature to that, or testify to it in court or before Congress under oath, at any time–because it is true.

Two white planes or drones crossed diagonally to my left, one over the house—which I filmed–just now as I sit outside again on the deck in September sun. Power-washers have started up two doors down. Neighbors have started shouting and operating loud-roll lawnmowers.

Film of Drone and Helicopter Crossing House & Back of Yard as I complete this draft/Sep 20, 2019

I am recording these matters for all to be aware of, and work to address. Obviously I am but one voice, recording the carnage. There are so many others, and I continue to do all I humanly can, to help publish their whistleblowing and reportage too.

These are intent-to-kill crimes against humanity, especially directed at the loudest whistleblowers, the most straight-spined reporters, the most candid truth-tellers, with intent to silence.

The world would not have any awareness of these quiet-war silent-weapons war crimes were it not for candid truth-telling and human outrage which prompts it. That these most dangerous military weapons are being used on people worldwide, unethically, inhumanely, barbarically would not be known if those being rather outrageously hit-to-be-killed as I am do not speak out, and speak out now.

The peculiar intensity with which I have been attacked directly after reporting on or addressing disinformation and examining limited-hangouts and questionable activists such as on Report #144 with CIA whistleblower Barbara Hartwell and exposing well-known media mavens and supported mainstream media cutouts is what I have sought to report here. It leads me to believe I have hit a nerve with the MockOp Media Center which runs alt media just as much as mainstream media, and further, runs groups of activists and whistleblowers just as much as it fabricates situations and events against them — but readers are welcome to draw their own conclusions.

Everything I have stated here is true.

–Ramola D | Sep 20, 2019

Addendum, Sep 21, 2019: The uploading of this text to WordPress on Sep 20 was severely tampered with as cyberhackers froze, captured my cursor, and prevented autosaves. Finally, revisions were lost, and after contacting WordPress today and determining my revisions could not be found, was obliged to re-load the entire post, while of course being heart-hit and face-hit and back-hit again (microwave pulse shots mostly/also scalar radar private-part tracking, the Biometric for the New DEW age, headed everyone’s way courtesy the AngloZioNaziSatanic club with no morals or values currently running the USA), by the completely deranged weapon-wielders and no-doubt-panicking Intel minions crouching in their houses and zooming up and down my street, practicing their obsession with every word I write. As Barbara Hartwell says, I must be “over the target” here with my candor, which, at this point, is pretty much all I have, given that these Black Opsters (operating in broad daylight while  criminally hiding behind cover of “secrecy”) seek desperately every moment to remote-attack my life away. However, so far I think, I’m doing okay putting the truth out there–and staying alive to tell it!

And with Mahatma Gandhi, who dealt with some major British Empire tyrants for over 40 years, I look forward to tyrants falling, dislodged by the truth-tellers.