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Dr. Rima Laibow: Protect Yourself in Advance from Forced Vaccinations, Assert Your Right to Informed Consent

Dr. Rima Laibow, natural health doctor and outspoken health activist, has been pursuing the issue of the prospect of vaccinations as compulsory for some time, as well as the issue of what’s in vaccinations, and whether anyone needs them at all. (Her recent urgent advice regarding Nagalase in vaccines surrounding the GcMAF/Nagalase controversy can be found here.)

The Right to Informed Consent is The Way Out of Mandatory Vaccinations

Dr. Rima recently made a post (Oct 1) on her blog advising all people in all countries that are signatory to the Geneva Convention to affirmatively assert the right to informed consent, and make use of vaccine exemptions by obtaining and carrying a card to assert the need for Informed Consent (her foundation offers a card of this kind, more information under Action Items below)–her concern especially is that one is prepared, and aware of one’s legal rights to withhold consent and claim exemptions well in advance, prior, for instance to being stopped at borders or before boarding planes by syringe-wielding enforcers of new vaccine laws possibly in the very near future (note, compulsory vaccinations are not here yet in the USA, but they are being planned)–please visit her blog for the full article.

informedConsentExcerpt: “Here’s the deal: If you are reading this, the likelihood is that you believe that you own your own body and do not want anyone forcing you to put anything into it, including vaccines.
Seems reasonable to me, but The Powers That Think They Be have a very different future in store for you. Knowing that they have at least 271 new vaccines (including behavior-controlling ones) in their pipeline, they are bound and determined to come up with laws that allow them to stick every sort of vaccine into your body that they can come up with. Did you know that the American Medical Association thinks that you should be compelled to submit to experimental vaccine testing so more of them are to be required? Doctors, when did you forget your Oath to your patients?
Unless you have been living in a very deep lead mine you know that vaccine mandates are hitting us hard and heavy all over the world.
But if you live in any country, anywhere in the world, that is a signatory to the Geneva Conventions, then I have good news for you and very, very bad news for the globalists who want you injected, sick and quite possibly dead.
You already have the right, which your country must protect, and which healthcare personnel must respect, to refuse all vaccines and other unwanted medical experiments and interventions.
And you have the right to do so unmolested by pressure or penalty.
BUT, and you knew there would be a but, you MUST affirmatively assert that right.
Otherwise, you are assumed to have waived it, surrendered it, passed it up and given your rights to the people with the syringes.

Please visit Dr. Rima Laibow’s blog for the full article: You have a exemption, Why aren’t you using it?

Action Items

Dr. Rima Laibow offers a handy Advance Vaccine Directive card you can carry in your wallet, or have your child carry in her backpack, as a reminder to health practitioners of your right to Informed Consent, in case of sudden need as for instance in an ER situation (Emergency Room)–please click here for more information, also read further in the article excerpted above.

She is running other vitally important vaccine campaigns to challenge mandatory vaccinations, which you can learn about on her blog.

One, please read and sign the Vaccine Petition to the FDA asking for issuance of a regulation to implement Informed Consent in the case of all medical interventions. This petition represents a huge effort, and is different from the usual public-support kind of petition we’re all used to signing, it is a formal petition under the Administrative Procedures Act, more information here.

From her site: Your comments are urgently required to create the pressure necessary to force the FDA to either act or refuse to act. The well-funded campaign for UNinformed Consent to vaccines shows the urgency of this issue.

Beware of HR6 – the so-called “21st Century [sic] Cure Act” that seeks to limit Informed Consent:


Let your voice be heard. Share this page widely, urging everyone you can reach to speak out in favor of their basic human right to say “Yes” or “No” to any treatment, procedure, modification, experiment or use of their body.”

Two, please use the forms on her site to send a note to anyone running for President you might support, asking for their stance on Informed Consent. 

There is a lot of illuminating information on vaccinations and natural health solutions on her site, Dr.RimaTruthReports.com, and a health newsletter you can sign up for to receive updates. Please visit to get a sense of/get updated as to the urgency of the Mandatory Vaccinations issue and see how it relates to the increase in totalitarianism we are seeing all our governments roll out on us, worldwide. Her radio and video talks can also be found widely on Youtube. She also runs a weekly radio show, newly re-named Open Source Truth.

State of the Nation: Grassroots Movement Forms To Boycott The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

As I recently noted here, I have personally cancelled my voter registration and have no intention of voting for yet another corruptible puppet President, in order to continue and  extend yet another corrupt Administration–which engages in criminal action against its own citizens–and tend to agree with most analysts, as also the writers of this article, who show us how our vote–symbolic of our voice, our assent, and our consent–is being continually used against us. Please read and share widely, please think hard about what voting means to you, and please know the one silent power you have–along with the rest of us, exercising our own silent power–to make any kind of massive difference in the way our government is run–the industries supported, the wars fought globally, incessantly–is your vote.


Re-blogged from State of The Nation, 10/10/15:

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 11.54.24 AM

Excerpt, from end of article: It doesn’t matter how we vote… they win. Your vote doesn’t really count and your voice goes unheard. So by rigging the system, by predetermining who we get to vote for, they have essentially taken away our right to vote, and we are not much different than some banana republic with only one candidate on the ballot.

So you see, we cannot vote ourselves out of this mess.

That’s why we are advocating a National Bipartisan Boycott of the Presidential Election. Our goal is to reduce the national turnout to less than 10% of the eligible voters. We want to send a message loud and clear that we see their game and we refuse to play. We refuse to rubber stamp a corrupt and co-opted electoral system, and by boycotting their fraudulent election we will expose it as illegitimate and not representative of the will of the American people. Let the next president take office with an unmistakeable vote of no-confidence. Let the powers-that-be know – along with everyone else in the world – that the American people have awoken, that we recognize the cancer which has taken control of our country, and we will not passively accept their lies, their crimes and their corruption any more.

Don’t Vote in 2016. Let your voice REALLY be heard.”

Please visit State of the Nation for the full, excellent post and discussion that leads to the above conclusions.


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Source: Grassroots Movement Forms To Boycott The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election