NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart says Intel Community Now Full of People More Dangerous to Freedom than ISIS

by Ramola D/The Everyday Concerned Citizen/Posted 10/9/2016 nsa

In a no-holds-barred radio interview with Rob McConnell of X Zone last week, Karen Stewart, whistleblower and former Intelligence Analyst with the NSA, in relaying her personal story of retaliation at the NSA, described a systematic program of stalking, COINTELPRO, and covert oppression with directed-energy weapons that she says she, like numbers of other “Targeted Individuals” are now experiencing, in deadly programs of retaliation and experimentation initiated by Intelligence agencies. She observed that currently there are people in the Intelligence Community who are worse than ISIS terrorists. “I think that the Intelligence Community now is full of people who are of much greater danger to the free world than ISIS.”


NSA HQ, Fort Meade, MD

Ms. Stewart, unlawfully fired after 28 years of experience with the NSA, and denied rightful promotions as well as full retirement benefits commensurate with her level, has initiated an EEOC lawsuit against her employer for discrimination. The entire story behind her termination, covered here earlier, involved both the wrongful crediting of a critical six-month series of Intelligence reports on “Operation Freedom” she authored, to much internal acclaim, to another NSA employee, as well as the uncovering of in-house promotions for sexual favors to upper management.

Her internal whistleblowing at the agency led to a series of events which included unscheduled psychiatric evaluation, aggressive verbal provocation just prior to a sudden polygraph evaluation, and dire threats of being turned over immediately to the FBI for investigation should she refuse this polygraph. The NSA polygraph examiner, Joe, had in fact “verbally ambushed (her), yelling threats and insinuations of guilt”. (She had then requested taking the polygraph another day with another, non-abusive polygraph examiner). More overt threats were made: The NSA Security psychologist threatened to review (over twenty years) of Ms. Stewart’s successful past routine psychiatric evaluations in order to “find a problem,” if she did not drop her request to the NSA Inspector-General to investigate the theft of credit of her work and the double promotion it garnered.

Since leaving the NSA, Karen reports stalking, surveillance, and house break-ins by NSA Security, and photo-stalking by personnel from the Navy Security Group whose headquarters were now co-located at Ft. Meade, Maryland with NSA Head Quarters, in the Directed-Energy Weapons Directorate.

Starting in late 2015, she reports being hit also by covert electronic-warfare Directed-Energy Weapons at her residence in Florida, a continuous 24/7 assault that began after a Twitter exchange about 9/11 with Bill Black, Jr., a former Deputy Director at the National Security Agency.  Karen’s write-up on 9/11 (referenced below), based on her experience of witness at the NSA was featured here earlier.

karens-emailShe reports on this further in another recent radio interview with James Fetzer on The Real Deal.

There is Something Horrifically Wrong Inside the Government Inside the Intel Community and It Needs To Be Rooted Out”

united_states_intelligence_community_sealThese directed-energy weapon assaults, related to radiation and sonic weapons, she notes, are not confined to her alone, and constitute a shared experience of targeting and covert remote electronic assault reported today by growing numbers of Americans, and thousands of citizens worldwide.

In response to Rob McConnell’s observation that her story appears to spring out of an Ian Fleming novel, and his subsequent question asking why she was coming forward under her own name, not even striving to preserve anonymity, she responds:

First of all I have nothing to hide. Second of all, it’s not just my story, it has opened up a window into something that is really horribly evil-–and it is affecting a lot more people. It showcases that there is something horrifically wrong inside the government inside the Intel Community and it needs to be rooted out. Because I will tell you right now, that I think that the Intel Community now is full of people who are of much greater danger to the free world than ISIS.”

Thousands of Innocents on the Terrorist Watch Lists, Subjected to Abusive Targeting

How could the Intel community get away with covertly assaulting whistleblowers with directed-energy weapons? Karen Stewart explains the connection between terrorist watch lists being drawn up by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the incredible system of covert abuse and absolute sadism with stealth radiation weapons now being meted out to hundreds if not thousands of Americans, and citizens worldwide, offering some rather terrifying insights into questions of who is being targeted and why.

icWell, apparently they’re using the Terrorist Watch List and a purposeful misinterpretation by the Intelligence Community to put random people on the List–people with specific genetics they’re interested in, like people who have autism—and they’re throwing in as well, whistleblowers, anybody who is a dissident patriot, pro-Constitution, onto the Watch List, as well as random people to bloat it –in order to justify their existence and the explosion of Security contractors—but they are also using them as experiments. People don’t know it but the purposeful misinterpretation says they no longer have Constitutional rights, they no longer have human rights, and that you can experiment on them and kill them at whimusing these devicesand I understand some of it is also medical experimentation—but I know the people who are developing these weapons are using this kind of wrongful persecution to find out also what kind of person dies under which kind of directed-energy weapon.”

Karen suspects that she herself has been subjected to this assault not merely as harassment but as a “slow-kill…to prevent the lawsuit from coming to fruition.” She says that like many others being abused in similar ways, she cannot get help from the police, who dismiss meter readings of elevated EMF levels, on orders, she believes, from the NSA, not to provide any assistance to her. “They are doing this all over the US, its not just NSA, its the military-industrial complex.”

trifieldStill beating the old, worn-out drum of “mental illness,” as recently covered here, she relays how the Fire Department Hazmat team, when shown her Trifield EMF meter readings of non-ionizing microwave radiation in the danger zone, responded, unhelpfully, by bringing a Geiger counter to check for ionizing radiation instead, upon which Deputy Matt Sears informed the Fire team not to pay her any attention, on account of her “mental illness.’ Ms. Stewart has since filed a complaint with the local Tallahassee Fire Chief, which included a mention of her husband’s own connection and service to Fire Departments, given that, coincidentally, he works for NFIRS (National Fire Incident Reporting System) under FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). She relates that she mentioned this fact to highlight her informed concern from his years on the job that the Fire Hazmat team of the capital of Florida, in being unaware of Geiger counters’ inability to measure electromagnetic radiation, reflected an inadequate Hazmat knowledge and a response that was substandard. She freely admits, “It was also a bit of name dropping to say, look, my family has someone working along the same lines too–that is, to show family connection, to maybe garner some basic respect?”

When Will Congress Step In to Right These Wrongs of Abusive, Wrongful Targeting of Innocents and Deadly EMF Weapon Use on Citizens?

Karen reports that she has not attempted to contact Secretary Clinton nor President Obama about these abuses, because she has concluded they are indeed a part of the problem and the abusive system they have let stand currently in place, although she has sought to send information to Donald Trump. More importantly, she is also seeking to connect with Congressmen and women of integrity who will show courage in stepping forward to tackle this nationwide travesty of justice; her ongoing efforts to reach this minority are reflected in this letter, posted here earlier, and signed by more than a hundred Americans and international residents, where she notes:

I feel that now is the time to present this letter, with as many signatories as possible, to as many in authority or of influence we can find, who still care about America, and are the philosophical and moral progeny of our Founding Fathers – men and women of conscience and courage who will fight the real enemy within.”

Especially inspiring, for all others being wrongfully and abusively targeted as she is, are Ms. Stewart’s  visions of next steps. She says:

I am being encouraged to speak out, speak out, speak out–and I’m hoping that maybe someone will start an investigation, hoping that maybe Congress, Senators will start to de-fund some of the nebulous programs which have these programs hiding within them.”

I do know someone, an advocate, who has contacted a particular politician who knows about these terrorist watch lists being filled with innocent people and he’s investigating what the US Senate and Congress are trying to do—to find a way to let people appeal to be taken off the watchlist—there is currently no appeals process.

If anyone saw Congressman Trey Gowdy interviewing a DHS official, he was asking her about that specific thing: Once somebody is on the watchlist who has been put there by mistake, what is the appeals process to get off, and she said there is none. And he said, there is none?—so no-one innocent on the Terrorist Watch List has a means of getting off it? and she said, there is no way for anyone to get off the Terrorist Watch List.”

Tellingly, this riveting interview was frequently interrupted, with Karen being cut off at key points including when talking about EMF weapons being used on her, which she said “will kill you, they can give you cancer, they–” (cut-off).

Noting that she has no definite knowledge and only surmises, from her current experience of being targeted with stalking and assaults with EMF weaponry, that she too has been placed on this Terrorist Watch List, she bases her conclusion on others’ similar experience.

I’m assuming the way we are being treated, we have compared notes, we are being treated the same way–there is no way this is a mass hallucination–we are being abused and assumed to be bad people, we’re being stalked and harassed, and when you go to the police you are blown off. We know the police are here to protect and serve but if we bring something like a hit-and-run or vandalism of our car in our own driveway, they blow it off and they are rude. We are all on the same list and it has to be the Terrorist Watch List.”

Clarifying that NSA surveillance is meant to be directed at foreign suspects, Karen spells out that the mandate of the NSA is only to surveill foreign agents on foreign soil, and that as soon as a foreign agent enters the US, intelligence analysts are required to cease all email and phone surveillance and turn this over to the FBI—since they don’t have jurisdiction. Similarly, when an American goes overseas, if they find out the person they are surveilling is American, they have no jurisdiction to surveill since the person is an American, and are required to stop all surveillance. In actuality, however, as all of America and the world is aware now, and as former Technical Director William Binney recently noted, on InfoWars, the NSA is engaging in mass full-spectrum surveillance of pretty much everyone on the planet, in an apparent bid to control populations worldwide.

gloria-naylor1Regarding her continuing motivation to speak out, and her commitment to spreading word about the truth of what is happening to those wrongfully targeted today by a surveillance state that apparently seeks to crush free speech worldwide, while running media and community Psy Ops to suggest otherwise, she says:

When I found out there were so many people out there being experimented on I had to get out there and talk….As God is my witness everything I have told you is either true or I sincerely believe it to be true….I am speaking out because there are many people who cannot speak out because they are being tortured and they still have to make a living and guard their children.”

Listen to Karen’s spellbinding interviews here (Rob McConnell/X Zone) and here (The Real Deal/Jim Fetzer).


NSA Whistleblower William Binney/InfoWars: NSA is after Total Global Population Control

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14 responses to “NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart says Intel Community Now Full of People More Dangerous to Freedom than ISIS

  1. I watched and listened to the VIDEO Testimonies of Victims of Psychotronic Weapons (mind/body control) before the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues in the USA in 2011. It was heart Wrenching. This commission is appointed by the President. We need a Church Commission to investigate. The entire population of this planet is threatened by this attack on humans both present and future generations.
    Thanks for posting this. Oh and as I write this, a Hughey helicopter from Redstone Arsenal came flying over my house! It’s Sunday around noon here in Valhermoso Springs, AL (near Huntsville, AL) The torture never stops. Dianne Renee Chandler 9 April2017

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  3. Those working at any INTEL should know they are not safe. The “elite” will kill them. No one is safe. What our INTEL should be doing is going after the “elite.” It takes bravery like those on this site to get the word out as to what is really going on in this country. I am a whistleblower, I went to the FBI, Ky Retirement System is $35B in debt. $50M a year is dbl dipper retirement fraud that no one will end and prosecute. But, i am now being stalked. These people better wake up, they are not “elite” enough and now that they know, the “elite” will go after them as well.

  4. Dianne Renee Chandler nerves burned and electrocution to heart . Second attempt to cause a heart attack. Car vandalized and when Deputy Sherrifs arrived, a Hughey helicopter from Redstone Arsenal hovered over the driveway. Helicopters fly over every business establishment I enter in or around Huntsville, Alabama. All orchestrated from Redstone Arsenal. I have been targeted by the Army since a 2010 EEO complaint at Anniston Army Depot. I was a witness to Government employee wrongdoing. Prior to my EEO Hearing, the Anniston Army Depot Legal Counsel said 3 employees were retired, therefore could not testify at my EEO hearing. The others were transferred to other states and were unavailable to testify. So, I have been retaliated against for being a witness to Government wrongdoing and rather than these employees going on the record at the EEO hearing, they were retired or transferred. The Army went to condo neighbor’s in Fort Pierce, FL and said I was “under investigation” and were let in the door. The Army has taken over the job of the FBI and tells whatever lie is necessary to put a target under tortuous surveillance including through the wall radar. This is 24 hour torture. The torturers are clearly trying to kill me because of my EEO complaint based upon disability accommodation after I became disabled by a sick building where I worked.

  5. Freedomisntfree for James Lico You are probably a law abiding citizen so someone made up lies about you to get the neighbors to attack you. They may have been offered money or told you are a dangerous person, possible terrorist, etc. I have no criminal background and had a TS security clearance. So, the Government told retailers and local community groups I was a wanted shoplifting thief, so they would gangstalk and watch me. It’s psychological operations – lies and deception to get these neighbors to cooperate. I figured this out over a few years time based on comments I would hear. Then when I went to register a vehicle in Florida, these folks showed up at the DMV trying to put a lien on my car. They insisted I was this wanted person. They argued with the county clerk. Then the Deputy Sheriffs got involved and said this is two different Dianne Chandlers with two different social security numbers. So this confirmed I was labeled with someone else’s criminal profile. Dianne Chandler Army EEO Complainant TI since 2010.

  6. When the US Government is above the law and criminal networks target individuals, the police can do nothing or will not assist, then we are no longer under or in a nation of laws. Due process has been removed. The Government Agencies should throw out the EEO, Workman’s Comp, VA claims because those folks are being targeted. How can we get state laws passed similar to Michigan.?
    Dianne Renee Chandler
    Targeted EEO Army Complainant since 2010

  7. I agreed with Karen about the Obama Administration, as I overheard a cell phone conversation about me through an open window where one of my perpetrators asked what the President said (and he wasn’t talking about the President of Starbucks either). He went on to say it would be in the courts for years.

    As I have been targeted for ongoing surveillance burglaries, vandalism, illegal entries, etc. many during my sleeping hours, it is impossible to keep anything inside the house that isn’t sitting in front of a surveillance camera that I can check, and the camera monitoring is jammed by some technologies or some how the is signal looped back and the screen image frozen on the monitor when I review times of illegal entries. My cupboards, drawers. boxes and clothes have all been repeatedly gone through and ransacked. Parts are stolen off of items to make them none functional, as well as clothing and shoes damaged. I envy people that have a family they live with because they have someone to back them up. I had my youngest brother spend one night with me in a room I used for storage with a bed in it, and at 1:00AM, while I was asleep in my normal sleeping place, he looked out the window an saw a white van with lots of antennas on top of it, on the property (this is a very rural area that I’ve been in). He refused to spend anymore nights inside the house I’m in after that.

    There is no way for a single targeted individual, living alone, to protect themselves from the domestic terrorism, ongoing surveillance burglaries, vandalism, vehicle tampering, illegal entries, planting of unknown & stolen property, etc . It has also been impossible to find any attorney or civil / constitutional rights organization to help you stop the terrorism that I have been targeted for by this government protected surveillance organized crime syndicate operating in Washington state, even when you know some of the people involved.

    Private cell phones, messaging, and private emails are used, as well as national security clauses, non-disclosure agreements, gag orders, and classifying information to coverup the organized crime and domestic terrorism directed at targeted citizens. I believe it will only get worse as more and more people are targeted for ongoing surveillance crimes and burglaries….
    Here is an interesting article people might want to think about:

  8. the deep state created a list of non enemies who they say are the enemy, individually naming random citizens and activists as enemies for Citizen Watch Groups. I still dont know what the contractors and neighbors have been told to make them attack me. People I know are doing this, yet they are people i thought to be smarter than that. Is it possible they are mind controlled? The Deep State have divided the people inside their own neighborhoods with fear and mistrust.. When calamity comes it seems our society will collapse. The neighbors in each neighborhood will kill each other maybe. What do you think. Bill Binney and Kurk Wiebe have vowed to TI’s that they will investigate and expose the perpetrators of the TORTURE network of Neighbor Watch Groups. This gives me hope and will to fight on.

  9. This article has been edited after first posting to correct a couple inaccuracies and respond to Karen’s comments. Thanks!

  10. Dianne Renee Chandler

    I was targeted after filing a federal EEO complaint at Anniston Army Depot in 2010.
    Please write me at Dianne Chandler P O Box 92 Valhermoso Springs, Al 35775 or Dianne Chandler POBox 12298 Fort Pierce, Fl 34979. Email d2007chandler@aol.com I want to join any organization to fight for our rights under the USConstitution and Bill of Rights. I have been tortured by directed energy weapons since 2012, and believe I nearly died several times. Our country is being overthrown by insiders who want absolute power over every person on the planet. I am a retired Army Reservist, served 28 years in service to our country, retiring as an 05 Lieutenant Colonel. I have two masters degrees. One from the U S Army War College. The US Intelligence Cooperatives have declared war on the American people and other innocents around the globe who are tortured 24/7 with weapons of destruction that can annihilate anyone and entire populations with directed energy weapons. GWEN towers have been established for mind control of the US citizenry. Absolute power corrupts and a committee must be established to root out the diabolical plan to mind control everyone and depopulate the planet according to insider plans that have usurped our representation within the US Government. It sickens me beyond belief that taxpayer money is used for no consensual torture in the name of research. Contractors are paid Gangstalkers, paid to torture with directed energy weapons and murder when it’s time. My time could come anytime since I am speaking out against tyranny that is more dangerous than ISIS. I am subjected to sleep deprivation, low frequency attacks against my mind, hooked up to remote neural monitoring by satellite, my nerves set on fire by directed energy, my heart raced, and my heart presses upon so severely, I went to the Huntsville hospital ER where nothing wrong was found. My muscles and brain vibrate, causing tortuous nerve pain. I have been subjected to phantom touch sexual assault. I am dying for my country so I need to be on the record before my captors push the death ray button. Stated on this day 10 October 2016. Wake up and learn fellow citizens. Tyranny is in the house. Dianne Renee Chandler Freedom is NOT FREE and we must fight and be willing to die for it. We must fight to bring our U S Constittution back.

  11. Thank you!

    K. M. Stewart


  12. Cheryl Weinreich

    Karen, I have been thinking about this for a long time. This is so true. Obama administration allowed this to happen. How does the Intel Community know who to trust?

    Law enforcement too.

    Cheryl Weinreich, Targeted Individual

    On Sunday, October 9, 2016, The EveryDay Concerned Citizen wrote:

    > Ramola D posted: “by Ramola D/The Everyday Concerned Citizen/Posted > 10/9/2016 In a no-holds-barred radio interview with Rob McConnell of X Zone > last week, Karen Stewart, whistleblower and former Intelligence Analyst > with the NSA, in relaying her personal story of retalia” >

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