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Staying Engaged, Staying Aware, Becoming Discerning, Pursuing Solutions

P1070195It’s been a year since I started this blog, as a very concerned citizen, primarily with a view, back then, of encouraging people to sign petitions and to speak out on issues of peace and justice threatening the very structure of our society and the integrity of our health and our environment. My original intentions may be read here, in Why I Started This Blog.

Because I sense I’m at a turning-point with this blog, I wanted to make a post about what I feel today, about where we are, as a people, as a planet, where we’re going. I won’t essay the immense task of doing any kind of global review–everyone can read the news, mainstream and alternative. But I will note instead that, just from my own perusing and sharing news analyses of various kinds this year, including the esoteric, the galactic, the cosmic!–we seem to be poised between two paradigms, phenomena, or states of being.

Two Polarities–But One is Gaining Ground

On the one hand, the powers that be, too kindly termed “the elite” while engaging in the criminal, pursuing massive control, power, surveillance, and totalitarianism don’t seem to have woken up to the writing on the wall and seem to be pushing ahead in desperation on all fronts--with continued bomb-droppings (this week on hospitals/the Doctors Without Borders hospital in north Afghanistan), wars, chem trailing, nanobot and virus spraying, mandatory vaccines, displacing populations, setting up conditions for mass chaos, unethical research and human experimentation, possible homicides of medical researchers and practitioners who had been achieving success in treating cancer and autism, false flag scenarios, plans for economic collapse, EMF/HAARP mind control technologies, turning-the-world-into-one-vast-concentration-camp-plan with Agenda 21 top-down herding policies, the murders and censorship of journalists, and the rest of their usual fare.

On the other, not merely is there a mass awakening that continues to unfurl in the world entire, so much is now coming forward in the way of revelations and disclosure on so many fronts–on false-flag drills/mass shootings, the truth behind 9/11, the manipulated events shown to us on mainstream news–such as the ISIS beheading video, the manipulated meme of Global Warming with scientists speaking out on fudged data, CDC whistleblowers revealing fudged vaccine data, ex-military whistleblowers revealing secret space programs and long-established contact with extraterrestrials, etc. , that one can only envision more of the same tumbling us forward into an increasingly transparent future. Further, pushback is unfurling–as one can see with Russia versus the US over Syria, and in bits and pieces all over the US and the world as people protest en masse against Common Core, smart meters, vaccines, chem trails, GMOS, psychiatric drugs, fracking, and so much more.

Congress and the President Have Failed Us

Other things have changed, in my own perspective. Although I started this site as one to promote petitions, I don’t believe in Congress anymore–and while there may be some worth in appealing to them on occasion, especially in such large numbers that they’re compelled to take notice, they seem to be operating as textureless shadows, while our C-in-C issues Executive Orders at whim, and rallies the vast Federal mechanism into further surveillance, censorship, and now, with his latest apparent-sanctioning-of-MKULTRA-and-COINTELPRO edict, open psychological experimentation on the American populace. Not to mention handing over the US to the UN, via Agenda 21/2030–which is attempting rollout as we speak, all over the US.

Why I Won’t Be Voting for Any More Presidents

Further, I’m learning  about all the massive deceptions via hidden histories over centuries in the USA–about the US never having really attained independence in a lasting way from the British crown, about the Federal Reserve, Roosevelt, and a criminal syndicate of bankers setting up vast schemes of fraud which essentially enslave all Americans at birth via corporatizing of birth-names, about a corporate United States versus a still-extant continental United States, about a still-extant state of national emergency announced in 1933 and never revoked, about the US therefore being under martial rule since then and under the military Lieber code, about the enslavement of being an US citizen (of the corporate US)  versus claiming freedom and sovereignty as a continental State citizen–topics I will continue to explore in The Truth About US Govt–USA 101 series.

Given the uncovering of this massive fraud–which any President since Roosevelt could have exposed and didn’t, although Kennedy apparently was going to–which also explains why the massive anti-war marches so many of us participated in (prior to the bombing of Afghanistan post 9-11 and the incineration of Iraq during the long and protracted Iraq war) made absolutely No Dent in US foreign policies of war, war, and more war, but also given the egregious assault with directed-energy weapons I am still experiencing, as a consequence of writing to Senators about chem trails and crossing paths with the corporate mafia in 2013–clearly a CIA/DOD program of experimentation and weapons-testing, but possibly also a DOJ-sanctioned program of Neutralizing of Dissent–and absolute, callous disregard by Congress–in particular, Massachusetts Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren, as well as State Representative Tackey Chan, and State Attorney General Maura Healey, all of whose non-response to information on directed-energy assaults on citizens is astounding, yet ultimately, supremely revealing–I have cancelled my voter registration and will not be voting anywhere in the US anytime soon.

What Does Your Vote Mean?

Those who understand this whole construction of US, Inc. enjoin us to understand that we are never voting for a leader of a free nation, but the CEO of this corporation, where Senators are employees and citizens are collateralized property of the corporation–voting becomes an act of consent to both continued enslavement, continued exploitation, and criminal fraud.  Do Americans know this–even educated Americans? No. Should we? This is the year, I think, where this becomes common knowledge–at least, I hope it does. Think what we could do if we all just simply refused to vote–this system as we know it will not stand.

Please see Judge Anna’s Affidavit for more information.

Our Future Lies in Our Own Thoughts, Words, and Actions

Our struggle goes on. I take the view though, from all positive signs of our global awakenings, that an end is most definitely in sight, and that it will be the end of exploitation, enslavement, assaults, secrecy, and all power held by a criminal “elite.” To this end, I hope to continue to use this blog to expose and analyze what is going on around us and to us, to report the negative but highlight the positive, to pass on news and information on petitions to sign, public comments to make, other actions to take, and especially, to provide more information and analysis on issues of consciousness, spirituality, and individuality, as well as on solutions to further our health in this climate of continued mass assault, as living humans co-existing with other living, sentient beings on a living planet, in a world and a universe that is intimately interconnected. There’s no doubt that our thoughts, words, and actions count–what we do today, even the hope that ignites us, and the intention that moves us to act, will inevitably shape our collective reality.

We are living in times of chaos and change. But we can influence the reality we experience. I hold to that thought with conviction.