Gallery of Insane Tweets: Ex-NSA Karen Stewart’s Alias “RamolasSphincter”@RobertSau Defamation Party

Ramola D | Gallery | 6/30/2020

Evidence of Ex-NSA Karen Stewart’s super-nasty petty malice and acres of lies, liberally strewn with deep-dish insults and smears, all over her venal fixation with my backside. Pathetic!

For text on this venality:

“NSA WHISTLEBLOWER” Ex-NSA KAREN STEWART DISCREDITS HERSELF: The @RobertSau Account, Pruriently Titled “Ramola’s Sphincter”


Barbara Hartwell: Obsessive/Compulsive, Outrageously Vulgar, Morally Repugnant, Cowardly & Reprehensible: Egregious Calumny Against Ramola D & Barbara Hartwell by “Righter of Wrongs, Robert Sau” (aka Karen Stewart?) & Mob of Social Media Harpies