Fourth of July Note to America from CIA & NSA Vets: Stand Up Against Secrecy!

Less than an hour remains, here on the East Coast, within this Fourth of July. I can hear scattered fireworks outside the window. Earlier, as I stepped out onto our deck to pot some plants, really late into this summer for that–petunias, impatiens, verbena–the neighbors set off what sounded like shotguns. Planes suddenly began flying to the west, east, and overhead. Two fighter planes–really, that’s what they looked like, sleek and lithe–nosed noisily in tandem across puffy barium-cloud skies. A neighbor pulled out his loudest lawnmower and drove it viciously across the sidewalk in front of his house. A couple other neighbor-men paraded virtuously, bare-chested, across their pools two backyards away, and began conversations in ultra-loud voices.

These are not unusual sights and sounds these days as I step out of my house. Not much has changed since 2015 when I made this post about asymmetric stealth warfare in American neighborhoods, on another Fourth of July.

But people are waking up in larger numbers today it seems, both here in the US and across the world. I’m cheered by that, although it doesn’t seem like it’s enough yet.

Last night I listened once more to this great talk by Kevin Shipp, ex-CIA, who speaks openly about the rise of Covert America, the primacy of Secrecy today, which permits programs like geoengineering spraying aerosols down on us, media sleep-ins with the CIA, Google staying mum about its sweet deals with the CIA and NSA but rolling out rampant censorship on one and all, bleating like Facebook about Fake News while helping Mainstream Media roll out that precisely en masse, and the need for Americans to start waking up, to take action to bring the Constitution back.

“The higher I got up in the Agency, the more I got to see illegal, unConstitutional, sometimes criminal activity that the Agency and some sectors of the “shadow government” I call it were doing…when the US Government violates the Constitution, they are committing multiple felonies based on the foundation of our government…this is a wake-up call, this is an alert. It is almost too late to stop what is now a post-Constitutional government…The Government, in a tyrannical form, is now ruling the people by subversion, force, and fear–sadly that is what we have today. ” –Kevin Shipp


Numbers of Americans Signing Non-Disclosure Agreements to Preserve Secrecy/Image: Video of Kevin Shipp’s Talk, Geoengineering Watch

Discussing the large and unwieldy Secret Shadow Government the length and breadth of which even Congress is not cued-in about, and which is operating outside the Constitution, he says:

“It’s over–as far as the Constitution goes, and that’s why I’m here today, because some of us want to bring that back. The only way to do it is to stand up against this. There’s risk involved, but we have to do it. Because if we don’t, we’re going down.”

He goes on to discuss the spraying of toxins in our atmosphere, vaccinations, and autism, and commends all who brave the assaults of governmental intimidation, harassment, and destruction of reputation, who “take the heat yet keep going”: “It’s a time for courage, a time for truth.”

I couldn’t agree more. Especially now, when everything that Ronald Bernard, the Dutch banker whistleblower, reveals points us to the recognition of absolute lunatic mayhem at the top of the totem pole, with a so-called “elite” gang of smooth-shaven, well-heeled criminals sitting around sacrificing babies and killing children and drinking their blood, while making policies about mandatory vaccinations, bee-killing, tumor-inducing GMOs, robots, supersoldiers, mind-hiving, electronic surveillance, police tangos with the military, transhumanism, cyborging, cybernetics, and the non-stop spraying of humanity with barium, lithium, and nanobots for the rest of us.

And with what many false flag analysts and Seven point us to in the case of the Grenfell Tower fire as an actual Satanic mass-murder ritual whereby innocent babies, children, and families have been sacrificed, with what analysts like Ole Dammegard point us to in the case of all false-flags, “active shootings,” and “terror drills,” being rolled out today. With what other NSA whistleblowers point us to as well: Bill Binney spells out here that the NSA thrives on lies, Karen Stewart spells out here that Directed-Energy Weapons are being used on civilians in electronic surveillance and harassment programs which essentially translate to slow-kill programs, and Thomas Drake speaks passionately here about the falling of America to a Secrecy-obsessed extra-Constitutional State, at his acceptance of the 2011 Sam Adams Associates Award for Integrity in Intelligence:

“I consider the immediate aftermath of WWII as the real turning point when the American Dream began to go south at the very moment when the U.S. sat astride the world at the pinnacle of power. Consider all the centralizing legislation for a national security state that was passed either by Congress or put into play by the Executive Branch. And therein lies the problem.

For this is when the American Republic began its transformation into a national security state and then this transformation was exponentially accelerated as a result of 9/11 into a Top Secret America an increasingly ‘off the books’ secret government operating within our Constitutional form of government that hides behind unitary executive privilege and the invocation of state secrets when questioned or held to account.

President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about the rise in this kind of a complex in his Farewell Address. Sen. Frank Church feared the future, and that given the right circumstances turning back might not be possible, if the national surveillance complex turned its enormous capabilities on the U.S. from within, with even more advanced technology.

We now live in post-9/11 America, only to suddenly discover that we are not doing the driving and the brakes are failing and others are in the front and backseat and also following us.

What country do we want to keep? We increasingly no longer govern ourselves as in of, for and by the people.” –Thomas Drake

The reality on the ground, with uber-surveillance extant in the realm of radiation surveillance and neuro-surveillance, while being kept concealed from a larger public by lies and denial from Mainstream Media, is outlined brilliantly here in this close analysis by Dr. Eric Karlstrom of the New Phoenix Program being run within the US and worldwide, in this delineation by Dr. Karlstrom of these electronic/neuro programs, and in this exhortation to Americans from Dr. Katherine Horton to wake up and save America and the American victims of the DOD/CIA electronic concentration camps, before it is too late.

And cutting no corners, Robert David Steele, also ex-CIA, reminds us what the wealthy-by-crime set at the top of all the pyramids of power are actually doing: “(I)t was not until recently that I have realized that every aspect of our government, economy, and society is controlled by a Satanic elite using a Deep State construct to manage all people, all corporations, all property, all land, and even all social conventions…”

The crux of it all is the pedophilia and pedosadism that lies at the heart of the control operations run by the secret societies:

Using a mix of bribery and blackmail, the elite control every government…

Now here is what is not yet being properly covered:

First, that close to one million children a year go missing across the USA every year.

Second, that beyond pedophilia lie Satanic murder rituals in which children who have been kidnapped or bought into slavery or exported from Haiti by the Clinton Foundation and its surrogates and others, are tortured and murdered with impunity.

Third, that the drinking of adrenalized child’s blood – blood is adrenalized when the victim is tortured and terrified before death – think of the Chinese boiling dogs alive to adrenalize the blood and “improve” the flavor of the meat – is the ultimate pedophile “high.” Silicon Valley’s Peter Thiel is on record as receiving transfusions of children’s blood. Say what? –Robert David Steele

Yes, the Fourth of July 2017 has come and gone. This is still America, but it’s Secrecy-Riven America, and apparently Satanic Pedosadist America.

Small groups around the country are fighting the disinformation and Psy Ops flowing out from massively funded Covert Ops agencies with investigative reports, with new ventures for governance, such as this group’s Beacon 37 initiative, also named Lawful Government Platform (more on this soon).

But it’s not enough. It won’t be enough until more and more of us wake up and start realizing the only way to save our kids from this scourge, to save our grandkids, all future generations, is to stand up with courage as Kevin Shipp advises and start tearing the Secrecy down now.

The transhumanists’ plan to robotize, neuro-monitor, neuro-modify, nano-botize, radio-track, and generally degrade, disrupt, and destroy humanity–as spelled out in their various military manifestos by 2025, by 2040–aided by 5G, smart meters, the Internet of Things, AI, all of it is already here.  

If the urgency of this isn’t apparent yet, it is time to start informing oneself on these subjects via alternative media–we have entered an age of techno-tyranny, medical fascism, and futuristic neuro-hacking and bio-takeover; scientists have abandoned soul for greed, ethics and Informed Consent have fallen by the wayside, you won’t hear about it in the mainstream press, and really, there’s no-one left but you and I to stand up and make a difference.  

Please commit to learning more, speaking out, and acting in whatever way you see fit–peace-centered, out of conscience and heart, to restore sanity to America and the world.

–Ramola D/7/5/2017

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  1. An addendum to my last comment:
    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

    “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

    Real change begins inside…

  2. This isn’t related to the article, but if I may I wanted to say how I noticed in many of Dr. Horton’s videos that she’s often smiling and laughing. I would encourage everyone experiencing this atrocity to try to create a little more positivity in their lives. It’s good to stay grounded, and most important to fight against injustice, but we might also take a moment to laugh a little more.

    To the people orchestrating these crimes, and their foot soldiers, goodness, happiness, love and positivity are anathema to them. I’d go so far as to say they despise it – they truly HATE all that is lovely and joyful in the world and they wish nothing more than to destroy it. The lowly beings they are, they enjoy seeing misery and suffering. I might suggest everyone play positive, uplifting music and lectures in their homes, when they can. Acknowledge the negativity, but fight it with positivity. Hold your ground with all the love and goodness you can muster. We have more power than they’d like us to believe.

  3. Ok let me start again. I am a long suffering victim of this evil and I am trying to write a book (44,000 words so far). I am a single mother based in Love Ndola, U.K. I can’t tell you all that I have been subjected to over the 17/18 yrs but it has been a living hell. I never even knew such cowardliness and petty pathetic mess existed. I can tell you firsthand there is nothing to low for these sold out slaves. I am a mother so you can imagine what would hurt me the most. I would love to correspond with you privately. Over the years I have spoken to dr les dove, Barrie trower and most recently julianne McKinney. I feel like I am slipping into the abyss now as my situation is so dire gradually increasing with evil over time. My whole neighbourhood is full of perps, my road probably 70-80% and the last victim I knew in the area died of multiple organ failure….yeah. Please contact me. I sent another comment but I don’t think you received it. During all my research yours is one website I consider to be credible and not full of crap/disinformation. This is advanced science and tech…fact not alien abductions and that stuff which discredits us. I want to recommend that visitors to the site watch ‘The Belko experiment’ and ‘The circle’ 2017, available on I watched the films on two consecutive nights and was struck by the content matter. Is Hollywood (the elite) laughing st us. Both films dealt with privacy/surveillance, monitoring and implants/chips. Yes! Both films. The first film was even a covert Psy op by the military. The second involved tech companies role in this invasion of privacy. Perhaps most notably both films ended with a shot of multiple screens watching various people around the world! None touched on the electronic weapons but it was still quite shocking. Please reply asap.
    Peace, love and blessings.

  4. Hi did you receive my comment posted a few days ago as I haven’t received a response via email or seen the post

  5. Hi Crystal,

    Thanks for these great links.Yes, very promising, but in listening to Dennis Montgomery I am not yet hearing mention of microwave weapons, surveillance radar weapons, and neuroweapons being used in electronic and neuro monitoring of Americans.

    These words are carefully avoided by every single whistleblower who leaves the Agencies and speaks out–EXCEPT for the one outstanding whistleblower of our time, Karen Stewart, who has fully exposed the use of these weapons in her many interviews and Techno Crime Forum podcasts, not because she has insider knowledge of these weapons–which are still being hid, it appears, behind “Classified” and Secrecy walls–but because she was assaulted with them herself, and began her own analyses, research, and investigations into the matter.

    Still, it will be very interesting to see what else comes from Dennis Montgomery’s lawsuit and conversations–thanks for the reminder, and I will post on that shortly.

    I personally think this country–and the entire world–is completely lost if the full and clear extent of what is actually underway–Remote Neural Monitoring, bio-hacking, neuro-hacking, bio-robotizing, Mind Control, and Remote Neural Impulse/Thought/Gesture Injection, in addition to deadly and carcinogenic radiation surveillance using through-wall-surveillance-radar being used by fusion center agencies, police departments, and local public-private business partners on men, women, and children–is not fully revealed and fully stopped. Secrecy protects these crimes. Hence this post.


  6. Wrong link apparently posted above for “Klayman Discusses How Whistleblower Montgomery Can Deep Six Comey and Mueller!”
    Correct Link:

  7. There are people that are working to expose the illegal activities of government agencies and filing lawsuits. The mainstream media is not letting people know much about the this….

    “Sara Carter’s interview with Dennis Montgomery”

    “Klayman Discusses Gov’t Tyranny and Why His Case v. Comey and Intel Agencies Is Reminiscent of 1776”
    Youtube video:

    “Klayman Discusses How Whistleblower Montgomery Can Deep Six Comey and Mueller!”

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