NSA Whistleblower, Karen Stewart: Synopsis of the Silent Holocaust Taking Place in the United States

Update 5/30: Opening paragraph of the statement below revised to include awareness of involvement of former President Bush, and the CIA’s MK ULTRA.

5/26: NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart, who recently exposed the NSA, FBI, and Military groups as being involved in illegal targeting and electronic harassment of Americans, offers the following statement on the covert programs of assault and non-consensual human experimentation ongoing in the USA today, as text for a letter in process to be directed to “as many in authority or of influence we can find, who still care about America, and are the philosophical and moral progeny of our Founding Fathers – men and women of conscience and courage who will fight the real enemy within.

John Trumbull's painting, Declaration of Independence, depicting the five-man drafting committee of the Declaration of Independence presenting their work to the Congress.

Signing of the Declaration of Independence/John Trumbull’s Painting, 1819/Wikimedia Commons

Concerned or affected Americans who would like to add their names to the statement below are invited to leave a comment with their names. All names will be added to this statement on an ongoing basis. Updates to this letter project will be posted.


From Karen Stewart:

 “If ever a time should come when… vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”Samuel Adams

In response to my own unfathomable targeting for not only no just or legal cause, but for evil, psychotic reasons by those clearly employed by and acting on behalf of the National Security Agency, I began researching organized stalking and electronic harassment and found that it led to the sinister workings of a shadow government usurping our own by obvious design and long term planning, and covertly harming more people than I could ever have imagined; one which not only blatantly ignores the Constitution, but sees American citizens as “things” that it owns and can do with as it pleases, a government infused with those from private industry who knowingly and singularly serve profit interests above those of our country and certainly our citizens, while laboring furiously to gut every protection we have, simultaneously propping up a gangrenous and dying vestige of our Constitutional Republic, hoping no one will notice until it is too late.

I feel that now is the time to present this letter, with as many signatories as possible, to as many in authority or of influence we can find, who still care about America, and are the philosophical and moral progeny of our Founding Fathers – men and women of conscience and courage who will fight the real enemy within.

NSA Whistleblower, Karen Stewart: Synopsis of the Silent Holocaust Taking Place in the United States

Under former President Bush and now continued under President Obama, what apparently started decades ago as illegal and clandestine programs of experiments on human subjects, such as the CIA’s MK ULTRA, has resulted in the proliferation of Defense Contractors such as Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, and others, making secret agreements with Federal agencies such as DOD, DIA, NSA, DHS, etc., to allow them and related laboratories and universities to expand inhumane experimentation programs such as illegal experiments for Directed Energy Weapons on unwitting and non-consenting American citizens.

The scam goes like this, random people, or people who are dissidents or whistleblowers are purposely mislabeled as “terrorists” and put on an Enemies List, which is then turned over to Defense Contractors to target under perverted interpretations of NDAA and PAA.

This allows them to engage the Military and Law Enforcement in either the active harassment and torture of individuals illegally targeted for fraudulent cause, or it gives the Defense Contractors carte blanche to commit criminal assault upon innocent citizens while demanding (unconstitutionally) that Police stand down and do nothing to help their victims.

Police are even used as liaisons to citizen vigilante groups like Infragard, or other “civic minded” organizations who are lied to about the target (being a terrorist/traitor/criminal) and enticed/paid to stalk and harass them 24/7. Police are even used as liaisons to actual criminal groups used by Feds and contractors for the blatantly criminal activity such as vandalism, pet poisoning, assaults, to actual usage of mobile Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) against innocent civilian targets to harm or kill them. Civilians are paid to serve as proxies to give Feds and contractors “plausible deniability”. Police are paid to look the other way, either with cash bribes or “police toys”.

Many Federal managers, such as retired NSA Deputy Director Bill Black Jr., are even secretly investing in this DEW weaponry that they are helping develop through the torture of American citizens falsely labeled as terrorists to strip them of their Constitutional and Civil Rights.

We, listed below, are some of many who are being victimized by faux President Obama’s complete corruption of the Federal Government into an enemy of the real America and its real citizens. If America does not wake up, it is finished as a nation.


  1. Karen M. Stewart, Retired NSA Intelligence Analyst and Born Citizen of the USA (FL)
  2. Julianne McKinney, U.S. Citizen, Victim since initially tagged for experimentation under Projects BLUEBIRD/ARTICHOKE;
  3. Charmaine Thomas, Citizen of the USA (LA);
  4. Ann Marie Anderson, Citizen of the USA (AZ);
  5. Midge Mathis, Citizen of the USA (AZ);
  6. Kate Ryan, Citizen of the USA (MA);
  7. Christina Myers (Krabal) widow, Phi Theta Kappa, Historian, Citizen of the USA (NC);
  8. Thomas Allen, Citizen of the USA ( );
  9. Craig Alling, Citizen of the USA ( );
  10. Chris Myers, MD, Citizen of the USA (MD);
  11. Ramola D, Writer, American State Citizen (VA, Resident in MA/from India);
  12. Rosanne Schneider, Writer, Citizen of the USA (CA);
  13. Bonnie Kellerby, Citizen of the USA;
  14. Jeremiah Ivie, Baseball Umpire, Citizen of the USA (CA);
  15. Bryce Clark, Citizen of the USA (TX);
  16. Myriam Gilles-dePelichy, Citizen of the USA;
  17. Leila Said Gutowski, Nurse, Pastoral Ministry, Citizen of the USA (VA, Resident in CA);
  18. Dominic Friscia, Citizen of the USA;
  19. Gregory Mann, Former Marine, Citizen of the USA (MO);
  20. Keith Y, Born Citizen of the USA;
  21. Vanessa Reign, Citizen of the USA, Washington DC/London;
  22. Thursday Wellington, Citizen of the USA;
  23. Guy Potter, Citizen of the USA;
  24. Meryl Craven, Citizen of the USA (SC);
  25. Patricia Soos, Born Citizen of the USA;
  26. Dennis Carlson, Citizen of the USA;
  27. Jeannette Folmer, Citizen of the USA (CA);
  28. Chloe Violet Rose, Citizen of the USA (CA)
  29. District of Self, Kentucky;
  30. Kevin M. Mulvey, Producer/Creator (NY/NY), Citizen of the USA (MA);
  31. Timothy Small, Michigan;
  32. Bennetta McKenzie, US-Born American Citizen (IL);
  33. Dawn Engelbrecht, Citizen of the USA;
  34. Miriam Mesa, Writer, Naturalized Citizen of the USA (FL/from Cuba);
  35. Phiem Nguyen, Citizen of the USA;
  36. Sarena Tyler, Citizen of the USA;
  37. Chuck Kranz, Citizen of the USA;
  38. Adrienne Howard, Citizen of the USA;
  39. Teodor Porutiu, Citizen of the USA (NJ);
  40. Tamara Dawn Franz, Citizen of the USA;
  41. Julio L. Velazquez; Citizen of the USA (FL);
  42. Frank Allen, Citizen of the USA (MA);
  43. Thomas Francis Blackthorne, Citizen of the USA;
  44. Norman H.G. Smith, Citizen of the USA;
  45. Monica Riggs, Citizen of the USA;
  46. Nancy Parness, Citizen of the USA (NY);
  47. Ivan Rosa, Truck Driver, Citizen of the USA (CA);
  48. Alexander Rosa, Burger King Employee, Citizen of the USA (CA);
  49. Martin Rosa, Unemployed, Citizen of the USA (CA);
  50. Elizabeth Gaskins, Native American, Eufaula Seminole;
  51. Debra J. Metheny, Citizen of the USA (MN);
  52. Michelle Hinds, Citizen of the USA (MA);
  53. Michael Troncoso, Citizen of the USA ();
  54. Janet Wyatt, Healthcare, Citizen of the USA (TN);
  55. Kerri Moody, Financial Representative, Citizen of the USA (FL);
  56. Amy Bellina, Citizen of the USA (FL);
  57. Alan Bellina, Citizen of the USA (FL);
  58. Randall Counts, Citizen of the USA (IL);
  59. Laurie Johnson, Born Citizen of the USA;
  60. Cheryl Weinreich, Citizen of the USA (VA);
  61. Anonymous, Citizen of the USA (ID);
  62. Kenneth Rhoades, Citizen of the USA (MI);
  63. Linda Bressendorff; Citizen of the USA, Originally from Virgin Islands;
  64. Robert O. Butner Jr., Citizen of the USA;
  65. Sharon Sloan, Citizen of the USA;
  66. Christy L. Spector, Environmental Scientist, Citizen of the USA (CA);
  67. Ryan D. Spector, (Christy’s son), Citizen of the USA (CA);
  68. Vic Livingston, Journalist, Citizen of the USA;
  69. Stacy Olson, Citizen of the USA (MN, ND);
  70. Muguet Burgos; American (NYC, NY)
  71. Amy Maier, Citizen of the USA (NY), USMA Class of ’83;
  72. Eileen Coles, Citizen of the USA ;
  73. Mohib Jivan, Canadian Citizen, resident in CA;
  74. Honey Bancroft, Cook and Artist, Citizen of the USA (MA);
  75. Tracy A. Wellons, Citizen of the USA (CA);
  76. Barbara Hyseni, US Air Force Veteran,  Citizen of the USA (PA);
  77. Jamie Dimico, Born Citizen of the USA (NC);
  78. Steven Gammill, Citizen of the USA (FL);
  79. Marcie Schreck, Citizen of the USA;
  80. Debbie Bush, Citizen of the USA (CA);
  81. Melinda Ketcher, Citizen of the USA (MI);
  82. Susan Martin, Citizen of the USA;
  83. Terrie Brogden, Citizen of the USA;
  84. David Scott Baker, Citizen of the USA (KY);
  85. Brittany Puschell, Citizen of the USA (TX);
  86. Maria Metko, Citizen of the USA (NV);
  87. Lee Henderstein, Citizen of the USA (MI);
  88. Barry Pinion, Citizen of the USA (SC);
  89. Tiffaney Utsman, Citizen of the USA (NC);
  90. Bernadette Merenda, Citizen of USA (MA);
  91. Thomas Dickey, Retired, Citizen of the USA (HI);
  92. Mike Coppedge, Citizen of the USA;
  93. Kimberly Kay Rawlings, America;
  94. Nana Noles, Citizen of the USA;
  95. Crystal R. Starheart/Susan D. Elmes, Citizen of the USA;
  96. Charles Currier, Jr., Citizen of the USA;
  97. Eric Johnston, Modesto (CA);
  98. Miesha Johnston, Group Facilitator, Citizen of the USA;
  99. Brandon Luchini;
  100. Jeremy Richardson, Yakima (WA);
  101. Christopher Howard, HIV Survivor, Citizen of the USA;
  102. Terrance Bass, Applegate (OR), Citizen of the USA;
  103. Dianne Renee Chandler, (FL), Citizen of the USA;



  1. Harold Jon Ostgaard, Canada;
  2. Jake Maverick, Political Dissident, United Kingdom;
  3. Mariann Bakken, Political Dissident, Norway
  4. Anne Odegard, Norway;
  5. Andrea Sadegh, founder & team member of http://www.traumabasedmindcontrol.com, Austria/Europe;







Update 6/10: Scope expanded to include international signers. To add your name/information in the format above, please leave a brief note in Comments, below. Due to increasing spam, not all comments can be published. Please mention explicitly that you wish your name to be added, along with your citizenship, location (state/country) –and occupation, if you wish. To share any other information, please contact by email: ecc@nym.hush.com; new page to post all testimonials will be posted shortly. Thanks.

Update 7/18: Some related posts below.

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Tim Rifat: Deadly Microwave Weapons Being Used Covertly as Dissident/Mass Behavior Control Weapons in UK and US

Robert Duncan, Regarding 6/10 NYT Article on Gang-Stalking & Targeted Individuals: “When Weapons Are “Field Tested” They Need To Be Very Secretive”

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167 responses to “NSA Whistleblower, Karen Stewart: Synopsis of the Silent Holocaust Taking Place in the United States

  1. Rebecca Lynn Brewer

    Please add my name to the list: Rebecca Lynn Brewer – age 35. Citizen of the USA, residing in Topuka, Kansas. OIF/OEF Marine Corps veteran. Targeted Individual since August 2015…I can’t believe I went to war and risked everything for this kind of ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’.


    • Please send emails to President Trump. Tell him that President Obama ended the torture at Guantanamo and prisoners were given legal counsel to defend the accusations against them. We as US Citizens have been indefinitely detained on watchlists and tortured at the expense of US taxpayers. Multiply one million dollars per year times at least 300,000 and that is 300 billion dollars in taxpayer funds for indefinitely detained and tortured US citizens. We have no legal, civil or Constitutional Rights. Ask President Trump to end the detainment of US Citizens put on watchlists and tortured for the benefit of the elites who want immortality by forced evolvement of humans to a collective consciousness state of being that needs no physical earthly resources. The theory is that the earth cannot survive the increased birth rates and use of resources. So we are being used for this theory of human evolvement that is a “one world mind.” We are also being tortured for torture sake and weaponization of our brains. The CIA and Military Services have become a Secret Police Government, roping in Homeland Security, FBI and Vigilante groups who recruit uneducated people who don’t have the skills and education for a decent living to support themselves. These are neighbors who turn into predators and we are the. prey. Please ask President Trump to end all nonconsensual experiments. Encourage him to read Robert Dunca’s books “Project
      Soul Catcher” Volume 1 and 2. Tell him Renee Pittman is an author who is on NEURAL MONITORING and she has written 5 books. Tell President Trump that he should read “The Targeting of Myron May” by Renee Pittman if he wants to understand how the CIA and military services, NSA, FBI have created domestic terrorism through torture and mind control. WE NEED A PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDER AND AND ACT OF CONGRESS TO END ALL TORTURE OF US CITIZENS AND TO PROVIDE A DEFENSE TO ALL US CITIZENS ON SECRET LISTS. This SECRET GOVERNMENT threatens the safety and security of all US Citizens. Dianne Renee Chandler 27 March 2017



        Can you please add my name to the list Joseph Metzger I have been targeted individual and a victim of electronic harassment and direct energy weapons since 2006 !

        thank you

        On Mon, Mar 27, 2017 at 11:45 PM, The EveryDay Concerned Citizen wrote:

        > Dianne Renee Chandler commented: “Please send emails to President Trump. > Tell him that President Obama ended the torture at Guantanamo and prisoners > were given legal counsel to defend the accusations against them. We as US > Citizens have been indefinitely detained on watchlists and torture” >


  2. Adair Rutherford Buckner,I.

    Please add my name to the list: Mr. Adair Rutherford Buckner, I, Rialto, CA, USA. Targeted since early to mid 1990’so via varying degrees /facets of this demonic rape of my HUMAN, civil and constitutionally protected rights.


  3. I migrated in u.s . 1993 legaly .in 1994/95 i was imlanted by two microchip implants by dentist doctor during the tooth procedure .in 2001 i was my implanted by multiply microchips without my consent again brain and body in all my vital living organs and tortured near death the order was to carry a mass shouting .2003 i left u.s. comeback in Albania where i am still tortured near death i had round 30 surgical operation ,some i have medical evidence from the surgeon doctor google :petrit demo – Gang stalking in Europe . ore
    google:Il caso Petrit in lingua italiana – peacepink


  4. Mary Joy MacKay

    Oops, me again. Author of the book “The Joy Thieves”, which details my targeting since 1996. Thank you! MJM


  5. Mary Joy MacKay

    Please add my state, CA, next to my name, Mary Joy MacKay


  6. Mary Joy MacKay

    Please add my name to the list: Mary Joy MacKay.


  7. Roswitha and Heimo Bembnista

    Please help us, my wife and me in Germany,
    from GDR (DDR) Staatssicherheitsdienst, heute
    Reichsbürger (new Neo-Nazis) 24 hours all days with
    electromagnetic spectrum terror. All around the states in all town. German Mafia
    Help us


  8. Mary M. Kenney, Citizen of the USA (SC)

    Thank You so much, Karen, for your leadership in bringing these crimes before the public. I am handing out copies of your Memorandum to all who will read it. When people see such a letter addressed to the President it adds great credibility to the issue, beyond what I can convey in trying to relate a story that sounds like a bad Sci-Fi movie. I became a target after filing an injury lawsuit against a large corporation with DOD and DHS contracts. It took years to put it all together and relocating did not help. Like many others I’ve had the full menu with all the gangstalking tricks, loss of friends, pet murder, baffling health issues, electronic warfare, home invasions, nighttime assaults, and the drones, planes & black helicopters which never stop. I’ve been thinking, since everyone is doing it, how about a T.I. March On Washington? Please add my name to your list!


  9. David Sturdevant

    MK Ultra Victim 5 years. Mind Control with DEW Weapons, V2K, Chemicals etc.


    • My attackers are trying to install V2k, neural monitoring, and the say they will use MKUltra psychic driving to make me a multiple personality Manchurian Candidate. I went to the FBI and reported this and I can’t fathom who is authorizing these activities. I am south of the Redstone Arsenal (Huntsville, AL) living with my mother. I live at 335 Talucah Rd. Clearly, this area is an electronic concentration camp. Helicopters on exercises flew behind my house and right over the attacker house. The neighbors see people coming and going from this attacker rental house, yet know nothing about them. Scary. I look forward to hearing about your survival of this War of Terror Against American Citizens. Dianne Renee Chandler


  10. Hello FELLOW CITIZENS, reading the thoughts, planting thoughts, constant voices to the skull, seeing through the eyes, telling family, and others stores, banks, government institutions, everywhere, telling people’s my thoughts, a horrible experience, family and friends hear the forced voices, much more info on Joe Rudolph timeline anchorage Alaska, yes this abuse is truly a huge threat to ALL CITIZENS


  11. Dec 2016
    I am a 32 year veteran flight attendant based in north Carolina with a major u.s airline. My Directed Energy Weapons attacks began approximately 6 years ago during an ongoing hostile environment involving contract negotiations . I eventually came to realize these attacks were initiated by rogue members of a pilot’s Union connecting through military ties to rogue members of various police departments and EMT personnel. These attacks occurred while on layovers from state to state, as well as , on the aircraft after take- off , on and off duty. These attacks were aimed at mostly private areas and head shots , although other parts of my body were not excluded. No one should be “above” the law and should be held accountable . We must continue to fight for the TRUTH. I would also love to testify before CONGRESS . I have written numerous letters , still waiting for responses???


  12. please add my state MI next to my name Sarena Tyler thank you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  13. I urge everyone to WRITE LETTERS TO THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE DESCRIBING THIS TORTURE! I have written 3 letters to the Secretary of Defense and to the Secretary of the Army. I read today an article that states the Pentagon recommended removal of Mile Rogers as head of NSA in the past month. NOW IS THE TIME TO EXPRESS THE HORROR OF THESE TORTURE CONTRACTS TO THE PENTAGON. Do not be intimidated writing to the Pentagon. As a former Action Officer in the Pentagon I can say your letters will be directed to the office of these Secretaries. Do not be afraid to write RAPE, SODOMY and other SICK AND DEMENTED TORTURES AND HITS FROM WEAPONS, NIGHTLY BURNING RADIATION TO BRAIN AND BODY, etc. SADISTIC ALL NIGHT ATTACKS WITH LOW WAVES THAT BEAT US FROM THE INSIDE OUT, SADISTIC NERVE SENSITIZATION, ELECTROCUTION . I named the people doing it to me as well. If you know their name and address SPELL IT OUT. Dianne Renee Chandler


  14. Tammy Rudquist-St. Francis USA

    Please add my name to the list. My daughter and I are targeted individuals and have been stalked 24/7. We have been gassed, burglaized again and again, have had property destroyed, are tortured with DEW’s daily. I have been injected during an MRI with cancer inducing chips that I can feel pulsating in my abdomen, my left side and also in my head. I have gone to every person of authority trying to get help, including law enforcement but am not believed due to being “set up” by these perps to look like I’m mentally unstable/dillusional. This is how they get away with their crimes of torturing and killing innocent American’s.


  15. My daughter and I are targeted individuals and have been stalked 24/7,. We been burglarized again and again, have had property destroyed, have been gassed and tortured with DEW’s daily. I have gone to every possible person of authority, including law enforcement for help but am not believed after being “set up” by these perps in attempt to make me look dillusional. I have been implanted with cancerous chips during an MRI that I can feel pulsating in my body in my abdomen, my left side and also in my head. St. Francis, MN


  16. Nico Napolitano

    Stalked 6 years and in many states.
    Poisoned, gassed and radiated.
    Los Angeles, CA

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Dianne Renee Chandler U.S. Citizen, FL Targeted in 2010 after filing EEO complaint at Anniston Army Depot after I became disabled by a sick building where I worked as an Army civilian. I was gangstalked and falsely profiled as a shoplifting thief and watched, followed, gangstalked. Then in 2012 I was attacked 24/7 with directed energy weapons and neuroweapons. I am also permanently SSDI disabled. I retired from the US Army Reserve with 28 years service, retired as 05/LTC and had TS clearance. I am an Army War College graduate. I would love to testify to Congress. Torture is torture and there should be no exceptions. There should be no no consensual research that hurts us or our families. This criminal activity pits neighbors against neighbors. Government contractors or agents of the government come to the neighbors near the target and demand cooperation. Neighbors agree due to lies told to them and out of fear. This is Nazi Holocaust Stasi Domestic Terrorism carried out by our Goverment. Psyops on the part of our Goverment has been operating on lies and deception. Our country cannot survive under these conditions. This is a holocaust carried out with electromagnetic spectrum to torture and kill.

    Liked by 1 person

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