Breaking News & Call to Those DEW/Neuro Targeted in Germany: German Police Have Finally Started Investigating 70 DEW-Attack/Torture Cases in Germany, Send In Your Case

News Alert | Ramola D | August 11, 2021

Update/Feb 18, 2022: Unfortunately, German police have stopped investigating this matter, Patrick reports now, due to “lack of evidence.” This reads as an internal freezing of a police investigation because it will inevitably lead to disclosure of DEW crimes on German civilians by a police, military, and Intelligence mechanism: NATO documents establish that “non lethal weapons testing” with deadly DEWS is being run unethically on Europeans, while European Brain Projects and AI/Supercomputing/Cybernetics/Robotics projects are being run worldwide on non-consenting civilians using the classified mechansims of the Secret Services to keep these experiments hidden. Cross-border crime and counter-terrorism programs set in place by CIA, NSA, FBI, NATO worldwide have ensured that untold numbers of civilians are wrongfully put under surveillance as suspected terrorists in order to feed them to this clandestine neuro/AI experimentation beast. The WEF/UN Agenda 2030 and Great Reset are served by clandestine brain and bio-hacking programs aimed to establish human compliance, human suppression, human neuromodification and gene modification; every European should be researching further and speaking out today to halt these pernicious attacks on humanity, which are being conducted in all countries of the world today, using international agreements and protocols, being kept secret but evident in what has surfaced from the NSA 5-Eyes agreements, NATO documents, and UN and US Military documents.

Breaking news from Patrick Alavi of Germany of police waking up finally after decades of silence to begin investigation of cases of EMF/Neurotech targeting in Germany: The police and Public Prosecutor of Düsseldorf, Germany finally have started investigating 70 cases, inclusive of Patrick Alavi’s, of Directed Energy Weapon attacks.

Patrick Alavi, a young German musician who recently stepped forward to reveal Neuro/DEW attacks on himself and his partner, as well as family dog, posting compelling video on Facebook of the dog suffering DEW-induced convulsions which metallic Reflectix shielding helped to halt, was interviewed recently at my channel, his interview can be found now at Odysee here:

Patrick sends this message:

“If you are German or know any German reporters of DEW crime, please share this information immediately on social media or directly with them.

The more cases are uncovered and reported, the more pressure can be brought by the people on police and government.

Please send all your cases to Ursula at: (She is a DEW “TI” herself.) Please include address and contact details.

The leading police investigator (Leiter aller Kriminalkommissariate, Mr. M. Brusdeilins) has already suspected a military project behind these attacks.

If this works out, it can serve as a precedent for any “TI” (“Targeted Individual”) worldwide.”

One can only hope this is the start of a needed worldwide cleansing of the extreme crime of DEW & Neurotech targeting which has been unlawfully used by governments, militaries, Intelligence agencies, and yes, also law enforcement and Sheriffs and continues to be reported by thousands of suffering victims worldwide.

Coverage at this site of this situation–denied by governments and derided by media in clear propaganda efforts to conceal these crimes for Mil/Intel–has been extensive and will continue.

FBI and CIA whistleblowers have helped reveal the extent of the crime as well as a number of writers, researchers, journalists, doctors, and founders of organizations set up by targeted professionals to help reporting victims.

DEW/Neurotech Targeting Has Been Dismissed as Fanciful by Corrupt and Criminal Media, Concealed by COINTELPRO, Suppressed as Delusional by Psychiatrists

A number of factors have helped conceal the facts of EMF weapon and Neuroweapon assault on innocent civilians worldwide as well as those in every nation brutally singled out by a war-mongering “elite” profiting by the corporations and contracts of war/uber-surveillance and seeking to crush the voice, work, and lives of activists, journalists, whistleblowers, and community leaders who have dared to speak out against war or against any kind of crime and corruption in any venue.

These factors include control mechanisms created by the Weapons-Makers in the military and intelligence running these programs of torture and assault with remote-access energy weapons, including the creation of wheel-spinning “support organizations” and the planting of COINTELPRO infiltrators in the midst of those targeted yet working to raise awareness and seek help–as reported frequently at this site including in The Consequences of Infiltration.

Media from the corporate sphere has held back the exposure of these horrific crimes for several decades not by omission but by active commission of publishing false information on reporting victims, naming them delusional and paranoid. Psychiatrists and physicians have aided the unholy assaults on the innocent run by Mil/Intel/LE, naming them delusional, paranoid, schizoid, schizophrenic–and thereby helped turn families against reporting victims. Both have been complicit in the targeting killings and injuring of thousands of people worldwide.

Several serving and retired police, FBI, NSA, CIA employees and whistleblowers have however revealed they are very aware of the unlawful targeting and trafficking (into non-consensual “covered research” and weapons-testing) going on.

Those targeted report being non-consensually RFID (radio frequency identification chip) and BCI (brain computer interface) implanted, hit 24/7 with energy weapons and neuroweapons, hit with nanotechnology attacks, and treated as pariahs in their neighborhoods by neighbors “contacted” by badge-flashers such as FBI and fed smears and lies about them. Many report being comprehensively blacklisted, losing jobs, careers, homes and becoming bankrupt, often forced to get onto “Disability” or enter homeless shelters to survive.

Local governments facilitate these Mengele captivity and torture programs. (If they did not, they would not exist.)

This writer’s most recent expose of atrocious DEW-attacks by organized Mil/Intel/Biomed Research criminals in Quincy, Massachusetts was published yesterday.


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Targeting is Real

5 responses to “Breaking News & Call to Those DEW/Neuro Targeted in Germany: German Police Have Finally Started Investigating 70 DEW-Attack/Torture Cases in Germany, Send In Your Case

  1. Cass Ferdinand

    I am targeted in Canada. Its hell.

  2. EinStakeholder

    Human rights violations should be unacceptable and outlawed in the 21st century, and should result in sanctions. Much torture takes place in secret and without a trace, so that the target persons concerned have nothing against the secret services. Fortunately, such atrocities always come out somehow, albeit with a delay.

    💞 I am really happy about every support 🙌 to solve the crimes against humanity that are being committed by national secret services 🕵🏻‍♀️📉 with modern high-tech weapon systems against civilians in Germany.

    It is about high-tech energy weapons that use electromagnetic wave radiation to target people, more precisely the brain and central nervous system. Hence, these energy weapons are called anti-personal energy weapons, or more specifically: neuro weapons. There are a multitude of neuro weapons, including drugs, poisons, etc. But this is exclusively about neuro weapons that shoot electromagnetic wave radiation – that is, about electromagnetic neuro weapons. These have the options of (* mind control 📡🎥🧠💭💬📸 and voice transmission * 🎤💬🔊⚡🧠🦻💭). The two functions (* mind control 📡🎥🧠💭💬📸 and voice transmission * 🎤💬🔊⚡🧠🦻💭) combined result in the so-called _ “Synthetic / Artificial / Technological / Artificial Telepathy” _. -> * So synthetic telepathy is the main function of neuro weapons. *

    The technical basis for these modern weapon systems is * radio 📡, radar 📡 and telecommunications reconnaissance technology📡 *, especially * 👁 tracking radar👁 *, with which the target persons are followed around the clock 🎥🛀🛌👀🙈🙊🙉. A fire control system supplements the tracking radar, so that the target person is targeted with energy weapons at any time and can be shot at with electric shocks / stimulation currents at any time. The attacks on civilians are thus carried out with neuro weapons combined with energy weapons.

    The whole schizophrenia complex is created artificially. Until now, insiders believed that this psychiatric illness was technically caused in a few / a few cases. This is refuted by me. This delimitation is very important so that afterwards the secret services cannot say that they were involved in a few / a few cases, but rule out in each specific individual case that they had anything to do with it. Because this possibility of credible deniability is no longer available to the secret services through me and my research. It is time to finally investigate the criminal-terrorist professional criminals in the death squads. No one needs such paramilitary associations: a (political) secret police or (political) auxiliary police as in dictatorships are neither legal nor legitimate in democracies. Constitutional treason by the authorities and institutions involved may come into question.

    Note: The target person, who kindly makes the stalking diaries available for the general good, is fully immersed in life, is highly intelligent and highly socially competent, has a pronounced six-pack with massive biceps and is a heartthrob – despite the impairments caused by mind- Control. Therefore, there is no danger to yourself or others. The very highest concrete mortal danger and danger for the general public as well as important protected and legal interests (such as essential constitutional principles), however, emanate from the direct (and heavily armed) perpetrators, who give the following messages on the extreme psychological torture of the target person and do so collectively always with at least ten assassins in a three-shift system from the torture and killing squad:

    See the link to other torture protocols (German language) under

  3. EinStakeholder

    Thank you for sharing experiences. I personally have been arbitrarily persecuted and tortured by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Domestic Intelligence Agency, german: “Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz” in Cologne – it is similar to the NSA). The torture devices are radiation weapons (or influence machines, old-fashioned: Influence machines or electrifying machines [german: “Elektrisiermaschine”, “Influenzmaschine”, “Beeinflussungsapparat”). The torture with radiation weapons is not an isolated case, but a mass phenomenon.

    Secret agency cause every case of paranoid schizophrenia (since the first reported cases at 1790 in France and England during the French Revolution and the Napoleons Wars in Europe). This has not yet been reported in the media since it is a brandnew rationale for the etiology of schizophrenia by my research team. The current core issue therefore should be the disarming of the paramilitary armed with these radiation weapons, because: 💕 Paranoid schizophrenia is artificially caused by (the German) domestic secret service(s) by means of direct energy weapons (DEWs) and (electromagnetic) “neuro weapons”. To combat target persons, neuro weapons primarily use the psychological effects of electromagnetic wave radiation which, as a carrier signal, can cause audio information as a speech message without sound waves (i.e. bypassing the ears) in the consciousness of the target person – so-called voice hearing. Everyone can suddenly hear voices coming from secret agents on radios 🧐 with 42 new cases and around 8 deaths per day in Germany (and third times as high in US and accordingly in the beautiful country Canada). Secret services cause psychosis / schizophrenia in many (more precisely: in all) cases. In Germany, the domestic intelligence agency causes thousands of cases of psychosis.

    I have been researching intensively on the subject complex (psychosis = unitary psychosis = secret service psychosis) for eleven years and work on it day and night. This is the topic that keeps me up at night – just like other geeks, nerds or (future) Nobel Prize winners in their specialist topic are positively obsessed with their technical challenges. 🧐 The lives and well-being of a great many people depend on this research. This will be a milestone similar to a miracle drug against cancer, in the psychiatric field. This is my vision, my mission and it will be part of my life’s work. Yolo 😆🤣

    The good news is: The symptom cluster (voice hallucinations and electric shocks as well as paranoia) of by far the worst of all psychiatric illnesses can be completely erased. Because this mysterious disease has been exposed as artificially caused. Consequences are now being demanded because of the open human rights crimes.

    With neuro weapons, noises and speech can be transmitted unfiltered directly into the brain of a target person. The voice transmission of the radio messages is carried out by secret agents using “pulse-modulated microwave radiation”, which are sent directly to the skull of the target person via radio link. This electromagnetic terrorism of the secret service is mainly about “high-performance radio-frequency weapons”, “microwave cannons” and “millimeter wave weapons” that cause pain and, above all, “voice-of-god” weapons with which “voices” “can be sent directly into the skull of the target person, with so-called” voice-to-skull technology “, which is based on” radio frequency / microwave hearing”.

    De facto, these freelancers act completely arbitrarily from conspiratorial apartments. There are countless conspiratorial (secret service) apartments in every city. Those affected are humiliated and sadistically harassed at every opportunity and, for base motives, are forced to behave in a manner that is harmful to themselves and others through this ceaseless and endless abuse. Every year around 3000 people in the FRG are deliberately and deliberately killed by the secret service with electromagnetic mind control.
    Because of the conspiratorial (conspiratorial) approach and the secret work techniques as well as the extrajudicial executions and the psychiatricization of critical citizens, the secret use of these neuro weapons in Germany has so far been kept secret. This is a core crime under international criminal law in accordance with Section 7 of the International Criminal Code. The human rights crime needs to be solved. Disarming the gangs myself is too dangerous for me – the specialists from the special task force have to deal with that.

    How should we now deal with this human rights crime and the availability of these radiation cannons (which can develop psychological effects such as hearing voices) – if these may even soon be used in every schoolyard, but their strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and risks are not reported?

    Ps: I know that “they” read this too and I hope that they will stop the crimes against humanity voluntarily. These mind-control persecutions seem to be a lot of fun for some secret agents – like buying extraordinary experiences and some stuff with credit cards – until they get the bill – and they will get the bill – since every case of schizophrenia (even in younger people and Teens) is caused by secret agents.

    “Civilization can be defined as a habit of denying the individual certain opportunities for barbaric behavior.” – Aldous Huxley

  4. Where can I go for real help to stop the people that are using low flying Earth satellites to surveillance harass and attack with direct energy weapons and torture my body. these people are the military the secret government under the FBI CIA umbrella. The technology the reason they’re trying to take my right leg out of my hip no joke besides frying all different parts of my body. This has been going on for 3 years now and I wish there was some way I can shield myself from these direct energy representation from hello flying or satellites. You can email me at are you going to call me at 442-355-0905. This video people have tried my feet my toes broken my bones fried my head try my mouth everything you can imagine being tortured physically and they never say a word

  5. Sono vittima di attacchi con armi ad energia diretta e controllo mentale da quasi un anno. Vivo a Genova in Italia.

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