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Jean Haines/Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth: WORLD EVENTS are only DISTRACTIONS keeping OUR ATTENTION from a  FAR LARGER AGENDA! . . . Guest article from my friend, Bradley Loves

What a profound and important piece!! Thank you so much for posting this, Jean, and thank you to Bradley Loves for writing this. I will re-post on The Everyday Concerned Citizen–everyone needs to understand what is going on, and then figure out independently what to personally do about it.

This is also similar to what India’s rishis and yogis say about natural disasters–that if people individually and collectively became more spiritual, the natural disasters would not keep happening, that there is a connection.

The video series “Holographic Disclosure” on Youtube also covers these concepts.

Excerpt:There is a much deeper reason for what is happening in the Middle East.  This reason can ONLY be seen if one is willing to step back from what is most obviously a terrible situation.

It is all about the MORPHO-GENETIC FIELD of the Planet!

It is about the “planets” energy system…, and therefore “our” energy system.

Bombs dropping, people suffering, and what appears to be CHAOS reigning, is a DESIGNED FREQUENCY, that is being placed there to keep humanity in a “state” of TRAUMA!

We really need to start seeing this for what it really is!

There is a method to the madness of the INSANE PSYCHOPATHS running things here on Earth.

They (the Psychopaths) understand things so much deeper than the average man, woman and child who are living on the surface of the planet.  They are operating with the knowledge of the ANCIENTS…, and are operating with the full Esoteric KNOWLEDGE of the Mystery Schools.

They are not “just” trying to create War and Misery…, their goals are so much greater and far reaching!


They want complete control of the Planet!  The Planet is basically a HOLOGRAM!  It is a “projected” image of all of the collective souls who are living upon the surface.  Therefore, in order to CREATE the reality that they want to have here on the surface of the planet…, they need to control the MINDS of each and every living human being who also lives on the surface of the planet.


Anyone who thinks that “reality” is a STATIC thing…, that is always present…, and can never be steered or changed…, just does not understand what our UNIVERSE really is.

Our thoughts…, are just as creative, and just as powerful as ATOMIC WEAPONS!  And, how we think on a daily basis, is just as important to the structure and fabric of our “reality” as any outside influence there is.Please visit Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth for the whole article.