Is the US Department of Justice Secretly Permitting Local Law Enforcement & the Military to Assault American Citizens Using Covert Directed-Energy “Non-Lethal” Weapons?

dojIs the US Department of Justice Secretly Permitting Local Law Enforcement and Fusion Centers (With a Covert CIA/DoD Presence) to Deliberately Assault American Citizens Using Covert Directed-Energy “Non-Lethal” Neuroweapons, Covert RFID Implants, and Clandestine CIA-style “Concealed Electronic Monitoring” in a “Top-Secret” 21st-Century-Policing or Covert Military/CIA program?

This is a serious subject, and one that every single journalist and human rights advocate in the US studying Surveillance issues, Constitutional rights issues, Abuse of Privacy, Due Process, Policing, Military, Public Safety, and Security issues should be investigating. In the US today, we are not merely living in a Surveillance State, we are living in a Secret-Police’d State. Some of us know this, while some of us seek continually to circumscribe and limit the conversation to Surveillance issues as exposed by NSA whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden. This goes beyond surveillance, and it goes beyond Snowden’s published revelations, to weapon-use on citizens. Journalists with paychecks from corporate mainstream media are yet to report accurately on this subject, although many voices in alternative media have begun to investigate. Independent journalists, human rights groups, agencies concerned about the emfactions of Intelligence agencies and government bodies, anyone investigating the corporate mafia need to step forward. Concerned citizens can also investigate by putting in FOIA requests locally and nationally, by becoming engaged, and actively investigating this issue (Please see end of post for Action Items).

Fraudulent Investigations Are Being Opened, Publicized, and Run Indefinitely

It is well-known by now that Intel agencies such as the NSA, DHS, and FBI, under cover of the USA Patriot Act, newly resurrected as the wrongfully-named Freedom Act, have been opening fraudulent and frivolous investigations for years now on countless citizens–who have absolutely no ties to terrorism or espionage–using secretly-issued FISA letters from a secretly-convened FISA court, which essentially rubberstamps requests for these National Security Letters from the FBI or NSA (as this article, Charting 33 Years of FISA Reports to Congress/Matt Bernius, Outside the Beltway attests); also see this video of a Democracy Now interview with Mike German, ex-FBI agent, on the subject of false investigations being opened on innocent people, and FBI resources being wasted on such spurious investigations, opened with the stated reason of “suspicion of terrorism or espionage”. (Originally posted video here has been removed by the Youtube poster; I’m replacing with this one below.)

By this means, innocent citizens, activists, writers, and journalists–whose only “crime” may have been to sign a petition online against fracking or neonicotinoids in pesticides, or to speak out to their local representatives or Senators about chem trails dumping harmful toxins into the atmosphere, a very real problem today, or to call out unethicality of some sort in their communities–are being framed as terrorists or spies or some other unsavory kind of criminal. This is a public framing, for accompanying these false accusations and allegations are Secret Notifications to entire communities and neighborhoods.

This investigation–disclosure of which is suppressed by gag orders and non-disclosure agreements–never ends but goes on for years. (What kind of legitimate investigation goes on for years? You guessed it: none. These are not legitimate investigations, these are specious investigations, set up to discredit individuals.) Many individuals reporting assaults by directed-energy “non-lethal” weapons, covertly-placed RFID implants, and overt surveillance and harassment by neighbors and community members, report being assaulted, surveilled, and harassed for years, while these so-called “investigations” on them are kept interminably open.

Are Co-Opted and Fearful Communities Helping the FBI/NSA/DHS/CIA/DIA/DOD Project with “Concealed Electronic Monitoring” Surveillance and Concealed Neuroweapon Assault?

Everyone who receives notification of an investigation from an Intel agency or the local Fusion Center also knows they cannot speak openly about it–or so they are told, by Intel. Using the National Security Letter as weapon, the FBI/NSA/DHS/CIA/DIA informs community members that the being-framed individual is “under investigation,” and seems to either demand or command or coerce the co-opting of the community into “concealed electronic monitoring” activities–a phenomenon of both GPS’ing and using tools such as networked apps on cell phones to silently direct neuroweapon-hits on their neighbor, covered more fully as subjective experience in this post here and with other posts linked here.

Is it possible that the Department of Justice is permitting this neuroweapon-enhanced “concealed electronic monitoring” and “electronic surveillance” on thousands of Americans by glibly rolling neuroweapon-attacks under “electronic surveillance/monitoring” — and suggesting this is perfectly legal?

“The Electronic Surveillance Act has been interpreted very specifically rather than its intention. It specifically mentions that electronic eavesdropping is illegal by government without court approval. The brain and its electrical circuits are not considered by DIA/CIA lawyers as electronic. In addition, active sensing RADAR or passive technologies like deep infrared thermo imaging are often exceptions to this Act. It will not be updated due to the influences of “national security.” Hence corruption at the most trusted levels occurs. These so-called loopholes are taken advantage of. Even ion Doppler scatter sensing of neural activity, breathing and heartbeats, movement of organs, through wall radar, or IR laser bounce from windows is considered legal surveillance techniques by these organizations.”Dr. Robert Duncan & The Mind Hacking Strategy Group, Project Soulcatcher (Chapter 4, The Politics, Laws, and Ethics of Neurological Weapons, Section on Legal Issues)

Directed-Energy “Non-Lethal” Radiation Neuroweapons Are Being Openly Used on the Street Today Yet Not Being Talked About Openly

bioeffectsIt is also well-known that directed-energy, wrongfully-named “non-lethal,” neuroweapons are being used on the street today, all over the USA, and indeed the world, in a vast covert operation, that has its visible and open aspects. Who knows this? People who are being assaulted covertly, and people in their communities who are assaulting them especially know this. Note that thousands of Americans–and citizens worldwide–have reported and continue to report assaults by directed-energy radio and microwave weapons, in tandem with reports of obvious harassment, stalking, and surveillance by neighbors, community members, and absolute strangers in cities, towns, and rural areas. According to CIA and DoD insiders, each one of these individuals is the subject of Mind-Hacking or Brain-Invasion experimentation, rolled non-consensually and Top-Secretly into one of many government experimentation programs, and each one is a budgeted, trafficked, pursued “mind hacking project.”

“The exact number of active US DoD/NSA/CIA mind hacking projects is difficult to obtain. The number of destructive hacking projects has been reported to be roughly 2,000 in the Unites States, 70 in the UK, 30 in West Germany, 3 in Australia, and several all over Europe, Russia, and Asia. Some researchers total the people brought into this secret army of remote control soldiers, human experimentation, and experimental interrogations at 10,000, and others say it is much greater. “Dr. Robert Duncan & The Mind Hacking Strategy Group, Project Soulcatcher (Higher Order Thinkers Publishing, 2010), (Chapter 1, Hacking Computer and Biological Systems, Section: Mind Hacking–The Enemy Within)

Intelligence Agency and DoD contractor and personnel and staff privy to these “Top Secret” projects and cleared, themselves, by national security clearances–irony profound!–to spy on, surveill, track, harass, and assault innocent citizens in the expedient name of “national security,” for the corporate security state know this. Fusion center folks know this.

Employees of Infragard and members of Citizen Watch and Neighborhood Watch programs know this. Universities and research institutions and Defence and CIA contractors running these Federal contracts to test “anti-personnel effects” and do “bio-behavioral research” of/with these weapons certainly know this–all their employees on these contracts: the unethical neuroscientists, the psychologists and psychiatrists, the graduate students, the interns, the post-doc researchers, the technicians, the admin staff: they all know that “non-lethal weapons” which are actually deadly and lethal-by-repetition-or-intensity neuroweapons using electromagnetic and sonic energy are being used covertly on the street in America on their covert “human subjects” because they are the ones supplying the manpower and running these covert research projects.

Who is operating these military-grade radiation weapons? When Intel agency personnel with security clearances are being avidly watched and surveilled and monitored for leaks/possible whistleblowing themselves, at huge cost to the taxpayer, as this article details, they are not going to tell you what they are doing–they are wedded to their paychecks, not their conscience. Nor are notified communities, who are literally being terrorized by a Secret-Notification-dispensing State–to ordinary people seeking to continue living ordinary lives, being threatened secretly with jail time and high fees is nothing short of terror.

It’s the people being assaulted, who are not being gagged with opportunistic gag orders, as their neighbors are, who are going to and indeed do speak out intensively online to give you an answer to this question: Military/Intel/fusion center operatives traveling on foot or in cars, staked out in houses in neighborhoods, stalking individuals in public places, including malls, stores, libraries, airports, and on planes and trains. Operatives using ground-based and air-based vehicles–cars, planes, helicopters–as DoD manuals on Electronic Warfare detail. Operators of highly sensitive remote sensing, radar, imagery, transmitting, and receiving equipment carried on satellites.

“A common question for people who undergo this kind of horrific torture is “Who is responsible?” The question is complex. 120+ institutions were implicated in the ’70s for these crimes on the American public before.  But a simple answer is that the Department of Defense supplies the budget, the NSA supplies the top scientists, and the CIA/DIA supplies the behavioral scientists and operators with flexible morals.”-Dr. Robert Duncan & The Mind Hacking Strategy Group, Project Soulcatcher, (Higher Order Thinkers Publishing, 2010), (Chapter 4, The Politics, Laws, and Ethics of Neurological Weapons)

As Dr. Robert Duncan suggests, in Project Soulcatcher, you can find online the true accounts of several hundred if not more “Targeted Individuals,” who are being physically assaulted by this neuroweaponry. (Please visit the links sections listed at Covert Assaults Satyagraha for some links to websites of organizations and individuals detailing such accounts, also search online.)

What Part of This Covert Assault and Invasive Non-consensual Covert Research is Blatant and Overt? 

constant plane again 3

Constant Plane Just Past Roof of House/Pine St.

Quite a few parts, as it turns out. These CIA/DoD operatives working in neighborhoods are anything but stealthy. Neighbors and community members engage in overt surveillance–a COINTELPRO PsyOps tactic designed apparently to induce fear, but which succeeds primarily in being obvious and establishing its own visibility.

neuro car pulling into neighbor's driveway

“Covert” Tracking/Assaulting Pick-Up Pulls Into Neighbor’s Driveway

On Pine Street in Quincy, Massachusetts, as this article partially details, this Air Force/or CIA Airborne operation is blatant, overt, and obvious (cars zooming up and down the street at high speed and then parking in neighbors’ driveways cannot be missed, nor can constantly-returning planes and helicopters which haunt and hover over a particular house and yard, as documented here)–every single member of the neighborhood is aware of–and participating in–this obvious assault on the particular individual being targeted (this writer)–yet of course none will speak openly of it, apparently being held (presumably by intimidation) to non-disclosure agreements, and, seeing the overt assaulting by Intel/DOD of a person in their midst, possibly in terror for their own lives.

The Military is Currently Conducting Non Lethal Weapons and Directed Energy Weapons Testing on Humans, in the name of Bio-Behavioral Research

Directed-energy weapons today have their own special home in the Military, the Joint Non Lethal Weapons Directorate. Military, Air Force, Navy, and Defense contractors are currently executing contracts which involve Directed Energy Bio-Behavioral Research on “human subjects” in the lab and in the field–notice of which can be found in the public domain, on government and military contracting sites.

Whether these publicly-proclaimed DEBR contracts actually perform their experiments only on informed volunteers–as this US Air Force contract document, obtained by FOIA request by this writer, averrs (and publicly available now on to all interested researchers)–is a matter of contention, and yet to be investigated.

For more information and discussion on the whole phenomenon of secretive weapons-testing on US populations today in 2015, please see the articles posted here under Human Rights.

The CIA is Conducting MK ULTRA-Extended Non Lethal Weapons and Directed Energy Weapons Behavior Modification Experiments on Americans, in the name of National Security

CIA/DOD Scientist Dr. Robert Duncan writes extensively in various books, notably Project Soulcatcher, of current and ongoing CIA MK ULTRA-style behavior modification, Mind Hacking experiments using neuroweaponry, continuing rampantly in the States, well-past their supposed shutdown in the ’70s, and about interviewing about 650 subjects of nonconsensual human experimentation, and knowing of many hundreds more. CIA experiments then and now are easily classified under National Security labels. Please note, these are classified Black Ops projects, but a scientist who has worked on developing the neurotechnologies being used is giving us insider information on them. soulcatcherPlease pick up a copy of Project Soulcatcher and read it end to end–particularly if you are a journalist with an interest in reporting the truth, or a human rights advocate with an interest in learning the truth, both about the nature of neurocomputing research currently underway,  the reality of CIA/DoD Mind Hacking, and the reported experience of mind hacking experimentation.  Dr. Duncan’s talks and interviews are also widely available online, including in part on this site.

When the Military and Air Force are currently publishing their Directed-Energy contract RFPs, when CIA  and NSA insiders (eg. see John St. Clair Akwei’s NSA lawsuit) are revealing the existence of highly sophisticated neurotechnologies, when patents exist–and are freely available online--for all reported effects experienced by victims of this unlawful human subject experimentation, ask yourself how many classified, CIA/DIA/DARPA/NSA Black Ops projects might exist, whose contracts are not published in the public domain, whose experiments are well-hidden under “classified research,” and whose experimentees and “subjects” therefore are not informed–merely assaulted–since, in the Land of the “Free,” Informed Consent is not required in Classified Research projects.

Yes, that’s right: Informed Consent is Not Required for Covert Assault. The military/intelligence/industrial community has been working overtime ever since 9/11, and possibly before as well, to create loopholes for itself, and our checks and balances system (such as they are)–Congress oversight committees?–has utterly imploded on itself, as corporations with corporate mass-control intent run the country.

Today, the CIA can continue to classify all its research and not tell you you’re going to be covertly assaulted and experimented on, with radiation weapons, because the CFR–the Code of Federal Regulations–has been watered down to being utterly meaningless, and permits all sorts of Federal agencies to engage in human subject research without informed consent. We are back to Tuskegee, to Ewen Cameron’s MKULTRA, to the Guatamala experiments, to the Gulf War exploitation of soldiers–radiation experimentation, minus Consent.

Involvement of the Department of Justice in the Execution of these Directed-Energy Non-Lethal Weapons Testing projects

Information on the Department of Justice’s possible involvement and interest in Non-Lethal weapons comes from a few sources.

One, a 1994 Department of Defense directive, referenced in Earth Rising, The Revolution (Earthpulse Press, 2000), where authors Dr. Nick Begich and James Roderick write:

“The Merging of the Justice Department with Military Technology

On July 21, 1994, Dr. Christopher Lamb, Director of Policy Planning, issued a draft Department of Defense directive which would establish a policy for non-lethal weapons. The policy was intended to take effect January 1, 1995, and formally connected the military’s non-lethal research to civilian law enforcement agencies.

The government’s plan to use pulsed electromagnetic and radio frequency systems as a nonlethal technology for domestic Justice Department use rings the alarm for some observers. Nevertheless, the plan for integrating these systems is moving forward. Coupling these uses with expanded military missions is even more disturbing. This combined mission raises additional constitutional questions for Americans regarding the power of the federal government.4

In interviews with members of the Defense Department the development of this policy was confirmed.5 In those February, 1995, discussions, it was discovered that these policies were internal to agencies and were not subject to any public review process.

In its draft form, the policy gives highest priority to development of those technologies most likely to get dual use, i.e. law enforcement and military applications. According to this document, non-lethal weapons are to be used on the government’s domestic “adversaries”. The definition of “adversary” has been significantly enlarged in the policy:

“The term ‘adversary’ is used above in its broadest sense, including those who are not declared enemies but who are engaged in activities we wish to stop. This policy does not preclude legally authorized domestic use of the nonlethal weapons by United States military forces in support of law enforcement.”6

This allows use of the military in actions against the citizens of the country that they are supposed to protect. This policy statement begs the question; who are the enemies that are engaged in activities they wish to stop, what are those activities, and who will make the decisions to stop these activities?”Earth Rising, The Revolution (Earthpulse Press, 2000), Dr. Nick Begich and James Roderick

Also see this 1997 document, titled “Department of Justice and Department of Defense Joint Technology Program: Second Anniversary Report” from the National Institute of Justice, which details the rationale behind DoD and DoJ collusion in the development of non-lethal weapons, and mentions a Memorandum of Understanding between the two departments.

"Memorandum of Understanding. The clear benefits of
this partnership led to the execution of an MOU
between DOJ and DOD on April 20, 1994. Highlighting
the importance attached to this MOU was its
execution by the Attorney General and the Deputy
Secretary of Defense and the presence of the Vice
President, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the
Director of the Office of National Drug Control
Policy at the signing ceremony. This MOU set in
motion the development and enactment of the
technology program described in Part II of this

The MOU calls for the establishment of an
extendable 5-year program in which a JPSG, jointly
staffed by DOD and DOJ representatives, manages
daily operations and a high-level interagency
Senior Review Group sets policy. Members of the
JPSG have been drawn from DARPA, NIJ, the FBI, the
Bureau of Prisons, and the U.S. Army. The JPSG
works at any point along the research, development,
and acquisition (RDA) spectrum so that it can
support demonstrations of existing technology as
well as development of totally new and unique

On October 1, 1994, the JPSG was established at
DARPA in Arlington, Virginia. The Chairman, from
DARPA, and Deputy Chairman, from NIJ, co-manage the
program. Congress appropriated $37.5 million in
Fiscal Year 1995 to support the MOU. Of this, $26
million was made available for JPSG-sponsored

This understanding between the Department of Justice and the Department of Defense, discussed above, was recently the subject of a FOIA request made May 29, 2015, by this writer, which can be seen here on Muckrock. The Information Policy office at the DOJ returned a no-responsive-documents response and cited three FOIA exemptions permitted under law enforcement and national security reasons while stating they had no responsive documents–meaning, it’s not that they necessarily had no documents, they’re pointing out that they are simply not required to reveal having any, since those exemptions permit them to conceal certain documents.

In other words (in the  view of this writer), they’re claiming these exemptions:

1) to prevent having to acknowledge such a leading understanding/directive exists at all,

2) to prevent having to reveal such a leading memo,

3) to prevent having to confess to the secret use of covert non-lethal weapons on American streets, on American citizens,

4) to prevent having to reveal they’re permitting Local Law Enforcement to engage in a lot more than publicly-understood Law Enforcement,with publicly-disclosed weapons–because Local Law Enforcement now includes the military, who are being permitted to covertly assault citizens (labelled as “domestic adversaries”) with non-lethal weapons in support of Local Law Enforcement,

5) to prevent having to make public any of the massive behind-the-scenes thrust by Intel agencies and the military to covertly use already-developed New-Age neuroweaponry targeting human brains and nervous systems and hiding under the label of “non-lethal weapons.”

For those who have heard absolutely nothing uptill this moment about Non-Lethal Weapons, Neuroweapons, or Electromagnetic Weapons possibly in use at the local level — by local Law Enforcement — on Americans, this information will be absolutely shocking; please re-read the excerpted section above from Earth Rising to understand that we are being publicly told that the Department of Defense long ago, in 1994, struck a deal with the Department of Justice to permit the military to use non-lethal weapons on American civilians, inside America, in support of law enforcement.

(Recently, I made another set of FOIA requests, for an inventory of non-lethal weapons in their arsenal and current use, to the Department of Justice (not acknowledged yet, in October, although the request was made in May; this particular request also referenced military use), to both the local Quincy, MA police (no responsive documents), and to Massachusetts State Police (rejected). This latter request was rejected twice, the second time on appeal, on grounds of “public safety.” You may view the text of the request (which spells out the kind of non-lethal neuroweapons suspected to be in use on Massachusetts  streets), and the response, here.)

Two, the obvious participation–if c/overt–of local law enforcement in these weapons-testing and operating activities.  What part do the local police play? Again, we must turn to those experiencing the assaults for answers. And here they are.

One, local police turn a blind eye while non-lethal weapons are deployed on the streets, while Military/Intel operatives zoom in and out of neighborhoods, at high speed, or hole up in houses and apartments in the vicinity of the being-assaulted individual, while operatives use honking patterns to advertise their frustration to air-based vehicles, while helicopters and small aircraft zoom into neighborhoods in response to those honks, while Electronic Warfare, tracking and surveillance and Signals Intelligence-stealing aircraft hang and circle for hours in neighborhoods.

Two, many individuals being assaulted report indifference by police when reported to, or immediate dismissal of non-lethal weapon assault experiences as “delusional” and “a psychiatric issue.” Individuals have also reported being told by police officers that “we’ve been told not to interfere, it’s a Federal program.”

Three, local police take part in the COINTELPRO organized stalking, overt surveillance, and noise harassment of those being assaulted by, among other harassments reported, following them, parking directly in front of them, setting up “street theatre” operations in their vicinity, and using sirens and lights and racing about constantly in their presence.

Local Law Enforcement and the Department of Justice have obvious interactions and relationships with each other.

Can it be concluded then, from the existence of this joint-development-and-use directive as well as local police actions and policies played out everyday, all across the US, that the US Department of Justice is certainly very much involved in this extremely dirty Covert Ops of assaulting innocent citizens with directed-energy weapons?

Why is this wrong?

Implications of the US Department of Justice’s Participation in Secret Programs of Assault on American Citizens with Directed-Energy Weapons

  1. One blatant implication of the DOJ’s involvement is the death of Due Process. If indeed the DOJ–via instructions to, employment of, and protection of local Law Enforcement in assisting with or helping run these covert Military/Intel weapons-testing programs on citizens- is secretly permitting these outright assaults on citizens with Directed-Energy weapons, under cover of some specious facade of “Deterrence”/”Pre-crime” or CIA-MKULTRA-style “Behavior Modification,” the implication really is that the individual being assaulted has been secretly convicted without Due Process to the (absolutely insane, and clearly inhumane) sentence of continuous tracking and surveillance, 24/7 monitoring, and 24/7 assault with neuroweapons–via Continuous Clandestine Tagging, Tracking, and Locating using RFID implants and directed-energy neuroweapons, and Concealed Electronic Monitoring with same–all reserved for the most hardened criminals, now on the menu as Covert Assault for any and all troublesome activists and ethicists in the US, secretly and wrongfully tagged “Domestic Adversaries.”
  2. In secret, the Department of Justice is acting as Judge, Jury, and Executioner all at once–the obvious implication of lack of due process.
  3. In secret, the Department of Justice is rolling out Deterrent Policing and Pre-Crime Initiatives at your local police station–without public disclosure, comment, or consent.
  4. In secret, the Department of Justice is conferring on Local Law Enforcement, and on their support-system, the Military–and by extension, all in the community who are roped in via community-policing initiatives administered by Local Law Enforcement–immense, unchecked powers of secretive surveillance and “concealed electronic monitoring” — a pass for Concealed Electronic Assault, for that is what it is: the use of remote radiation neuroweaponry on people; for when people use little Intel-agency-provided apps on their cellphones, iPads, or laptops to help “track” and “monitor” individuals,  they are not merely “tracking,” they’re doing a lot more, they’re clicking the switches to unleash harmful and damaging neuroweapon radiation pulses–via weaponry carried on networked satellites, ground-based units, and air-based units–on individuals.
  5. In secret, the Department of Justice is permitting Local Law Enforcement to carry out, condone, or facilitate Armed Assault and Battery on Unarmed individuals–what else shall we call damaging physical assault with microwave pulse weapons and others which comprise the arsenal of Covert Directed-Energy Non-Lethal Weapons? Is it not Assault and Battery?
  6. In other words–without public and media declaration, exposure, and acknowledgement–the Department of Justice, supported by the Department of Defense, is engaging in an Asymmetric, Covert War against peaceful American residents, civilians and veterans both.

This is profound corruption, profound crime, and, essentially, treason–for it betrays the citizenry, it betrays the Constitution, it betrays the high ideals and promises of representative Government. American citizens are not being protected by the Department of Justice and the Military, they are being attacked, on home ground, in America–without notice of a charge, conviction, or detention. But incarcerated indefinitely in an invisible concentration camp–on the battlefield of America, and subject 24/7 to radiation neuroweaponry assault.

What Can Anyone Do To Publicize, Challenge, Expose, and Ensure the Termination of This Covert Assault?

First, Understand This Situation

  • Please wake up and recognize this blight in our society is the sign of a move toward an even greater totalitarianism-if we don’t put a stop to it right now. Recognize the extreme threat here: the actions of a Secret Police in our midst, targeting and assaulting certain individuals, while city and county and state police turn a blind eye really suggests that a message is being sent to the rest of society: We are working to fully control your lives–look at what we can do to some of you already.
  • Each of us needs to understand that these neuroweapons pose a tremendous threat to All of us. The nature of these radiation weapons being used–and the selective mode of their application–means that some citizens being assaulted are fully aware of the assaults on their persons–and being dismissed in droves as delusional by a complicit professional class, a phenomenon discussed here, and here-and many other citizens being assaulted are completely unaware, attributing their sudden slide into chronic or terminal or recurring illnesses and diseases to genetic roots, or advancing age, or some other factored-in “plausibly deniable” rationalization. These are electromagnetic radiation weapons, sonic or acoustic weapons, their nature is covert (remember, radiation in pulses or waves or streams cannot be seen; ultrasonics and infrasonics cannot be heard), they are being used covertly, and they induce illness, disease, and death. Used covertly on a helpless and unsuspecting population, they are weapons of control, whose use is increasing, as more and more people make reports every year of being assaultedevery one of us should be seriously concerned, because any one of us could be currently being hit and not know it, or could currently be on the hit-list, to be hit next.  
  • Doing Nothing to resist, counter, and stop this extreme abuse of American privacy, bodily sovereignty, and social and community peace is tantamount to caving in to the dystopian future it represents. Ask yourself a very hard question: do your actions today (of quiescence, consent, and compliance) support the status quo of intimidation and threat and controlled-future being preserved and imposed on you by a criminally corrupt State, or do your actions (of questioning, researching, and speaking out) reflect allegiance to a different future that you can envision, one where peace and sanity and friendship and neighborliness and respecting of rights and privacy become once more the hallmarks of our society, one where we are not enslaved, engulfed, and overpowered by the will, technology, and callous control mechanisms of a pathologically narrow-minded and elitist sector of the populace?

Second, Take Action

  • Create Awareness: If you’re a writer or journalist or broadcaster, please research and write about this, or do a podcast. This is a vast subject, which desperately needs many many minds and hands working on it. Research and focus on one small aspect at a time, and write about it–set up a blog or website or regular podcast–a radio show on Blog Talk Radio or a Skype interview or Google Hangout–interview people who are experiencing being assaulted, interview whistleblowers, interview experts–send emails to friends and family, write articles for sites online, create e-books, flyers, social media posts.
  • Speak Out: Make your opinion known. Write letters to the editor of local and national papers, write op-ed columns, write letters to your elected representatives. Write to the Attorney General, your state government, your local government. Write to local media, ask them to cover this issue. Speak out in city council meetings. Now that you know what is going on around you, all around you, right in your own neighborhood, possibly, what do you think? Do you think this is lawful, legal, permissible in our midst? Is it okay to hit people with covert radiation weapons in your view of society? Let them all know what you think. Publish your opinion widely. Our words count, our words matter, and if you do not speak out today, it’s your children who are All going to be enslaved tomorrow.
  • Ask for Information: Please ask government agencies for information. You can put in FOIA –Freedom of Information Act–requests online at Muckrock and some other sites for a small fee. Research successful request formats, ask for specific documents or records, and make these publicly available. Blog about the FOIA-requesting experience. Send links of FOIA requests to journalists.
  • Become a Whistleblower: If you currently work in an Intel agency or the DoD but have a conscience, and can see what is happening around you, if you know or have participated in the kind of covert neuroweapon assault detailed here, on innocent American citizens or others, ask yourself: are you protecting your country or are you protecting an inhumane Covert Ops program? Take a leaf from whistleblowers like Thomas Drake, William Binney, Susan Landauer, and others. Check out IntelExit, an organization that specifically helps Intel/Security agency personnel to leave compromising and corrupt Intel jobs for a clean, upright life outside Intel. From their website:

Public or private exit?

Decide if you want to leave quietly or if you want to expose the wrongdoings you have witnessed. If you choose to share information, you should think carefully who you give it to and only communicate about this through secure channels. Please contact us or consult an organisation specialized in handling and protecting whistleblowers like Wikileaks and Courage Foundation.

As a nation, we are not going to roll back corruption, surveillance, or covert assault — all heading toward Absolute Control By Covert Weaponry of an Entire Populace — by shutting down and keeping silent. The only way we can ensure that change comes about — and ensure too that our future and our children’s future is not Enslavement in the New World Order of transhumanized, dumbed-down, mind-controlled, neuroweapon-assaulted minions living and working in fully-surveilled concentration camps overseen by a pathologically deranged oligarchy — is by stepping forward, claiming our personal power, and speaking out.

Please take action today–in whatever form you see as working personally for you–even if your first step is to go out and research all this for yourself, to figure out what the truth is here. Please take that step.


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Paranoid Schizophrenia, Tool of the Red Terror, Makes a Comeback in Authoritarian USA & Other Western “Democracies”

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27 responses to “Is the US Department of Justice Secretly Permitting Local Law Enforcement & the Military to Assault American Citizens Using Covert Directed-Energy “Non-Lethal” Weapons?

  1. I know if some one who conduct’s these kinds of harassment on people. This has been happening to me for over ten years now. Here is his name and the only link I was able to find. Please do what you can I lack the knowledge to pursue it myself.

    His name is Cory Overstreet and link to his profile

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  3. Perelman_19104

    The answer is YES. Today is Saturday September 1, 2018. It’s 12:17 p.m. and I have been shot at least 8 times by Jersey City Police (Mayor Fulop) (Hudson County) with their sophisticated Microwave Weapons provided by our U.S. Military via Homeland Security Grants. JCPD are also provided with sophisticated radar to peak inside houses. I don’t care if they peak inside my house, because they have been doing it with impunity for months. WOMEN: if you think a hidden camera is needed in order for PERVERT Police and Federal Officials to see you naked in your private moments, you are sadly mistaken. There is no more privacy. The U.S. CONSTITUTION IS DEAD, people. You are living in a FOOL’S PARADISE. I am being shot on the behest of W. Greg Kierce, Jersey City Office of Emergency Management. I am an American citizens who has done nothing wrong. This should alarm you all because WE (Americans) are the main target.

    One saving grace is, after they target and eliminate us, the American people, the plan is to eliminate the local and federal police and military so they won’t turn on the people who are really controlling this heinous crimes against humanity. perelman_19104

  4. Nancy Humphrey

    Nancy Humphrey Michigan Targeted Individual attacked with Directed Energy weapons

    Begin forwarded message:

    > From: Nancy Humphrey > Date: October 16, 2017 at 7:16:43 AM EDT > To: > Subject: Re: SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: President Trump to address Heritage Tuesday October 17 > > > Nancy Humphrey – Michigan > Targeted Individual attacked with Directed Energy weapons > >>

  5. Nancy Humphrey

    Nancy Humphrey – Michigan Targeted Individual attacked with Directed Energy weapons


  6. Nancy Humphrey

    Hi Ramona Your website is awesome. I noticed that you made some changes.

    Can you please advise a device I can purchase to measure the radiation in my body. The forces of darkness enter my body thru my left big toe. My toe and foot vibrates and pulses. like a cellphone. They attack my organs etc.

    Regards Nancy H.

    Targeted Individual attacked with Directed Energy weapons


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  8. perelman_19104

    I (Perelman_19104) was suspended from twitter because I complained about being shot with the PEP-laser by local law enforcement. Check out “Cannusciofactor” on twitter for all my latest reports. W. Greg Kierce (Homeland Security) is ordering NYPD (John Miller the TERROR Czar) and JCPD to terrorize and torture me with the PEP-laser. It’s invisible and law enforcement under the aegis of DHS can aim and shoot a person from a 2 km distance. It feels like a painful electric shock or a heart attack. And since it uses a radioactive fluoride derivative, this can’t be good for your body over the long run. It seems many politicians are either afraid or complicit with the use of this weapon. The PEP-laser was originally developed by the military to kill people arbitrarily (how evil). But Law enforcement’s version is intended to be “non-lethal” and used for riot control. But they are using this on innocent unsuspecting civilians put on target lists. This is the perfect weapon for evil people. They can shoot just about anyone with impunity. And I do mean anyone–even politicians. When W. Greg Kierce started ordering daily assaults upon me last Fall, instantly I remembered other isolated incident in the preceding years where I had been shot with the PEP-laser and was unaware. Right now, I am in a NYC coffee shop writing this, and when I leave, NYPD is preparing to shoot me again with this weapon. But I shall continue to document every incident. Torture violates U.S. Federal Law, International Law and the Army Field Manual. I forgot to mention that the PEP-laser is used in conjunction with surveillance cameras and facial recognition software. There is a way to capture these PEP-laser assaults on video and etc. In my posts, I only give partial descriptions, because I know they (NYPD, W. Greg Kierce, JCPD, spys and etc.) are reading my documentation. The individuals who participate in this may get a slap on the wrist. But the City will have pay once you provide incontrovertible proof. And there is a way.

  9. Great information, thank you Nancy. I will continue to look into and report on this situation but the fact is Law Enforcement is engaged in a massive cover-up. While using surveillance tracking radar weapons themselves, they pretend ignorance of the covert electronic control grid, of DEWs, cell towers, satellites transmitting frequencies, and run the Call-the-Psychiatrist racket, in protection of military/Intelligence weapons testing and operator training programs, and military/academic experimentation programs. Good questions though and I will look into some of this shortly. Please contact me via email with more information and questions should you have any.

  10. Please discuss the US Laws to protect citizens and Physicians roles in the use of DEWs.

    Following is information I located online.

    Michigan — Public act 257 of 2003 makes it a felony for a person to “manufacture, deliver, possess, transport, place, use, or release” a “harmful electronic or electromagnetic device” for “an unlawful purpose”; also made into a felony is the act of causing “an individual to falsely believe that the individual has been exposed to a…harmful electronic or electromagnetic device.” Physicians for Human Rightsp Electromagnetic Energy Weapons
    (1) The European Union Parliament (1999)
    The European Parliament A4-0005/1999 Paragraph 27 calls for a worldwide ban on weapons that might enable “any form” of the “manipulation of human beings”.

    (2) H.R. 1160 (2001)
    Introduced March 22, 2001: terminate operation of the Extremely Low Frequency band

    (3) H.R. 2977 (2001)
    Introduced by Rep. Dennis Kucinich: peaceful uses of space; prohibiting (the unlawful use) of electromagnetic weapons

    (4) The Human Rights org (2002)
    Media Guide to Disarmament: electromagmentic resonance weapons
    The United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) formally listed a special category of psychotronic [psycho-“mind” & tronic=”electronic”] mind control and other electromagmentic resonance weapons in their 2002 Media Guide to Disarmament.

    (5) Berkeley, California (2002)
    Ban the weaponization of space and mind control

    (6) Michigan: House Bill 4513 (2003)
    Classify harmful electronic or electromagnetic devices

    (7) Michigan: House Bill 4514 (2003)
    Add to statutes to define crimes

    (8) Massachusetts: Chapter 170 of the Acts of (2004)
    Possession of electronic weapons

    (9) Maine: Chapter 264 H.P. 868 – L.D. 1271 (2005)
    Criminal uses of electronic weapons

    (10) Missouri House bill 550
    introduced by Jim Guest to against illegal chip implants.

    (11) Electronic Surveillance Laws in USA

    (12) Michigan House Bill 1026
    For the re-opening of investigative hearings into the Counter- Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) and other intelligence and law enforcement programs and agencies, and an expansion of those hearings to include renewal of previously curtailed abuses, and other activities sanctioned by the USA PATRIOT ACT.

    (13) H.R.5662 IH– STALKERS Act of 2010 (Introduced in House – IH)

    (14) US Code: Chapter 32: 1520 and 1520a – Restrictions on use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents

    (15) Criminal Justice, New Technologies, and the Constitution , May 1988

    (16) 2010 California Code: Health and Safety Code: Chapter 1.3. Human Experimentation

    (17) European Convention on Human Rights
    The European Convention is still the only international human rights agreement providing such a high degree of individual protection. State parties can also take cases against other state parties to the Court, although this power is rarely used. There are comparable protections issued in the Bill of Rights under the United States Constitution as well as the English Bill of Rights. I used the European Convention on Human Rights as it is an International Agreement.
    HR 2977 IH
    107th CONGRESS
    Michigan ENROLLED HOUSE BILL No. 4514.
    My Questions.
    – [ ] Why are targeted individuals labeled and placed on a “List” as being paranoid or schizophrenic when this bill clearly states that DEWs are being used? The targeted can’t clearly describe what has been done to them so they are labeled mentally incompetent.
    – [ ] How many criminals were prosecuted and jailed for torture using the devices and weapons described in Michigan’s ENROLLED HOUSE BILL No. 4514? And other states. (6) are currently in Michigan jails,
    – [ ] Who are the victims and are they alive? Have their injuries been studied?
    – [ ] The bill was approved in 2004 and the criminal practice is probably used even more in 2017.
    – [ ] Can the DEW. Rays be detected by authorities – military, law enforcement?
    – [ ] How long did it take for law enforcement to catch the criminals?
    – [ ] My situation is. Linked to the HOA, city building inspector and property management. It’s ironic that the HOA attorney is. Related to one of the House reps who approved Bill 4514.
    – [ ] Are car manufacturers. Aware of this diabolical technology?

  11. Carole Andrews

    I don’t know what to do anymore or where to turn. I am gang stalked by drones 24/7 and shot with electromagnetic radiation every minute of the day. I have videos, pictures and audio of them calling me a slut and stupid bitch. I can’t get away. they have destroyed my life. The last two places I ran to they had friends, family and neighbors take part it these attacks. I’m now 5 hours away from my home in a shelter for battered woman and they’ve found me. They’ve installed open electrical and wifi wires around the property…there is nowhere to hide. They are killing me. Other woman are commenting on feeling electric shocks and these woman are also being exposed to the radiation gas created by the electromagnetic waves and lasers aimed at me throughout the day and night. These drones are visible to all of us and I also have gang stalkers that follow me when I leave the shelter. I have videos of lasers shooting at me from behind. There are pregnant woman here and we are all here seeking protection from abuse.

    I have days where I wish they would just take me out but these cowards prefer a slow kill. I’m looking for an activist. reporter, government official???….anyone to expose these monsters and what they are doing – at the very least they are violating my human rights.

    Please advise me on what to do and where to turn

    Thank you in advance for any help or guidance you can provide


  12. Does any one know how I can validate these assaults either medically or with technological equipment?

  13. OK I followed up on Zack Taylor’s claims about Milgrim —-I read both his articles, and I can say that the claims that Zack and McCoy make(which Zack quotes) are pure slander.(I have not read yet McCoy’s book which is probably of merit for other reasons.) I do not belong to the American Psychological Association–I would not join such a corrupt organization– and am aware of the shameful history of psychologists’ past and present participation in torture, including recently at Guatanamo.
    I am taking the time to defend Stanley Milgrim because I think his work is of great importance in understanding why ordinary people participate in actions that cause harm and death to others.It belongs to an intellectual tradition of critical inquiry–as I indicated in my first letter.
    Milgrim was not a clinical psychologist–who have the most nefarious record of taking advantage of clients, and collaborating with the deep state (wittingly and unwittingly)– but a social psychologist. Milgrim was among a small group within academia who understood even in the early 1960s the dangers of social conformity. A friend of mine, a leader in the mental patients’ liberation movement, said in 1990, “Obedience is the crime of our century, not deviance.” Milgrim, a Jew who lost many family members in the German holocaust, would have agreed.
    His work on obedience helps to explain, for example, why people in East Germany and the US would become citizens spies and gang stalkers. Might his own work have been studied and used by the CIA to advance their own agenda, as Taylor claims?. Of course–that is what they do.
    Milgrim’s biographer , Dr THomas Blass, effectively refutes the allegations by McCoy ( ) For example, Blass states that McCoy”presents not a shred of evidence that Milgram received CIA funding, and I have no reason to believe that this claim has any foundation. For my biography of Milgram, “The man who shocked the world: the life and legacy of Stanley Milgram” (Basic Books 2004), I studied thousands of pages of archival materials – from Yale, Harvard, CUNY, the Archives of the History of American Psychology in Akron, and the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton – and I interviewed or communicated with more than 80 people. In the course of all of this research, over many years, I never came across the slightest suggestion of a Milgram-CIA connection. “(
    Taylor responds, “This may be because for one reason or another he may not have wanted to. I admit, I have no hard evidence of this however if he didn’t have some kind of motivation behind his effort to debunk McCoys efforts then I find hard to believe that there would be any need to resort to fallacies to make his case unless perhaps that is typical of the way he makes his case…” ( BS! Fallacies–Taylor makes an ad hominen attack ( based on no evidence) on Blass’ honesty but he present not one instance of the alleged logical fallacies in Blass’ argument.
    Furthermore Taylor’s meandering statement (the one I just quoted) may distract readers from the fact that Taylor himself presents NO evidence of any CIA link. He implies he has something less than “hard” evidence– but he does not present even soft evidence/ Besides ad hominem attacks on Blass, in order to smear Milgrim he is forced to fall back on one obvious point–that Milgrim’s work would likely be of interest to the CIA!!. So was Einstein’s, so was Tesla’s!!,.. THe point needs to be appreciated–those social psychologists who study conformity and deviance are not necessarily interested in enforcing conformity, nor can they prevent their work from being misused by those who are..
    I quote from Stanley Milgrim, a man whom I think would be horrified by the state of collaboration of many citizens(wittingly or unwittingly) with the deep state today…
    “Each individual possesses a conscience which to a greater or lesser degree serves to restrain the unimpeded flow of impulses destructive to others. But when he merges his person into an organizational structure, a new creature replaces autonomous man, unhindered by the limitations of individual morality, freed of humane inhibition, mindful only of the sanctions of authority.” (1974) I think Edward Snowden would have found Milgrim good company.
    Seth Farber, PhD.

  14. Seth, thanks for your note and I read it with interest. It’s been a while since I looked closely at Milgram’s experiment or Zack’s work–think I’d have to re-read before responding, shall do so and get back shortly. I think Milgram’s methodology as suspect is what I had found problematic earlier, he may have been overpowering his research subjects with those directives he used, not really giving them a chance to exercise their own autonomy or find their own space, kinda forcing them in one direction only–not too sure either how this relates to Snowden or Drake exactly–anyway I will re-read! Thanks, Ramola

  15. Ramola
    I strongly disagree with Zack Taylor’s views on the Milgram and Zimbardo experiment. I checked out his link and although there is reference to McCoy’s charges there is no explication, only referral to an other article which I do not have time to read now. Zack takes the experiment out of its intellectual and social context. It was the tradition of the massive study THe Authoritarian personality, whose authors included the German Jewish socialist/philosopher Theodore Adorno and Max Horkheimer. Adorno and Horkheimer, refugees from the Nazis, were interested in the question: Could it happen here? It was certainly a flawed work but it certainly provided insight into the authoritarian personality– I think anyone who read some of
    this massive work will gain insight into the psychological dynamics of Donald Trump.(For HRC you’d have to read a study of sociopaths. )Interestingly paleo-conservative/civil libertarian ex-Nixon aide John Dean claims the study’s conclusions apply to many leading figures in conservative movement.
    Miigram’s interest in this question was stimulated by the trial of Eichmann which had begun several months before., Perhaps he had read Hannah Arendt’s essay (later expanded into a book) on Eichman and “the banality of evil.” While Eichmann self-presentation was later shown to be a fabrication the banality of evil thesis still has great explanatory power, and is further elucidated by Miligram’s experiment. Milgram was not a clinical psychologist but a research psychologist–a social psychologist. Thus his purpose was to understand, not to manipulate. His study had methodological flaws but misinforming a subject of the purpose of the experiment is not necessarily unethical>
    Miigram explain his conclusions: The extreme willingness of adults to go to almost any lengths on the command of an authority constitutes the chief finding of the study and the fact most urgently demanding explanation.
    Ordinary people, simply doing their jobs, and without any particular hostility on their part, can become agents in a terrible destructive process. Moreover, even when the destructive effects of their work become patently clear, .., relatively few people have the resources needed to resist authority.” It is not clear Zack article that no one was subjected to infliction of any physical harm. Only 1% of the participant regretted participating. 8% not answer and 85% were glad they participated. One wrote to Milgram 6 years later at height of Vietnam war
    “:While I was a subject in 1964, though I believed that I was hurting someone, I was totally unaware of why I was doing so. Few people ever realize when they are acting according to their own beliefs and when they are meekly submitting to authority… To permit myself to be drafted with the understanding that I am submitting to authority’s demand to do something very wrong would make me frightened of myself… I am fully prepared to go to jail if I am not granted Conscientious Objector status. Indeed, it is the only course I could take to be faithful to what I believe. My only hope is that members of my[draft] board act equally according to their conscience…”
    Milgram was an opponent of the Vietnam war—the fact that the CIAS would use his finding in subversion of Milgram’s own conclusion and convictions, does not mean the experiment itself was not of value for understanding human beings and dangerous potential we have.
    Tayler himself suggests some way of further clarifying the data Milgram
    collected which could lead to a qualification of his conclusions, a refinement of his argument.
    But Milgram took other precautions to protect his subject–which I don’t have time to discuss.. Unlike the CIA Milgram was not trying to find way to get people to submit to authority. To the contrary, he hoped to find ways to prevent it–to promote autonomy, and the kind of moral independence shown recently by Edward Snowden, William Binney, THomas Drake and others who choose follow their consciences and to defy illegitimate moral authority in spite of the potential risks and costs. To my mind I think this and other factors justify his experiment..
    I don’t have time to discuss the Zimbardo experiment, but I would make a similar argument.
    Seth Farber, Ph.D

  16. William Spencook

    One other things I’ve noticed about the DHS FBI personnel involved in this. They spent ALOT of time at the local library. This is what they do during their “downtime”. Go into your local library over a period of six months at different days/times and notice who is there. DHS/FBI are usually on the internet terminals. If you look over their shoulders they are usually playing games and so forth, but if you are lucky you’ll see them doing their work and filling out forms on the DHS/DOJ websites and so forth. They also appear to communicate at times with each other over I’ve gone to multiple cities over the years and its the same every where. I’ve also noticed a mix of real homeless, real disabled with Hollywood style special effect homeless using contact lenses and so forth. BTW: This is all part of the US anti-terror infrastructure that’s now solidly in place 15 years after 9/11. It’s modeled after what’s operating in Israel since its inception. I love your site!

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  18. Thanks James, and you’re welcome. Dr. Robert Duncan and Dr. Nick Begich have both written about this in their books. Dr. Preston James covers this issue in his articles at Veterans Today as well; his assessment is that the standing army is DHS, essentially.

    Looking at the documentation unearthed by Nick Begich you can see the Department of Justice has been historically involved closely with the DoD’s efforts to develop these wrongfully-named “non-lethal” neuroweapons, a subject I have explored further in the sequel to this article––which leads us to the understanding that the Dept. of Justice has historically pursued two forms of non-lethal weapons, public-domain and classified, and again, as per documentation, that the classified non-lethals are neuroweapons and remote-influencing radiation weapons targeting human bodies and brains.

    These latter are the weapons being reported by “Targeted Individuals,” who cannot and must not therefore be written off under any circumstance–as colluding psychiatrists attempt–as delusional. These weapons are very real, and the history of their development is documented, as we can see. “Targeted Individuals” experiencing these assaults are the proverbial canaries in the coal mine alerting Americans–and humanity–to the existence, use, and non-consensual experimentation on their persons of these deadly New Age brain and body assaulting weapons.

    It’s these weapons–in my view–the concealed and classified radiation neuroweapons ad-libbing as Electronic Surveillance, Neuro Surveillance, Thoracic Surveillance, Other Bio Surveillance, that police will especially try to weaponize drones with, as per this week’s news (which reports that police want to add non-lethal weapons to drones) while publicly mentioning only the known non-lethals–pepper spray and tasers; any “TI” of course will tell you what has really happened already: these drones are already in action in our cities and states (hitting “TI”s), and they are already weaponized (with radar/radiation neuroweapons).

    The “perps” are CMO–civilian military operations–in Dr. Duncan’s view: CIA/DIA employees, or contractors. The term “Secret Police” I think is accurate, because they could not operate in our neighborhoods without the awareness and consent of Local Law Enforcement, and as we can see, the obvious collusion of the Department of Justice–as we know, this is how they are behaving in our neighborhoods too, deceiving communities outright into believing they are legitimate Police, policing “targeted individuals” who need to be kept under 24/7 “non-lethal electronic surveillance” (!). There’s cover upon cover here, and a lot of “Joint” action, and non-consensual, inhumane CIA/DIA/DARPA/DoD experimentation parading under “FISA court-ordered electronic surveillance”–the end-result is, yes, as you point out, a “standing army” using weapons–and self-authorizing as traced in the article–on the unarmed, non-combatant American population. We have to fully expose this, so the reading American public wakes up and understands exactly what is going on–and acts to stop this incredible atrocity. Thanks for spreading the word…

  19. this is wonderful Ramola. I have been working on getting the word out on it all day. This is different than the other news. It adds this missing link between the police and the perps who took the torture jobs. In addition, these are the standing army the founders warned us about except they are secret. the secret in the secret police makes them constitutional traitors. Boy can I sell that. The Idaho 3% will love that. It wont be long before these cowards will be on the run. I dont think they will be safe anywhere. I didnt see where you got the resources for the article yet. Thank you

  20. A basic digital Microwave Leakage Detector ($35 Amazon) will pick up DEW frequency 2.4Ghz.
    Will indicate at time and amount of RF exposure attack.

  21. Reblogged this on Lissa's Humane Life and commented:
    Is the US Department of Justice Secretly Permitting Local Law Enforcement and Fusion Centers (With a Covert CIA/DoD Presence) to Deliberately Assault American Citizens Using Covert Directed-Energy “Non-Lethal” Neuroweapons, Covert RFID Implants, and Clandestine CIA-style “Concealed Electronic Monitoring” in a “Top-Secret” 21st-Century-Policing or Covert Military/CIA program?
    This is a serious subject, and one that every single journalist and human rights advocate in the US studying Surveillance issues, Constitutional rights issues, Abuse of Privacy, Due Process, Policing, Military, Public Safety, and Security issues should be investigating. In the US today, we are not merely living in a Surveillance State, we are living in a Secret-Police’d State. Some of us know this, while some of us seek continually to circumscribe and limit the conversation to Surveillance issues as exposed by NSA whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden. This goes beyond surveillance, and it goes beyond Snowden’s published revelations, to weapon-use on citizens. Journalists with paychecks from corporate mainstream media are yet to report accurately on this subject, although many voices in alternative media have begun to investigate. Independent journalists, human rights groups, agencies concerned about the actions of Intelligence agencies and government bodies, anyone investigating the corporate mafia need to step forward. Concerned citizens can also investigate by putting in FOIA requests locally and nationally, by becoming engaged, and actively investigating this issue (Please see end of post for Action Items).

  22. Hi Zack,

    Thanks so much for your comment and I finally had a chance to read your long and profound article. I am aware of the Milgram experiments and read your analysis with interest. I have not seen the Discovery channel show covering it but as you say, it is entirely possible what it intended was “partial disclosure” in Hollywood-mode with major intent to conceal, as was also the case with many of the CIA MKULTRA discoveries post-Church Committee findings.

    It is indeed astonishing to uncover the extent of psychological research that has been done by Universities for the CIA, DIA, and DoD–and continues to be done apparently–focusing on Obedience to Authority, Compliance, Authoritarianism and other such; it’s disturbing to note that manipulation of human behavior by the government by way of deliberate propaganda and tailored cues continues to be a research interest.

    Re. ethics, I noted with interest your information on academics in the field of psychology denouncing the Milgram experiments as unethical–as they certainly seem to be. One can only hope that more and more researchers begin to wake to the unethicality of these kinds of experiments and refuse to engage in them.

    Re. DoJ/DoD/JTRIG covert assaults on Americans with directed-energy weapons/RFID implants which this article explores, yes, it seems the fingerprints of the CIA are all over these programs, since in CIA-MKULTRA-style they involve PsyOps, “behavior modification,” “trauma-based mind control,” and other such horrors, casually engaged in by deranged psychologists. To be researched further on this site–thanks much for your article link, please keep posting.


  23. Hi Timothy,

    Thanks for your comment and I’m very sorry you’re being hit, as are many thousands, both in the US and elsewhere. This website seeks to research and publish information on this obvious atrocity and crime against humanity. Exposure to the public as you point out is key.

    This system of assault has been kept covert in the false name of national security and must be exposed and terminated. The weapons being used are remotely-applied radiation weapons, which is not yet a matter of open public knowledge, although much has been written about these technologies, patents for which may be found online. Those who are running this system of covert assaults using such deadly weaponry–wrongfully labelled non-lethal by a blithe and careless Military–must become aware that these weapons, and these assaults cannot and will not remain hidden for ever.

    This technology cannot be kept concealed under Classified labels, as it may be currently, because the harm it unleashes on populations is extreme, the abuse it permits via concealment by Secrecy privileges is extreme, and the encroachment on and violation of basic human rights it represents is extreme. We are living through a 21st-century holocaust which, like the atrocities of the Nazis, is headed in only one direction: complete exposure.

    If Intelligence agencies, DOD personnel, and DOJ personnel running these covert assaults do not know this yet–and imagine they can continue this atrocious program interminably while seeking to label all those reporting remote radiation weaponry assaults as “mentally ill,” with the direct collusion of unethical psychiatrists who (insanely) churn out newer syndromes and disorders by the minute via their dubious DSM, they are kidding themselves. Remote radiation technologies such as those powering wifi, remote-controlled drones, remote-controlled kids’ toys, and TV remote-controls are becoming more widely known, and are a part of our current reality in the 21st-century.

    I encourage all those being assaulted by these technologies to speak out and to keep speaking out: to local media, to their Senators and representatives, to human rights groups, and online. Share articles widely. Keep the conversation live. We are not going to be able to force exposure and termination of this evil through our silence. This article will be followed by a sequel shortly.

    Best wishes, and stay well–

  24. I have been through so much in my life. It’s really been a long journey. I have tried to explain to so many people and family and friends, I don’t talk about it much anymore. I think about it every day and how to catch and reveal the horrible things being done in our own homes. I would really love to talk to someone qualified and that has authority to really get something done about these issues. Please feel free to contact me and we can talk and try to figure out ways to prove and catch these people that are using these weapons and technology to their benefit and using it the wrong way. There needs to be something done about this and the only way we are going to get something done is stick together and bring these horrible things that are being done to us to the fully known public. Thanks for your time and remember God see’s all and with his help and prayer and actions we can finally get some answers that all us victims have been seeking for a long time. My fingers are getting hit now and my whole hand is going numb so I’m here for anyone who’s serious about catching these true criminals and sick minded horrible people.

  25. I’ll have to get back to read most of the details here; but there are also psychological research projects that have been going on for decades designed to study how to manipulate people for propaganda or boot camp purposes among other things. Some of them have been partly disclosed to the public but they don’t explain the full extent.

    A couple of the most famous ones are Milgram’s Obedience to Authority experiments and Zimbardo’s so-called Stanford Prison Experiment, both of which were supported if not financed by the military and designed to improve boot camp indoctrination among other things.

    I went into this in more detail in the following post and several others on the subject:

    One of the things I explained is why I think it is almost certainly done with support of the CIA, based partly on research from Alfred McCoy and partial admissions by Zimbardo

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  27. organized stalking and street theatre is distinct from the covert harassment part, tho tactics may be similar. Covert is covert, when one becomes aware that the weapons are thru-wall and never seen except with EMF or trifields etc.the situations become a little more obvious, but never or rarely does one see the weaponry, whether it be a car ambush weapon or neighborhood garage or window weapon.

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