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The TPP–Fast-Tracked & Now Finalized Despite Massive Opposition: What’s Left For Us to Do

Have we all woken to the sad but stark truth of what is happening today in the USA, and in the world…our voices are continually being marginalized, if not just being erased, by the corporatists:

According to Sum of Us: “In spite of millions of us coming together, our representatives have ignored our voices and just finalised text for the disastrous TPP deal.”

Petitions, Slogans

It seems like we’ve been fighting the TPP forever! But here we go again.

Sum of Us offers hope: “Every one of the 12 TPP countries still has to ratify the deal before it goes into force, which means there’s still a great chance for us to stop it.

Please sign their petition here–Say No to the TPP!

From the Electronic Frontier Foundation:

“Now, the deal is finally done and the text still won’t be available for another 30 days.

Well enough’s enough. The time for whitepapers and presentations is past. The USTR has failed us, so now it’s time for the public to rise up and take their message about the TPP’s threats to user rights to Congress, which has the ultimate authority to approve or reject the deal for the United States. To be effective we’ll need to deliver that message in terms that are clear, and in-your-face—literally. So, that’s what we’re planning: to display signs and banners about how the TPP threatens digital rights and freedoms around the world, during demonstrations that are to be held in Washington, DC from November 14 to 18, 2015, while trade ministers are attending an APEC meeting in the Philippines.”

They are running a campaign to find effective slogans for banners via tweets:

“We don’t want to just tell Congress what EFF thinks about the TPP. We specifically want them to know what you think. So, we’re crowdsourcing the production of messages that you’d like us to use on the placards that we take to Washington, DC. You can contribute your messages via Twitter by quoting this tweet. (Not sure how to quote a tweet? Click the Retweet icon under the post, then type your message in the “Add a comment” field, then click the Retweet button.)”

Please visit their site for more information.

Reminder re. TPP

In case you’d forgotten, the TPP is the secret deal negotiated in secret, finalized in secret, viewed by Congress in secret, fast-tracked in June despite all our protests and petitions–and leaked in part by Wikileaks, but with most of the text still being secret. People don’t know exactly what’s in it, and many governments don’t either, apparently–it’s the multinational corporations who are fighting to have their way over cheap labor, monopolies on expensive drugs, patents on everything, suing governments over access to their own natural resources, even at the very local level, so people will no longer have control over their own food, water, or medicines, privatizing water, gagging protesters and forbidding protests, censoring journalists, activists, and whistleblowers, censoring the Internet, and other unbelievable licenses and violations and rollbacks of rights, who were sitting at the negotiating table.

This means elections, people, Constitutions, governments won’t matter–multinational corporations and their own self-reflecting private trade “tribunals” will. A cause for concern for all countries, worldwide, whose governments are caving in to the TPP.  Please see these posts and videos for more reminding information:

Brief video from Wikileaks:

Detailed article linked from Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth: RT: What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Why You Should Care

Brief video from 2013, from Flush the TPP.org on how corporations like Walmart helped write the TPP:

Brief video from June 2015 from StormCloudsGathering:

Video from June 2015 from AMTV, Christopher Greene:

Doreen Agostino/Our Greater Destiny: Democracy In A Transparent World

Source: Democracy In A Transparent World

Re-posted (in part), with thanks, from Our Greater Destiny (link above). Please visit Our Greater Destiny for the whole discussion on democracy and on the current state of our republic, held in the vice of a corporatist oligarchy.


*In spite of millions of humans coming together, government representatives ignored our voices and secretly finalized text for the TPP trade deal Oct 2015. http://sumofus.org/


Nov 30 – Dec 11, 2015 is the next UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. Now is the time to ‘pull together’ and become a Powerful resource to our Creator, Earth, self and family.

Voting is ‘consent’ to more of the same. Silence and doing nothing are ‘implied consent’. The master mind ‘needs’ our collective consent to sustain power and control. Rather than be dumbed down let’s wise up to the Power of freewill, reclaim our lives and Earth.”

Please visit Our Greater Destiny to read this whole, excellent post.

Doreen Agostino/Our Greater Destiny: PSYOPS: How and Why Humans Are Deliberately Dumbed Down

Re-blogged from Our Greater Destiny, with thanks.

Profound commentary on the created dependency on “Government-approved” everything in our culture–and how Not-Voting anymore for governments who act against our best interests is a Profound and meaningful act of Withdrawing our Consent to our own oppression at their hands. Thank you so much for this really focused post! Re-blogging on The Everyday Concerned Citizen.