Global TI (Targeted Individual) Survey Launched Under the Peerless Direction of Top NSA Whistleblowers William Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe

Ramola D/Posted 6/30/2017

The much-awaited Global TI or “Targeted Individual” Survey announced on Talkshoe several months earlier and reported here has been launched this past week under the peerless technical direction of top NSA whistleblowers William Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe, with a video podcast and conference call.


Bill Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe/Image: Survey-Video

(Please watch the video and listen to the conference call in full for details. Also see this Global TI Survey Instructions section below.)

All “Targeted Individuals” worldwide, not just in the USA but from every continent and country—Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, South/North America, the United Kingdom, Hawaii – anyone reporting being assaulted covertly and extra-judicially currently with military-grade electromagnetic or sonic directed-energy weapons (DEWs) and neuro-weapons—are encouraged to take the survey and provide supportive documentation related to their individual cases (more information below). The survey is intended, Mr. Wiebe says “for anyone who believes they are being targeted in some way by DEWs whether audio or radio frequency.”

Describing the survey as well as its intent to obtain meaningful data that will be statistically and qualitatively analyzed by data analysis experts Mr. Binney and Mr. Wiebe, survey developers and managers Cait Ryan, contact person for US-CACH (Coalition Against Covert Harassment), the US faction of Magnus Olsson’s World-CACH, and Karla Smith presented the survey in a podcast with retired NSA Technical Director Bill Binney and retired NSA Intelligence Analyst J. Kirk Wiebe.

Ella Felder, who runs regular Talkshoe conference calls with varied guests on subjects of interest to TIs, and Derrick Robinson, former head of FFCHS (Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance) now head of PACTS International (People Against Covert Torture and Surveillance) jointly hosted the conference call where TI organization leaders, activists, and others conferred with Mr. Binney and Mr. Wiebe to seek clarification on the parameters, intent, and methodology of the survey.

The survey has been launched, and data collection will stay open for 120 days, Cait Ryan confirms.

Collecting Information on Radiation Effects Experienced by Individuals

The intent of the survey, Mr. Binney notes, is “to first collect data on individuals who are experiencing what appears to be some kind of radiation effects in different spectrum – so we’re trying to collect symptoms that people have,” as well as collect scientific documentation on extant, public-domain microwave/sonic weaponry “being used for population control and riot control and things like that and governmental experiments,” tabulate bodily radiation effects documented as resultant from those devices, “then map those back to people and their experiences as we’ve accumulated in the survey.”

“Then we’ll try to put together devices that could detect those kinds of signals so people can actually begin to trace them and begin to assemble evidence and target the origin of these things so we can take it into a court of law and have it out in the open – the whole idea is to add some kind of discipline to the process so we can make some concrete statements in courts of law.” –Bill Binney

No pre-screening or filtering of the survey information will be undertaken, stresses Mr. Wiebe, the intent is to obtain raw information from all those experiencing and reporting microwave/sonic weapon assault. The survey information will be compiled by Cait Ryan’s team, who will then turn it over to technical data experts Mr. Binney and Mr. Wiebe, who will both examine the compiled data as well as re-compile the data in varied ways, as necessary, in order to more adequately analyze and understand it.

The intent is to find underlying patterns of aggregation and connection, and relate these to “open-source published information” on the biological effects of RF/audio spectrum devices and weapons from the intersecting worlds of medicine and military weapons development.

While bodily symptoms were being focused on from reporting victims, Mr. Binney agreed that “it is human rights that are being destroyed here.”

Investigating Secretive DOD/CIA Experimentation and Torture

While noting it is possible that Snowden’s million-document stash from the NSA carried information about this ongoing targeting program, Bill Binney, who said he was not in touch with Snowden, said, “I would think it is more likely CIA is involved in this than NSA – just my guess at that but I don’t know for sure.”

As to whether the survey would yield information on numbers of victims of organized torture, for use in influencing legislation, Kirk Wiebe stated:

“In response to whether we believe this is some form of organized torture, yes, it is certainly organized, it may not be thought of as torture but certainly the symptoms many people feel appear to be tortuous—that’s part of the investigation.

We know the government has the authority to conduct experiments, specifically under the Department of Defense, we know that other parts of the government will often, under the blanket of secrecy, take it upon themselves to experiment and not tell anyone.

So we’re very open-minded – much of this is dependent not on your opinion but on the facts you bring to bear—what it is each of you actually experiences, and describing that to the best of your ability.” –Kirk Wiebe

Whether the survey would seek to explore if certain groups of people are more susceptible to being targeted for non-consensual experimentation such as child-abuse survivors, the mentally ill, homeless, prostitutes, as stated by Dr. Colin Ross in his books and talks, Mr. Wiebe said:

“We have no predisposed position on any of these things, we do not wish to bias the survey–so if that’s what the results show, if people have been diagnosed as mentally ill and are being targeted, then the data should tell us that, if people are filling out the survey telling us that honestly, we should detect that in the data. We’re not against or pro that notion, I would accept your premise that it seems to be common and it makes sense the government would pick on those disadvantaged people –although it makes me angry to recognize that.” –Kirk Wiebe

On the subject of government experimentation, activist Debbie from Wisconsin asked if the survey would take into account the fact that Law Enforcement is giving out research waivers obtained from the FCC to “do research” on through-wall-surveillance radar devices, which can be waived in this way from being registered with the FCC, something she has explored through FOIA requests.

In later conversation, she shared her concerns further, prompting this writer to ask: Does this mean random private contractors—including Fire Stations, EMS Ambulance companies, whom many TIs report as stalking them–now get non-trackable access to deadly through-wall radar tracking and assault weapons, known in Law Enforcement language as “surveillance devices”? (This matter will be explored here further in close focus.)

On the call, Debbie also observed that through the 1033 program, police are obtaining military weapons. (Agreements between the DOJ and the DOD, explored here earlier and also here, in this article on secret policing in the USA, establish that local police departments are in the possession of and using both unclassified and classified “non-lethal weapons” which comprise and include DEWs.)

Validating the report of a caller from rural Maine also experiencing 24/7 intensive DEW assault, and countering earlier discussion noting that large numbers of TIs had been found to congregate around large cities like Los Angeles and New York, she noted that Sheriffs and Law Enforcement can be found in rural areas as well. She had once drawn up a map of all those targeted with DEWs in her state, she said, and found they were all located around Universities and University extensions, suggesting research connections.

Bill Binney responded:

“That’s the kind of clustering we try to understand–the other thing is, hey, if they’re handing out all these research grants, then those research grants have to be compiled and available somewhere for public viewing, we ought to be able to see some information from FOIA requests.

They also ought to have distribution of money to different individuals doing that research and where they are, they should have that, that’s got to be recorded, they can’t just hand money out without keeping a trace on where it went, who got it, and how they spent it — and maybe we’ll try to do that.” — Bill Binney

The kind of statistics they hoped to procure from the survey, they said, in response to activist Tomo Shibata’s concerns about generating numbers for use in legislation, would include the numbers of reporting victims, distribution by geographical area, state, country, symptoms, and identifying clusters and sampling, since “if you are running an experiment, how else could you focus or limit it?”

In response to an observation from Derrick Robinson that clusters of victims have been recorded in Southern California and New York, corresponding to the largest number of military-industrial-complex-related industry in the US, Mr. Binney said: “We need to see that kind of pattern showing up in other areas of the country too–if we do, we can certainly make that kind of tie there.”

Studying Confusion Tactics, Sensory Deception, Perception Management

Another matter of import which emerged from callers’ questions is that of confusion tactics or sensory deception which activist Eduardo Colon of New York brought into focus, asking whether the survey would cover these deliberate tactics of deception—voice morphing, organized stalking, gaslighting– practiced on those being covertly hit with electromagnetic weapons. The intention behind these, he observed, was to both confuse victims and frame them as mentally ill or paranoid when reporting being stalked or harassed by neighbors or family members, a tactic designed to discredit victim reports and keep the experimentation hidden and ongoing.

Mr. Wiebe said the survey had been constructed to obtain all evidence or symptoms pointing to exactly that kind of technique and would not exclude these aspects: “If people are writing words carefully to express what they are sensing…my sense is if people feel confusion they will recognize it, wonder why they are confused, and express that…the survey is not biased to exclude any possibility.” Multiple choice, he noted, would constrict responses, while the survey was constructed to invite free expression in text-entry boxes “where people can describe exactly what kind of symptoms they have, so yes, we are looking for that.”

Activist and blogger James Lico also touched on the question of sensory deception and targeting to induce sickness, asking if the survey would take into account that symptoms of old age or indeed any disease, such as Multiple Sclerosis or fibromyalgia could be and were indeed being induced by DEWS, and that in fact this was also being targeted at the general population. Bill Binney said he had not heard of this.

Kirk Wiebe concurred, saying:

“I would tell you that Bill and I and those of us assisting in studying the data that comes in from the survey have no closed minds, we are open to any possibility—we are generally aware that symptoms that people feel may be written off in people’s minds as “I just have MS or this or that” but may indeed be induced by DEWs from an outside source, some energy interfering with the nervous system—we are open-minded to consider all of those capabilities —it may well be there are symptoms we are unable to explain, and mark them down as requiring further study or a secondary survey to look at those particular symptoms, see if we can zero in, focus in, and gain understanding.” –Kirk Wiebe

Rosanne Schneider, author and activist, also reminded listeners about disclosures of Perception Management as being part of the DEW/Neuro Targeting and Experimentation Programs from David Voigts, the young former Navy officer and systems engineer with training in Electronic Warfare who walked across the USA last year, to bring attention to this non-consensual experimentation. “People are being compromised in such a way as to interpret events incorrectly—so when you look at the data this might be something you may be able to see. Eduardo had an excellent point, so if this program has Perception Management, that should be taken as another symptom.”

Bill noted:

“Kirk and I are fairly familiar with different techniques to manipulate and confuse enemies if you will—in terms of, in the old Soviet Union they used to call it manipulatzia and disinformatzia —it’s a way of manipulating information, manipulating people, giving disinformation, those kinds of techniques–we have been experienced in detecting these, hopefully when we look through all this data, we can pick that up in the data and even define it as a property of this entire program.” –Bill Binney

Informing Legal Advisers, Media, Physicians, Politicians

The larger intention of the survey, as noted in conversations on the video and call, is to determine the veracity of the reports worldwide of RF spectrum/sonic/neuro assault on human bodies and brains, to collate evidence for use in court cases and media reports, and establish definitive analyses possibly to present also to Senate committees, in order to publicly assert the reality of covert assault, whether operational or experimental, on humans worldwide, with military-grade RF and sonic and neuroweapons—putatively by Intelligence agencies and the military– and to publicly demand these programs be stopped, as well as litigate for them to be stopped.

“Our intent is to publish those results to get credibility among media. Right now we’re hearing the media doesn’t give this community credibility. We hope to make a difference at least with some of the media we know and have credibility with. We hope to open that door even wider and show we are bringing objectively-obtained data to bear on this issue.” –Kirk Wiebe

Agreeing with Ella’s summation of statements from the survey-video that their overall objectives include notifying the Press, the medical community, and the political arena, meaning, Congress and elected officials, as well as all survey respondents and the general public via a website, both whistleblowers stressed the importance of bringing this matter to the courts.

Mr. Binney said:

“My point is sue the bastards in a court of law. That should have happened with the CIA in the ’50s and ’60s with all the experiments they were doing on people who didn’t even know they were being experimented on – these people belong in jail, they don’t belong in government!” –Bill Binney

On response to a question from Ella Felder as to whether they also believed there were some criminal elements or rogue groups involved, Mr. Binney responded: “Within the government you mean? Industry certainly has a potential part in this,” and Mr. Wiebe noted, “It’s hard to distinguish where the criminals are. It seems like criminality cuts across even government these days!”

Surely Mr. Binney echoes most of us who are wide-awake today with his close: “Certainly, it’s the greatest criminal organization in the country!”

We Are Going to Guard This Information With Our Lives”

Surely too, Ella Felder echoes the sentiments of TIs worldwide as she closed out the call, thanking Mr. Binney and Mr. Wiebe “for doing this work and protecting humanity as a whole.” Slawek from Poland who called in earlier thanked them too, saying Europeans being targeted with electronic weapons were grateful, and had been waiting for the survey to be launched, as also did Paolo Fiora of the United Kingdom, who asked about who would be notified about the results of the survey.

Many other callers proffered valuable information, including Frank Allen who offered details on how to safeguard the data obtained, Rosanne Schneider who warned against sabotage and recommended logging all instances of such, and Neal Chevrier who runs Citizens Against Harmful Technology and offered up all the results of his various studies, analyses, and documentation over the years including information on possible RF technologies being used on TIs and relevant detection equipment.

Dr. Ed Spencer, retired neurologist, noted that “Torture is not the issue here, I think Mind Control which is hidden is the main issue—because that’s the real political power there—and 5G is a major aspect of the Mind Control.”

Dr. Spencer asked also about scalar waves that cannot be blocked, if they “may be part of the V2K and other intrusions into the brain.” Mr. Binney stated later he was not knowledgeable about scalar technologies in terms of “range in spectrum, properties, effect on things.” Mr. Wiebe concurred, adding he believes “scalar research is insufficiently mature to be of use to us as a means of applying energy from DEWs.” He stressed, however, that “the survey does not preclude any source from being considered in our effort. We begin with symptoms/signatures, then look for candidate technologies that appear to fit.”

Kirk Wiebe also made an important request to all TIs, to underline the importance of participating in this historic survey.

“I had hoped for an opportunity to say to those who are listening to this phone call, please be aware if anyone tries to convince you not to take this survey, be very leery of anyone trying to talk you into the idea that we are untrustworthy in some regard or that the survey is flawed.

As prima facie evidence of someone trying to sabotage our success, I don’t know how else to say it—Bill and I had to come to grips with the idea, or (the) challenge, how to know whom to trust when we blew the whistle—and we clearly discounted anyone who tried to dissuade us from blowing the whistle on wrongdoing. And so I just caution you, if anyone tries to talk you out of taking the survey, they should be high on your list of being suspicious, for such a person.

So please do fill it out, we are going to guard this information with our lives, and treat it scientifically, objectively, for the benefit of all of you—just wanted to say that, thank you.” — Kirk Wiebe

Global TI Survey Instructions

In order to access and take the Global TI survey, which is online, you will first need a Survey ID. This Survey ID will be provided on email registration of your details with the email address Step by step instructions are below. Further details about the survey and how to fill it may be found in the survey-video.

The information below has been provided by Cait Ryan.

Step(s) to Take the Global TI Survey under the advisors Bill Binney & J. Kirk Wiebe

Please send the following required information to

Subject: Survey ID Request

Personal Information:

First Name
Last Name
Phone Number

Street Address including unit number if applicable

State or Province
Zip or Postal Code

Mailing Address [if different from home address]
State or Province
Zip or Postal Code

Once we receive your completed information, a Survey ID and Instructions on taking the Survey will be emailed to you.

Please note: A Survey ID is required to access the survey.



Conference Call Audio: Thursday, June 22, 2017 – Launch of the Worldwide TI Survey with William Binney & J. Kirk Wiebe

Earlier Conference Call Audio: Monday, June 19, 2017 – Kate Ryan – Worldwide TI Survey

Video Launching and Introducing the Global TI Survey

NSA Whistleblower Powerhouses William Binney and Kirk Wiebe Stand Up to Support “Targeted Individuals” Worldwide

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31 responses to “Global TI (Targeted Individual) Survey Launched Under the Peerless Direction of Top NSA Whistleblowers William Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe

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  2. Benjamin Castro

    Hello I am here to say the reporting is real and there are citizens in multiple areas of the globe utilizing the devices mentioned. Jason Graham and Daniel Michael Hazlett Summer Hazlett Megan Graham in the Sacramento CA area have been using this on multiple people. Jason Graham utilizing his former military background and affiliation with the local sheriff’s department has access to the equipment mentioned and is trying to cover up multiple murders as suicides currently. They have at least three people they are torturing currently in the Sacramento county area. Please anything, anyone out there that has the ability to help so many souls would be so grateful and in your debt. Again there are at least two women dead they experimented on and listed as a car accident and as a suicide and they have two additional people they are deploying this upon as this is being typed. They have been falling back on making their victims look “psychologically unstable” Everytime the victims call the police. They have tortured residents at the 4806 Myrtle Ave Sacramento CA 95841 and at Spring Creek apartments in Citrus Heights CA 95610 and again in antelope Ca near Jason Graham’s residence. The ongoing torture methods are identical to the papers written by the Doctor listed above. The issue is people attribute the behavior to covert programs and often it is simply criminals masking themselves as upright citizens into law enforcement and other government agencies. It isn’t always an ultra elite highly backed group doing the torture a small group of people who have access to this equipment can easily achieve the same results inspite the difficulty in understanding the nature of anyone willing to do so to another person. In Sacramento county the Hazlett, Graham, Leahy’s, Jarhling, Crook’s and Ibarra families have tried to stop members of thier households from continuing to no avail. Witnesses include shanelle crooks, Caleb and Lillian Castro, Mathew from 4806 myrtle ave Sacramento CA 95841 Brittany and Christian Hazlett, Judy Hazlett, Martha Jarhling, Lucas Jarhling, Kieth and Sandy Leahy, Bud and Sherry Leahy, Elizabeth Leahy, Ricardo from the Conta Costa county public defenders investigators office, Arron Cordwell Joshua Castro, Benjamin Castro and so many more people. This is a very real very much an ongoing situation and they will not stop until the authorities are made aware. Please anyone who can help so many of us are so grateful for your time and consideration in advanced. Thanks and stay strong in mind and peaceful in heart!

  3. Wrong Think

    TI from Salem, Oregon. Thank you for all of the information.
    If you are reading this, know you are loved and you’re. It alone. They need an army to torture you because YOU ARE AN ARMY OF ONE. Never give up on people. Your love and compassion belongs to you and that’s something that they can never take away from you. The truth always surfaces. Forgive them for they know not what they do.

  4. I pray that all Targeted Individuals of daily torture like myself, and many others will be free from this. I have been Targeted to my knowledge since October 2016. I am being experimented on without consent on my brain daily with pain. I am implanted and tortured. God bless, Rachel Benfield -Decatur Alabama

  5. Isidro Abascal-Montalvo

    Hi Janet,

    I read your paragraph in the Concerned Citizen by Ramola about being a TI. I am a TI since 1996 where I believe my targeting began. I am a victim of remote electronic assaults and organized stalking 24/7. I have never given up to these evil elements so cheer up and don’t take your guard down. God is with us!

    Isidro Abascal-Montalvo

  6. Hi, my name is Janet Gavarny; I’ve been a targeted individual for approximately 25 years!!! I am a registered nurse and have traveled from state to state in attempts to escape these heinous acts without success. They have mentally “gang~raped” me.
    Janet Gavarny

  7. Mr Nizin R. Lopez

    My name is Nizin R. Lopez, I am a targeted individual in Miami/Fla, I’ve been experiencing the organized-stalking phenomenon for years now, since 2010 really. It is clear to me that Law Enforcement is behind this sick gang stalking shit (non consensual-non therapeutic human experimentation). This covert harassment sponsored by the U.S. gov, it destroyed every aspect of my life. I don’t deserve what they have done to me.

  8. Isidro Abascal-Montalvo

    February 27, 2018

    Dear Global TI Survey,

    I am writing to you because I need your help in anyway you can with your professional experience and expertise. My name is Isidro Abascal-Montalvo and I live in NYC. I read some of your info and I know what you mean because I am a TI since 1996. I have paperwork evidence that I have been a TI for 2 decades now. These people are destroying my life, but unfortunately, I have never been able to stop the “remote electromagnetic assaults” and “organized stalking” against me 24/7 since January, 1996 when I believe my targeting began while I was at Rikers Island Jail Complex and continues to this day (see Abascal v. Jarkos, No. 04-1401, N.D.N.Y. filed December 6, 2004; Abascal v. Hilton, No. 04-CV-1401, 2008 WL 268366 (N.D.N.Y. Jan. 30, 2008); Abascal v. Jarkos, 357 Fed. Appex. 388 (2d Cir. 2009); Abascal v. Jarkos, No. 08-0789-pr. (2d Cir. December 21, 2009); and Abascal v. Jarkos, 130 S.Ct. 2415 (2010)).

    I am so disappointed and frustrated that even though I was paroled on September 13, 2005 after ten years of imprisonment for criminal sale of a controlled substance in the second degree, a Class A-II felony under the Rockefeller Drug Law and finally discharged off parole on September 22, 2008 pursuant to a good behavior statute and my accomplishments while on parole (employment in the hotel industry, Union HTC and Local 6 membership, no new conviction of any crime, a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies degree and a Certificate of Good Conduct issued to me by the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, I am still a TI survivor and living in 2018 United States like this was Nazi Germany. I am shocked to learn that a person in times as modern as ours could be subjected to the kind of sadistic torture one would have expected to take place under the Nazis or some evil dictator.

    These “remote electromagnetic assaults” and “organized stalking” have caused me wanton and unnecessary inflictions of pain, and extremely horrible experiences: e.g., most of the time (24/7) my penis and my testicles are compressed to a baby’s size which hinder my sexual functions; and innumerable serious physical and mental injuries, and psychological damage, including, but not limited to, microwave burn and stings body sensations, numerous concrete disfigurement scars all over my body, e.g., cigarette burn type scars; darkened skin in my face, head, neck, hands, legs, feet, lower section of my stomach and upper section of my thighs, making me a multicolor person in different parts of my body; corrugated skin in parts of my body that are different as the normal aging process; mortification, personal humiliation, mental anguish, and emotional distress. Additionally, inter alia, I have also been induced to sleep while driving in the expressways, and watching TV.

    The organized stalking against me has involved, including, but not limited to, multiple individuals that stalk, and harass me in the street; cars are most of the time parked outside of my building with persons looking at me when I leave my home to intimidate me; almost every time the same neighbors leave or arrive at the same time as I do; the neighbor above my apartment stomping or dropping heavy objects on his floor, and scurrying around; people in the street stare at me in a leering or mocking way, usually with a smirk on their faces. Also, in my job, people say things to me that refer far too specifically to something within my private life, an effective way of letting me know that I am somehow under surveillance without actually doing anything illegal. I have sometimes experienced intense harassment while driving, e.g., tailgating; being cut off in traffic; hostile gestures; and perpetrators have tried to run me off the road by crowding or mobbing me with their cars.

    These perps shot my apartment windows 6 times April, 2014. I am followed everywhere I go in NYC and elsewhere. I have these videos of perps and a cop harassing me. The same day that a District Judge in the Western District of NY denied defendants’ post trial motion in an action that I won a jury verdict against the COs in Attica CF (see Abascal v. Fleckenstein, 06-CV-0349S (W.D.N.Y. April 7, 2014), the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center Mobile Team went to my home, but (I never opened the door and talked to them).

    I have a current action against the City of NY concerning my targeting and where I am asking $20,000,000, and I am proceeding Pro Se. I am in the discovery stage of the action, but the City filed a cross-motion to dismiss my complaint and I filed my response yesterday. The judge will hear that motion on April 26. I had filed before a motion to compel discovery because the City did not respond to my Requests for Interrogatories and Production of Documents and Admissions. If you like to meet me to talk and see what I have that could help in my targeting and legal action, please do not hesitate and call me to my cell phone: (212) 470-1304 or email me at: I will be glad to bring or email documents dating back 2 decades, and current photos to you. Also, I will email the pertinent current legal action documents, photos and exhibits to you. As you know, whenever all these crimes are reported to local police or medical professionals, the victim TI may be labeled mentally ill. I look forward to hear from you.

    I swear under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct, to the best of my knowledge, information and belief.

    Thanking you in advance for your cooperation and assistance toward this matter and request.


    Isidro Abascal-Montalvo
    PO Box 7977
    New York, NY 10116
    (212) 470-1304

  9. Martha Gillespie

    I can’t do the survey because I am prevented from accessing the web site.

  10. Hope I am not to late seeing I just found this website on the internet
    I have several notes and pictures that might interest you and could allow you to know different things GS about the electromagnetic waves and what it is capable of doing to the human body. Burns sratches and disfigurement From the magnetic waves. Not to mention what is unseen o. The inside of the body like to the organs and the brain. So many things GS done it is impossible to tell everything in writing.

    Twila Cochran

  11. Martina Pearce

    Hello, i’m a TI since 2014.
    They stole my California ID and my Socialsecurity Card out of my Appartment.
    That’s when the Nightmare begun.
    I live in a smal Village in Germany.

  12. I have documented ultrasonic harassment with new scientific device made by the University of Pavia.

    I have also complained about harassment in the community and have lots of videos displaying the harassment I experience.

    In the past I have been harassed by the following the FBI, components of DoD, DHS, Citizens Corps and its stakeholders , local police and local neighborhood watch groups. Its impossible for this movement to even exist unless our Fusion Centers and local police, sheriffs ,military along with the local city are all on the same page.

    Its a true shame to know that my only enemy and problem are fellow Americans hiding behind the flag with intent to harm my in secret and many of these people are not even from America and as smart as me when I need a job to also live here. How can I live a normal life when I am subject to this harassment since 1996.

  13. I did the survey awhile back. This is what they do to me.

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    3 Websites about Mind-Control, Database for Case Summaries, Whistleblower and much more!

    Thank you

    Targeted Individual from Switzerland – They killing me softly…

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  17. Write to Cait Ryan, Christi. She is managing the survey. Check both the articles on the TI survey here for her contact info. Best to you.

  18. Christi Kennedy Duncan

    Ramola, I sent in my survey and I have not received anything since. Is there a way to find out if they received this?

  19. It’s up to you of course, Lance. Most being assaulted with radiation/sonic weapons today are very aware they are being assaulted with radiation weapons, and not in doubt that it’s “something else.” Externally-originating electromagnetic signals can be recorded, shielded from, blocked, and discerned.

  20. hey… i want to do this survey but i dont get the weapon attacks to my knowledge just gangstalking maybe RNM sometimes the sides of my legs burn but I cant tell if thats something like DEWs or just something else. Should I still complete this survey anyway? THANK YOU!

  21. People heading this human research survey breached confidentiality with me when specifically asked to keep it last week. If they lack integrity needed to observe confidentiality in an email, why trust them? I urge all TIs not to participate in their survey. Have you wondered who gave TI names and contact details to these people wanting information and was that done so with TIs’ permissions? No. Sad.

  22. Kiara Wick, Germany

    I really wish they able to change something and get this this cruel technology, mindcontrol and the rest of it’s ill. horr. crime + torture 24/7 STOPPED!!! I was chosen in 2005 near Frankfurt, Germany and to me it’s a miriacle, after all they did to me, I’m still alive! Best luck + strength for all of us TI’s!!!

  23. I wonder if all the target indivuals instead to bring their case before National Court could also bring their case before the security council of United Nations in order to bring our case before I.C.C International Criminal Court.
    We could do a massive complaint with the standard structure you will build to our national ambassador to United Nations and also to the 5 current representative members of the security council.
    The main problem is not the coordination I think, it’s to have the contact at United Nations to send our e-mails. If we have the good contact and we do a massive complaint, maybe it could work because a complaint before National Court maybe will be stop very quickly. I do not say to complain before National Court will be unefficient, I say we could tried the both before National court and United Nations. The good things with United Nations, is the ambassadors aren’t involved in same way than National Court, in the State Surveillance. If we do the same massive complaint before National Courts and United Nations at the same date with the same structure, in differents language to our National Court and with e-mail to the good contacts in United Nations, it mays work.
    In fact there are two ways to complain befor I.C.C, a National State do a complaint, and the other is the security council of United Nations do a complaint.
    I think the writting structure of this massive complaint have to be the more juridic and scientific as it is possible. The scientific evidence of this technologies have to be collected in order to be used as reference by everyone one who want to participate to this global and massive complaint; in particular all the patents who prooves that this technologies does exist and since 40 years.
    To do a global massive complaint we have to go to the more forums and website the more facebook and others than we could do and to explain our strategy. A massive complaint, with the same structure, at the same date, and before National Court and before United Nations representative members and Security council Members of United Nations.
    We can use all the infrastructure of the web to do a global material complaint.
    Doctor Katherine Hoton have to build a team and to lead this team for the coordination of this massive and global complaint at the same date.
    In this team we have to recruit lawyers who are victims of gangstalkings, I think they are a lot.
    If you need help, i want to be a part of this team, to work for this goal.
    I’m not a lawyer.

  24. Thank you Patrick for your comment. Yes, surely we are fortunate to have the attention and interest of such high-profile former NSA whistleblowers and data experts — led by their interest in human rights and care for suffering humanity.

  25. Hi Lionel–I will pass on your information to them. And thank you. Really sorry to hear about your PC being wiped. Perhaps you can try from a library computer. I’m sorry to hear of your targeting, and if you are ready to publicize further, please send on more information. Always interesting to cover the stories of retired USAF/DOD. Best to you.

  26. Thank you very much Rosanne. I am very surprised to hear the Reblog or Like buttons have disappeared–in my browser, everything shows as normal. I have also posted this on Facebook and Twitter. Please feel free to copy and paste the whole post into your blog if you would like to help distribute. Thank you for the heads-up.

  27. Thank you J. Haywood for all above–will pass on your words of caution and advice to all involved.

  28. “” I must express some dismay at the use of a Google/Alphabet service given all that’s known about it:
    Former Agent Says Google and CIA in Partnership

    Google Teams Up with CIA to Fund “Recorded Future” Startup Monitoring Websites, Blogs & Twitter Accounts

    How did Google become the internet’s censor and master manipulator, blocking access to millions of websites?

    There are better, free and more secure options now like Protonmail, so I don’t understand the point in having TI’s personal info stored directly onto Google servers indefinitely. They’re going to “guard the information with their lives”, but who has access to Google’s servers again? Google’s only owned by cloak and dagger Bilderberg member Eric Schmidt. Anyone for whom this is a minor issue is welcome to disregard all the aforementioned.

    In these times, thinking critically, asking questions, listening to your gut instinct and most importantly using your common sense are imperative – don’t expect others to do it for you.

    There’s ample evidence for the existence of the tech plaguing TI’s (at least from old patents and declassified documents). It’s public knowledge that the US govt has been surreptitiously experimenting on its citizens without their consent for decades:

    Given such historical precedent it’s not at all unreasonable, crazy or “conspiracy” to assume the public are still being unwittingly used as guinea pigs – only now it’s more cleverly hidden with better technology -, depopulation of course being the end goal.

    I appreciate Mr. Binney’s sentiment that these inhuman degenerates can be dealt with in a court of law but i am frankly dubious. Should the depth of corruption be too great (e.g. Alisha Owen – Nebraska/Franklin – and her blatant kangaroo trial), how then would justice be sought? Relying on institutions co-opted by soulless sociopaths is like pouring water into a bucket full of holes. There ought to be contingency measures in place should these terminal institutions fail yet again. This issue desperately needs more advocacy from prominent men and women conscience.

    The satantic sociopaths responsible are of a truly diabolical intellect – diabolically clever; not to give them too much credit in their megalomaniacal hubris which follows its own merry little path of cause and effect. Still, this is a chess game, so be wary of laying all your pieces out openly. And above all, God first.

  29. Excellent reporting, as usual. Thank you for covering this. Unfortunately, I can not “like” or reblog as I usually do as those buttons have disappeared along with any notification of your publications.

  30. Patrick Cleary

    Thanks for putting together all of the information from the TI survey video and Ella F’s podcast with Bill and Kurt in such a clear manner and for highlighting Bill and Kurt’s objectives, methods and good intentions, Ramola.

    We are extremely fortunate to have people with their level of expertise and their compassion working on our behalf.

    And thanks to Cait and Karla and all who have helped make this a reality.

  31. Lionel E Price

    Hey Ramola D, You have never met me but i am a watcher of the techno crime fighters. I attend Ella’s and Derrick’s Talk Shoe sessions. I am retired USAF, I am a DoD employee, a Muslim, and a Targeted Individual. A TI first since 2011, but like with many TIs I realize that I was a subject of the psycho folks for much longer. In my case since 5 years old. Anyway just wanted you to know that some days ago i asked for the survey and today started filling it out and not more than 15 minutes or so thereafter the evil syndicate assigned to my person totally wiped my computer. Please tell Kirk and Bill to keep up the good work. I don’t think i can get another computer – the evil syndicate will just sabotage it anyway. But if a way comes along to complete it then i certainly will. Thanks Ramola D.

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