State of the Nation: Grassroots Movement Forms To Boycott The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

As I recently noted here, I have personally cancelled my voter registration and have no intention of voting for yet another corruptible puppet President, in order to continue and  extend yet another corrupt Administration–which engages in criminal action against its own citizens–and tend to agree with most analysts, as also the writers of this article, who show us how our vote–symbolic of our voice, our assent, and our consent–is being continually used against us. Please read and share widely, please think hard about what voting means to you, and please know the one silent power you have–along with the rest of us, exercising our own silent power–to make any kind of massive difference in the way our government is run–the industries supported, the wars fought globally, incessantly–is your vote.


Re-blogged from State of The Nation, 10/10/15:

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Excerpt, from end of article: It doesn’t matter how we vote… they win. Your vote doesn’t really count and your voice goes unheard. So by rigging the system, by predetermining who we get to vote for, they have essentially taken away our right to vote, and we are not much different than some banana republic with only one candidate on the ballot.

So you see, we cannot vote ourselves out of this mess.

That’s why we are advocating a National Bipartisan Boycott of the Presidential Election. Our goal is to reduce the national turnout to less than 10% of the eligible voters. We want to send a message loud and clear that we see their game and we refuse to play. We refuse to rubber stamp a corrupt and co-opted electoral system, and by boycotting their fraudulent election we will expose it as illegitimate and not representative of the will of the American people. Let the next president take office with an unmistakeable vote of no-confidence. Let the powers-that-be know – along with everyone else in the world – that the American people have awoken, that we recognize the cancer which has taken control of our country, and we will not passively accept their lies, their crimes and their corruption any more.

Don’t Vote in 2016. Let your voice REALLY be heard.”

Please visit State of the Nation for the full, excellent post and discussion that leads to the above conclusions.


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Source: Grassroots Movement Forms To Boycott The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

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  1. I don’t see much of a difference though in how the Dems behave. It’s like they’re all figures in a play–and someone else is pulling the strings.

  2. This will just leave it open to the R’s to win…there must be another way……

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