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Seven Issues a Rousing Wake-Up Call to the World: The mRNA Vaccines are Killing People, Do Not Take Them, Do Not Administer Them!

Report | Ramola D | Feb 20, 2021 In a powerful and rousing wake-up call to the world, and especially to health workers administering the mRNA vaccines now known to cause thousands of deadly “adverse events” including paralysis, convulsions, Bell’s … Continue reading

Strictly Secret: A Shocking Story of Intellectual Property Theft, a High Court Landmark Victory, The Vexatious Pursuit To Scrub Court Records, and a Public Cover-Up to Defame and Gas Light Charles Seven

02 November 2018 – by Cassandra Ramola D, investigative science and technology journalist and author/founder of this website, has been interviewing Charles Seven for the last couple of years (here are the search results on this website for the … Continue reading

Grenfell Tower Fire Crime Report/Seven of Soulutionaries Media Network: “Undeniably a Mass Murder and a Crime Against Humanity of Mammoth Proportions”

–Posted 6/17/2018 While “official” enquiries into the Grenfell Tower Fire are currently underway, a year after the occurrence, this report, published shortly after the fire occurred, comprising an investigation and report from Seven of Soulutionaries Media Network and her cousin … Continue reading

Seven/Soulutionaries Media Network Sounds the Alarm on Sevengate, Satanist Crime Syndicate: Planning Nuke Attacks?

–Ramola D/Posted 1/15/2018 Sevengate, a Satanist Crime Syndicate Targeting Humanity In a vibrant podcast conversation last night (1/14), Seven of Soulutionaries Media Network takes us through a dizzying array of clues and covert communications left on our doorstep by the … Continue reading

Seven/Soulutionaries Media Network: “Blockchain is Phenomenal Tech Which Will Transform the Landscape as We Move Toward Autonomous Structures”

—Ramola D/11/26/2017 Report #33: Seven Presents 80-page Grenfell Report, UK Court Corruption, Targeting and Identity Theft, Blockchain Video has been removed temporarily for technical reasons, will be returned online shortly, thanks. In this November Update–toward the end of which she … Continue reading

Youtube, Keen to Keep Truth on Deadly (Unsafe) COVID Vaccines & Deadly (Unsafe) 5G from the World, Yanks Report 222, News Panel 12 Exposing Both, Citing “Safety”

Brief note | Ramola D | Dec 22, 2020 Brief Video Note on Report 222, News Panel 12: The video (R 222/NP 12) is currently posted at Brighteon, and will be uploaded here shortly as well. Report 222/News Panel 12: … Continue reading

2017/Updated Notices from Seven/Soulutionaries Media Network: Shut The #SevenGate Crime Cartel Down!

This page lists ongoing email notices from True Media news reporter and analyst Seven of Soulutionaries Media Network as they come in. Links here lead to the notice in full. While some notices may be expanded into articles, they’ll continue to … Continue reading

Seven/Soulutionaries Media Network: Mass Awakenings to Satanic London False Flag Terror, Burning Questions on Grenfell Tower Inferno

Ramola D/Posted 6/21/2017 Reports online and from Soulutionaries Media Network over the last few days indicate that residents and neighbors of the Grenfell Tower community in the wealthy North Kensington borough of London continue to gather, protest, and speak out … Continue reading

Memorial Day 2021, Operation Warp Speed: 4,863 US Deaths Reported from COVID Vaccines in 6 Months While the Iraq War, 2003-2020, Recorded 4,586 US Military Deaths

Repost of Meme | Ramola D | May 31, 2021 The insanity of these numbers and the great need to halt these death-issuing vaccines needs no commentary. Rest in Peace, Americans. It’s tragic the killing fields have not been cleared … Continue reading

COVID’s a Hoax, the Vaccine’s a Bioweapon, the Masks will Kill You, Governments & Media are Lying: They Can’t Arrest Us All

Video Post & Note | Ramola D | Feb 22, 2021 Thanks to the creators, this is posted at Spacebusters on Bitchute– Youtube took this down in 20 minutes apparently. Please share widely. There is a MASSIVE DECEPTION ongoing, and … Continue reading