Ramola D Reports | Report # 144: CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell & Ramola D: Grandstanding, Disinfo, and Containment Ops in the TI Community

-by Ramola D/8/28/2019

Yesterday I posted online this video/audio interview, Report #144, a no-holds barred conversation with CIA Whistleblower and Counterintelligence/Psychological Operations specialist Barbara Hartwell on the recent and current display of Disinfo-spreading, Containment operations, and support of agent provocateurs by TI (Targeted Individual) groups Targeted Justice and Freedom for Targeted Individuals and their “leaders” and self-established in-house “experts” Midge Mathis, Richard Lighthouse, and Ella Free.

I encourage all TI activists, reporting victims, and observers and silent, unreporting journalists as well as journalists who are beginning to cover these issues to listen in full to our conversation and explore our previous conversations and podcasts on the subject of injurious Counterintelligence which causes nothing but wheel-spinning in the midst of TI activism efforts, and open suppression of information on the real, widespread, and multiply-spectrumed use of invasive “dual-use” nano, neuro, chem, bio, RF, “non-lethal,” advanced technologies on both reporting TIs and in concentric, associated layers on the entire general population, in the US, UK, Europe, and all over the world.

As many of us know, everyone on the planet today is a Targeted Individual. Some know it and some don’t. Some are Targeted for Compliance—in aiding in Stasi snitch-and-assault-with-wifi efforts termed “community policing” and “community research” and “community therapeutic intervention” frauds run by Fusion Centers and private contractors, as are all family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, service-providers of TIs—and some are Targeted for Life Takedown, Torture, and Total Destruction—that’s the classic “Targeted Individual.” A term no-one likes and obviously planted in our midst, but which has come to stay, currently.

Exposing Ella Free, Freedom for Targeted Individuals: “Spokesperson” Who Makes Extremely Damaging & Completely False Statements About Those Targeted as Being Mentally Ill

In this video, we discuss Ella Free’s recent betrayals of those targeted by naming them mentally ill in an interview she gave a Chicago Sun-Times reporter, Neil Steinberg, while revealing (to me) she does not read, does not keep up with targeting/neurotechnology experimentation disclosures from the Military/Intelligence agencies, and establishing thereby she cannot possibly be considered a “spokesperson” for TIs as she pretends and self-promotes.

I am currently working on an article (now published) fully reporting Ella’s responses to me after this article was published and publishing David LaPorte’s responses to me as well; this is the psychologist academic whom Steinberg quotes in his article. It’s taken me a long time to get around to writing this article, which (in terms of chronicling the Counterintel mania in our midst) follows the long Consequences of Infiltration article I published on Dr. Katherine Horton’s targeting of myself and others, where Ella was mentioned; for this I apologize, but in my defense, in the interim I’ve been engaged in solid investigative/advocacy journalism and human rights activism, as the publication trail on my website and video channel will show.

Being compelled to comment on such lunacy as the nonstop counterintelligence disruptions from such mavens as Neil Steinberg and Dr. Katherine Horton has always been interruptive; it cuts into the time I have for my ongoing work of research, sci-tech/HR journalism, and human rights advocacy—so I guess it’s inevitable that some of this disclosure and analysis from my end comes well after the fact. Ella has made some notations on Twitter the last couple days about the timing of my exposures coinciding with the TI Rally she is hosting in Portland—but she is wrong, as she often is; this timing has only to do with my own busy schedule and time off for family and travels to India and elsewhere the entire summer. Call it Divine Timing if it coincides so perfectly with her own further promotions of herself as Queen Activist for TIs. The entire danger of Ella’s operation, as Barbara Hartwell points out so succinctly in Report # 144, is that Ella Free postures as Spokesperson for TIs, while having no knowledge of the actual targeting and technology being reported and indeed disclosed by scientist whistleblowers, perpetrators, and government and declassified documentswhich means she is always going to misrepresent TIs and speak erroneously of the technology and the perpetrators, which is exactly what she is currently doing.

My suspicion – aired openly now – has long-been and still is that Ella Free is the insider figure put in place by the PerpeTraitor mechanism to give interviews and publicly sashay as “journalist/activist/spokesperson for Tis” to the outsider FakeNews Mainstream Media POPPConners (Psy Op Propaganda Piece Con’ners) such as Neil Steinberg and Mike McPhate to muddy the waters, post falsehoods, and limit the true disclosure regarding the incredible torture and persecution of TIs which, when fully exposed, will be eternally damning to the CIA, FBI, DHS, DOJ, DOD, USAF, US NAVY, USMC, DOE, NIH, NSF, local and State governments, police, EMS, and multiple Defense contractors, hospitals, Universities, telecom companies, utilities, service providers et al—the entire Satanic Surveillance State mechanism, in fact, also known as the New World Order inside whose horrors we all currently live.

The US Department of Defense, US Department of Health and Human Services, Justice Department, FBI, and CIA in particular will be fully exposed as massive Human Rights Violators.

Excerpt from The Consequences of Infiltration, in a tweet

My full article on Ella Free’s betrayals of those targeted while playing deceptive roles as talk-show host and podcaster who cares so much about one and all (as she professes on her podcasts and on Twitter), as I said, will be published shortly. I do not make empty accusations, and I, like many other activists and journalists in this space, have refrained from public exposure of others until and unless I had/have good reason.

Twitter Threads Exposing Midge Mathis’ of Targeted Justice’s Opaque and Unexplained Support of Disinfo-Spreading and Grandstanding “Victim” Activist Dr. Katherine Horton Previously Exposed as Perpetrator, Stalker, & Controlled Opp Insider, and of Richard Lighthouse, Also Spreading Disinfo & Encouraging Foolish “Activism”

This conversation also follows on Twitter threads I posted on 8/26/2019 following Midge Mathis’ promotion of a video interview of Richard Lighthouse by Dr. Katherine Horton in which both freely publish Disinfo about the energy technologies being used on extrajudicial targets, with Lighthouse in particular stating all emanates from satellites not neighbors (which latter would and does imply and implicate ground-based systems/electronic grid infrastructure/portable or small installed units/clandestinely implanted sensors & WBANs/handheld frequency attack-devices (witnessed by many)/cell towers & antennas/electrical lines/concealed units in garden equipment, cars, trucks, SUVs—as well as Fusion Center Fraud in co-opting neighbors, with local government/police involvement and awareness), and both mis-directively discussing lawsuits in the UK against corporate perpetrators, and recommending going after big offenders like Lockheed Martin to “bankrupt” them.

As many know, Dr. Katherine Horton who is now being publicly endorsed—to their detriment–by such alt-media figures as David Icke and Richard Enos of Collective Evolution while previously being endorsed and supported by such as Jim Fetzer, Alfred Webre, Starship Earth, Kevin Annett, Kerry Cassidy, Michael Trimm, Richie Allen (most of these plausibly CIA/MI5/Rothschild run) has spent a long time engaging in massive smear campaigns against myself, Barbara Hartwell, Melanie Vritschan, and other journalists and activists in the TI space such as Cassandra and Thomas McFarlan, and, most tellingly, a highly prominent military/CIA whistleblower whose disclosures on Neuro Targeting and Neurotech have been and continue to be invaluable to the entire world, Robert Duncan.

I have exposed Dr. Katherine Horton’s echo-stalking, mirroring, and NLP actions against me; I have responded to her many smears with factual detail; I have published fully my analyses and opinions of the entire gamut of Controlled Opp, Agent-Provocateur actions she has engaged in while posturing herself as a Targeted Individual and voice for “victims” as she alternately made calls to violence and wept theatrically on-camera while a member of Techno Crime Fighters Forum, a media group of which I also was part. Barbara Hartwell has also fully exposed Dr. Katherine Horton, factually and with sole reference to Horton’s own words and actions. Readers keen to follow this saga must read both our many articles and watch the many videos we have done, as well as those I have done with Melanie Vritschan, on these matters before drawing your own conclusions—which latter I recommend always. Thomas McFarlan has also covered the subject of Dr. Horton’s agent-provocateur calls to violence on Techno Crime Fighters Forum.

Despite this massive exposure of Dr. Katherine Horton, Midge Mathis has chosen to keep her on the Advisory Board of Targeted Justice—which purports to represent Targeted Individuals, but obviously doesn’t, when it squashes some of us and promotes impostors—and reacts defensively and abrasively with false-accusations when questioned on this inexplicable action of hers.

My Twitter threads on 8/26 sought once more to apprise Targeted Justice of the reported agent provocateur/sabotage/misdirectional/Disinfo efforts of Katherine Horton succeeding that video interview with Richard Lighthouse, but once more were ignored, with Midge Mathis retaliating with false accusations instead of addressing logically her inexplicable support of Katherine Horton and retention of her on the Targeted Justice Board.

Frank Allen of Targeted Massachusetts also engaged on Twitter, throwing out baseless insults.

These threads can be found here:

First tweet in that thread, Thread 1/Pointing Out Facts


Tweet 15 in Thread 2/Addressing False-Accusations & Defensive Statements from Midge Mathis


I have currently received a more-than-rude email in my Inbox from someone I do not know named Jeff Murray, attacking myself and Barbara Hartwell for our revelations and conversation in Report #144. It is especially insulting of Barbara Hartwell, who, as a CIA whistleblower, has endured continuous and injurious insult and attack in her lifetime, which I have previously remarked, and which I will cover more fully in the future, since I am keen to set straight the record regarding her very important voice and work.

People know, I think, that it is true whistleblowers and the most powerful and truth-telling writers and voices who are the most attacked, by the CounterIntel mavens; Barbara Hartwell is both.

Those who insult–such as, in this case, Jeff Murray–are the most suspect. Ironic, when the prime insult is “Perp TI”– precisely what the infiltrator-insulters are.

Included in Murray’s insulting email are his re-publications of the now-well-known burn pictures of Midge Mathis, and his false-accusation that we are attacking authentic victims of No-Touch Torture.

I have seen these pictures before and I certainly do not know if they are authentic or fraudulent.

I do know that they do not at all express the horrors of EMF/Neuro/Dew targeting tortures which TIs are being subjected to, much of which attacks are executed covertly in order to plausibly-deny, and induce physical bio-effects which can be denied externally as normal aging; some cannot be seen at all and simply induce private bodily effects such as heart attacks, migraines, headaches, strokes, dementia, liver/kidney failure, gallstones, EMF rape, or V2K which is still seen by psychiatrists as schizophrenia and “hearing voices” when they should know better (military bio-communications technologies are now in the public domain); some, such as sleep deprivation project the symptoms of physical illness such as those induced by addictions, bad diet, lack of exercise; some, such as excessive fatigue, sleep, anger, all induced by frequency weapon attacks, project symptoms of mental illnesses like depression, manic, and bipolar disorder. (This is how they are being used in Countering Violent Extremism Fraud, among other frauds being pulled off by Fusion Center agencies.)

I also know that Midge Mathis pulls out these burn pictures and flourishes them like a certificate whenever she is questioned logically about anything; at Thanksgiving last year when apprised by me via group email about Dr. Katherine Horton’s reprehensible publication of a page on her site smearing my name, when some of us sought public support against Horton’s smears of many activists, she immediately brandished a narrative about being burned again and chastised me for seeking attention and being a “child,” exactly as she has, currently, on Twitter.

Midge Mathis Deflecting Questions in Reductionist Form

Hardly a collegiate or professional response – but there it is.

My intention here however is not to investigate Midge’s reported burns or her burn pictures but question her support and endorsement of the Disinfo regarding the technology used on targets and the wrongful calls (to violence, stalking of officials, misdirective lawsuits, and submitting names falsely for watchlisting) spread by Dr. Katherine Horton and Richard Lighthouse.

John Christiana’s Open Letter to the Targeted Community Exposing Richard Lighthouse, Midge Mathis, and Targeted Justice

In addition, we discussed and read out Targeted Justice ex-Legal Director John Christiana’s excellent Open Letter to the Global Targeted Individual Community detailing why he and NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart left Targeted Justice and founded a new organization, Targeted America. This was, Christiana reports, primarily because Richard Lighthouse espoused and encouraged felonious actions of privately stalking public figures in government agencies and submitting false information on people to the FBI, in order to overwhelm the Terrorist Screening databases, both moves that Christiana, Stewart, and others sought publicly to distance themselves from.

That letter follows:

An Open Letter to the Global Targeted Individual Community

from Jack Christiana | 26 February 2019

Hello Targeted Individuals,

This is Jack Christiana, a fellow target of extreme abuse for the past eleven years. I’m writing to share some significant changes to Targeted Justice as well as transitions that are actually positive news, both of which potentially affect the entire TI community.

I was the Legal Director and on the Board of Directors of Targeted Justice (TJ) from December 2017, when TJ was formed, until February 6, 2019. And now recently, several of us discovered that TJ has veered off course.According to its mission statement, Targeted Justice is “a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to exposing and ending the Targeting Program through public awareness, education, and both federal and local legal actions for Targeted Individuals.” Yet over the last several months, one of the team members,Winter Owen Calvert (also known as “Richard Lighthouse”) has drifted into criminality and is recommending that TIs do the same. This endangers and discredits Targeted Justice, Targeted Individuals who follow his recommendations, and all TIs generally.

Other Targeted Justice advisers and I tried hard and made many attempts to address the problem (including official letters by me on January 6, 2019, January 10, 2019, and January 16, 2019) to the TJ Board and Team, but all our efforts were met with resistance and defiance. In the end, Mr. Calvert and the organization made no changes.

Owen Calvert (Richard Lighthouse) has written eBooks that are currently available on publicly accessible websites. In the first two, he publishes in intimidating fashion personal information about Air Force and Department of Homeland Security employees he accuses of involvement with targeting. The information includes the names of their children and spouses and their home addresses. Although we didn’t realize it initially, by “doxing” federal employees who hold sensitive positions in this way, Mr. Calvert potentially commits multiple felony counts.We warned the Targeted Justice Board about this when we discovered it but they inexplicably gave it no weight, which is when the rift and impasse began. In another eBook, Mr. Calvert recommends that TIs submit false information (federal crime) falsely representing themselves (federal crime) for the purpose to abuse the current FBI terrorist watchlist until it is overwhelmed and useless, and becomes a joke (federal crime).The three eBooks are:

Treason at the Air Force Space Command– Criminal threats to federal employees (18 U.S. Code 119. Protection of Individuals Performing Certain Official Duties) 5 years each count.

The Governors of Gangstalking– Criminal threats to federal employees (18 U.S. Code 119. Protection of Individuals Performing Certain Official Duties) 5 years each count.

Targeted Individuals Standard Nomination Form: Recommendations that people make useless and a joke (sabotage) the FBI Terrorist Screening Database (18 U.S. Code 1001. Statements or entries generally) 5 years each count. If you are involved with Richard Lighthouse, that can make you complicit with his federal threats and federal crimes related to terrorism.

We plan to expose this targeting program and win justice! In order to do so, we need the public, the media, politicians, human rights groups, donors, attorneys and law enforcement to know that we are on the good side of the fight. If we get into crimes and crimes related to terrorism, our credibility will be destroyed. The public will consider us thug criminals, the politicians will not give us meetings to address this, the media will write negative stories, human rights groups will not donate money for class action lawsuits, attorneys will not work with us, and the good law enforcement will not care about us either. What was the thinking process? How do these actions help get donations, get positive articles, or get meetings with politicians?They do not. They hurt that goal and strategy. They hurt Targeted Individuals.

What would you think if the American Red Cross, Human Rights Watch, or any respectable non-profit organization had an integral team member that was involved in the federal crimes of 1) making public threats to employees of the government and 2) encouraging members to falsely represent themselves and submit false information to the FBI’s terrorist watch list?! Responsible organizations would immediately terminate the person from any association with the organization. But Targeted Justice six days later actually PROMOTED Owen Calvert (Richard Lighthouse) to the Board of Directors! Richard Lighthouse is still an official spokesperson for Targeted Justice. This is dangerous for those TIs who follow his advice and makes TIs worldwide look bad because Targeted Justice is supposed to represent all Targeted Individuals.

I sent a letter to Owen Calvert (Richard Lighthouse) and the Team that as Legal Director of Targeted Justice, I must protect Targeted Justice and all Targeted Individuals. So I demanded Lighthouse retract his recommendation of crimes related to terrorism and federal threats or I will contact the authorities including the FBI. Instead, Richard Lighthouse defended his actions and told Targeted Justice Team that he is doing nothing wrong. This is not private as Lighthouse has all this on the internet. It would be used against us sooner or later. So I gave a second warning to Lighthouse and the TJ Team that it is my legal duty, fiduciary duty, and ethical duty, as Legal Directors of this 501(c)3 civil rights organization that I have no choice but to notify the authorities if the eBooks weren’t removed.

Mr. Calvert and the organization still made no changes. So to protect Targeted Justice, each of the Board of Directors personally, and especially – all Targeted Individuals, I notified the FBI that we disavow all these federal threats and federal crimes related to terrorism. I did my legal duty, fiduciary duty, and ethical duty to protect the reputations and credibility of Targeted Justice and Targeted Individuals. In response, six days later the board asked me to resign, which is a federal crime with up to 10 years in prison (18 U.S. Code 1513. Retaliating against a witness, victim, or an informant) and removed my name from the website.

TJ Advisory Board member Karen Stewart made valiant efforts to address this. After her requests fell upon deaf ears, she resigned from Targeted Justice. Another member of the Board of Directors resigned from the board. Other previous TJ leaders like Hope Franklin also entirely left TJ. Other significant Advisory Board members have announced plans to resign.

We are now forming a new organization with a strong emphasis on public awareness about targeting as well as legal information on both local and federal lawsuits. We will be honest and transparent with you. We will officially announce this new organization, Targeted America, in a week or two. In the interim, you can follow us on Twitter.

We will be stronger. I promise you that we will expose and end this program as it is now. I will never stop fighting. And because I reported Mr. Calvert’s illegal activities, law enforcement and the FBI now know – what we have always known – that we TIs really are the good people!

Thank you all so much for having faith and confidence in Targeted Individual leaders. We will not let you down.

Jack Christiana

As I noted underneath the video-report: As a writer and sci-tech reporter intent on the truth, I am reporting on these matters, with Barbara Hartwell, for the benefit of those targeted and those following the TI community, to apprise all of current investigations, analyses, and reports on the Disinfo, Misdirection, and Containment operations being run by Ella Free’s Freedom for Targeted Individuals and Midge Mathis’s Targeted Justice—and supported by other alt media Disinfo-spreaders like Ken Adachi, and Frank Allen of Targeted Massachusetts (to whose false-accusations I responded on Twitter, please see the threads posted above)—in response to obvious long-standing and current efforts by both to promote Disinfo-spreading and shut down the truth of ongoing investigative reportage in this space and limit the public disclosure.

Disclosure On Targeting

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  1. brainishacked

    Hi Ramola, This concerns my experience with Ella Free. Before I realized she was a perp/plant, she emailed me several times wanting me to meet a man in Bend Oregon who was forming A TI group for Central Oregon. He called me or someone pretending to be him and I mentioned about Frederic Laroche who you did a report on. The man’s reply to me was “I heard he was menatlly ill”. This is what Ella Free said to the Chicago reporter and this man is aligned with her. I hung on him. Thank you for reporting about Ella Free. There is more to this Ella Free e-mail exchange with me but too long to detail here. Stay strong, us TI’s need you!

  2. Ramola, The pamphlet is available for any group minus Midge’s pic.  There are others out there with burns as well.  Not that any come to mind right now.  Sorry.  If you know a group who is interested in spreading the truth and has a problem with TJ being on the flyer they can remove their name as well as Midge’s pic.  I just want those who feel they cannot explain it very well (like me) can share the flyer and hopefully ppl will start waking upI just found out yesterday I have a relative who’s brother is dying of (supposed) cancer.  Less than a year to live.  Since this has happened to me I have lost soooo many relatives.  I don’t know who is legit and who is not.  For me it is about spreading the word as much as possible.  I don’t have time to figure out who is real.  I just pray that God will lay it on their hearts to do the right thing.  I know we are all tired of this nightmare.  What are your thoughts on the flyer?  Do you see any changes that need to be made?  The flyer is for putting on ppls cars or doors.   A pamphlet is being made for politicians.  Would you consider it for your website?  At this point I think ppl are looking for something simplified they can share.  If you see room for improvement let me know.  For me, I don’t understand it all and I know they will never let me get it all.  I had to decide it is time for me to get more vocal and I have and will continue to do so.  Thank you for all you do for the community.  You have done some AWESOME in depth work getting to the heart of the technology being abused on innocent ppl.Thanks, DollySent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  3. Thank You for exposing Targeted Justice. I was once a hopeful follower of TJ. Got on their ti support list. Every person that contacted me from that list was not a ti . It only got worse for me. You are doing a wonderful job! You are on my list of Hero’s.

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