Launching Real Talk True Media with Ramola D & Ahmad Enani: Midge Mathis & Karen Stewart Discuss Financial Underpinnings & Fraud Behind Covert EMF/Neuro Targeting

— Ramola D and Ahmad Enani/Posted 7/02/2017

booksWith much excitement, resolve, and intent, we’re pleased to finally launch our new podcast series Real Talk with Ramola D and Ahmad Enani, and finally release these two opening group conversations with researcher and realtor Midge Mathis and retired Intelligence analyst and NSA whistleblower Karen Stewart, on the subject of the discoveries Midge has made recently that seem to relate to and reveal the financial understructure of the EMF/Neuro targeting, testing, experimental and political repression operations being run today on civilians in the USA and worldwide.

Real Talk with Ramola D and Ahmad Enani/Real Talk True Media on Youtube

Real Talk with Ramola D and Ahmad Enani is a podcast series that has been in the works for some time now, stymied for quite a while by excessive sabotage attempts centered around massive cyberhacking on all sides. As you’ll note however, particularly in the first video, which we ran on Google Hangout, we pushed through despite obvious tampering with my video feed and Ahmad’s audio feed, set-up audio delays, and consequent disjointedness. We think this evidence of sabotage of our very first podcast is historic, related quite possibly to Google’s close connections with the CIA, and related as well to the fact that each one of us, particularly both hosts, is being surveilled and obstructed quite heavily these days as we expand our True Media and journalism efforts, in the interests of keeping the world informed. 

Ultimately, we think, these glitches are a reflection of the video platform we used, and a reflection on the selective viability of Google Hangout and Youtube. For our second video as well, where we recorded from Skype, and uploaded to Youtube, delays in uploading and downloading were excessive. Unforeseen glitches developed, prompting us to re-examine the intention of launching our series with these two videos. We continue to research better platform options, and will aim to improve audio and video quality as we go along.

Candid Conversations on 21st-Century Science/Technology,  Related Ethics/Human Rights, & Covert Crime

Real Talk with Ramola D and Ahmad Enani has been launched with the express intent of offering both of us–and our guests–a means to engage openly in Candid Conversations on 21st-Century Science/Technology and Ethics/Human Rights issues, as well as Covert Crime, which latter we unfortunately see flourishing all around us today, as Secrecy is funded copiously and Freedom flails. We believe in the great value of open, untramelled conversation, in free speech, in public discussion and debate, in the paramountcy of privacy, individuality, independence, free will, human rights, and in public education–even as Global Totalitarianism runs amuck in our midst.

As we launch this quest to openly discuss the realities of watchlisting, uber-surveillance with electronic weaponry/RF and sonic weapons–dismissed and lied about in Mockingbird-run Mainstream Media’s government propaganda coverage of “Targeted Individuals” (TIs)–as well as other current-day realities such as chem trails, 5G, and military quests for full-spectrum dominance, we’d like to note that no subject related to the ongoing covert criminal assaults on humanity will be forbidden to us. We hope as we go along to run both small-group conversations and one-on-one interviews on the most vital subjects of our time, bringing in both experts and individuals; we will aim as well to collect and publish (in our podcasts) targeting testimonials and personal stories, in the interests of creating a 21st-Century Documentation Archive, a recorded, documented archive of this dark and inexplicable time period in history.

Episode 1: Midge Mathis and Karen Stewart

In this first conversation, MIdge Mathis relates the story of her own targeting, her background as a realtor and real estate developer, and describes how she began to make a series of discoveries of front companies and backdoor interconnections with security and Intelligence services such as the DHS and the NSA, of fraudulent trust funds and insurance fraud. Are there companies and people hiding in Covert America making money off the targeting operations on Americans, where innocent Americans are being covertly implanted and assaulted with microwave weapons, night and day, on a 24/7 basis, in New Phoenix “extermination programs”? How are telecom companies, banks, research institutions, medical equipment companies, Defence contractors involved? How are top executives in the NSA involved? Who benefits from secretive weapons testing, electronic surveillance, and neurotechnology experimentation on innocent, non-consensual citizens–and how?  This episode seeks to find out.

Episode 2: Midge Mathis and Karen Stewart

This podcast continues the wide-ranging conversation begun in Episode 1, recorded in Skype with Ahmad Enani on audio, and Ramola D on video, along with researcher Midge Mathis and former NSA Intelligence analyst Karen Stewart on video. In this episode, Midge describes searches she has run on her county assessor website’s database in quests to understand the material understructure of illegal targeting activities being run undercover today by fusion centers, military contractors, and Intelligence agencies which reveal astonishing and peculiar connections between agencies like DARPA and DHS’ “Surveillance Role Players,” between doctors and local businesses, between DHS and mental health hospitals, and others.  Midge relates discovery of frequencies emitted by implants not recorded in FCC frequency allocation tables, and discusses how those innocents and activists who are targeted are channeled into misdiagnoses by mental health professionals and discredited, while being implanted and assaulted with covert EMF/neuroweapons. Connections between various businesses, including banks, telecom companies, microchip technology companies, Defence contractors, Air Force, and agencies in Surveillance activities are explored. While many questions remain, these database explorations offer a basis for further analysis and investigation, as these illegal targeting and experimentation activities in the USA and worldwide continue to be investigated.

Real Talk True Media Schedules

These conversations with Midge Mathis and Karen Stewart continuing these database explorations and exposes of the corporate profit structure behind targeting, surveillance, and human experimentation, and examining the significance for humanity will be resumed in future podcasts. On this particular subject, “white hat” hacker and computer experts are urged to step forward and work with us to help us understand the information that these databases are storing, apparently in plain sight. Will these discoveries offer Americans a means to start taking our country back? And from there, a means also to take the entire world back from the criminal and corporate NWO Globalists? It seems entirely possible. 

Real Talk True Media schedules and upcoming guests will be announced shortly on a separate website, with all information posted here at The Everyday Concerned Citizen as well, please stay tuned for updates. We hope to run these podcasts weekly, and invite comment and participation from all viewing these videos.  Our interests are nothing less than exploring the truth, speaking the truth, and publishing the truth. Please join us!

Our Backgrounds

Ahmad Enani is a film and media professional, an actor and director with experience working out of Los Angeles with over 25 plays in his repertoire, including a lead role in the Mark Taper Forum’s “For Here Or To,” which took home Garlands for Ensemble and Play of the Year. He is a former longstanding member of Independent Shakespeare Company, a nationally renowned professional theatre based in Los Angeles. With a degree in philosophy from Vanderbilt, he is a Teach for America alumni and former inner city high school teacher. With a background and interest in science, he has worked as an IT consultant for many years. Active in radio and new media journalism, he is an activist for human rights and targeted individuals all over the world with a deep understanding of the web of conspiracies that saturate our present world.

Ramola D is a writer, journalist, and activist investigating issues related to 21st-century science and technology, ethics, and human rights in relation to surveillance, military contracts, and non-consensual experimentation. Publisher of the solutions-journalism site The Everyday Concerned Citizen, she edits Delphi Quarterly and runs creativity workshops at ArtCreateWrite. With an MFA in Poetry, an MBA, and a BS in Physics, she has taught Creative Writing and Composition for 17 years at Washington, DC universities, recently at The George Washington University and The Writer’s Center, Bethesda. Her awards include an AWP Grace Paley Prize in Short Fiction and a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in Poetry. Her second collection of short fiction, For the Sake of the Boy, is forthcoming from Paycock Press in 2018.

11 responses to “Launching Real Talk True Media with Ramola D & Ahmad Enani: Midge Mathis & Karen Stewart Discuss Financial Underpinnings & Fraud Behind Covert EMF/Neuro Targeting

  1. Thanks Ramola, for all you do. This is a nightmare, with no mercy, whatsoever. Its tyrannical, satellite weapons on civilians, drones, RMN, nanotech-hell. Never in a million years, did I ever think the military would come after me, and they did in three states, as well as the NSA and CIA (over a lawsuit) then set-up to look like an activist. Of course, if you’re not one prior to targeting, you generally will be.

    Again, thank you. And, best to you and your own… really appreciate Karen Stewart, too.

  2. Now I am facing charges from the neighbor who swore out false statements at the Decatur, Al courthouse. AND THEY ARE NOW CLONING MY FACE WITH MRI or other technology TO CREATE PHOTOS TO SUPPORT THE ALLEGATIONS. As far as the human trafficking , they have been prohibited advertising my face, but now they are using their electronics to image my face at night for the purpose of fabricating evidence. I will let you know the court date. So, it’s biometric equipment being used to do this and it’s equipment owned by the parent contractor to the U.S. Army at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Al presumably. They record and image us in our homes which means we are easy to set up for false charges. Dianne

  3. Very interesting Dianne, that the White House would send such a vague and pointless note. What exactly might they mean by “the appropriate agency”? Why so coy about what that agency might be! Shouldn’t they spell out who that agency might be? If we had any truth or reality coming out of the White House, we would not be in the situation we are in today. They seem to be running a nonstop White Wash scenario on this subject currently.

    But your efforts to continue speaking out and continue writing to them are commendable. Maybe you should publicize your letters, and invite others to do the same. Let the world see what the White House is really doing! And the US Military, and the US Air Force, and the whole conglomerate of deceitful and barbaric US Intelligence Agencies, along with them!

  4. Thank you for the HOW TO CONDUCT YOUR INVESTIGATION OF BUSINESSES INVOLVED IN YOUR TARGETING video where Midge explains how to go to the tax appraisal office and look into businesses of your neighbors, possibly home businesses registered in your county that may be involved in our targeting. Her research discovering the many connected businesses is real results of public records searching that we can do. This helps me to get started. Thanks for the push. Dianne

  5. After many emails to the White House website, addressed to the President, , I received a reply regarding the aspect of being a human trafficked American on the human experimentation market. The reply stated ” Thank you for sharing your story with us. Our staff has reviewed and sent to the appropriate agency.”
    Ok. Unless that is the Department of Justice that is going to cease their own participation in this mass trafficking scheme, and stop the other agencies participating, it is meaningless. Most agencies are involved. Anyway, we are being acknowleged. Dianne

  6. Hi there. I’m trying to reach Ms. Mathis and anyone else who’s trying to help TI’s. I couldn’t find an email for her anywhere. If you have time please take a listen to my story. I’ve been a TI since around 2002. Back then the terms TI and gang-stalk did not exist but it was happening to me that long ago. I emailed Ms. Stewart I think she checked it out. You will probably hear some things you haven’t before. It’s been a long 20 years. All I ask is if anything helps you out to spread it to those fighting this evil. I’m just getting involved now and coincidentaly Ms. Mathis is in AZ. The Scientologists are paying perps in Arizona right now. They’re working with a radio station called Power 98.3. They pay people to drive around to this music and harass others. It’s very weird. They’re also using this timing trick I describe. That’s only a small part of it. Please take a look at my story:

  7. Dianne–Everyone, as you know, who is targeted in these unlawful ways is being assaulted mercilessly. It is an absolute outrage and a crime. The reason we are doing these shows is to expose this crime — which mainstream media has been schooled not to touch. Great suggestion re. legislation and focus on laws being broken — we will aim to cover that shortly.Thank you for your attention and advice. Really sorry about your targeting and I wish you all the very best. Really good to know people out there are reading and listening and staying informed.

  8. Hi Dianne–My Donate button is right on top actually, to the right. Great idea to include the Techno Crime Fighters Team names though–I’ll work on that! But thank you for wanting to donate–I really appreciate that!

  9. Will you please make a special accessible place that we see right up front on your website to donate money? Put all the teams individual names on there. Ramola, I could not find where to donate money to you. Too much digging and then I give up. I have no internet connection where I live, just my IPhone.

  10. I also noticed a video of Karen at the National Mall in Washington D.C. Speaking of these dangerous so called non lethal weapons that can be purchased at by the public. On another note I read an article about commercial drones available to anyone that can be retrofitted with weapons, along with the cameras of course, and our “government” is not paying attention. As for myself, I am experiencing the pain and suffering of sonic sound attacks, a weapon that can be purchased on

  11. Thank you for pushing forward with the team growing larger and focusing on specific areas. I noticed Karen speaking of a list of laws being broken. This focus is also necessary to push for legislation and continue informing the public. Others like myself experience sabotage such as deleted attempts to post comments. Plus increased attacks 24/7. I barely function every day. Wish I could do more. Thanks to you all! Dianne Renee Chandler

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