Doreen Agostino/Our Greater Destiny: PSYOPS: How and Why Humans Are Deliberately Dumbed Down

Re-blogged from Our Greater Destiny, with thanks.

Profound commentary on the created dependency on “Government-approved” everything in our culture–and how Not-Voting anymore for governments who act against our best interests is a Profound and meaningful act of Withdrawing our Consent to our own oppression at their hands. Thank you so much for this really focused post! Re-blogging on The Everyday Concerned Citizen.


Humans are conditioned to bypass facts, logic, reasoning, and questioning. In other words, the dumbing down of society is masterfully crafted and exceedingly successful. The best investment now is education, to empower human rights and freedom:

Dumbing Down Society To Bring On The NWO! Please, watch and share this video.

Have you examined what ‘government approved’genetically modified food[GMO] is doing to you, family and pets?

Is ‘government approved’ public food safe?

Are you aware of health hazards from government approved’fluoride? 100% Proof Fluoride KILLS Brain Cells

Fluoride can be found in tap water, bottled spring water, and toothpaste. When fluoride is added to public water supplies it goes into all food products made with that water like soda, juice, beer, cereal, soup, etc.

What, is available in mass quantity on grocery shelves, promoted by mass media and deliberately suppresses overall intelligence…

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